Teen Stud Pt. 05

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Note: all characters are at least 18 years old.


Matthew knocked on the back door of his neighbor’s house before realising it was unlocked. He pushed it open and entered the house.

“Hello. Ava”, he called.

Matthew was home alone, bored and horny, so he decided to call into his neighbor Ava. He had fucked Ava dozens of times over the summer as they were both usually home alone, so him coming into her house like this was nothing new. A figure rounded the corner but it wasn’t Ava – it was her mom Joyce.

“Hello Matthew, what are you doing here?” She was wearing workout pants and a sports bra that showed off her fit body. Joyce was 38 years old and her job as a yoga instructor kept her in shape.

“Oh hi, Mrs Peterson. I was just looking for Ava,” Matthew told her. Matthew himself was wearing shorts and a tight white T-shirt that showed off his muscles.

“Ava’s gone out with her step-dad today, but is there something I can help you with?” Matthew looked at her again. Was it his imagination or was she strutting her chest out a bit more? Yes. Yes there is, he thought.

“No that’s okay, I’ll just catch her later,” Matthew said, and he turned towards the door.

“Are you the one she’s been fucking?” asked Mrs Peterson. That had Matthew turning back around but he didn’t answer the question. “Some days she can barely walk. I have a good idea of the reason,” she looked down at Matthew’s crotch. “And I know she’s taking birth control.” She walked over to him. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad. I got around enough when I was her age – got knocked up at 19. I can see why she likes you.” She ran a hand down Matthew’s face and placed it on his chest. She grinned saucily up at him.

“I might be taking this the wrong way, but are you coming on to me?” Matthew asked. She grabbed his crotch.

“What do you think now?”

Matthew bahis firmaları took the hint. He reached around and unhooked her sports bra, letting her breasts fall out. He wasted no time and took them into his hands, fondling them. Joyce grinned and pulled off Matthew’s t-shirt, running her hands up his ripped body. She stretched up and pressed her chest into his, and her lips into his.

Matthew wrapped his arms around her and lifted her onto the counter top. Her long dark hair was in a bun, which he pulled out so he could run his fingers through it. Mrs Peterson’s hand wandered down into his pants and she grasped his manhood. Her eyes went wide when she felt his size.

“Wow”, she said. “That face, that body and that cock. No wonder my daughter likes you.”

She pushed him back onto the couch and pulled his shorts and underwear off, giving her her first look at his huge meat. She stroked him with her hand for a minute before removing her own pants. Then she climbed on top of him so that they were in the 69 position – her mouth above his cock, his mouth beneath her pussy. They began to please each other simultaneously.

Matthew looked up at the pussy in front of his face. Like her daughter, Mrs Peterson kept herself hairless down there. Like he had with so many other women, he started by licking her. Her cunt, her pussy lips, her clit, all got worked on by his tongue and lips. He found it harder to concentrate with the sensation of Joyce’s tight lips gliding up and down his shaft. Her tongue would flick around against his cock every once in a while, causing him to jerk at the feeling.

Matthew placed one hand on the back of her head as encouragement and with his other hand he fed two fingers into her hungry, wet cunt. In response she moaned into his cock, about half of which was in her mouth at the moment, and wrapped her hand around the base of kaçak iddaa his shaft. When he started to move his fingers in her she started moving her hand on his cock, her tempo matching his the whole time.

When Matthew’s fingers and tongue sped up, her mouth and hand sped up the same rate. But with Matthew’s magic tongue lapping at her clit and his fingers pumping in and out of her, Joyce had no chance of lasting as long as him. She screamed into his cock as her orgasm flooded her body. Juices began to drip out of her pussy. Matthew gave her a minute to recover before he put pressure on the back of her head, forcing her all the way down on his manhood. She gagged when it entered her throat but Matthew didn’t let her stop. When he was all the way in, he fisted his hand in her hair and used this to pull her up and down on his cock.

She was nearly choking but it didn’t last long. Matthew didn’t warn her when he was about to come. She tried to swallow as much of his seed as she could, but she couldn’t cope with the amount he was unloading into her. His cum began to leak out of the corners of her mouth onto the couch. It took a whole minute before he was finished squirting into her. She gasped for breath when he finally pulled out of her mouth. He wasn’t showing her any mercy because of her older age.

She was still panting a minute later when he stood her up off the couch. “Is your pussy ready for my cock now?” he demanded. In response she lifted her left leg straight up into the air and rested it on Matthew’s left shoulder, demonstrating her flexibility from years of yoga. Matthew grinned. He lined his cock up and pushed it into her.

Matthew reached around and grabbed her ass as he started fucking into her. With her left leg on Matthew’s shoulder and only her right leg on the ground, she was quite unstable so she grabbed his tensed biceps for support. kaçak bahis Matthew stuck his middle finger into her wet pussy before feeding it into her asshole, using her wetness as lubrication. She screamed out at the feeling of both her holes being filled.

Matthew kept thrusting into her, loving this position as it have him more access to her. As he always did, he began to speed up and this made Joyce scream louder. Her leg began at shake against Matthew’s body at her approaching orgasm. When she did climax seconds later, she would have collapsed on the floor had Matthew not been holding her up.

Matthew pulled out of her and sat down on a chair. He lifted Joyce onto his lap so that she was straddling him with her knees resting against the outside of his thighs. He lined up to her slit again and she lowered herself onto his thick manhood. Matthew grabbed her hips and she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. Matthew was lifting her lips up and down on his cock and was thrusting into her at the same time.

“What’s your husband going to think when you can barely walk tomorrow?” Matthew asked.

“Who cares”, she screamed out. “Fuck me harder”. Matthew obliged.

His cock was gliding in and out of her when he picked a spot between her neck and shoulder. He kissed it tenderly before he started to suck and bite, leaving his mark on her. See what her husband thought of that, he said to himself. He was still giving her the hickey of a lifetime when she came again in his lap.

Matthew’s ears were getting sore from all the screaming this woman was doing. He used his hands to slam her hips into his cock over and over, faster each time, until he felt the need to come. He pulled quickly out of her and shot his load onto her breasts and stomach.

They stayed like this for a minute longer before Matthew picked her up and casually dumped her on the couch. He grabbed his clothes and started walking towards the door. “Nice fucking you Mrs P”, he said as he slammed the door closed, with Joyce staring at him swagger off nonchalantly.

Part 6 coming soon

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