The Chauffeur (#13), The World Falls Apart

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The Chauffeur (

3), The World Falls Apart


Copyright 2018

Chapter 1

We finished breakfast rather quickly, keeping an eye on the time since we had to meet the Realtor. Jill was the first one finished, she was famished since the food at the hospital was not good at all, she said.

Fred joined us at breakfast. He was pleasant, but he didn’t really participate that much into the conversation going on around the table.

Fred quietly pointed to his watch reminding us of our time to head to the Realtor. As we all piled back into the limo, Fred began heading to the real estate office. Jill sat next to me, with Dakota and Tina across from us.

The drive was expected to take about a half an hour as we were traveling through late morning traffic.

When we arrived at the office, only Jill and I got out of the car. We went inside and were met by Tim Brooks, the Broker. He informed us that our Realtor Mark, had a death in the family last night and had to head back to St. Louis for his Father’s funeral. He said that everything was set up for us to go see three properties. He asked if we would like to take his SUV. I explained that we already had a car waiting outside his office. He hesitantly agreed.

He said that he would show us the three in the order that they were given to him.

The first one we went to was completely out of the question. We had requested under 50 million, with multiple bathrooms and an estate large enough to entertain.

This one was $188 million. Jill and I couldn’t understand why we were being shown it. Don’t get me wrong, the house was gorgeous, 20 bedrooms/25 bathrooms over 28,000 square feet.

Mr. Brooks tried to explain that it had been on the market for such a long time due

to the listing price that he was certain that the sellers would most likely take about 50% of the listing price (still $94 million). We accepted his offer to get out and preview the property, but alas Jill and I agreed that even at the reduced price it was out of our price limit. Jill did tell Mr. Brooks if they were willing to get down to the $75 million range, we might be willing to buy it, no financing, straight cash offer. He told us he would pass that information along to them.

The second home we visited was on a hilltop. Again, large home, 12 bedrooms/17 bathrooms. 15,000 square feet. Beautiful view. However, this home was new on the market, yet it was built in 1998. Jill thought the home was nice. Tina fell in love with it the moment she laid eyes on it. This home had a listing price of $55 million, which interested Jill more than the other home.

The third home was nothing that we had interest in. Mediterranean style home. Needs work: electrical updating, pool resurfacing, one garage roof leaked, several small issues. At $25 million, we just felt it was a money pit waiting to happen. This home had also been on the market a long, long time. We toured the home and really didn’t like it at all.

When we all got back in the limo, Dakota said that she liked the first home the best, but she agreed with Jill that it was too much money, even though it was a beautiful home.

We gave Mr. Brooks some parameters that we had in mind. About 10 bedrooms, 15-20 bathrooms, pool, game room, movie room, huge kitchen, large lot with a breathtaking view, not really interested in paying for someone’s furniture. Must have room for at least 20 vehicles. A pool house and a spare house would be nice, but not mandatory. While we can make the top end at $75 million that would be the absolute most, we are willing to spend.

He took notes and said he would be in touch next week with three new homes. He did say he would push our offer to the first owners, but he wasn’t overly enthused about them accepting the offer. He noted that $75 million against a listing price of $188 million was about 38% and to not get our hopes up.

As we drove back to the real estate office, very little was said. Tina and Dakota put their earbuds on and listened to some music.

Jill leaned into my chest/shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

When we arrived at the real estate office, Mr. Brooks thanked us for our time and went into the office. I texted our original real estate agent, Mark Newberg. I texted that we were sorry to hear that he had a death in his family. We got no immediate response.

While we were driving back to the house, I received a series of texts. The first one was from Roger Johnson. It read: another shooting at a different Pinetree. This one in Omaha. One cop injured. Two dead. More later.

The second text was from Happee, Happy Limo. Paula texted: Police presented search warrant and confiscated several computers including Sasha’s. They want to speak to you and Jill asap.

The third text was from Bob and Mel Jaxson. It read: Two separate restaurants closed by Health Department. Employees found with Hepatitis. One restaurant in Dallas, one in Jacksonville. According to Donna, director of Call Centers says Pinetree reservation down 12%, also says restaurant closings made national news. Talk tomorrow. BOB.

The fourth text was a response from Mark Newberg. It read: Death in my family? No was let go by Brooks. Call my cell, I’m at a different RE company now.

The fifth and final text was from Dr. Ronda. It read: Is Jill doing OK?

WOW! My head was spinning. It just seemed to me that the whole world was falling apart.


I started with the shooting, calling Roger first.

Roger’s call was short. He didn’t have much information at this point. He said he got a call from a friend at the FBI who alerted him about the shooting. He’s got a flight to St. Louis scheduled in an hour. He said he will either call or text when he gets more information.

My second call was to Paula. We discussed the confiscated equipment at the limo company. She said that they made it very clear to her, that Jill and I need to get in touch with them soon. I assured her that we would call today and set up an appointment with them, should they contact her.

My third and fourth calls were to the district offices of the closed restaurants. They expressed ‘shock’ about the whole incident. Both district managers put the blame on the employees. I told each of them that they should be hip deep into this and I expect follow up daily until the restaurants are cleared by the health departments to reopen. They each assured me that they would take care of things. I doubted it but let them do the job they are getting paid.

We arrived at the house before any further calls. I woke Jill. We all got out of the limo and headed inside. I gave Fred another tip and he left.

Once inside, I sat at the dining room table to continue my phone calls. Jill headed to our bedroom to take a nap. Dakota sat down with me at the table. She had her assistant notebook out and her cell phone fully charged just needing direction on what calls to make. I asked her to get copies of the health department reports on the two closed restaurants. I wanted to read what each one said. She began looking the numbers up and making the calls.

I went back to making my own calls. My fifth call was to the Police. I spoke with a Lt. Horowitz. I scheduled an appointment to bring Jill and myself along with Tina to his office tomorrow. He asked whom Tina was. I gave him an explanation and he told me to absolutely bring her as her name had not come up. We chose a time and ended the call.

My next call was to Mark Newberg.

“Hey Mark, it’s David”

“Hey buddy. So, I hear I have a death in the family that I didn’t know about, eh?” he said jokingly.

“Well, apparently. Mr. Brooks took us to see the three houses that he said you left for him to show us.” I told him.

“That bastard! I figured out that he was trying to poach you from me to get him a huge commission. We argued about it and then he had my desk packed up and left at the receptionist desk with her asking me for my security badge since I had “quit”. I didn’t quit David. I was let go.” He explained.

“Ok, well then text me where and when you would like to show us the three houses you think that we would like.”

Mark agreed saying that he had left ‘decoy’ homes out. He had randomly picked out three homes and left the three in his top drawer. He told me the three addresses and sure enough, they matched the three Brooks showed us. I asked about the first one, the one priced at $188 million. Mark told me that it was owned by a company called ‘Tulip Productions’. Some Russian brothers owned it, but now just wanted to unload it. I asked if he thought that they would take an offer of $75 million or less. He said he was sure they would take about $50 million since they have had the house on the market for nearly two years but now are in desperate financial need. I told him to make an offer of $40 million and see if they bite. I also let Mark know about the conversation I had with Brooks about asking if they would take $75 million. He said that Brooks was basically lazy and might make the call, or not. I told Mark to fax over an offer contract ASAP, so we can get our offer official. He said that we would have to contract within the hour. I hung up very, very happy from that call, the first good call of the day.

