Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 04

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Thanksgiving dinner went really well. After being the unconsenting center of an impromptu gangbang, I had napped nearly all afternoon, so I felt much more chipper than normal. Little Tommy ate all of his puréed sweet potato and green beans and even tried a few bites of Grandma’s pumpkin pie. I helped Mrs. Parker clean the table and Claire and I settled in to do the dishes.

“Did you have a nice nap this afternoon?” Claire asked.

I blushed a little, but didn’t think she saw, “Yes I did.”

“I remember when mine were babies. I would have done anything to grab a nap every now and then. I’m glad Tom and I could help out.”

“I really appreciate it,” I said, thinking about how her husband’s big dick had fucked my pussy just hours before. “I’m glad you took the kids for the afternoon.”

“I bet,” Claire said, wiping the dishes clean, “Hey, when we’re done here, there’s something upstairs that I wanted to show you.”


We finished washing and putting away the dishes, so I followed Claire upstairs.

“It’s in our room,” She said, leading me down the hallway, “I think you’ll get a kick out of it.”

She placed a hand on the door and turned the knob. She walked into the room. I stepped in behind her. Mark was watching something on his computer and Claire led me around to see.

“Mm. Daddy makes me feel really good when he puts his big cock inside my little pussy. I’m so glad that my Daddy is fucking me.”The woman on the screen said. Her eyes were glassed over a bit and she was completely flushed from head to toe. The man she straddled on the couch fucked her ass. An older man, her father, stood between her legs pounding his dick in and out of her pussy and another man was waiting to stick his dick in her mouth. She looked really happy.

“Do you like having your brother’s cock in your ass?”

The man standing in front of her slapped her face with his cock. She licked her lips.

“My brother’s cock feels so good in my ass.” The woman said.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My head started spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out.

“Hold on,” Claire said, “This is my favorite part.”

“Tell everyone what kind of whore you are,” The man holding the camera asked. He panned around to capture everyone in the shot. The man fucking her ass dug his face into her shoulder and contorted it into a silent grunt. Her father played with her clit cihangir escort while he fucked her. Every couple of thrusts, he pulled out of her pussy and stuck it into the lubed-up ass of the man she was straddling. He responded by biting her ear. Then her father started fucking her again. The man standing in front of the woman coaxed her mouth open with the tip of his dick against her lips.

“I’m a dirty whore,” She said into the camera, “My brother’s cock is so yummy. I want him to cum in my mouth while my other brother cums up my ass. And most of all, I want Daddy to cum inside my tight, little cunt. I’m a bad girl for fucking my Daddy and wanting his cum all for myself. I should be punished. Will you punish me?”

The woman on the screen looked hungry, like a naughty daughter who would do the entire football team behind the bleachers and then come home and blow her daddy.

“Oh, your punishment will come, don’t worry about that,” the camera man said.

I slapped the laptop closed. “I can’t,” I started, but didn’t know what to say.

“Looks like you could to me,” Claire said, “Did you like fucking my husband?”

“Claire, I’m sorry. I didn’t…” I was in shock.

“Do you want to make it up to me?” She asked.

“God, I am so sorry! How? What can I do?” I asked, frantically trying to figure out how this had gone to hell so quickly.

“Well, it seems to me that you made my husband cum,” She said, “It’s only fair that you make me cum as well. Don’t you think, Mark? Is that fair?”

“Not only did she make me cum, but she let me do whatever I wanted to her. She should do the same for you.”

“Sounds good to me. What do you think?” She asked me.

“I, I don’t, I mean, I’ve never…” I began.

“Or would you rather I show Tom?” Claire asked.

“No. Don’t do that,” I begged, “Promise me you won’t show Tom and I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“Atta girl,” Claire said, undressing me. “I want you to do it like you want me, like you’ve been dreaming about me ever since we met. Convince me that you want to fuck me and I won’t show my brother the tape. Do you understand?”

I nodded. I felt completely trapped. Not only had Mark admitted to helping Eddie plan how to fuck me at breakfast, but I bet he filmed me fucking my family just so he could black mail me some more. I felt sick and turned on at the same time. esenyurt escort What kind of whore was I?

