Teasing Brooke Ch. 04

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As I slid into the taxi, I heard Milene give the driver the address of her apartment. I knew approximately where the street she mentioned was and knew it would take us about fifteen minutes to get there. The driver seemed to be in his late thirties and I looked at his posted name tag. He had a middle-eastern name which I didn’t even want to try to pronounce. I also noticed a photo he had stuck up by the meter. It showed him with a woman who I assumed was his wife and two young kids. I saw him looking at the two of us in the rear-view mirror as he pulled away from the curb. I figured I’d give him a little show so this would be a fare he’d remember for a good long time.

I turned and looked at Milene who was watching me anxiously. I could see the desire in her eyes as I brought my full thick lips down to hers. I pressed my lips onto hers firmly and feathered my tongue slowly right into her mouth. She rolled her tongue against mine as I let the tip of my tongue explore deeply into her hot oral cavity.

“Mmmmmm,” she let out a little purr as I slid my tongue in slow tantalizing circles all around the inside of her mouth. As I withdrew my tongue back into my own mouth, she eagerly followed. Her tongue made its way between my thick lips and I felt her flicking it around the moist surfaces as she teased the inside of my mouth with a sample of what she’d be doing to my pussy shortly. I pulled back and left her gasping as she looked at me, wanting more. I turned and saw the taxi driver watching us intently in the rearview mirror as he continued to drive. His eyes met mine and I gave him a knowing smile as I turned back to Milene.

“Get your legs apart,” I said as I slid my hand onto the smooth flesh just above her knee. As she spread her legs slightly to each side, I slid my hand higher along that baby-soft flesh on the inside of her thigh. As my fingers wandered higher and higher, the tips finally came in contact with the front of her panties. I could feel that the narrow strip was absolutely soaked with her leaking emulsion. I slid my middle finger over the silky material up along the smooth cleft until I felt the stiff nodule of her protruding clit.

“Uuunnnhh,” she groaned as I let my fingertip tease that hard little organ right through her panties. I slid my hand up across her abdomen and grabbed the little waistband of her thong.

“Lift,” I said as I looked down at her.

“But Brooke,” she said and I saw her eyes flick towards the taxi driver.

“Lift!” I said firmly. Her eyes looked deeply into mine and she could see I wasn’t fucking around. She compliantly lifted her hips for me and I dragged down on her panties. I forcefully pulled them over her hips and right down her lithe young legs until I slipped them over her high-heels and dropped them on the seat beside me.

“That’s better,” I said, speaking loudly enough for the driver to hear me. “Now get your legs apart.” Milene instantly let those gorgeous legs of hers roll open to each side as I looked down into her lap. As her thighs moved apart, the hem of her little black dress rose higher and higher.

“That’s a good girl,” I said as I looked towards the front and saw the driver’s eyes flicking back and forth between the road and the rearview mirror. I slid my hand back up the inside of Milene’s silky thigh and pushed the front of her dress right up out of the way. I could see her shaved pussy was simply glistening with the constant flow of nectar from her sopping twat.

“That’s such a beautiful pussy you have,” I said and then saw the driver reach up and adjust his mirror downwards. I slid my fingers all around the outside of her wet gooey hole until my fingers were totally covered with her warm silky cream. I teased my fingertips up and down along the crease of her hot inner lips and then slid my long middle finger deep inside her.

“Aaaaahhh,” she let out a little gasp as I slid my finger across the sensitive walls of her beckoning channel. Jesus Christ! Was she ever wet! I could feel the warm honey almost flowing out of her as I spun my finger in slow tantalizing circles all around her steaming inner flesh.

“Oh God,” she moaned as I started to slide my finger in and out of her a little more vigorously. I looked down at her slumped in the backseat next to me and could hear breathing raggedly through her open mouth. That sweet little perfect mouth looked so good as she gasped and panted as her level of pleasure escalated. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before those beautiful lips of hers were going to be busy satisfying my own needs. Right now, I wanted to give the taxi driver a little show.

“Bring your heels up onto the edge of the seat,” I told her. She instantly complied and the bottom tips of her stilettos dug into the soft fabric at the front edge of the upholstery. With her knees up and spread well out to each side, she was totally splayed out for me. I turned a little more sideways on my seat and got my arm pointed straight towards her tight little snatch.

“That’s a good girl,” I said as I saw the driver watching us intently in erenköy escort bayan the mirror, “let’s just slip another finger into you here.” I drew back my middle finger until the tip was poised right at the opening of that sweet little hole and then I brought my index finger and laid it alongside my middle one. With both fingers working together, I slid them forcefully way back up inside her.