I asked Dakota to let Jill and I know when we get the fax from Mark Newberg.

I didn’t tell her why, only to let us know when it arrived and to print it out on our printer in the spare bedroom. She said she would do so.

I got up from the table and headed down to check on Jill. She was sleeping peacefully.

Tina stopped me in the hallway.

“What can I do? Jill is sleeping. Is there anything I can do to help you and Dakota?”

“Absolutely! I need to put my hands on some documents, you can help Dakota with tracking them down. Also, please make sure the printer in the spare bedroom is stocked with paper and is on. I have somethings coming soon via fax.”

She assured me she would take care of it.

I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a small pat on the rump. She smiled and headed off to the fourth bedroom.

Remembering my agreement with the Police, I followed her into the fourth bedroom.

“Tina, I need to let you know that you and Jill will need to go with me to the Police tomorrow. They want to discuss Happee, Happy Limo and Sasha’s death. Our appointment is set for 9:30.” I said to her.

“OK, I’ll be ready.”

I headed back out of the bedroom to make more phone calls.

Back at the table, I gave Dakota a list of things that I wanted. She wrote them all down. I let her know that I asked Tina to help, she smiled happy that I had included her.

My next call would be to Bob Jaxson. This one worried me. Before I made the call, I wanted to ensure that I had information about all the issues that were texted to me. Roger, done. Paula, done. Restaurant closures, done. Police appointment about limo company, done. Oops, I have not called Donna. This made me call Donna before calling Bob.

“Hey Donna, it’s David. How are you doing?”

“Well, I’ve had better mornings.”

“Why? What’s going on?” I asked.

“I’m getting yelled at by everyone. Team leaders, assistant managers, even Bob Jaxson has called twice. Are you really sure this is where you want me?” She said in a frustrated and somewhat defeated tone.

“Hey! Suck it up. You’re a Marine. Make a plan and execute it. May I offer a couple of gentle suggestions?”

“Yes, sir”

“First, gather all your assistant mangers on video conference and hear them out. Only take on the important issues. Let them do their jobs at solving the minor issues. Second, the team leads need to report to their managers, not directly to you unless it is vitally important. By vitally important I mean something that will have an immediate negative impact on the business. Got it Marine? Now, Go!”

“Thank you, David. I needed to hear that. Oh, by the way, your boy John has good intentions, but you may need to talk to him. He’s trying to subtly recruit people.”

I roll my eyes. Heart in the right place, poor execution.

“Is he there now?”

“No, he’s not scheduled until tomorrow.”

“OK, you do your thing, I’ll take care of this. Thanks for the heads up.” I say ending the call.

Tina brings me the fax from Mark Newberg.

“Um, David is this right? Are you putting in an offer on the first house? I thought Mr. Brooks said they wouldn’t take an offer this low.” Tina asked.

“Well, it turns out that my friend didn’t have a death in the family. He was fired, and Mr. Brooks was trying to pirate us away from Mark.”

“OK, but this amount is much lower than what you discussed with Mr. Brooks. It says here $35.9 million. Why so low?”

“Because it is owned by a company run by some Russian family. The company is ‘Tulip Productions’.”

“Um……um……. really? Tulip Productions?” Tina says hesitantly.

“Yes. Do you know something about that company?”

“It’s part of Happee, Happy Limo. Sasha along with her friends, started the company hiding it under the Happee, Happy Limo company’s license. Tulip Productions is a porn movie studio. Their office is on another floor from the limo company to look…. legitimate. Their name is really a play on words. Tulip, the flower as opposed to ‘two lips’ as they specialize in blowjob porn.” Tina meekly admitted to me.

“So, since we own Happee, Happy Limo, we may own Tulip Productions and any assets they have.” I explain.

“I guess so.”

A huge smile crosses my face. Dakota gets it as well. Tina doesn’t see the joke.

I pick up my phone and dial Mark Newberg back.

“Hey, David. Did you get my fax? I made the offer price lower to get them to bite, knowing that they are needing money.” Mark explains before I even say a word.

“Mark. What if I already owned the property?” I ask.

“WHAT? Did you buy it through Brooks?” He asked worried.

“No, no, nothing like that. It turns out that ‘Tulip Productions’ is a subsidiary of Happee, Happy Limo company. Which my company, Jaxsons, Inc. already bought. I’m not sure how to address this, but I’m sure there is a legal precedence regarding things such as this since so many people put their personal property hidden under corporate umbrellas.”

“Yes, there is tons of precedence here in California. I’ll call the Real Estate commission in Sacramento and find out the procedure. You’ll probably need to get your corporate attorney involved as well. Let’s put seeing any further homes on hold until I get an answer from Sacramento, sound ok to you?” Mark asks.

“Sounds great Mark. I’ll wait until I hear from you.” As we end the call.

It dawns on me that I could send him some business. Jennifer probably will need a new place, as well as Paula and maybe even Ronda. Roger, we promised to buy a condo and pay for his HOA fees. Need to remind him about the agreement.

Now on to the call to Bob Jaxson.

“Hello David! I was hoping to hear from you today even though I said we’d talk tomorrow. What’s going on that made you call today?”

“Well, I just want to give you an update on things. Both district offices in the restaurant division have been called. I’m getting health department reports sent to me to read them myself. There was another shooting at a Pinetree, this time in Omaha. Roger Johnson is heading there right now. One cop injured, two other people dead. I’ll text you when I have more information. Spoke to Donna, she said you have called her twice. What gives Bob? You get daily updates on your email about how things are going. Let me handle the daily stuff. You go back to finding companies for us to buy. Which leads me to ‘Tulip Productions’. We apparently own another company when we bought Happee, Happy Limo. The woman who died, Sasha, apparently hid her own company under the limo company’s license. I will need to have our corporate attorney look into this for us and see where we stand on owning all properties and equipment. They apparently specialize in blowjob porn.” I pause waiting for a response.

“Really? Tulip Productions is now owned by us? I’m not sure how to feel about it. I’ll text you the name and number of our west coast corporate attorney. What else do you have for me?” Bob says.

“We hired a new Director of Real Estate, Jennifer. Good lady, 23 years in the commercial real estate business. Her son, John works for us at our Pasadena call center. She loves the idea of us converting all the hundreds of district offices into a few multi-story buildings nationwide. Oh, and by the way, Dakota is a god-send. She keeps me on point with calls, schedules and various duties. She is great! I thank you and Mel for allowing us to have her.” Again, I pause to give Bob time to respond.

“I knew she would be right for you and Jill. And she’s fun too, bursa escort isn’t she?”


“Anything else I need to know about right now?” Bob asked.

“No, not right now. We do have to make arrangements for Roger Johnson, our head of security. We offered to buy him a condo and pay his HOA fees for a bit. I’ll call you again if anything further comes about.”

We end the call. I feel relieved that he didn’t say he wanted to sell either the limo company or the Pinetree corporation because of the two shootings.

In my head, it was difficult to read Bob via phone. Is he intrigued about Tulip Productions or embarrassed because of it? He’s a pervert, but this is corporate business.

I decided that I was in the right mood to speak to John. I dialed him.

“Hey Mr. Greene! What’s up?”

