The aide lends a hand.

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Ben had injured his back years ago and had been put on disability and assigned home health care aids to help him. They came two hours a day four times a week and did light house work , cooking , shopping , and laundry. His current aide was attractive with short light brown hair , light mocha colored skin long shapely legs , firm c-cup breasts and in her mid twenties her name was Jessie. Everything was going well and they had a friendly relationship with no thoughts of it becoming more than that. Then one day things changed Ben spent most of his time in his apartment and had his bed in his living room for convenience.

He was sleeping that morning and only had on his t-shirt and a baggy pair of shorts when Jessie did her usual quick knock and walked in the front door. She began to say good morning when she saw him laying there on his back with his shorts bunched up allowing his penis to lay along his thigh out in the open on display. Jessie quietly moved to the bed watching Ben and thinking to herself this is so wrong. She tentatively reached out a hand and brushed his penis with her fingertips causing him to moan and his penis to twitch and start to harden.

She jumped back watching closely to see if he woke up but when that was all he did she again moved close and reached for his now hard penis that stood straight up. Jessie wrapped her fingers around his member and moved her hand up and down the shaft she leaned in close almost kissing his cock when he let out a subdued yell asking her what the hell she thought she was doing. Letting go of him and jumping back she started to stutter out an explanation bursa escort when he grabbed his phone and started dialing her employers. She begged him to stop that if he did not report her or call the police she would do anything.

He stopped but kept the phone ready right he said until it’s too late for me to report you. No please I’ll do anything. Okay but let’s get a guarantee put your hand back on my penis and lean close to it now look up at my face with a surprised look on yours. When she did this he took her picture there now I have proof of your misdeed. He worked on his phone sending the picture to a private holding place on the cloud. Now he said anything okay new rules from now on when you get here the first thing you will do is strip and do your work naked you can do that now. Next you will keep yourself clean shaven everywhere except your head.

Next you will no longer wear panties or bras. The only clothes you will wear at any time will be short skirts and sheer light colored thin blouses without sleeves or collars. Sobbing she told him she would do these things. Then she stripped and started doing her work around the apartment. Ben enjoyed watching her young fit body performing her labors finally called her over and they fucked for the last half hour of her time. He asked her when her next day off was and she replied as she dressed that it was this Sunday.

Good you will come here Sunday morning and pick me up we will go to the local mall please bring at least three hundred dollars and dress as I have told you. Oh and stop taking your birth control I’m not on birth control I saw no reason bursa escort bayan to since I’m not dating why waste the money. Excellent see you Sunday morning and Jessie left heading home knowing her life had changed and she did not think for the better. Sunday morning she showed up at his door and after using his walker to go to her car and she returned it to his apartment they drove to the local mall. Jessie retrieved a public use wheelchair from the malls customer service desk and took it out for Ben to use.

She pushed him back into the mall using the food court entrance and they purchased food then sat in the food court to eat it. Jessie was constantly blushing as she noticed many people staring at the way she was dressed she knew some people could see under the table and her lack of panties covering her smooth shaven pussy.

It did not help that Ben would not let her sit with her k ees together but kept pushing her legs apart with his feet. Finally they finished eating and he had her start walking down the malls concourse. The first shop they came to was a candy shop he had them stop and he bought three cherry colored jaw breakers and an eight inch long two inch thick tootsie roll. After buying these items they went down the long hallway to the public restrooms. Ben had her stop just past the entrances and turn him to face back the way they had come. Then he had her stand in front of him facing away spread her legs and bend over.

He then pushed the three jaw breakers into her vagina then inserted the tootsie roll into her anus until it was gone. Standing up it was difficult walking without escort bursa losing a jaw breaker but she did her best so as to not be humiliated by having one fall out of her in front of other people. They returned to the concourse and continued from the candy shop. Moving further up the concourse they got to the far end they found a tattoo shop. Going to the shop they found a female attendant who asked if they wanted a tattoo or a piercing.

Ben said yes Jessie wants two tattoos one a full color tattoo of Winnie the pooh holding a honey pot up to the base of her vagina on her upper left thigh with a gooey substance on the pots rim and on the pots base property of Bear. Then a pair of slightly parted red lips around her left nipple. The woman told Jessie to sit down in the chair out front of her shop and she securely strapped Jessie to the chair binding her legs to the foot rests on the chair and spreading them wide open locking them in place.

Then she lifted her skirt around her waist exposing her groin to the audience that had begun to gather. Then she unbuttoned Jessie’s blouse exposing her beautiful breasts and tying them in place. The woman then began tattooing Jessie’s body she would purposely rub Jessie’s clit as she worked bringing Jessie’s body to many orgasms and having members of the audience clean up her cum anyway they wanted. When the tattoos were finished many people had tasted what Jessie’s body produced to Express her pleasure. The woman stepped back and told the audience to go ahead and use Jessie anyway they wished.

Jessie was fucked by over three hundred men that day and could not walk for a week as her bodies holes healed and she leaked cum from her cunt and anus for two hours. Her new tattoos were permanent reminders of this days events.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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