“Unnngghh,” she let out a deep groan as my rigid fingers penetrated as far up inside that clutching channel as they could go. Her insides were deliciously hot and I started a rhythmic pumping as I slid my fingers in and out of her. She was panting faster now and I could feel her legs start to tremble as her climax approached. I brought my two plunging fingers higher inside her so now I was concentrating my attention on the soft folds of flesh on the roof of her vagina.

“OMYGOD……OH GOD,” she groaned out loud and then she threw her head against the back of the seat as she squealed through a nerve-shattering orgasm. “OH FUCK,” she moaned as I kept plunging my fingers in and out of her. I could feel her silky nectar thoroughly coating my whole hand as it was almost trickling out of her now. Her whole body was quivering and trembling as I continued to plunge my fingers in and out of that steaming hot twat of hers. I took my thumb and rolled it right over the tip of her throbbing clit as she bucked and twisted beneath my working hand. Finally, a big shudder went through her body and she collapsed like a rag-doll against the seat. I slowly withdrew my glistening fingers and held them up for the cab driver to see. As I turned towards the front of the cab, I saw him reach up and adjust the mirror back higher.

“Are we almost there?” I asked as our eyes met in the mirror. I made sure I was holding my shiny fingers up partially in front of my face where he could see them.

“Right here, miss,” he said in a foreign accent as he pulled over to the curb. Milene quickly closed her legs and pushed down the front of her dress.

“How….how much,” she asked breathlessly as she started to dig into her little purse.

“No charge,” he said as he turned around and gave us a big toothy smile.

“Thanks, buddy,” I said as I grabbed Milene’s panties off the seat and slid out of the cab. I reached in and helped her out and as she started towards the door of her building, I stepped up to the driver’s window. He had his arm leaning on the edge of the open window and seemed surprised that I was coming back to the car.

“Well, even though you didn’t charge us, I still think you deserve a tip,” I said as I leaned forward with my face close to his open window. I could see his eyes drawn magnetically to my big tits and deep cleavage as I was giving him a perfect view straight down my top.

“How about this?” I asked as I draped Milene’s warm panties over his arm. He reached over and held them in front of his face. I could see him breathing deeply and I knew that if I wasn’t there, he’d have them pressed right up against his nose.

“Th…thank you,” he said as he gave me a big smile.

“Well, if you like that, how about licking this clean for me?” I said as I brought up the hand I’d used on Milene’s weeping box. It was still glistening with her gooey juices and his eyes locked in on it as I held it in front of his face.

“Oh fuck,” he said in with his strange accent and then slipped his lips over the ends of my fingers. I felt him licking and sucking enthusiastically as he slid his mouth further down over my two fingers while he lapped up the remnants of her tasty cunt honey. I turned and saw Milene standing there watching what was happening. She looked like she was in shock with her mouth gaping open as she watched the cab driver finish licking my fingers and then he started lapping at the palm and back of my hand.

“Okay, that’s good,” I said as I pulled my hand back away from his attending mouth and turned towards Milene. I never looked back and just took her arm and turned her towards the front door of her building.

“I….I can’t believe you did that?” Milene said, exasperated.

“Ah, it’ll give the guy something to think about when he goes home tonight and gets his wife to suck him off,” I said and we both laughed as we entered her building. When we got on the elevator, she turned to me and I made an elaborate display for her as I reached my arms up above me and made an exaggerated stretch as if I was trying to work some kinks out of my muscles. I saw her eyes flick down to my voluptuous chest as my movements had caused my full round tits to thrust forward. The tight material of my yellow tank was almost stretched to the bursting point as it fought to contain my heavy breasts.

“You like those big black tits?” I asked as I saw her tongue slide out unconsciously and run around her pretty red lips.

“They….they’re beautiful,” she said as if in a trance and her hand came up as she reached towards my chest.

“Un-uh,” I said as I reached etiler escort bayan out and grabbed her wrist. “Not just yet. You’ve to earn the right to touch those, girl,” I said playfully as I took her hand and instead slid it right over the mound of my jean-covered pussy.

“Oh God,” she said as I let go of her wrist and pulled her to me. Her hand slid up and down the warm cleft of my waiting snatch as I kissed her forcefully. I pressed my lips hard against hers and slid my tongue deep into her inviting mouth. By the time the elevator got to her floor, we were both panting breathlessly. We stumbled to the door of her apartment with her giggling nervously as I kept my hand rubbing over that tiny tight ass of hers. She finally got her keys out and I followed her into her apartment.

