The Break Up

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“Mike! Mike! I don’t want to hear it! I came down to hang out with you and you left me. You left me! If you didn’t want to hang out with me you shouldn’t have told me to come here! I don’t want to bother you. So I won’t. We’re through!”

I couldn’t help but here this argument and be a little curious about the young woman who was doing the yelling. I turned around and saw her, eyes filled with tears, cell phone in her hand and pretty damn cute.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, really just trying to be polite. She told me that she was okay but kind of unloaded half her story on me. She had come down to the Mardi Gras celebration on South Street to meet her boyfriend but he ditched her to hang out with his friends, leaving her virtually abandoned. Now she was alone, trying to walk back to the train station to get back home.

I told her that I was walking the same way and offered to walk with her. She told me that I didn’t have to but I said it would be my pleasure. Besides, I told her, I can’t stand to see someone unhappy on Mardi Gras.

We walked and talked and she got cuter the more I hung out with her. She had stopped crying and I had even made her laugh a little bit. I could tell that she was feeling pretty low so I tried to build her confidence. I told her that she shouldn’t get to worked up over her boyfriend. He sounds like an asshole and she’ll have no problem replacing him.

She cheered up at that, and asked “Really?”

“Of course,” I told her. “Hell, if I had met you in any other situation, I’d be hitting on you instead of looking after you.” She really seemed to liked hearing this. I could tell that she was starting to feel better about herself, but she was trying to play shy.

“Why would you hit on me?” she asked, fishing for more compliments. I only approached her to be friendly, but the situation was drastically changed now. She was flirting with me, I could tell. Plus, we were both a little drunk and it was mardi Gras after all.

“I shouldn’t say,” I replied to her question. “I don’t think its too polite.”

Now she smiled a sexy little smile and there was no sign of the girl who was crying just a few minutes ago. “Oh now you have to tell me! You’ve got my curiosity peaked!.”

“Well,” I began, “I like asses and you’ve got a great one. “That’s why I’d hit on you.” I know this was a risky move but I thought either she’d lock up and tell me I’m rude or she’d be into it. What did I have to lose?

I instantly knew I made the right move. She lifted her sweater a little bit and showed off her ass to me. It was so round and thick in those tight blue jeans I loved looking at it. She tried playing is shy and acted bahis firmaları as if she was showing off her ass because she couldn’t believe that I was attracted to it but I know that she knew she had a sexy ass.

So I took another chance and called her bluff, pushing our conversation a little further by telling her that I knew that she knew she had a great ass. “Tell the truth, you know your ass is hot. You probably fuck doggystyle all the time.”

I pushed the line a little bit. Her body language told me so. I had to retreat and fast. So I quickly uttered out “Oh, sorry for the language. You probably have sex doggystyle all the time.”

That wasn’t much of a retreat but apparently it was enough for her. “I do,” she said, “but….”

“Don’t tell me, you never finish that way. Right?”

“How’d you know?”

“Because few women can. Its normal. The guy just needs to be smart about it.”

“Oh, and let me guess, you’re smart about it?”

“Honestly, yes I am. I’m not trying to brag, but I know how to treat a woman.”

I couldn’t believe how dirty this conversation was getting. I couldn’t believe myself or her. It was surreal. But as easily as the conversation was flowing, it suddenly halted and I realized that her boyfriend didn’t know how to treat her. I decided to push a little more.

“Oh no. He doesn’t give you orgasms does he?” I asked her, sort of mocking him and sympathizing with her. She didn’t answer. “Oh my god, he doesn’t! Does he? How long has it been?”

She laughed a sexy little laugh and told me that its only been two days since she’s had one, but that doesn’t mean that he gave it to her.

“And who was the hard worker who gave you the orgasm?” I asked, expected her to admit that she cheated. But instead she took the credit and told me that she was the hard worker. Oh I loved this conversation!

“So, you’re not too shy to take matters in to your own hands?”

“Hell no!” she replied. “A girls got to do what a girl’s got to do!”

“If you’re not too shy to take care of yourself then you can definitely come from doggystyle, you just have to do a little work yourself.” She looked at me a little confused, like she never thought of this before. So I continued. “The next time your having sex doggystyle, play with yourself. You’ll cum. You’ll see.”

She blushed now. But it wasn’t a shy blush. She was thinking about it and getting turned on. Desperate to change the topic before she completely lost control, she turned the focus back to me and teased me for being very bold. I apologized, but told her that it wasn’t really my fault. I’m walking down the street on Mardis Gras night with a sexy stranger, how kaçak iddaa can I not think of sex?