“John, what are you doing? I hear rumors that you are trying to recruit people.”

“Well, I was just thinking that we could expand your cabinet. I thought that I might be able to help.” John said enthusiastically.

“John, look I think your intentions are good, but you need to leave the recruiting to me. That’s what I do. Please don’t make me regret giving you direct access to me. That kind of thing usually doesn’t occur in business. You just need to concentrate on that beautiful girlfriend you have and being the best call-center person in our Pasadena office. Got it?” I say in a stern but civil tone.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, I thought I was trying to help.” John said in a defeated tone.

“John, like I said, your heart was in the right place, however I have years of experience doing this. Understand?”

“Yes, sir. I apologize. I will concentrate on being the best CSR in the Pasadena call center.” He says with a bit of joy returning to his voice. We end the call.

My phone rings. It’s Roger Johnson.

“Hey Roger.”

“David, I don’t think that this is anything to worry about. It’s another domestic issue. Husband found wife at this facility and shot wife and boyfriend. Cops arrived, he took a shot at the initial officer, wounding him. He’ll be OK. SWAT took this guy down in less than a half hour. Manager and staff are cooperating with authorities. I should have this wrapped up by tonight.” Roger tells me.

“Hey, Roger your friend in the FBI, can you have him call me direct? I have some questions regarding a pair of Russian brothers who may be on the run from the FBI.”

“Sure. His name is Jose Fernandez. Good guy, we were in the military police together. I’ll call him today and have him call you tonight.” Roger says.

“Great. Thank you. Oh, by the way you haven’t forgotten about Jaxson’s Inc. buying you a condo, have you?”

“No, but quite frankly, when have I had any time to look?”

“I have a good friend, Mark Newberg who will help you find what you are looking for in a condo. I’ll text you his information, so you can call him when you have time.”

“That sounds great.” Roger said as we ended the call.

I leaned back in my chair thinking about the calls. Hoping that I made them all.


Dakota asked if her and Tina could go out shopping for a bit. Since my phone calls were basically done and the ladies had tracked down all the paperwork that I wanted, I agreed.

Tina decided that they would take her car.

I went down the hall to check on my wife. She was still sleeping. I looked at the stack of paper in the fax machine tray waiting for me to read.

I grabbed it and headed to the TV room to do some reading. I was reading for a couple of hours before I felt a soft delicate hand caressing my ear.

“Hi Hun, feeling better?” I ask.

No verbal response. Just some light kissing on the back of my neck. I just lean my head back on the couch and keep my eyes closed enjoying the caressing.

I feel a pair of soft lips on my other ear. The tongue is caressing the outside of my ear. I feel the tongue work its way down my neck, kissing and nibbling.

“Oh, Jill that feels awesome. I’m guessing you’re feeling better.” I say

“MMMMM” I hear in my ear.

I continue to feel that tongue licking the back of my neck.

A hand comes around to cover my eyes. I start to think that it’s Dakota, once again doing her ‘guess who’ game.

“I want to fuck you silly.” Says the mystery voice.

It sure didn’t sound like Dakota, nor Tina either. The voice was a bit different. I was sure that it wasn’t Jill, but that left who?

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned around to see Dr. Ronda smiling.

“I called Jill earlier and asked how she was doing. She invited me over. I just wanted to play with you again, which she said she would like to join in. Apparently, your gal Dakota has been monopolizing your time. She needs to share.” Ronda said.

I pulled her down to me and kissed her. She responded by parting her lips allowing my tongue into her mouth.

“Well, here you two are.” Jill said surprising me.

“Hello Jill. How are you feeling?” Ronda asked.

“Horny. Can we move this to the bedroom?” Jill said.

“Absolutely!” I said.

All the way down the hall, Jill and Ronda were stopping every few steps to kiss. Ronda’s hands found their way all over Jill’s sexy body. In between kisses, Ronda began untucking Jill’s blouse. I walked up to Ronda and began unbuckling her belt. I reached around putting my hands on her delicious chest.

Ronda was now the center of Jill and my sensual sandwich. Surprising Ronda, I scooped her up off her feet, honeymoon style. While she was in my arms, Jill began sucking her left nipple. A clear moan left her lips as Jill taunted and licked her breast.

I walked very slowly to the bedroom. Ronda’s mouth and my own met in an erotic kiss. While I was kissing Ronda, Jill’s hand found my cock through my pants. She began to unzip me reaching into my pants to stroke my hard cock.

Ronda and I kept kissing as we awkwardly moved toward the bedroom. Once we were all inside, Jill shut the door. I carried Ronda to the bed. The unmade bed. I could still feel Jill’s warmth in the sheets.

Ronda whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, fuck me now.”

Pulling Ronda’s pants off made my cock even harder, if that was possible. As Jill got on the bed, I noticed that she was already naked. She leaned towards Ronda’s face and kissed her with a hard passion. Her hands were massaging Ronda’s beautiful breasts.

I slid Ronda’s blue thong off her, leaving her completely naked. I could see the wetness between her legs. Her delicious womanly scent permeated the air. I pushed my own pants and boxers off letting them hit the floor. I pulled my golf shirt and tee shirt off as I headed to Ronda’s sweet pussy.

I positioned my face at her love entrance. I licked her inner thighs. I nibbled on her labia. I sucked them into my mouth. I licked up the wetness her body was producing.

As I was doing that, Jill had moved up to plant herself on Ronda’s waiting mouth. She was grinding her pussy into her lover’s tongue.

My own tongue was thrusting in and out of Ronda much like a piston. With one hand I began rubbing her clit. This made her hips begin to gyrate. She was thrusting her womanhood up towards my hardworking mouth. I licked. I sucked. I nibbled. Her wetness kept increasing with each movement of my mouth being on her.

She was moaning almost continually into Jill’s moist pussy. Jill was moaning in contented orgasmic release. She was orgasming almost continually onto Ronda’s mouth and tongue.

My face was now dripping with the woman cum that Ronda was forcefully expelling on me. Her sweet juices were literally dripping from my chin onto the bed sheets. I kept my licking from the top of her slit all the way down to her anal rosebud. I put one finger into her pussy getting it sufficiently wet before that digit began its gentle assault on her ass. I gently pushed it into her ass, which elicited a large moan into Jill’s womanhood.

“David, quit playing with her. She wants to be fucked. That’s why she’s here.” Jill tells me.

I stop licking her, but still have my thumb making circles on her clit. I knee walk up between her legs and put my steel-hard cock at her entrance. I slowly begin to push my manhood into her, pausing to allow her body to adjust to me. Her vaginal walls were velvety smooth but very tight. I would push about an inch or so then pause.

“Fuck me, will you?” Ronda commanded.

I pushed the rest of the way into her. I began my assault on her womanhood with an increased fervor. Each time I thrust into her, Jill pushed down on her face with her pussy.

Jill and Ronda reached a pinnacle together. I felt Ronda’s vagina spray my thighs. I could see the orgasmic juices being expelled from my beautiful wife into the waiting mouth of Ronda.

“OHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK” was all that Ronda could annunciate.

“David, fuck her harder. She loves it hard.” Jill instructed me.

I upped my fucking to Sasha mode. In and out of her repeatedly. My balls were slapping her ass loudly. Her womanly juices were flowing freely now.

