The Cloning Phenom… Pt. 02

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With globs of my own cum laying on the floor, I quietly zippered back up and eased my way out of the master bedroom. I was sure that I had not given myself away, (inspite of my own loud moans of pleasure) and I had every intention of keeping it that way. Not that it mattered, though. I mean, shit, Pops had went through all of this trouble for my benefit. I had said I wanted a replica of myself. And I’ll be damned if he didn’t do it for me.

The drive back home was silent, albeit I had to nurse the biggest boner of my life. It was cool seeing myself… outside of myself. It’s one thing to see yourself in a mirror. But my clone was like a mirror on steroids. The muthafuckin nigga looked JUST like me.

Now since we’re talking so much about me, I guess now would be a good time to give you a better description of myself. Like I said earlier, I’m a big brotha, with a smooth bald head, who would put you in the mind of a younger Emmitt Smith.

I normally don’t flaunt my own beauty, but I’m basically built like a brick. My shoulders measure a good 50 inches, while my waist is a super slim 34, which gives my back a perfect ‘V’ shape.

Same with my clone. Same phat ghetto booty. Same colossal ten inch dick.

“Oh my god,” my dick twitched.

Like most men, I have had very kinky moments in the mirror and thought, “Boy, if I could just detach my head from my own body, I’d have it so far up my own ass that it ain’t even funny.”

And I meant dat shit, too. Which is why my dick was rock hard at the thought of doing myself. While many would never know this pleasure, my Pops had come through and turned out to not be so crazy after all.

Pops stayed away for nearly a week. But now that I knew why, you didn’t hear me complaining. He was most likely fine tuning the nigga in the art of obedience. Which, needless to say, is fine by me.

“Earl,” my Pops came into my room a week later.

“Yes sir,” I jumped up all too eager.

“There is going to be a conference here in town. A meeting of the minds,” my father rubbed his hands together.

“And you are telling me this WHY?” I asked.

“Because I’m hosting them here at the house. So I thought you might want to go and stay at the summer house.”

“Are you kicking me out?” I asked.

“Yes and no,” he smiled. “I’d like to think of it as expanding your range of experiences.”

“You know something?”, I walked to give him a hug. ” You are twisted as fuck. But I like it.”

“You have no idea, son. But you will…”

I slowly opened the door and before I could even step foot through the threshold, a powerful force knocked me down to the ground. For a moment,I kicked up on my feet in an attempt to get this huge weight off of my back.

“Stop resisting,” I heard my own voice whisper directly into my ear, which soothed me in a way I didn’t think possible. I released the tension in my arms and legs, and we crumpled to the floor like a deck of cards.

“That’s göztepe escort right, baby,” my clone used one of my favorite phrases. “I’m gonna make you feel real good tonight.”

As he spoke, he nestled his head next to mine, and hugged me from behind, as he ground his dick into my massive, squishy ass.

The warmth from his body felt incredible as he softly kissed the back of my neck, while his massive hands massaged my pec muscles.

I slid forward a little, which caused him to jump up and smother me under his weight.

“Stop fighting, baby. I just want to make real, sweet love to you. Will you let me do that?”

He was so sweet, I just had to look in his eyes.

“Turn me around,” I commanded.

And just like that, he pushed up on his fingers and tippy toes so I could roll over and turn to face him. I had scarcely did that before he once again dropped his weight down on me. But this time he cradled me, with all TEN of his fingers clasping my face (another one of my trademarks) as he devoured my lips in a kiss.

“Mmmm,” I instantly moaned. It was partially from the warmth of his embrace. But mostly from the fact that I was basically making out with myself.

I slowly rested my hands on the inside of his massive shoulders and slowly ran them up and down his back. Me myself, I love that shit. So if he’s anything like me, he should just eat it up.

“Mmmm,” he almost growled at me, as I raked my nails down his back. “More…do it again.”

I couldn’t believe how possessive he was. While there was a sweetness, it was almost like he was one of two extremes. All the way soft. Or all the way hard…(I’d have to get with Pops later on that subject.) But in the meantime, I’d simply lay back and let him do what he wanted to do.

“Do you have a name?” I asked between his deep kisses.

“Slave,” he smiled, as he embraced me in a tight bear hug. “I can be whoever you tell me to be.”

“How about Drary?” I asked. “That’s different, isn’t it?”

He simply lifted my shirt over my neck and locked his lips over my left nipple.

“Oh fuck,” I rolled my eyes from the effect of his soft, swirling tongue. “Dayum, boy. You know just how I like it.”

“In that case,” he backed up, “then you need to stand up. I can’t give you a proper blowjob unless you’re towering over me.”

“Now see,” I quickly hopped up. “Now we starting to see eye to eye.”

Without being told, Drary palmed my massive rear and planted loving kisses all over my crotch area. He first knelt under me and kissed just under where my asshole would be…then he moved under my balls, making sure to wiggle his nose in the center.

“Oh yeah,” I leaned down and massaged his back. “Mmm, that feels so good.”

We made eye contact as I shuffled around, forcing me to lean down so I could enclasp his face and give him a juicy kiss.

“How am I doing?” he asked.

“Beyond good,” istanbul escort I said in between our loud kisses.


