The Big Bully

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“Where is my lunch money bitch” was the words i heard as soon as i got to school. “Not today Jason, I dont need this right now” Well you dont how about i punch you in the face. Now Jason is 6″ even, white boy, muscular, and can fight. I however am 5″9, light skinned, skinny and lanky. So we fought, He punched me in the eye, and hit me in the ribs. I fell to the ground in pain. But i got up and threw some punches busted his lips and hit him in the eye. So the principle came out of the office and the principle broke it up. The principle asked what happened and i told him that he has been bullying me for about 2 months now. he principle told us that we were gonna get suspended and we got suspended before christmas break. The principle called Jasons mom and my dads girlfriend and they came to the office. So My dads girlfriend said “did you lose the fight”. “Yeah” I lied but she bought it so i didnt get in trouble. So all day everybody heard about the fight and Jasons mom came over to the house and asked if i could come over to spend the weekend with jason. Of course he can, he will be over there tomorrow. So i packed things for friday, saturday,and sunday. SO he came over later that night and said i should bring a extra nintendo 64 controllers and some bursa escort games.He had that evil glare like all bullies do. I said sure. Well friday came along and we were at his house. His mom said ok look im going to a friends house and i will be gone for the rest of the day can you two handle yourselves. I said yes maam he said sure. So his mom left and i asked him where the bathroom is and he said upstairs to the left. Well i went to the bathroom and i heard something. Like a moaning sound. it sounded like two guys. So i snuck downstairs to see what is going on. Then i saw butch in a chair just jacking off to a gay porn sight. I said out loud Oh your gay!!! and he chased me into his room. told him that he cant do anything to me i would still go around school tomorrow and tell people what i saw. So he held me to the bed and kissed me. Now i wasnt gay at all i had a couple of girlfriends and i always see him with girls but when he kissed me i felt shocked and kinda turned on. He broke the kiss and i kissed him back. So our tongues wrestled for a while and he said take off your pants and shirt. So i did and his right green eyes was focused on my cock. it was about 6 inches at the time and he was amazed.
Wow man your cock is huge he said.
Thanks I said bursa escort bayan back to him
So he put his hand around my cock and started to give me a handjob. At first i was crept out but i couldnt tell him to stop i wanted it alot more
Go faster i told him
he kept going and i closed my eyes then i felt something wet on my cock. it was his mouth and it looked like my cock disappered. So i grabbed his beautiful blond hair and started to fuck his mouth.
Awwwww yes baby i screamed as he kept tighten his mouth
So he got off and took his clothes off as i saw him wearing a red thong. It’s my moms he told me but then he dropped them to the floor and his cock sprang up. It was smaller than mine but he wanted me so he put his legs on the bed and i sucked his cock while he deep throated mine. We did this for about a while and as a few minutes passed by i felt myself about to cum ARgggggh baby im cummin im cummin i repeated. i shot 5 strings into the air and it ht his face and my chest.then he said to stand up. So i did what he told me to do.He got up and went into his moms room to get some vasaline, he said that he sees his mom put it on her toy and he told me to put it on me. I lubed it up real good so it could be slippery and he bended over escort bursa on his bed and pointed to his ass. He told me to put some of the vasline on his asshole so i used like half the jar on his asshole and got it slippery and he told me to put it all in there. I lined up and shoved it all in. He screamed and i stopped he told me to do it slowly so the pain will go away. It felt tight so i just gently pushed it in inch by inch. then it got all the way in. So i went slow at first his body got adjusted to my cock and he told me to go a little faster. I went kinda faster and he told me to go faster. Faster and faster i went then we switched positions and now he was ridind me reverse cowgirl style. He told me to slap him on the ass and call him a bitch. So i said you like it dont you bitch and grabbed his ass cheeks and made him go faster.Moaning sounds came from both of us. While i pumped, i put my hands around his cock and jacked fast. More moaning came as he said my name out loud and screamed to the top of his lungs and he shot cum cum on his blanket and i felt that it was time for me to cum. He told me to cum in his ass. So i went faster and deeper and shot all the cum in his ass all in to his prostate and as i pulled out it leaked out of his ass and i collapsed on the bed.

Then he told me that he loved men and said he always did… I now that im bisexual said i love you too and went to sleep next to him….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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