The Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 03

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((I want to start this off by giving my most sincere and humble thanks to everyone, whom has posted comments or left feedback on the first two chapters of this story. The criticism I’ve received has been extremely constructive, mature, and supportive. I’ve done my best to take it to heart. I created this character, years ago, and I’ve kept her to myself, in my head, for a long time. Now that I’m sharing her with Literotica readers, and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive and favourable, it’s truly thrilling to me. For that, I thank you.))

((I’d also like to extend a special “thank you” to my editor, AnneChildOfUniverse, for all her work in making this a bit more readable. Trust me folks, editing my stories is no easy task. I think I drove her to drinking.))

((In the last exciting episode of The Adventures of The Hellcat, Maggie Malone, having been abducted by deranged pervy sorcerers, whom just couldn’t seem to get a spell right, was transported into the realm of the cat goddess Bastet, where a pact was made, in which Maggie would gain some of Bastet’s powers, in return for putting an end to the cruelty of the sorcerers, and fighting the good fight against evil. …and then there was some really deviant and weird, rough tail sex, which caused my therapist to cancel the rest of her sessions for the day, so we could focus on what the hell is the matter with me.))

((So now I proudly present the next chapter in the story of Maggie Malone, AKA The Hellcat!))

Chapter 3: So You Want to be a Super Hero

Maggie Malone did not need an alarm to wake up on this morning. She woke five minutes before it went off, feeling refreshed and full of life. She felt like she could take on the world, and that the sun shone just for her. What a glorious way to start the day!

She threw off her covers and leapt out of bed, feeling full of vim and vigour, ready to take on the day. She rose, and stretched her fit, young body out tautly. She stood on her toes, feet shoulder width apart, twisting her hips, and lifting her arms back above her head, with interlocked fingers and palms facing outwards. She arched her back, and threw her head back, enjoying the sensation of her wakening muscles.

This caused her soft and supple breasts, which sat high and round on her chest, proudly defying gravity in their youthful perkiness, to strain the fabric of her snug white tank, which did absolutely nothing to hide the tell-tale dark circles of her areolae, and less still, to conceal the shape of her deliciously pert nipples, which also seemed to come awake with her.

The thin material of her hot pink and black polka-dotted boyshort knickers clung tightly to her form. The shallow v-cut in the front exposed a tantalising portion of her soft yet firm pelvis. The gusset of her knickers sported a centre seam which nestled gently between her lips and moulded the form of her tight 20 year old pussy, playfully decorating her ripe young sexuality. The cheeky cut in the back gave a teasing glimpse of the lower globes of her firm and well-formed bum.

She tossed her wild, red, and pillow besieged locks of hair from her face and relaxed her muscles. She only wished every day could feel this good. She saw the sunlight peeking in from behind the curtains of her bedroom window, and felt the sudden urge to bask in the cheerful glow. To feel the warmth of the morning sun, as it embraced her in a good morning hug. She pranced to her window in all of her half naked glory, threw the curtains aside, closed her eyes and sighed as she felt the warm glow flow over…

“Holy shit! That chick’s in her underwear! Nice! I think I can see her nipples!”

Maggie shut the curtains and screwed up her face in a crooked grimace. There always had to be one, eh?

No matter, she was still in a grand mood. She frolicked into her kitchen, where she prepared herself a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast; consisting of beans on toast and coffee. She was a college student, after all. Maggie began planning the day ahead. She had a lot of work ahead of her.

The previous evening, after returning from her adventures in Hooker Park, Maggie had called her editor, Terry White, at the Crown State Caller, the student newspaper for Crown State University, and told him about what had happened. Well…not all of it. Selected bits and pieces.

Sure; bits and pieces had been terrible. There had been other bits, though, that had been decidedly un-terrible. Gaining super powers, beating up a room full of pervy sociopaths, being transported to another dimension, and having the best sex of her life with an ancient and powerful goddess in the form of a feline woman. Her tender pussy twitched at the thought. Oh, then there had been the alluring sex smoke. Her pussy twitched yet again, as she gazed towards the small plastic baggie, holding the magical incense, sitting on her coffee table. She had no idea what it was, or how it worked, she just knew that it was the perfect accessory for a lonely night in.

