The Black Bikini

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Angelina Castro

We’re off to Hawaii. Thu says she has nothing to wear and so I buy her something I want to see her in – a relatively revealing thin black bikini. She’s Catholic and so is a little conservative but as I find out later, she’s like a lot of Catholic girls – conservative on the outside, a little wild on the inside. One night as I’m coming home from work, I call her to see what she wants for dinner.

Pizza, she answers. I said it was fine – but would she mind picking it up as I had a few things to pick up from home before stopping by her place. She refused and asked me to do it. Fine, I grumbled. I picked up the pizza and arrived at her apartment complex. After reaching her landing, I knocked on the door, and Thu opened it to the side, hiding behind the door. She’s petite so it’s not hard for her to hide, and all I could see was a little of her bathrobe, her pretty face and her long black hair. Her mischievous smile means she’s up to something but I don’t know what. She’s also blushing for some reason. As I enter and close the door behind it, she opens up her bathrobe, showing me the black bikini I got for her.

“I’m not sure I can wear this out in public,” she says. “It’s way too revealing.”

She looks great. The bikini is just right for bahis firmaları her – the little black triangles cover her small brown nipples but not much more, and the bottom is low cut enough for me to see a good half inch of her shaven bikini line. I set the pizza down on a corner table. Oh, Thu… I reach over and kiss her, reaching my hands around her lithe waist and into her bikini bottoms. I massage her ass and bend my knees so I reach lower, cupping her right ass cheek with my hand while I slip my middle finger under the material and gently massage her lower lips. Thu murmurs and bites my lip. I react and press my middle finger harder, penetrating her with the tip. Thu gasps then sticks her tongue all the way into my mouth. I take out the tip of my finger and start massaging her labia again. It’s only been a few seconds but she’s gotten really, really wet.

“Wait – the pizza,” she says, as she turns from me. WTF? I think to myself. Thu takes the pizza box and walks into the kitchen, her robe hanging open. In mid-stride, she reaches down with her right hand and pulls her bikini bottom over her ass since I had pulled it into her ass crack. I followed her into the kitchen, my dick throbbing from the want. Thu puts the pizza box on the table and kaçak iddaa turns to me. I roughly rip her robe off her shoulders and then spin her around. The robe falls to the floor and I push myself against her ass. I grab the back of her neck with one hand. Thu arches her back and turns her head to bring her face towards mine. I put my tongue in her mouth and she bites on it gently. My other hand reaches into her bikini top and I squeeze her right nipple, softly at first until I feel it harden, then harder. I know she’s greedy for stimulation. Thu reaches behind her and rubs the front of my jeans, then struggles to unbutton my jeans. As the fly comes open, she reaches in with her left hand and grabs my shaft. I exhale and bend my body over to suck on her right nipple, my hand cupping her tit. Thu strokes me faster and pulls my hands down her body, past her waist, and onto the tops of her bikini bottoms. I untie the strings and the bottoms flap open. I bend her over the table and Thu grabs the sides for support. I hold my dick in my right hand and position the head between her labial lips. With a hard thrust I penetrate her. “Oh fuck,” she gasps. I push my dick as far in as I can and hit rock bottom. “Oh that hurts,” she says, as I pump into her repeatedly. kaçak bahis I ignore her protests because I know she likes getting fucked roughly so I keep going. When I think I’m reaching the threshold, I pull out and spin her around again. I move her over to the counter and put her up on it. She grabs my cock with both hands and puts it at her pussy then thrusts her hips forward to take it in.

I look at her face, which is twisted in a mixture of agony and pleasure. Her hands are braced against the kitchen counter readying her for what’s about to come. She’s breathing so hard I’m afraid she’s going to pass out.

Her eyes close and her mouth opens and I feel the little shudders emanating from her body.

“Oh my God… oh my God… I’m coming! I’m COMING!”

As she comes, I thrust deeply into her and keep my cock all the way inside her. Within seconds, I tense up, then feel the violent spasms as the cum explodes into her pussy. I keep my dick in her for about a minute afterwards, while Thu collapses against the side of the microwave. She’s breathing hella hard. “I don’t… I don’t… know how you do it…” she barely manages to say between breaths. I finally take my dick out and hear a glob of cum hit the floor. I take her in my arms, lift Thu off the counter, and set her gently on the floor. As she walks into the living room, I see a trail of cum flow down the inside of her thigh to mid-thigh. She goes over to the couch and flops down, exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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