Thank you, Douglas Harknoy!

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I went to the dentist’s office for a cleaning not long ago. The hygienist I see is named Jodie, and she’s always very nice to me. She’s quite petite; I’d say not quite five feet tall, with blond hair, a dazzling smile and a vivacious personality. She’s usually very professional while I’m in the chair, but I have to confess that now and then, when I’m reclining there with my mouth open, and all I can see are her gorgeous green eyes, I have to distract myself to keep from getting a stiffy.

I got there at the appointed time, and as usual, I had to wait a few minutes for her to finish up with the previous patient. Often, when I’m in for a cleaning, the dentist comes in to examine my mouth and check for problems, but as soon as I got to the chair, Jodie told me that the dentist had taken off for the rest of the week. That’d make thing go faster, I thought. As fun as Jodie is, I didn’t really want to be there any longer than necessary. At least that’s what I thought at first.

Jodie was in rare form that day. I enjoy being flirted with, and Jodie is good at it. She asked how things were going, and of course, she touched my arm and flashed me those lovely teeth. By the time she actually started working on my teeth, I was already feeling the effects of her charms.

In between rinsings, I made a few stabs at being charming; I told her that I was already hypnotized by her beauty, so she wouldn’t need to play soothing music. You get the idea; I know, it was lame, but she seemed to be enjoying it. Most of the time, though, I couldn’t talk, so she talked to me. She has a sexy, husky kind of voice; you know what I mean: mostly kitten but with a little tiger mixed in for fun. She was talking about a movie she had recently seen, and how the leading man, Douglas Harknoy, made her weak at the knees, and while she was talking her voice trailed off a bit. I could tell that thinking about the actor was making her somewhat horny, so I decided to press my luck.

When she took her hands out of my mouth the next time, I asked her what she’d do if Douglas Harknoy himself came knocking on her door. “First I’d invite him in,” she said, conspiratorially, “and then I’d mix him a drink, and then I’d throw myself at him shamelessly.” She winked.

Just at that bahis firmaları moment, the receptionist, Helen, stuck her head around the door. “My kid is sick at school,” she said. “I’m going to have to go get him and take him home. Can you get the phone if anybody calls?”

“Sure,” Jodie said. “I hope it isn’t anything serious.”

The receptionist assured her that it was more annoying than serious, and said she’d be back in a couple of hours. Jodie glanced at me, and I caught a glimpse of a smile twitching at the corners of her sexy mouth. As the receptionist was leaving, the other hygienist, Myra, came back from lunch. Myra is a competent hygienist, but she’s one of those people who takes any opportunity to slack off. She leaned on the doorframe and chatted with Jodie while I sat there with my mouth open.

“I noticed that Marceau’s is having a shoe sale,” she said.

Jodie said something about liking the shoes there.

“If you could take my last appointment,” Myra said, “I could go scope out the merchandise.”

“What time is the appointment?” Jodie asked.

“Not ’til four,” Myra said.

Jodie said “Hmmmm.”

“I’d make it up to you,” Myra said. “I’ll take an appointment for you sometime.”

Jodie gave in. My heart skipped a beat as I realized that as soon as Myra left, I’d be alone with Jodie for an hour, maybe two, depending on whether Myra’s appointment was prompt.

Jodie went back to work on my teeth.

“What were we talking about?” she said.

“Douglas Harknoy,” I said. “You were telling me that you’d throw yourself at him shamelessly.”

She flashed a wicked grin. “Oh, right,” she said. “Just between you and me, I think he’s irresistible. I’m afraid he’d have to beat me off with a stick.”

“Well, with you there, I’m sure there wouldn’t be any need for him to beat off at all.”

It took her a few seconds, but she got it. I enjoyed listening to her laughing at my little joke, and I loved seeing the naughty little blush on her cheeks. She leaned forward to polish my teeth again and confided, “You’re right about that. You’re going to think I’m awful, but I’m afraid my morals would go right out the window.”

“Ah hee oorahhh ah ooheratah,” I said, coyly.

She pulled her instrument kaçak iddaa out of my mouth and asked, “What’s that?”