“Not now, Maggie” she said, putting nişantaşı escort her mind back in place. “Later. We’ve got serious super work to do.”

~~~The Costume~~~

Today was Sunday, and she had set aside the entire day to preparing for a new life of adventure and excitement. Finally, she was going to take a shot at becoming a true super hero. The very thought made her bounce and laugh in joy. It was a dream come true.

She pulled a pad of paper off her counter and began to make her “to do” list.

1: Learn my powers

2: Work on catch phrase

3: Make a costume

She paused for a bit, tapping her chin with her pencil, obviously deep in thought before adding the next bullet point.

4: Learn how to make a costume

5: Find evil, punch in face

6: Do so awesomely

Ok, so practical lists weren’t really Maggie’s thing, but the gist of it was right on. She had to learn the craft. Her apartment was too small to practice in, as she was afraid she might break some of her stuff. She decided to sneak out into the night, and learn her skills in the cover of dark, so for now, she opted to come up with a costume.

There had to be several requirements for her costume. It had to be flashy but not gaudy. She wanted to stand out, but not apart, from the other super heroes. She’d avoid glitter and rhinestones for certain. She wanted sexy, but not slutty. There were a few heroines out there that pretty much threw themselves on a platter. While she didn’t have a problem with that, it wasn’t her style. That didn’t mean she didn’t want to show off a bit, though.

During her fight with the sorcerers, she had learned that her powers seemed to be mostly physical in nature. She couldn’t shoot laser beams out of her eyes. She would punch and kick her way to glory. So she didn’t want anything restrictive or encumbering. No capes, no stiletto heels, nothing that would bellow in the wind and no absurd shoulder pads. Something snug and form fitting that would move with her body…

“My leotard!” she exclaimed to the empty room. “It’s perfect!” She dashed to her closet, and pulled out a few of her training leotards from gymnastics, grinning from ear to ear. “I’ll show a bit of leg, but I’m used to that. Maybe hem the backside up a bit, and let out the bust. Add a bit of sex appeal, without overdoing it or losing function.”

She was thrilled. She had her template, but now she needed the design. She couldn’t use her actual leotard, as that’d be a dead giveaway to her secret identity. She’d have to come up with a unique pattern, and change the colours a bit, but that would come later.

Maggie spent the next several hours surfing the internet for tailoring and sewing guides. She found several cosplay sites that detailed how to make very impressive costumes. She took notes, made lists, and crunched numbers. She was confident that she could do this if she paid careful attention and followed instructions closely.

She began surfing online for prices on sewing machines, bolts of cloth, dye, and everything she’d need to make it work. In the end, her grand total came to roughly…

“You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s two month’s rent! What the hell is the matter with these people? The fabric alone is pricey, but doable. The sewing machine is out of the question. Don’t these people know that their price gouging is hindering the fight against evil? Is there a discount for college age aspiring heroes? That’s it! I’m putting the Singer Sewing Company on my villains list, right under over-enthusiastic Harry Potter fans!”

Maggie began pacing back and forth across her bedroom, trying to think of a plan B. She decided she’d have to worry about the sewing later and focus on what she could do right then. She started going through her old leotards, when she found a trainer that she’d worn when she was a bit younger. It had the traditional shallow neck, and long sleeves, so it might work as a template design.

Just out of curiosity, she laid it on her bed, and began peeling off her tank and knickers, and threw them in her laundry hamper. Retrieving the leotard, she began pulling it over her body, surprised that it still fit so well. Sure, she’d filled out a bit since she’d worn it last, but it still did the trick. It was a deep, rich, royal blue, which had always been her favourite colour. She felt it was dark enough to contrast with her fair complexion, yet still bright enough to be fun and playful. She decided she’d try to find some fabric in the same colour.