“Mmmm,” he groaned, as I did this lil trick where I held my index finger just a mili-inch from the center of the back of his head. It mimicked the feeling of two magnets being drawn together, as his senses felt me…but I kept them right on the edge of being totally satisfied.

He reached up to unzip my pants and quickly caught the tip of my underwear between his teeth. Wasting no time, and seemingly in a rush, Drary yanked down and had my pants and undies at my ankles in no time. He didn’t even bother with untying my black and red Air Jordan’s. He just lifted one foot…and yanked my pants around them. Lifted the other foot… and yanked my pants around them.

I now stood totally naked, excepting my shoes of course, as Drary palmed one hand around the back of my ass, while he tickled under my balls.

“Huatt…huatt…ptuhhh,” he

haulked a warm glob of spit over my now shining ten inch black pipe.

As the spit ran to the underside and oozed down towards my balls, Drary leaned under me and shoved his tongue so far up my ass that his nose rested against my skin.

“Oh my gawwwddd,” I moaned deeply, as his warm tongue touched my most sensitive parts. “Eat dat ass up, boy. Gotdayum, nigga.”

Wild slurping sounds filled the room as I was essentially tongue fucked by myself, being that Drary was a carbon copy of myself. My shoes squeaked on the floor as I bent over and spread my legs even wider apart.

THWACK!!, Drary had smacked my ass.

“Dats it, boy. Gimme dat ass.”

I felt his fingers rip my asscheeks apart, all before leaning down and licking from just under my balls…over my twitching asshole…and up every last inch of my crack.

“Mmm,” I moaned, relishing his every touch. My ass was now wiggling like a duck shaking it’s tail feather as Drary teased the living shit out of me.

When he plastered his face up my ass and French kissed my asshole, my eyes rolled to the bag of my head and my jaw literally dropped.

“Unnnnnn,” I moaned like a dying cow.

“Aww, fucccckkkkk!!”

With his face firmly implanted up my ass, Drary ran his hands up and down every inch of my body. My back, my arms (inside and out), my legs. Hell, at one time the nigga was even massaging the throbbing vein that runs on the inside of my ankle bones.

I had never been so hard in my waking life and it felt like every inch of me was on fire. My nostrils flared wide in a desperate search for air. My nipples hardened. And the strangest sensation of all…it felt like both of my thumbs and my two big toes were being chewed and gnawed at by wet, invisible teeth.

I knew I was ready. So I quickly spun around, tilted Deary’s head back and began to stuff my dick down his throat. He obediently grabbed my ass, stuck his tongue out and kadıköy escort stared me deep in the eye. While he may be a clone, he was still flesh and blood. So when my huge dick pushed past his tonsils and into his throat, he coughed and a glob of spit ricocheted from inside of his throat.


As his chest heaved, he looked at me like, “What next?”

“At ah,” I held one hand under his chin, and the other on the back of his head. “Don’t break eye contact with me and swallow dat fuckin’ dick. You understand me?”

“Gooarrrfff,” he tried to answer me, as I pushed another two inches down his throat. He already had five, making for a total of seven inches. So at this point, he only had three inches left.

“Aiight, baby, look at me,” I stood over him in a dominant pose. “There’s only a few inches left, and I wanna see you do dat shit by yourself. C’mon.”

Still staring me deep in the eyes, (while tears streamed down his own), Drary opened so wide that his face looked deformed. But as I listened to him gag, choke and cough, I had to give it to him. He managed to swallow EVERY inch of my rock hard dick.

“Aww, fuck!!” I screamed, as I felt his tongue snake out and slither down my balls. “Gawwwd…fucking…dayum. Fuck!!”

When his tongue kept going… and going…and going, I knew that my father had totally lost it and gifted my clone with a few specially built traits. I mean, fuck. Dis nigga had all of my dick down his throat…tongue under my balls…and now I felt the wormy tip of his tongue tipping and tapping on the outside of my already rimmed asshole.

“Oh Jesus,” I panted, as my head rolled in careless circles. “There’s no fucking way.”

I felt the pressure increase and sure enough, his tongue had penetrated my asshole at the same time he was still sucking my dick.

“FUCK!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…”

Thank God he was holding me, because as I unleashed down his throat, my body stammered around in a drunken stupor as I nutted so hard that it felt like I was taking a piss.


As his tongue swirled from the inside of his throat, under my balls and inside of my ass…AT THE SAME TIME…I literally blacked out. When I came to, I was laying in Drary’s chest as he massaged the back of my head.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “You came so hard that you knocked yourself the fuck out. You hit your head pretty hard.”

“I feel fine,” I smiled. I then inhaled deeply, held my breath and let it out very slowly.

“Oh shit…now I remember. You was sucking my fuckin’ dick at the same time that you were tongue fucking my ass.”

“That I was,” Drary smiled. “And you liked it, too, nigga. My master told me that you cum hard. But I felt like your cum was gonna drown me, my nig. It just kept cumming…and cumming…and cumming.”

“I’m gonna let you catch your breath,” Drary stated, “and then it’s my turn.”

He wasn’t suggesting. He definitely wasn’t asking. He was flat out telling me.

To be honest, if this is how Drary was(as my carbon copy), what was that saying about me? Did I really come off that strong?

These questions, and many more, will be answered as the saga continues…

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