That Freshman Crush

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It was the 2nd to last last night of fall break, I had stayed at college and had nothing to do so I was wandering the halls of my dorm. The door to the men’s restroom opened and David stepped out into the hallway in front me. David was a 21 year old RA, but not my RA.

“Hey Kota, how’s your break been.” he asked with a smile.

“Pretty uneventful, yours?” I asked while checking him out. It was a habit of mine to check him out. I’d been harboring a crush on him for the last month. I have a bit of thing for tall jewish boys, and attractive boys in general, and that’s definitely what David was. He was around 6’2″ and dark curly hair and a short sexy beard that I wanted to run my hands over. His eyes were a deep chocolaty brown and he had dimples when he smiled which were adorable in a way that made me swoon.

“I went home for a couple of days but came back this morning. I’m just about to watch a documentary for my psych class if you want to join me.” He offered.

I was ridiculously excited but I attempted to not be the dorky freshman with a crush on an upperclassman that I was, and said “sure, psychology is interesting.” I followed him to his room. The door swung closed behind us and I looked around. It was a single with his bed under the window, a desk next to the foot of the bed, a wardrobe built into the wall, and a small book shelf against the other wall. The walls were decorated with haphazard nerd culture posters and picture of cats. His bed had a rumpled green comforter on it.

“Do you want me to leave the door open?” he asked.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” I answered. Really I wanted it to remain closed. He grabbed his laptop and bahis firmaları sat down on his bed. He slid into the corner, leaning back against the wall he patted the bed beside him. I sat down and leaned against the wall as well, our thighs brushed and my heart skipped a beat. He started the movie on his laptop. It was a documentary about PTSD. I leaned against him under the premise of seeing the screen better. A broad expanse of our thighs were now pressed together. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer. I tried to control my breathing. I put my arm around his lower back and leaned into him. I tried to concentrate on the soldiers on the screen instead of his heart beating next to me. To no avail. I didn’t retain a minute of the documentary.

When it was over he closed the laptop and looked over at me. Our eyes were inches apart. “What did you think?” he asked.

I licked my lips and answered, “it was interesting.” His eyes trailed from mine to my mouth. He stared at my lips for a second before brushing his against mine. He pulled back, closed his eyes and leaned his head against the wall. I sucked in a deep breath. David’s was shallow.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, his voice rough and raspy.

“Don’t be.” I said and kissed him hard. He reached up and curled his hands in my hair. I put my hands on his shoulders and knelt, our lips still locked together. I straddled him, lowering myself gently into his lap as he sucked on my bottom lip.

David broke the kiss, “I’m so attracted to you” he said. “You’re so young and I just want you to know that I don’t want to pressure you to do anything you don’t want to.” he said, his voice wavered kaçak iddaa as I nibbled on his earlobe.

I pulled back and said in a rush, “I’m an adult and I’ve wanted you for a month, so please let’s take our clothes off.”

He moaned and grabbed the edge of my shirt, pulling it up and off to reveal my much less than perfect body. He smiled anyways and reached around me to unfasten my bra. I pressed myself against his chest and rocked my groin against the bulge growing in his jeans. He moaned again. I could easily listen to his deep raspy voice moan all night.

I pulled back letting my bra fall forward and off. He began to lean forward into my breasts but I stopped him to pull his shirt up and over his head. He had small dark nipples on a chest covered with dark curly hair. I admired the thick trail leading into his pants as he leaned his head down to my breasts. He licked my right nipple gently with his tongue, causing it grow into a large hard pink point. He pulled his mouth slightly away and blew on it, causing it to grow even harder. He sucked the nipple into his mouth as his left hand rubbed my other nipple gently. My head was tilted back. I moaned with pleasure and rocked my hips back and forth as he switched his attentions to my left nipple.

I moved my hands which had been splayed over his back down to the button of his pants. I unbuttoned them easily, surprising given the level of distraction I was under. I unzipped his pants and raised onto my knees slightly in an attempt to get his pants down. David let out a deep throaty groan and flipped me onto my back. He jumped off the bed and pulled his pants and boxers down in one swoop. I took kaçak bahis this opportunity to pull off the yoga pants and underwear I had been wearing.

He jumped back onto the bed, his large engorged cock bouncing. I opened my legs to him invitingly. Instead of positioning his cock at my entrance like I had hoped, he quickly swooped his mouth down there. I felt his tongue hit my large labia and I squealed. I could feel his mouth smile where it was pressed against me. His tongue darted out, dragging my wetness up and down my slit. He carefully avoided my clit and began to tongue fuck me. I wrapped my legs around his neck, curling my toes in pleasure. He continued his relentless licking of my pussy for what seemed like hours before finally clamping his mouth on my clit and throwing me over the edge. I bucked and thrashed, clamping my legs around his head as I experienced the best orgasm I had yet had. I finally came down and released him. He leaned back, smiling an ecstatic smile. “Thank you.” I sighed. He leaned in and kissed me. I could taste my wetness on his face.

I circled my arms around his neck and pulled him more fully on top of me. I could feel his hard cock at my entrance and I thrust my hips upwards. We moaned as the first inch went in. He lowered himself the rest of the way into my receptive entrance. I could feel my walls stretch to accommodate his girth. I was so full.

He began to pump in an out, first at a controlled leisurely pace but as he got closer to release he sped up. I thrust back and forth as well, our hips slapping an erratic beat. I was getting closer as well. When he let out a long groan and I felt his semen hit the back of me I fell into the abyss of pleasure once more.

We both lay back onto his bed for a moment, letting our breathing slow for a minute before crawling under his comforter and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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