“Wait,” Mark said, “Don’t you think this would be even more special if we got it on video?”

“Mm. I like the way you think, Honey,” Claire said. Mark grabbed the camera and turned it on. Claire pulled off the rest of my clothes and prompted me to do the same to her. I complied.

“Savor it like you did my husband’s dick,” she hissed into my ear. I slowed down and kissed her skin as I peeled back her blouse. I slid it off of her shoulders and unlatched her bra. She was a beautiful woman with plump breasts and a slender body. We were very similar, she and I, except her skin was a few shades darker and her taught nipples were brown. Mine were pink. (And very hard at the moment.) I dipped my head down and sucked one of her sensitive nubs into my mouth. I had never been with another woman, but I was off to a convincing start. She let out a small moan and cupped my head in her hands, pulling me closer. I sucked and kneaded her breast, much like her husband had done to me.

I started getting into it, trying to force moans to escape from her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she motioned me to take off her pants. I knelt down in front of her and unzipped her jeans. I kissed her belly as I pulled them down, trailing down to her pussy. She smelled sweet. I pulled her panties down and dipped a finger into her folds. She was really wet, which made fingering her much easier. I found her clit and started stroking her as I pulled her pants completely off.

I gently pushed her onto the bed, laying her down and spreading her legs. I tried to convince myself that I was only doing this to save my marriage, but the truth was that I really was kind of into it. I fantasized about being with a woman a few times, but I never imagined I actually would. I especially didn’t think it would be with my sister-in-law. I shivered, but didn’t know if it was because of the chill in the air or my own arousal.

I slid my finger into her cunt and bent down to suck her clit. I buried my nose in and inhaled her scent. My own slutty cunt started getting wet while I ate out my husband’s sister. I found her g-spot and curved another finger in to fuck her. I lapped at her clit, pulling it into my mouth and nibbling on it. She bucked against me and pushed my face firmly against etiler escort bayan her. I must have been doing something right.

I continued finger fucking her, increasing my speed until I heard her shrieking. I sucked in her button, teasing it with my tongue and teeth. Her pussy had started contracting around my fingers and she was bucking wildly on the bed. I felt something wet hit my face. The damn slut was a squirter! She came hard, writhing and panting on the bed. She pulled and rubbed her breasts, whimpering for me to continue.

Making her cum like that really turned me on. My arousal was overpowering and my cunt was dripping, begging for anyone or anything to fuck it. I climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately on the lips, sucking her tongue into my mouth. Our breasts pressed together, our nipples responding to their touch. I rubbed my pussy against hers, her cum making me even wetter. She bucked against me as we humped. My clit was so hard and tender that it wouldn’t take much for me to cum. I reached down and slipped a couple of fingers into her cunt, rubbing my clit against the back of my hand while I fucked her. I pulled out of the kiss and lapped and sucked her collarbone.

“Fuck!” She panted, “Keep going. Keep fucking going! Fuck your sister’s pussy. Make your sister cum!”

I dug my pussy down against hers, forcing my fingers to fuck her even deeper. She came hard, squirting as she had before. Her cum hit my pussy and pushed me over the edge. I caught her mouth with mine again and came against her.

Christ. I should go down on women more often.

I noticed Mark for the first time since I started going down on his wife. He was sitting in the corner with the camera, jerking off with my panties. I turned my focus back onto Claire.

“How was that?” I asked when we had composed ourselves. We were still lying on the bed, but I had rolled over beside her, propped up on my elbow and teased her nipples with my fingertips.

“Fucking amazing,” She said between breaths, “But we’re not finished yet.”

“What? I thought if I made you cum—”

“You still have to let me do whatever I want with you. You don’t get away with fucking my husband that easy.”

I felt like my life had slipped completely out of my control. Trapped with a bunch of horny fucks who didn’t care about my marriage. How had I let it get this far?

“What did you have in mind?” I sighed.

Mark had finished cumming in my panties and his dick was limp in his lap. Even so, it was still pretty impressive. He tossed my cum-soaked panties at me and told me to put them on. I stood up and stepped into them.

“I’ll let you know when the time comes,” Claire said. Then she shooed me into the hallway and closed the door behind her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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