Ronda exploded a second time, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME…GAWD DAMN DAVID, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” her voice trailed off as her breathing stopped for just a moment.

My own cock began its journey toward ecstasy. The familiar twinge as my balls began tightening up and my cock swelling inside Ronda as my own crescendo arrived.

“FUCK RONDA, YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD.” As my body shot rope after rope deep inside of Ronda.

Jill climbed off Ronda. She pushed me back out of Ronda and dove face first into Ronda’s cum-filled pussy. Jill was ravenous, sucking all my man juices out of her friend and fellow Marine.

With Jill’s ass right in front of me, I thrust three fingers into Jill’s fully exposed pussy. Jill just moaned into Ronda’s crotch. I began pulling on my deflated cock trying to get it back to full size as I now wanted to fuck my gorgeous wife. As it resurrected, I pushed it into Jill. As horny as I was, I really wasn’t gentle. My cock was doing all my thinking at this point.

I grabbed her hips thrusting myself into her as deeply as I could get. In and out, with a sexual frenzy.

She began to show signs of reaching her crescendo.


I could feel Jill’s pussy continually milk my cock for every drop it could get.

Ronda came a third time announcing to us, “OH MY GAWD JILL, DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP!” As I watched Ronda splash Jill’s beautiful face with her woman juice. Jill lapped up every drop.

Finally, it was my turn to cum again.


I glanced at the clock on the night stand and noticed that we had been playing for a couple of hours. No wonder why my stomach was growling at me. I hadn’t eaten any food since the diner.

Jill and Ronda were in a post-coitus embrace.

“Jill are you or Ronda hungry…. for food?”

“For food, yes. For more sex, yes. How about you, Ronda?” Jill said.

“Yes, and yes.”

I kissed both and headed out to the kitchen naked. To my surprise, both Tina and Dakota were in the kitchen fixing sandwiches.

“Darling, are you, Jill and your guest hungry? We’ll be happy to make you something to eat for a fee.” Dakota said smiling her devilish smile.

Tina went to the refrigerator while Dakota shed her shorts and straddled my lap.

“I’m guessing the fee, is you?” I asked rhetorically.

“No, you cumming in me it the fee.” She said giggling in my ear.

I lift her lithe body up and reposition her onto my hard cock. Something about her just gets my engine revving all the time. Here I have had glorious sex with two beautiful women just minutes ago and now my cock is rock hard yet again because of Dakota.

She begins to wiggle her tight little ass on my manhood. I begin thrusting into her. I raise my hips off the chair with each thrust into her. As I’m doing that, Tina stops making sandwiches to come behind me and start kissing the back of my neck and lightly scratching my back. The sensation feels so wonderful that my cock feels as if it is hardening even further.

Dakota puts her feet on the floor on either side of my lap to use them to control her fucking of my rock-hard cock. On my thrust up into her she wiggles her pussy. On the down stroke she grinds into my lap. Up, wiggle. Down, grind. Over and over we go.

“David, I love you. You make me so wet. Wetter than anyone ever has. Put your baby into me.” Dakota whispered into my ear.

I feel Tina lean over my shoulder and begin kissing Dakota. In my mind I begin thinking about how disappointed Tina was last night when her body betrayed her by beginning its monthly cleanout. It hurt her deeply, but as I know from past experiences there is always next month. This will most certainly happen.

As Dakota and I get closer to our orgasmic climax together, the doorbell rings.

“I’ll get it.” Tina says.

As she gets to the door, Dakota gets to her crescendo.


As Dakota is orgasming, I hear the front door open and a familiar voice say ‘hi’ and ask if I’m home.

“Um, yes he’s here but busy at the moment.” Tina says to the visitor.

“You’re Tina, aren’t you? I met you the other night when my son John and his new girlfriend came over here with David and me.”

“Um, Jennifer? Correct?” Tina asked.

“YES! This here is Daniel. David said we could come play anytime. I called his cell phone and Jill answered inviting us to just show up.” Jennifer explained.

Just then I reached my own climatic peak with Dakota, “OH FUCK DAKOTA. I LOVE YOU. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.”

As my mind quits reeling, I realize that two new people are in my kitchen. Jennifer and some guy.

“Hi Jen. Whom is this?” I ask as Dakota and I are uncoupling.

“Well, this is Daniel. We’ve kind of been on again, off again over the years. However, now we are just great friends…. with benefits.” Jennifer exclaims.

“Great. What are you two still doing with clothes on then?” I ask.

Tina goes over to the new guy and begins to unbuckle his belt. Jennifer starts kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt.

Dakota gets off my lap. I see cum running down the inside of her thigh.

Jill opens the bedroom door. Her and Ronda come down into the kitchen seeing the two new people.

“Hun, the gorgeous auburn-haired beauty if Jennifer, John’s Mom and our new Director of Real Estate. The guy is her friend, Daniel.

“Oh, you’re right, she’s beautiful.” Jill says before placing her lips on Jen’s.

Tina is on her knees giving Daniel one of her wonderful blowjobs.

Ronda begins playing with my cock as I’m watching Jill and Jen embrace in an erotic hug. Jill’s mouth breaks from the kiss to lean down and begin suckling on Jennifer’s beautiful chest. Jennifer lets a soft moan escape her lips.

I hear slurping as Tina is licking and sucking Daniel into her mouth. In my head, I’m comparing Daniel’s size. Pretty average, I think to myself but really, really thick.

Daniel reaches to the back of Tina’s head pulling her into his crotch. He holds her head in place. I hear her beginning to gag, yet he doesn’t relax his grip on her head.

“Take this cock bitch” he growls.

“What did you say?” I ask with a snarl.

“I told this nigglet to take what I give her.” Daniel says.


Before I even realized what has happened, I have Daniel against the wall in the kitchen with my forearm on his throat.

“David…. David…. let him go!” I hear, although I’m not listening.

“David, darling he’s not worth it. Let him go.”

“David what the heck are you doing?”

“David stop, she’s alright, stop this!”

It had really been a long, long time since I had been this mad to resort to violence. I just glared at this guy. I could see the look of fear in his eyes. This crazy naked person with one hand on his chest and the other arm pushed tightly against his throat.

I felt a couple pairs of hands pulling me back from the guy. I was fuming. I didn’t want to remove my arm from this idiot’s throat. What I wanted to do was push harder.

I stood there for a couple of minutes just staring into his eyes.

I felt a hand grab my ear. “David, release him. Damn it, David, release him!” I hear Jill say to me as she has a full grasp of my ear.

Reluctantly, I pull my forearm back from his throat. I release his chest. I step back allowing him to gulp some air nervously.

“You need to leave my home.” I say to this jackass.

He stands there not moving for a moment.

Jennifer grabs his clothes and his arm and walks him towards the front door. bursa escort bayan I look over at Tina. My head is swirling with emotions. Is Tina ok? Did he just call Tina a nigger? Did I just physically assault this guy? What the hell made me snap like that?

I see Jennifer giving Daniel his clothes as she is putting her own clothes on.

“Jennifer, where are you going?” I ask.

“Well, home. He’s my ride.”

“NO, Jill and I will get you home. Your friend just needs to leave.” I say still really ticked off, wanting this guy to hurry up and dress.