She corrected me and told me that I could be thinking of other things, like if maybe this stranger could become my girlfriend. She wasn’t really mad though, I could tell. So I played with her a little bit. I explained that I’m honest, to a fault. I spoke to her because she was upset but because she was cute. I enjoyed when I was walking behind her because I got to watch her ass wiggle. And I’d like to have sex with her. I told her all this and said that she can’t blame me for being honest.

It would be dishonest, I explained, to have some daydream about becoming boyfriend and girlfriend with a woman I just met and knew so little about. That’s how I dated, I explained. I become physically attracted to a woman. I enjoy a physical relationship with that woman and if an emotional relationship evolved, I enjoy that too. If it doesn’t, we just part ways when we realize we’re not going anywhere.

I decided to turn it back to her again. I asked if she was really thinking about picnics in the park and renting videos together on a Saturday night with me. Or, I went on, was there something else she was thinking about…..

I loved being so bad with this girl. She was so cute and sexy I just couldn’t help myself.

“Well, since we’re being honest, I haven’t been thinking about nice romantic things throughout our conversation.”

I laughed. With fake surprise in my voice I told her that I was stunned and asked her to elaborate.

“Well, when you were talking about my ass I was wishing you’d reach out and touch it. You know, palm it while I walked.” I quickly palmed her ass as we walked and asked “Like this?” in a nice deep voice. She sort of moaned a “yes” and continued talking.

“A few blocks ago we passed a dark alley and I thought about making out with you back there. I thought about how nice it would be. A little dirty, very naughty, but very nice.”

This was turning into a great night. As fate would have it, we were about three blocks from my apartment and decided to invite her in. “Alleys can be a little dirty, and besides, the bricks might be a little cold against your bare ass once I get your jeans and panties down to your knees.”

She interrupted me with the laugh like that would never happen but I continued.

“I only live a few blocks from here, why don’t we stop by my place. I can turn up the heat so that no part of you will be cold ocne I get you naked.”

This was it, my big move. She decided to flirt a little back rather then answer my question. “What makes you think I’d go back to your apartment and get naked? We kaçak bahis just met and I don’t even know your name!”

“That’s what makes it so sexy. You don’t know my name. I don’t know yours. All I know is that you look sexy as hell and want to cum tonight. You need to cum tonight and not by yourself when you get home. You need to get naked and feel someone rubbing you up and down, massaging you, relaxing you, going down on you. You need that release followed by the sweet sensation of giving your body to someone else to use. I can tell. You’d be lying if you denied it”

She stopped walking. We were at a dark spot on the street and she faced me. If you drove by, you’d just think we were talking or maybe about to kiss, nothing too serious. But her hand was on my dick, feeling my excitement through my jeans.

“So what if all those things are true. Its not like you’re not just as horny as I am. And if I need to feel someone going down on my then maybe you need to feel someone going down on you? And I don’t mean someone who’s to immature to get into but, but a woman who loves sucking dick. Maybe you need that?”

I looked down, into her bright mischevious green eyes as she stroked me through my jeans out on the street. I asked if she might be that woman and she said that she is that woman. So we walked, quickly, until we got to my place.

Once inside, I turned up the heat and gave her a seat on the couch while I got us two beers. When I returned, I found her almost completely naked and still undressing. Her body looked amazing and I feasted my eyes on it. She loved the attention and wiggled and shook a little bit before walking towards me.

“For tonight, you can call me Amber. That’s not my name but that’s what you can call me. And I’m going to call you Brad. So put those beers down, Brad and kiss me.”

I’ve had a lot of drunk hookups and one night stands, as much as anyone I suppose. But never had I had a girl like Amber. The combination of Mardi Gras debauchery, break up vengeance and uninhibited sexual desire made her the best partner I think I’ve ever had.

It didn’t take either of us long to cum but it took us both a while to get tired. In fact, I think we both enjoyed two orgasms and were on our way to our third when we were just too drunk and tired to keep it up. Amber was great. She was so confident and eager and aggressive. She even called her boyfriend while I was going down on her and just let him hear her moan then hung up.

The following morning, I woke up with a serious hang over, alone in my apartment. I had approached Amber because I wanted to be helpful. I had flirted with her because I wanted to fuck her. But now I wanted to talk to her because I missed her and wanted to see if an emotional relationship could grow between us. But it wasn’t meant to be. Its ironic, but that’s life sometimes. If you read this, Amber, you were fantastic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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