The Bad Professor Returns Ch. 02

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The scientific elements of Nicole’s nursing training had, understandably, avoided the higher reaches of atomic physics; nevertheless, she understood the concept that nuclear explosions were caused by a chain reaction. Getting dressed for the day, she realised she was caught in the middle of her very own erotic nuclear reaction.

Starting with Dr Chambers’ direction to spy on Christine Fenwick, Nicole had — unexpectedly — found herself looking at her teammate’s naked body; sending her email about that to Dr Chambers had turned on her so much that she had cum then — and subsequently — thinking about it; that had then emboldened her to invite Dr Chambers to talk about it, which had led to the webcam chat; she had been so turned on for the chat she couldn’t wait to strip her clothes off and show Dr Chambers her pussy; which had left her since then in an almost constant state of arousal.

All this perhaps explained why Nicole was reaching into her wardrobe and pulling out the pair of skin-tight jeans that had stayed there, unworn, for the past couple of years. Thanks to the swimming squad Nicole was, if anything, slimmer and more toned than when the jeans had been bought; but every time she had thought about wearing them she had always backed out: casino şirketleri they weren’t her style; the occasion wasn’t right; or any other excuse that excused taking the safe option.

But now Nicole was taking the jeans out, thinking how it would feel to wear them. She looked at her legs in the mirror: she’d often been told her legs were long and attractive but, right now, framed as they were at the top by an elegant but simple mauve thong, for the first time in a very long while she actually enjoyed looking at them. She was feeling sexy; she believed her legs were sexy; so it would be sexy to wear the jeans. Anticipating that it would feel good in a general sense, Nicole was also specifically imagining the effect she might have on two people: Christine Fenwick, and Dr Chambers. Nicole actually shuddered at the thought, and stroked her fingers across the crotch of her thong, feeling the heat there.

Slipping the jeans on, Nicole felt sinuous and sensuous, like a cat. It took more than a little wriggling and fiddling, but when they were on the jeans felt like a gorgeous denim skin. She twirled in front of the mirror, taking in the way they curved around the slender roundness of her bum, and then struck a couple of glamour poses. Still looking at herself casino firmaları in the mirror, she slid her finger slowly down the seam that ran down her bum crack. “Dr Chambers, or Christine?” she thought. Would she prefer to have Dr Chambers standing there, stroking her bum, dispassionately feeling the firm curves of his plaything, and his cock pushing against his trousers while he thought of the next sordid task for Nicole? Or how about Christine: that pretty, spoiled face lit up in awe as she fondled her older team mate’s bottom, her young mind suddenly opened to the fabulous possibilities of stripping another woman’s clothes off to reveal her nakedness underneath?

Nicole’s mood had changed from playful narcissism to fully-blown horniness. She looked at her watch: just time. The seam at the front of the jeans pressed nicely against her pussy, and — in front of the mirror — she was able to stroke herself front and back with both hands. Nicole decided that it was Christine at the back, too shy to touch Nicole properly, but too excited by what she saw to resist rubbing Nicole’s bum. That meant Dr Chambers was rubbing Nicole’s pussy through her jeans, feeling how hot he made her feel.

In her imagination, Nicole reached out with both her hands. What güvenilir casino an astonishing possibility, she thought, to be able to slide the fingers of one hand up Christine’s skirt, slip them under her panties, brush those beautiful soft blonde pubes, and then caress the wetness of her sweet young cunt; and at the very same time to deftly unbutton Dr Chambers’ flies, ease his fat rod out of his trousers, teasingly rub his pre-cum around his bulging head, and feel his body shudder with each firm wank of his cock.

Mm: Christine’s soft wetness; and Dr Chamber’s hard erection. Nicole’s mind filled with a kaleidoscope of briefly considered erotic possibilities, each more vivid and wicked than the last, until finally she saw in her mind Christine’s cute face flush with release, her cunt soaking Nicole’s fingers with her honey, just as Dr Chambers’ face was similarly contorted, Nicole’s firm slow wanking too much and his spunk shooting up in spurts all over Nicole’s hand and fingers. It was the thought of her fingers, covered in Christine’s pussy juices and Dr Chambers’ spunk, that tipped Nicole way over the edge; and as she rocked with her own orgasm she briefly had time to see herself in the mirror, a wanton, denim-clad slut, one hand pressed against her cunt and the other rubbing obscenely up and down her arse crack.

Fuck, it was going to be a long, hot day.

{Author’s note: there is (much) more to come, do please let me know what you think, and what you’d like to read.}

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