Tina gets in my face. “Thank you, David! No one has ever stuck up for me before.” She says with tears streaming down her face. I pull her into me and hug her, without saying a word.

I watch as Daniel says something that I couldn’t hear to Jennifer and walks out the front door. Jennifer stands at the door watching him get into his car and leave.

She hesitantly closes the door. She stands there not turning around for a couple of moments. Jill whispers in my ear, “Go over to her. She doesn’t know what to do or say. You’re her boss and her friend just embarrassed her in our home.”

I know she is right.

I walk over to Jennifer. I put my arms around her from behind. I lean into her and kiss the back of her neck. I whisper into her ear, “Are you still willing to play with us?”

“You still want me to join you and Jill?” She says without turning around to look at me.

“Jennifer, what your friend did has nothing to do with you. I’m confident that you would not have brought him if you thought that he was going to embarrass you such as he did.” I explain to her.

“John really doesn’t like Daniel. Until now, I never knew why.”

“I’m liking John more and more…. ha, ha” I say in her ear.

“Come play with us. I want to taste you again and again.”

“Are you sure? I’m still really embarrassed.” Jennifer says.

“Well then, you can serve that beautiful body up as the party favor. How’s that sound?” I ask.

“Your request is my command, Sir.”

“That’s Master.” I say correcting her.

“Yes, Master. What do you wish me to do? I am your slut for the rest of the night.” Jen says to me.

“Until sunup you are now Sindee the slut. We will use you as we see fit. However, to make sure you understand that this is just for play, your safe word is Chicago. Say that word and all play will stop. You will be telling us that you have reached your breaking point. Do you understand?” I ask.

“Yes, Master. I’m your Sindee the slut. I’m yours as you see fit to use this body. Take me. Make me yours. I only want to please my Master.” Sindee says to me.

“That’s a good girl, Sindee. Now strip. Your first job is to lick, suck, and play with all the women making them orgasm before I will allow you to cum. Now, get to our beauty, Tina and make her cum. However, you may only use your fingers as she has her monthly visitor. Now, go please our Tina.” I say sternly.

Sindee breaks from my grasp. She walks over to Tina, kissing her full on the mouth. Tina responds with a gentle touch on the side of her cheek. I can see Tina’s eyes still wet with tears.

Sindee wraps her arms around Tina. Even though I had given Sindee direction to not go down on Tina, she still attempts to do so. Tina stops her saying, “No, don’t do that. I’m not clean. Please don’t do that.”

I walk from the front door over to where Sindee was on her knees in front of Tina. I gently grasp a handful of her hair, pulling her head backwards forcing her to look up at me.

“What are you doing?” I ask with a bit of annoyance in my voice.

“Trying to please Tina. Please don’t be mad Master.” Sindee asks of me.

“Stand up.”

She does as she is instructed.

“Bend over. You need to pay for your disobedience.” I say to her.

She bends over the table, putting her ass out. She is on her tip-toes allowing her ass to be prominently displayed.

I put three fingers into her moist pussy. I am gentle but push them in all the way. A whimper escapes her mouth.

“Gawd, that feels so good Master.” Sindee says to me.

I use my thumb to push it into her anal rosebud. I thrust it in, gently but firmly all the way past the knuckle.

“Oh, fuck me Master. That feels like heaven inside of me.”

I begin to slowly move the fingers in and out of her. I lean over and whisper in her ear, “Don’t you dare cum before I tell you to do so.”

“Oh, please let me cum, Master. I’m so sorry that I didn’t follow your direction.” She says.

Dakota walks around to the front of her and presses her wet cum-filled pussy into Sindee’s face and waiting tongue.

“Lick me slut.” Dakota commands.

Dakota reaches behind Sindee’s head and presses it into her pussy. I am able to see Sindee’s tongue snaking out from her mouth to lick Dakota’s sex.

Tina now moves closer to Sindee. She takes her hand and puts it on her own vaginal entrance. Tina says in Sindee’s ear, “Make me cum my slut.”

Sindee just moans in acceptance.

I feel two pairs of hands on me. I glance over my shoulder to see Jill playing with my ear and I feel Ronda stroking my cock.

“David, are you going to fuck her with that cock of yours, or may I have some of your man juice?” Ronda says to me.

Sindee’s hand is now working Tina’s slit furiously, rubbing her clit with vigor. Tina’s eyes are beginning to glaze over as her breathing begins getting shallower. “Oh, fuck me.” Tina says.

I keep moving my fingers in and out of Sindee. She is now moaning into Dakota’s pussy.

I pull my fingers out of Sindee. I hear her moan a moan of disappointment. I playfully slap her ass. First one cheek, then the other. This elicited a moan of pleasure.

Dakota was now grinding her wet wanton cum-filled pussy into Sindee’s eager mouth. Dakota moaned loudly as Sindee’s tongue kept licking and sucking my cum out of her sex.

Ronda’s mouth was now around my erect manhood. She was slurping with all the passion that she had earlier.

Jill went around to the other side of the table, taking Sindee’s other arm and putting her pussy onto her hand. Sindee responded by rubbing Jill’s wet womanhood, focusing on her clit. Jill moaned in gratitude. “That’s right our slut. Make us cum.”

Ronda was now pushing my hard cock deep into her throat, past her gag reflex. I felt that familiar twinge of my own orgasmic rapture quickly approaching.

“OH. FUCK RONDA…THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” I said as I shot rope after rope into her throat.

Moments after I came, Dakota did as well. “FUCK ME……FUCK ME…. YOU SLUT…. I’M CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG!!!’

I saw that Tina’s eyes were now glazed over. She erupted as well, “FUCK SINDEE……THAT FEELS SO GOOD!’

That only left Jill. She was standing there with Sindee’s hand furiously rubbing her clit. Jill’s breathing was shallow, but she wasn’t near completion. I walked over to Jill. I bent her over the table as well. I put my post-orgasmic cock into her ass. She moaned loudly with approval. I thrust into her over and over again. She began writhing on the table in orgasmic rush. “FUCK ME DAVID, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD1” She exclaimed as she wiggled underneath me. I felt her ass continue to clamp onto my hard cock. As she undulated, Dakota leaned into her face and kissed her passionately.

It was very erotic seeing my wife orgasm underneath me as my little Dakota was kissing her passionately.

I continued to fuck my wife, harder and harder with each thrust. I felt that familiar twinge again. I erupted into my wife’s delicious ass. “OH, FUCK JILL. YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD. I LOVE YOU!” I say as my body thrusts its entire manhood deep into her ass.

I notice that Sindee is just laying there. Not really doing anything. I uncouple from my wife, walking around to where Dakota stood. I put my rock-hard cock in front of Sindee’s face placing the tip of my cock at her lips. She opened her mouth and devoured my manhood all the way to my pelvis. I began thrusting in and out of her wet mouth. I felt her gag some on my cock. I leaned down to her saying, “Make me cum you slut or you’ll never get to cum all night.” She moaned in disappointment increasing her oral assault on my cock.

I was thrusting with a vigor. I put my hands on her ears holding her face in place as I thrust deep into her throat. She took it all, moaning onto my cock. We repeated this over and over until I felt that familiar twinge once again.

“OH GAWD SINDEE, I’M GOING TO CUM. SWALLOW IT ALL YOU SLUT!” I shouted as I erupted yet again. She took and swallowed every drop.