“I said, ‘I think morals are overrated.’ If Douglas Harknoy ever shows up at your door, go for it. I promise he won’t mind. Any man who doesn’t find you irresistible is crazy.”

She blushed again. “That’s the nicest thing anybody’s said to me in a while.”

I smiled at her. I also squirmed a little, noticing that my cock had been yearning for attention. I figured it probably would go unnoticed, since she was paying attention to my mouth, but I decided not to try to distract myself.

“Suction?” she asked, waving the hose at me.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” I said, lasciviously.

She grinned. “You are so bad,” she said.

That’s when she missed the instrument tray and put her hand on my cock, and quickly took her hand off again. I still don’t know if that was accidental or intentional, but I don’t think it matters very much.

“Oh, my,” she said.

“Hope you don’t mind too much,” I said. “You’re a very sexy woman.”

“Thank you,” she said, looking at me intensely. Without taking her eyes from mine, she rolled the instrument tray out of the way, and then touched my cock again, slowly massaging it through my trousers. I moaned softly, and hoped that I wouldn’t shoot my load; not that a hand job can’t be a wonderful thing, but by this time I was hoping for something a little more adventurous.

My right hand had been on the chair, but I managed to find her knee, and while she stroked my cock I caressed the inside of her thigh. I was excited to find that she was wearing stockings rather than pantyhose. She was getting excited, too.

Jodie stood up, and then closed the curtains. She went into the front room for a minute, and I heard the sound of the door locking. When she came back in, she had a hungry look in her eye, and I’m sure mine matched it. She picked up the little water-squirter and rinsed out my mouth. I spat in the drain. She leaned across the chair and kissed me; our tongues swam around each other. Her right hand unfastened my belt; my right hand slid up her skirt. She had soaked her panties already; I massaged her clit, and felt her cool fingers pulling my cock out of my pants.

She groaned, kaçak bahis and transferred her mouth from my mouth to my cock. I used my right hand to slide her panties down, and I stroked and caressed everything I could reach.

Within a few minutes, just as I was about to come in her mouth, she stood up, and began to undress. I was afraid to say much, since I didn’t want to spoil the mood, but I couldn’t help but gasp at her beauty. She took it as a compliment, apparently, because she climbed up on top of me and wrapped her soft, wet pussy around my straining cock.

My hands found her breasts, and she closed her eyes; she may have been fucking Douglas Harknoy, but since I was receiving the benefits I wasn’t about to complain. She ground her cunt against me for a while, and being a mere mortal, I came before she did; my excitement was such that I stayed hard long enough that she came, too, shortly after I did.

She collapsed forward onto me; we kissed deeply and dreamily for a little while. When she sat up straight again, she smiled at me very sweetly. Jodie dismounted, so to speak, and then she bent over my now limp member and took me in her mouth again, gently sucking out the last bit of semen; then she tucked my cock back into my underpants and zipped me back up.

“Damn,” I said. “That was extremely hot. YOU are extremely hot.” She was getting dressed again.

“Thanks,” she said. “That wasn’t what I was expecting to happen today, but it was really fun.”

“Anytime,” I said, gallantly.

After she finished putting her clothes back on, she went out and unlocked the front door. I got ready to leave, and I saw the receptionist’s car pulling into the parking lot. “I can hardly wait ’til my next cleaning,” I said, smiling.

She smiled back. “That Douglas Harknoy movie is still playing at the Cineplex, if you’d like to, uh, come with me.”

“How’s tomorrow night at seven?” I asked.

“Perfect,” she said.

Helen came in. “What a day!” she said. “Were there any calls while I was out?”

“Not a one,” Jodie said. “It was a dull, boring afternoon.”

“Good,” replied Helen. “Sometimes it’s best when nothing happens.”

“Absolutely. I’m done with Mr. Morse.”

“Did Jodie get you good and clean, Mr. Morse?” Helen asked, innocently.

“Um; yes. Yes, she did,” I managed to say. Then I paid my bill and went home, so I couldn’t accidentally spill the beans.

Oh, and by the way, the movie was pretty good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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