It hugged her body a bit more than it had in the past, but as she bent her arms back, to fasten the clasp in the back, she didn’t feel constricted at all. The stretchy lycra did its job and gave her plenty of freedom of movement. The neck wasn’t stretched out too wide, as she had feared, but the sleeves stopped halfway down her forearms, which was a bit shorter than usual. She could make adjustments for that, though. It sat a bit higher on her hips, which she’d wanted ortaköy escort anyway, and the full coverage back, wasn’t entirely full coverage anymore. It was now more like ¾ coverage, which she was also ok with.

She had filled out, however, and the lycra clung to her body tighter than ever before. She’d have to make the final version a bit looser, as any sports bra she wore, would easily be outlined in the suit. She decided that this would be a good template for a first attempt at making her own costume, so she peeled it back off, and laid it on the bed. Once she had all her supplies, she’d cut the suit along the seams, and use each piece as a pattern for one she’d cut out of fabric herself.

Happy with her plan, she took a glance at the clock, and was shocked to find out that it was already noon. She wanted to get some shopping done before nightfall, so she decided to take a quick shower, and get the rest of the supplies that she’d need.

Three hours later, Maggie stumbled back into her apartment, loaded with several shopping bags, a bolt of cloth, and a half eaten hotdog sticking out of her mouth. She kicked her door closed behind her, and tottered her way into the bedroom, where she dumped her haul onto the bed. Sure, she was going to be living on ramen and tap water for the rest of the month, but at least she’d have a proper costume. A girl had to have her priorities, after all.

Shoving the rest of the hotdog into her mouth, and almost being able to close it all the way, she began stripping of her clothes and tugging her old leotard back on. She glanced at herself in the mirror, just as she chocked down the last bit of sausage, and began to have second thoughts.

“This is a more snug than I’d thought.” She noticed that she could see the outline of her breasts, the dip of her navel. The gusset of the leotard moulded to the shape of her pussy in a way that made her blush at the very thought of being seen in public in such a thing. She only took comfort in the fact that it she was just using it as a template. It certainly wasn’t going to be the one she’d wear out. The final version would fit her body a bit better.

Going to her dresser, Maggie found her camera, and set the auto timer, then took several steps back. She stood facing the camera; feet shoulder width apart, put her hands on her hips, and waited for the camera to flash. Then she turned, facing away from the camera, struck the same pose, and waited for the second flash. After loading the pictures into her computer, she printed them out, and traced both of them with tracing paper, which she then scanned onto her computer, and printed out several copies of each.

For the next several hours, Maggie sat at her desk, sketching out ideas for costume designs, and having the time of her life. She tried traditional tiger stripes and leopard spots, but decided it was too obvious. She tried several other designs. Wide stripes, narrow stripes, wild lines, and finally, after several hours, and a full ream of paper, she’d come up with one which she liked.

She had stuck with the blue and yellow theme that she’d originally come up with. It was solid blue, with a wild yellow tribal designs up and down the sides, coming to a stop in the centre of her chest and back. She smiled broadly as she looked at her design. Sure, it’d be difficult to make, but it was worth the effort.

Looking up from her paper, she was surprised to see that it was already dark outside. The costume would have to wait. Night time meant that she could now do what she’d been looking forward to all day. Explore her powers in the safety of darkness. She walked to her dresser, pulling out a pair of plain black knickers, and a black sports bra. Over that, she pulled on a pair of brief lycra shorts, a black spaghetti strap lycra tank, and a pair of dark grey yoga pants.

She hopped on one foot to the front door as she tugged on her last sock, kicked on her shoes, and threw her things in a small satchel, heading out the door. Everything was planned out perfectly. Barely a mile from her house was a high school athletic stadium. No events were scheduled for the day, and she knew she’d have the run of the place.