Dakota whispered into my ear, “Be sue to save me some for later.” I just smiled, knowing that she would get all my seed whenever she wanted it.

I announced to everyone, “Did our slut make everyone cum?”

All heads nodded in unison of yes. I leaned down to say to her, “You my dear now may cum. Other than me, your Master, whom would you like to make you cum?” I ask.

“Will you share Jill with me?” She asks with her heart in her eyes.

Jill responded, “Yes. You need to move to our bedroom. I’m tired of standing.”

Jill took Sindee’s arm and lifted her up off the table. She walked her down the hallway towards our bedroom. I stayed in the kitchen, realizing that I still haven’t eaten. I walk over to the sandwich that Tina was making. I flipped the top off to inspect what was inside. She had made an Italian sandwich. Ham, pepperoni, salami, turkey, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and two pickle spears on the plate. I grabbed the bag of chips that was on top of the bread box and put a few on the paper plate.

I noticed that I was now alone in the kitchen. I heard sounds of wonderful lovemaking coming from our bedroom.

As I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice, I heard our bedroom door open and a set of feet walking down the hallway. It was Dakota.

“Lover, aren’t you going to join in?” She asked.

“No, I’m pretty well spent. I’ve cum like 5 or 6 times in the past couple of hours. I need to recharge besides, I’m starving.” I tell her.

“May I have some?” She asks with her doe-eyed look.

“Darling, you can have anything you want with me.”

“Well, let’s start with the sandwich. Will you cut it in half for me to share with you?” she asks.

I take the knife off the counter and cut the sandwich diagonally. I offer her one half, which she accepts and takes a bite out of it.

She pulls out a chair and sits down next to me.

“Dakota, would you mind if I ask you a personal question?” I ask, really knowing the answer before I ask.


“Is it possible that you are already pregnant?” I ask gently.

“Yes, I think I am. I’ve felt a bit weird the past couple of days. I was going to ask Ronda to examine me, but we just never got to that point.” She tells me.

“Well, congratulations, if you are pregnant. You know that I love you, right?”

“Yes. And I love you more than you will ever know. Did you see our mark?” She asks.

“Is it fading already?” I ask hoping that it really hadn’t faded that quickly.

“No, my new mark. I got just for you.” Dakota says as she stands up, putting her right leg up on her chair. There before me is a small green heart on the inside of her thigh next to her cute lithe hairless pussy.

I was floored.

“What the heck Dakota?” I asked.

“It’s for you. I wanted something more permanent. To show you how much I love you. I am yours forever and this mark proves it. John’s remark about Diane getting a tattoo made me think that I wanted something more permanent.” She tells me.

I’m stunned. My mouth is open, but nothing is coming out.

She leans into me and whispers in my ear, “Tina got one as well.”

I nearly fall out of my chair.

“Tina too?” I ask meekly.

“Yep. She wanted a much larger one, but I talked her into the same size one that I have. That’s what we went out for yesterday.

I think for a moment. Doesn’t she need to have it covered up or be putting some lotion on the new tattoo? I’m asking myself.

“Um, Dakota, don’t you have to put some sort of lotion on it? Maybe put a band-aid over it?” I ask, now worried about the safety of the tattoo and her maybe being pregnant.

“Well the tattoo artist, Ace, said to put lotion on it two or three times a day. I didn’t tell him that I think that I’m pregnant.

“OK, lets get Ronda to check you out either before she leaves today or at her office tomorrow.” I say to her, leaning into her and kissing her.

I could taste the sandwich on her lips.

As I broke our kiss, I took another bite of the sandwich and a swig of my juice.

I could hear lots of orgasmic crescendos coming from our bedroom. I smiled knowing that Jill was enjoying Tina, Ronda, and Sindee.


It was a couple of hours before the ladies came out of the bedroom. When I finally saw them Sindee was walking funny.

I got up and went over to her, checking to ensure she was ok. She was just fine. However, she had been fucked, sucked, nibbled on, ass fucked, and ate out till she begged for them to stop.

“Gawd damn David. Your wife is insatiable. How do you even keep up with her?” Sindee asked.

“I guess I’m very lucky. I think you have had enough for tonight. How about you go back to being just Jennifer?” I offer.

“THANK YOU! Oh, my gawd. I’ve never had so much fun. I definitely need to come play with you two again, if you’ll invite me.” Jennifer says to me.

“Jennifer, you are welcome here any time. Just please don’t bring anyone with you except John and Diane. Sound ok to you?” I ask of her.

“I promise you I won’t ever do that again. John will be so happy to hear that I’m done with Daniel, as they don’t like each other one bit.” She says.

“Well, I agree with him on that one.” I say.

Jennifer and Ronda both get dressed and kiss Jill and me before leaving. Ronda offers to take Jennifer home.

“Hey, Ronda. May I ask you for a favor?”

“Absolutely, anything you want.” She replies.

“Can you check Tina and Dakota over please. I think that Dakota is pregnant. I just want to make sure she is ok.” I ask.

“Well, I don’t have a pregnancy kit here. Why don’t she just come to my office tomorrow morning. I’ll check her then. She can also bring Jill with her as I need to do a check up on her as well, although she seems to be right in the groove, if you ask me.” Ronda said.

“OK, I’ll make sure Dakota and Jill come see you in the morning.”

She leans in and kisses me passionately. Jennifer also stands close waiting for her turn to kiss me as well. However, she whispers in my ear, “You are the sexiest Master ever. Jill is a lucky gal.” with that, she gives me a long deep erotic kiss, putting her arms around my mid-section and pulling me into her.

“I’ll be back soon. You can count on that. I’ve never had so much fun with my boss…. EVER.” She says before heading out with Ronda.

After they left, Tina wondered aloud, “Hey, where did my sandwich go?”

I chuckled. She knew that I had eaten it while she was in the bedroom playing.

“Um, Tina. Do you have something to show me?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, let me show you. You must have seen Dakota’s, didn’t you?” she asked.

With that she sat on the couch and spread her legs. There it was, one green heart, just inside of her thigh next to her hairless pussy.

“Tina, it’s beautiful. I’m stunned, really.” I say.

“Dakota and I got the idea when that guy, John was all upset thinking that his girlfriend got herself a tattoo over you.” She said.

I walked over to her, kissed her, and directed her to put panties on since it was her time of the month. She was a bit embarrassed and hopped up to go to her room to get panties.

I went down the hall towards the master bedroom. I don’t hear any noise at all. I push the door open and see Jill sprawled out, naked, on top of the covers sound asleep. I put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and head back out of the bedroom towards the kitchen. I notice that our bedroom and the hallway smell of sex. I just smile.

At this point, Dakota had also put on some clothes, albeit not much more than a long tee shirt, with no panties. When I saw that, I smiled and kissed her. “Darling, I love you. I made you and appointment with Jill to go see Dr. Ronda in the morning. I want you to be checked out. Is that ok, my dear?” I ask.

“Um, yeah. Will you be coming with us? I would like you to join us… please.” She says to me.

“I’d love to.”

My phone rang.

“Hello, this is David.”

“Hello sir, my name if Jose Fernandez, I’m with the FBI. Roger Johnson asked me to give you a phone call. Is now ok to talk?” he asks.

