The Beach Ch. 1

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It was my tenth day on the island and I was already having doubts as to whether I could stand the next six months alone. I was so horny all the time and I was bored with doing it myself.

I was laying beneath a palm tree with my feet in the ocean masturbating for the second time that day when I saw the plane circling above. Too high to see who was flying but it become obvious that whoever was in there could see me and I became more and more aroused. Chuckling to myself I spread my legs wider and took my vibrator (my one luxury from home!) and pushed it hard into my wet pussy stretching my lips wide, the plane circled again and flew up the beach as low as it dare. It disappeared out of sight as it prepared to circle again and it was then I heard it.

A deafening sound filled the remote island as the plane had obviously come down. I ran as fast as I could to the other end of the beach, my heart pounding faster and faster. Gripped with fear I turned the corner to see the plane its nose buried in the sand its tail high in the air. On first inspection I couldn’t see the pilot and had to dig furiously to find the door and it was then I saw him.

The pilot was slumped over the controls which were battered to pieces, he was obviously unconscious and had a small gash over his right eye. I checked his breathing and the injuries didn’t look serious, flying so low I think he had probably skidded to a halt rather than crash landed. I rushed back to my tiny cabin and fetched a sheet and with all my strength I pulled him from the wreckage and once on the sheet I dragged him to my cabin and rolled him onto my mattress.

Standing back for the first time I was able to look at him properly. My god he was so handsome, a badge on his shirt told me his name was john. He was tall and tanned with a strong jaw and toned body. He was completely edible! bahis firmaları He was covered in sand and as I sponged him clean I removed his clothes which were torn and bloody from the cut to his head. Each part of his flesh that I exposed sent shivers cruising to all the right places.

He was still unconscious when night fell, I lit a small fire and sat in a chair and watched him. He was moving now and again I was desperate to see his eyes. A smile crossed my face as I wondered about removing the last of his clothes, I wanted to see this man naked. I pulled back the sheet and my eyes were drawn to his long muscular thighs and I could not resist removing his underwear. He lay before me naked and oh so male.

My heart was beating fast as I ran my hands along his thighs ever so gently, up over his hips to his chest and back again. Touching him was divine, his skin taut and warm to my touch. I bent to kiss his chest and my tongue rolled over each nipple then over his tummy, his hips and his thighs. I felt his cock against my hair and jumped afraid he had awoken but he was till fast asleep but his cock had responded to my touch. He was standing tall and erect.

I took his cock in one hand and gently stroked it up and down before placing it to my wet lips and pushing forward to taste him. He slip into my mouth with ease and I sucked his head between my lips, pulling gently and circling my head, in his sleep he moaned. I pushed forward some more and took him deeper into my mouth, his cock was pulsating against my tongue and I could taste his pre cum. He tasted so good. The rest of his body was seemingly lifeless but his cock was responding to my touch, he grew so big in my mouth it pulsated wildly as I pushed forward taking his as deep as I could. I sucked him hard, circling my tongue wildly. Another moan escaped his lips and with a force kaçak iddaa never experienced he began to cum in my mouth, hot, long spurts of tasty cum. It oozed from my lips as I struggled to swallow it all. I continued to hold him in my mouth as his cock went soft and shut my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep, a smile still on my face knowing I would dream on John.

My first recollection of my dream was a feeling of someone’s eyes on my body. I was laying on the bed and I was naked. The eyes traveled over me and paused at my breasts, the curves of my hips and the mound of my pussy. My legs were gently parted and I felt finger tips moving up and down my inner thighs, my pussy was wet and glistening invitingly in the light from the small log fire. I could smell my arousal, I was on fire! My nipples were hard and I could feel lips sucking them, pulling them, sucking them. I instinctively went to touch my aching pussy but I couldn’t move my arms, I was trapped in this mans embrace and he tongue was moving across my stomach.

He reached my pussy, I could feel his breath as my legs were forced wide open. Then I felt his tongue moving up and down my lips softly barely parting them. I t felt amazing! When he took my clit between his lips I know I screamed aloud, it sent tremors through my body and my clit became swollen and tender. My legs had been pushed wider now, and with lightening speed at he pushed two fingers deep into my wet aching pussy and his thumb rubbed my clit. I arched my hips as he fucked me with his fingers, deep penetrating strokes reaching deeper and deeper, harder, faster till I could not take anymore. I moaned loudly as I fucked against his hands and began to cum, hard and long. My pussy spasmed around his fingers holding them tight and he rubbed hard and fast on my clit pushing me higher and higher, I could hear my cum oozing through kaçak bahis his fingers and could feel it trickle from my pussy and lubricate my thighs and ass. He still pumped my pussy but softer now as I recovered from my almost violent climax.

His hands were on my body again, this time pushing me onto my front my head turned to one side. He kissed me passionately, exploring my mouth with his tongue. Pushing a cushion underneath my belly he raised my hips high into the air. I could feel his hard throbbing cock against my thighs as he lent over my hips and squeezed my nipples firmly, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. One hand now was rubbing my clit again, feeling my juices still flowing from my pussy, I was still so wet. With two hands he opened up my pussy lips and I could feel the head of his hard cock press against my clit. I thought I would go mad with need as he teased me into insanity. Instinctively I moaned loudly and awoke myself to my own screams of, John, John!

I was not dreaming.

The handsome man whose cock I had sucked was awake and about to fuck me from behind. I panicked momentarily but when he cock began to part my lips I surrendered to his touch completely.

“John, fuck me,” I moaned.

“fuck me John.”

He responded.

His hard cock penetrated me deep, long and hard. His balls were bashing against my thighs his hands grabbing my ass as he pulled me deeper and deeper onto his throbbing cock. I was losing control, my pussy was stretched over his cock and I wanted to cum again. He grabbed my shoulder and fucked me as hard and deep as he could, his breathing was shallow and he moaned loudly. With one hand between my legs a quick hard rub on my clit sent me to heaven. As I cum he withdrew his cock and placed it in the crack of my ass and cum hard, long hot spurts covered my ass and back as he stroked his cock up and down. We cum together for a long time and collapsed exhausted onto the mattress, both scared to turn and face the other but burning with desire for each other.

to be continued…

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