~~~The Powers~~~

Maggie had taken the most indirect route she could to get there. Why, she didn’t know. It just seemed like the thing she was supposed to do, when conducting secret super hero training. When she came to the gate, she couldn’t resist a bit of fun. She ran towards the gate. She leapt into the air, grabbed the top bar of the gate, sending her legs straight in the air, and summersaulting on the ground below. She threw her arms into the air in the time honoured “nailed it” pose and jogged onto the pitch, with an excited smile. Maggie had always loved athletics. It was the adrenaline, the challenge, the competition, the endurance. She loved the feeling she had after a gymnastics routine. Her breath would be short, her muscles burned, her nerves jittery, her senses hyperaware, yet hyper focused. After pendik escort bayan a routine, she didn’t think about exams, she didn’t think about boys, she didn’t think about rent. All she cared about was the performance. How had she measured up? That was the only thought in her mind.

She loved that feeling, how her entire world narrowed down to one moment and one event. She loathed the “dumb jock” stereotype. Certainly it had been proven time and time again, but the simple fact of the matter was that rarely did the average person divert so much focus and brain power, as a dedicated athlete did, to any one particular action. Rarely had anyone trained themselves and honed themselves to one thing so perfectly that their whole mind was focused on it, like a bull’s eye.

Stadiums, like this one, were monuments to the physical achievement and evolution of the constantly improving human race. There was a certain poetry in the fact that Maggie had picked this place to learn about her new abilities. She smiled, looking around, and sighed happily that she had the place to herself.

The lights were off but the sky was clear and the moon was full. Maggie found a bench, sat down her back pack, and peeled off her yoga pants, tucking them safely away. Clad in her black tank and her skin tight lycra shorts, she walked the track at a light jog, making sure there wasn’t anything to trip over while warming up. She eventually came back around, and found her starting spot.

“First test, speed. You’re a fast Maggie. You’re a very fast Maggie.”

Maggie was talking herself up, as she began stretching her muscles, then grabbed her iPhone, set the stop watch, and took her position. Maggie took several deep breathes. Her finger hovering above the green start button, feeling her mind and nerves focus just to where she wanted to go. Once she felt herself centred, she pressed the button, and was a blur.

Maggie felt her muscles loosen, her legs pump in instinct, the wind in her bright red hair. She breathed heavily. In through the nose. Out through the mouth.

One lap down, three to go.

She felt herself going faster and faster. Each impact of her foot meeting the ground resonating throughout her legs and up into her chest.

Two down, two to go.

She knew she could go faster, and faster still. She pushed herself. Harder. Faster. Stronger.

Three down, final lap.

Maggie gritted her teeth, and gave the last turn her all. Her heart felt like it would explode, but she knew she had more. Giving it everything she had and more, Maggie crossed the line, and scrambled to her phone, to hit the red stop button.


Maggie blinked, through her desperate panting, trying to walk the strain out of her gasping muscles. That couldn’t be right. That was over 40 miles per hour. She stared in disbelief for several stunned silent moments before she threw her arms into the air and screamed in triumph. She did what any hot blooded young woman would do, when she realised she had super human speed.

She struck a Hussein Bolt pose.

Then came the excited bouncing, then the silly dancing. She was elated. She knew she could run faster. She knew she could run further. She felt it. Pushing herself came later, though. Tonight was about learning what she was capable of. She ran onto the pitch, which was marked in ten yard increments, and took a running start. At the 20 yard marker she leapt into the air and soared, and soared.

She felt her heart in her throat, her body preparing for impact. Every nerve ending in her body seemed on edge, as the ground finally swooped in close to her. She landed in a squat, on all fours. Her trainer glad feet buried into divots in the ground. She landed just past the 60 yard marker, and she didn’t even strain an ankle.

This time, she was in complete shock. From her fight against the sorcerers she already knew she could jump, but she did not realise how far. Again with the bouncing and silly dancing, and bolting. Maggie was over the moon. Still, as with the speed, she knew she could do better. She just knew it. She didn’t know how, but she did. Improving herself would come later, though, as now was a time for learning.

Over the next few hours Maggie gave herself every sort of test she could imagine within the stadium. Running the track, jumping the goal posts and balancing on them, lifting benches. She was amazed by the changes. At one point she even punched a goal post and realised that it didn’t hurt nearly as much as it should have. It barely hurt at all, really. Speed, strength, agility, endurance, durability, everything seemed to be heightened. Sure there were stronger and faster heroes, but she has everything she’d need to make a real difference.

She positively pranced all the way back home. She didn’t think she’d be able to sleep at all that night, but once she got out of the shower, she felt exhausted, and crawled under her covers without bothering to put a single stitch of clothing on.

~~~The Friend~~~

The next day at practice Maggie grinned from ear to ear as she nailed every single routine. Today she’d be focusing on her floor routine, and rather than struggling not to miss a step, or over extend a jump, she was focusing on not overdoing it. She didn’t want to show off too much, as that would arouse suspicion. She even had trouble acting as though it were a challenge.

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