“Absolutely. I asked him to have you call me because I believe that escort bursa your agency is looking for two Russian brothers who were associated with Happee, Happy Limo. Is that true?”

“Well, actually, yes. How did you know?” Agent Fernandez inquires.

“Someone else told me that might be the case. Do you know where they are currently?”

“No, not at the moment. Why do you ask?”

“I think I may be able to flush the out for you. They think that they own a property that is on the market to sell. It turns out that they probably gave up that home, without even realizing it since my company bought Happee, Happy Limo. Their company ‘Tulip Productions’ was hidden under the license of Happee, Happy Limo. I’ve asked my Realtor agent to check with Sacramento to see if our company does in fact own that property. However, I think that if you joined me at the “closing” you might just be able to arrest them.” I tell Agent Fernandez.

“That sounds wonderful!” he says.

“Agent, is the number on my caller ID your direct line?” I ask.

“Yes. it is. However, please don’t identify it as the FBI on your phone. Just put my name on it, Jose Fernandez. That way, if I call you or you call me no one will know you’re talking to the FBI.” He tells me.

“Thank you, sir. When I get things set up, I’ll call you directly to have you join me at the closing.” I say as we end the call. I smile to myself thinking won’t they be surprised if I take their home. They get nothing for it. They get arrested by the FBI.

Dakota points out to me that by making an appointment with Dr. Ronda in the morning, we now have a conflict with the Police appointment.

I decide that we’ll go to the Police appointment first then directly to Dr. Ronda when they’re thru with us.

She texts Dr. Ronda telling her about the conflict and that everyone will show up when the Police appointment is complete. She gets a reply text: OK.

Dakota suggests that we use a town-car to go to the Police appointment. Showing up in a limo, even if you own the company may seem out of place. I agree, and she books the car for us.

I logged on to my laptop. I perused some of the work I had waiting there. I took a look at the numbers from the restaurant we visited in Vegas. They reopened with a resounding thunder. Sales up 54%. Table turns flat versus last year. Increased staff making everyone happy. Reservations for the next 10 days up 850% versus all measurements (daily, weekly, last month, last year). I send an email to the district manager congratulating her on the successful re-opening.

Email is a great form of communication. It allows you to still be in touch, while doing business with different time zones. Helps keep people on their toes knowing that you are looking at their business results without a direct phone call.

I begin to think about our audit and accounting group. The current methodology was to constantly criticize for poor paperwork, to criticize about missing documents such as coupons/gift cards used/register receipts. They also regularly posted their top 10 worst audit scores. All of it I hated. I conceived a plan on turning things around to be more positive. Maybe reward managers who got high marks on their paperwork and audit scores. Wrote myself a note to chat with Jill about this idea.

I look at the clock on the microwave. It read: 12:01am. I need some sleep. I shut out the lights and head down to the bedroom, where my beautiful wife is still naked on top of the covers sleeping.

As I approached the left side of the bed, I lean down and kiss her on the cheek. After shedding my clothes, I climb into bed and snuggle up to her, quickly falling asleep.


The sunlight barnstormed through the window making it uncomfortable for any further sleep. I looked around, but I was alone in the bed. I got out of bed to go take care of my morning bathroom activities. I hear Dakota and Jill chatting in the kitchen. The ladies are laughing, which is a good start to any day.

Taking a quick shower and dressing in dress pants and a long-sleeved dress shirt, I opened the fire box and take out another 5 $100 bills. I grab my wallet, my cell phone, and keys. I head out towards the kitchen.

Jill and Dakota were having a good laugh over eggs and toast. I notice, no Tina.

“Good Morning my darlings. Where’s the missing elf?”

“Still in bed” Jill tells me.

“Anyone try to wake her. We’re do at the Police station in about 90 minutes.”

Dakota got up and headed down the hall.

“Tina…. Tina Darling…. Daddy wants you to get up.” I hear Dakota saying to our slumbering elf.

Jill drops a paper plate of scrambled eggs, toast, sausage links in front of me with my glass of pineapple juice.

“Mmmm, Darling. Thank you. I love you.” I say to my smiling gorgeous wife.

She leans over and kisses me.

“Wild night, eh?” I ask.

“Uh huh.” I get as her reply.

I go back to eating my breakfast.

“You know, we chatted about you last night when it was just us gals in the bedroom.” She added.

“Should I even ask what was said?”

“Probably not.” She says.

“Um, OK then. I won’t.”

Dakota comes back in the kitchen telling us that she had to shake Tina to wake her as she was really tired out.

“Good thing that we are heading to see Dr. Ronda after the Police.” I say.

Jill finishes her meal and tosses the paper plate in the trash putting her silverware in the sink to be washed later. She heads down the hall to change clothes.

Dakota also heads to her bedroom to change as well.

I hear Tina coming down the hallway.

“Good Morning sleepyhead.” Dakota says.

“Uh huh. Is coffee ready…. please say yes.” Tina says.

“It is.”

Tina comes into the kitchen, not really wearing much but a tee shirt and panties.

She plunks down in a chair. I offer to get her a cup of coffee, she agrees.

“Here you go Darling. Just the way you like it, hot, white, and sweet.” I say with a big cheesy grin.

She takes a long first sip.

I lean in and give her forehead a kiss before heading out to the living room.

“Don’t forget, we’re to be at the Police station shortly.”

“OH FUCK!” She exclaims. Clearly, she forgot.

She hops up and heads down the hall to get ready.

I flip open my laptop to get in some work before we leave. I answer several useless emails.

As the ladies get to the living room, I see three beautiful women. Each one wearing something that is dressy, but not too dressy.

“Well, let’s go then.” I say.

I look out the front window to see Fred waiting on us.

Jill says she wants to sit up front with Fred.

We all get in the car and head off to the Police Station. We arrive about 10 minutes ahead of time. The sergeant at the front desk stops us. We ask for Lt. Horowitz. The desk sergeant calls the Lieutenant and lets us know he’ll be right down. We all take a seat in the uncomfortable bench style seats.

After a few minutes wait, a short thin guy apologizes for the delay and introduces himself as Lt. Horowitz. He hands each one of us a visitor’s badge as we head to the elevator. He takes us to the 8th floor.

I notice that Tina is no more than a foot away from me the whole time. Clearly, she is very nervous about the whole ordeal.

Lt. Horowitz invites us all to sit in a conference room, or so it says on the door.

Another couple of officers join us in the room. They are introduced as Detective Mac Brown and Detective Sam Smith. Horowitz begins the discussion, “Mr. Greene could you please introduce everyone who joined you today?”

“Absolutely. This is my wife Jill, she was a driver for Happee, Happy Limo. Next to her is my assistant, Dakota. She has nothing to do with the limo company. Next to her is Jill’s assistant, Tina. Tina was Sasha’s assistant. You know, I suppose that I was hired as a chauffeur before Jill and I were fired. Also, I contacted our attorney who offered to join us here this morning, but for now I get the impression that you gentlemen have questions that you believe that we can help answer regarding Sasha and Happee, Happy Limo. Am I correct?”

“Yes sir, you are correct.”

Detectives Smith and Brown begin asking us to describe the type of person Sasha was with everyone. They also inquired about two twins that worked there. In addition, we discussed how Tina fit into this whole setup. They seemed quite surprised that no one had even mentioned Tina’s name in the other interviews.

After a couple of hours of discussion, they finally asked the all-important question, “Whom did we think murdered Sasha?”

Tina spoke first, “My money is on the twins. They were well known as two women who would do most anything for money. Follow the money, and you probably will have your killer.” She said.

I suggested it was probably the Russian brothers. I had no evidence, just suspicions.

Horowitz seemed curious as to how I knew about the Russian brothers. I explained that a friend of our Director of Security works for the FBI and that they are looking for the Russian brothers. I went on to explain that they have a huge mansion up for sale that they are trying to sell to raise money to flee the country. I further explained that since Jaxson’s Inc bought Happee, Happy Limo we also now own this mansion they are trying to sell. I gave them Mark Newberg’s contact information regarding the property.

The detectives asked if we knew anything about Tulip Productions.

“Other than Jaxson’s Inc. owns the company?” I ask.

“You do? We thought that the Russian brothers owned it with Sasha.” They answered.

“They did. However, since the company was formed under the license of Happee Happy Limo, when Jaxson’s Inc bought the limo company, they also acquired the other assets under the limo company’s corporate umbrella. Our corporate attorney is drafting a court document taking possession of Tulip Productions as well as any other companies under the Limo company’s umbrella.”

Detective Brown inquired, “Then you know about the recording studio, the pharmacy group, the industrial trucking company, and of course the horse racing tracks?”

I was stunned.

“I’m sorry Detective. I know nothing about any of those businesses. Are you sure that they are all part of Happee, Happy Limo’s corporate umbrella or are they separate from the limo company?”

“Well, according to Sacramento, they are all part of the Happee, Happy Limo corporation. Which means that Jaxson’s Inc. probably owns them as well.” He said smiling.

Dakota was writing furiously in her notebook.

Jill asked, “Can you provide us with a list of all the properties and where to find them?”

Detective Smith hands each of us several sheets of paper that have been stapled together.

The Detectives explained that Sasha and the Russian brothers were hip deep into some shady-shit, starting with drug running, extortion, blackmail, and money laundering.

I explained that I’ve set up a meeting between the FBI and the Russian brothers to “buy” their mansion. The agent will accompany me to the closing and arrest them. I gave Horowitz, Brown, and Smith Special Agent Fernandez’s contact information so they could coordinate efforts. They were appreciative and asked if they might also tag along to the closing. I suggested only one attend, three might look a bit suspicious. They decided on Horowitz joining the closing.

As their questions came to an end, I inquired if they knew about the assault on Tina from Sasha. They indicated they had no knowledge of it. Dakota provided them with a case number and further contact information for Tina as well as our attorney.

We ended the meeting. I glanced at the clock on the wall, only three hours.

Horowitz, Brown, and Smith all gave us their business cards in case we thought of anything further that they needed to know.

My stomach was getting rowdy again as I needed some food.

Detective Smith escorted us back down to the lobby and retrieved our visitor badges. Fred was waiting outside for us.

“Fred, take us somewhere good to eat for lunch. We’ll go to Dr. Ronda’s after lunch.”

“Yes, sir.”

I decided to call Bob and let him in on the news about all the other companies that Jaxson’s Inc. now owns.

“Hey Bob. Are you sitting down?” I ask.

“Um, yeah. Why?”

“We all just left the Police. They had questions about Sasha. However, that is not why I called you.” I said.

“Well then, don’t keep me in suspense.” Bob replied

“We now own many more companies than we anticipated when we bought Happee, Happy Limo. The Police told us that under the corporate umbrella of that company we now own: a recording studio, a pharmacy group, an industrial trucking group, and several horse racing tracks.”

“Are you kidding me? We got all of that in the deal as well?” Bob said with an excitement in his voice.

“Well, according to the Police we did. I’m putting in a call to the corporate attorney that you have here on the west coast. He’ll draw up papers seizing all the assets. Oh, and one more thing. We may have acquired a huge mansion as part of the package as well. I’m going to take it, unless you have a need for it.” I explain.

“Just how big is this ‘mansion’?” Bob asks.

“20 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms about 28,000 square feet. Parking for at least 25 vehicles. The kicker is that we probably got it for free in the limo acquisition.”

“WOW! That house sounds like it should fit perfectly right here in the Hamptons. David, you take the house. You and Jill have certainly earned it. Hold on for a moment, Mel wants to chat with you.” Bob says as he hands the phone to his wife Melanie.

“Hey there Sexy. When do I get to put my hands on your again? I miss you and Jill.” She says in her sexy voice.

“We’re going to make an east coast trip next week. Is that soon enough?”

“Absolutely!” She says. She gives me a big smooch over the phone before hanging up.


As Fred pulled into the parking lot of Andre’s Italian Restaurant, my mouth began to water. I thought to myself, good choice Fred!

He parked close to the door and let us all out. I invited him to join us. He accepted.

On the way in, he suggested having their spaghetti with meat sauce. He believed it to be the best pasta for the price in all of LA.

As we sat down, Dakota pointed out the sign about ‘cash only’. I’m really amazed at Dakota’s skill looking out for me.

Fred offered to order for the entire table, I found that to be exciting. Fred was finally warming up and participating. This was fabulous.

When Tony, our server arrived, Fred said, “Tony, 5 plates of spaghetti with meat sauce, a large basket of garlic bread and a bottle of Chianti.”

“Yes, sir Mr. Fred.” Tony says.

“Mr. Greene, may I ask you something?” Fred says.

“Your Director of Security wants me to apply for a carry-permit. He believes that you need armed protection. What do you think sir?”

“I think that Roger is trying to keep Jill and I safe. We never know who might be lurking with evil intentions. Do you have any objections to carrying a firearm?” I ask.

“No, sir. I just haven’t carried one since the Navy. I spent 6 years aboard two different aircraft carriers. First three years I was part of the roving security aboard the USS Saratoga CV-60. From there I was requested by Admiral Storch to be his personal security aboard the USS Forrestal CV-59.” Fred explained.

“Navy? What do you think about that Jill?” I said smiling.

“Well, Roger is Air Force, Dr. Ronda, Donna and myself are Marines, now Fred tells us he’s Navy. Think we need to have a party when these three meet up for college football games.”

“That’s a great idea. Loser of the previous game must cook for the others on the next game. How does that sound?” I rhetorically ask.

Dakota begins to text Roger about Fred being ok to apply for a carry-permit. Roger texts back that he will get in touch with Fred next week. Fred also asks if his two nephews who are getting out of the Coast Guard might get an interview with Roger as they were on a cutter that did drug interdiction. One is a mobile sniper the other is a pontoon boat captain boarding ships that are suspected in carrying drugs. They both have served several months off the coast of Somalia aboard the USCGC Reliance.

“They sound just like the guys that Roger is looking for. I will text him to get with you to get your nephew’s contact information.” I say to Fred.

Tina points to her watch. I ask for the bill a pull out some cash to pay for the lunch. As we head back to the car, I thank Fred for the delicious lunch.

We head off to Dr. Ronda’s for everyone’s checkup.

Yes, my life changed for the better when I became a Chauffeur.

Please leave me a comment (positive or negative) so I can continue to craft my stories to make them more palatable for everyone. Thank you…….PABLO.

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