“Nice place,” I said as she flicked on a couple of lights and I strolled confidently ahead of her into the living room. It was tastefully decorated, just what you would expect from a young single career girl.

“Would….would you like something to drink?” she asked me and I could sense a little tremor of nervousness in her voice.

“No thanks,” I said as I dropped my purse onto the coffee table and settled myself into a big easy chair. “C’mere.” I nodded to the area right in front of me and she tentatively stepped forwards until she stood before me.

“Take your dress off,” I instructed her. She reached behind her head and I heard the rasp of the nylon zipper at the back of her neck being dragged down. She then slid the material of the upper part of the dress over her arms and shimmied her hips as she pushed it down and stepped out of it. She tossed it gently over the back of the couch behind her before turning back to face me. She seemed somewhat nervous and I figured it was mostly due to the fact that I’d given her underwear to the cab driver and she was standing here in only her bra and high heels. She did look adorable though with her shaved pussy, perfect little body and nice firm looking tits that were in perfect proportion to the rest of her gorgeous young body. Those nice round breasts of hers were nicely displayed in a little black lacy push-up bra that created a nice little deep line of cleavage between them.

“Nice tits,” I said honestly. “What are they? About a 34B?”

“Uh….yes, 34B” she said as she looked down enviously at my own swelling breasts. I could see the wheels going around inside her head until her curiosity got the better of her. “Wh…what size do you wear?”

“36D. Is that enough for you?” I asked as I took in a deep breath. Her eyes widened as she looked down at my full round breasts thrusting towards her.

“Yes, they’re gorgeous,” she said with a nod of her head as she stared hypnotically at the upper swells of my tits that were almost spilling over the top of my yellow top and bra. I stood up right in front of her and her face was inches away from the smooth chocolaty skin of my breasts.

“So you like these big black tits, eh?” I asked her teasingly.

“Oh God, yes. They’re….they’re beautiful,” she said as her eyes remained glued to the ample display of tit-flesh I was giving her.

“Like I said, you might get a shot at those in a little while,” I said firmly as I reached out and put my hands on her shoulders. “Now get down on your knees.” I pushed down and she obediently complied by dropping instantly to her knees.

“That’s a good girl. Now take my jeans off.” She reached up and undid the button and zipper of my tight-fitting jeans and then wiggled them over my wide hips and round black ass. I held my legs up one at a time as she carefully drew my jeans right over my high heels and off. She set them aside and I saw her eyes focus in on my high-cut yellow panties as I stood over her.

“Smell me, bitch,” I said as I reached forward and pulled her head forcefully into my crotch.

“Mmmm,” she let out a little purr as she pressed her face against my smooth silky panties. I heard the soft sound of her inhaling deeply as her nose was buried right between my legs.

“You like that, girl?” I asked as I rubbed her face against me.

“Yes, Miss,” she said as she rubbed her cheeks back and forth across the cool satiny material. She’d called me “Miss”. I liked that; it showed respect. It showed she knew who was in charge, even though she was older than me. I pushed her face away and sat down heavily in the seat of the easy chair right in front of her.

“Is this what you’d like?” I asked as I drew my legs up slowly and let them roll apart.

“Oh yes,” she panted as she looked at my panty-covered pussy fully on display.

“Yes….what?” I said to her sternly. She looked up at me with an anxious look in her eyes.

“Yes Miss?” she said uncertainly.

“That’s better,” I said in a softer gentler tone. I pointed my index finger towards her and started curling it back towards me. “Come and get it. It’s all yours for the rest of the night.” She eagerly crawled forward until she was on her göztepe escort bayan knees at the front edge of the chair. I saw her breathe deeply through her nose again with her face poised mere inches over my steaming cunt.

“Aaaahhh,” she let out a soft gasp and her eyes closed with pleasure as my warm musky smell invaded her senses. She knew exactly what I wanted and she lowered her face and once more rubbed it all around the front of my silky panties. She then brought her mouth right over my covered pussy and pressed her tongue right into the smooth material covering the warm cleft beneath.

“That’s a good girl,” I said as she continued to lick all over the front of my panties, “show me how much you want it.” She enthusiastically went after it. She was licking and sucking at the clinging material as if her life depended on it. Between her flowing saliva and my oozing juices beneath, it didn’t take long for my panties to become totally soaked all the way through. The soft yellow color had become almost translucent and you could see the outline of my lips and the stiff nodule of my engorged clit beneath. After all that had happened tonight, I was ready to cum. And I knew it wouldn’t take her long to get me off this first time.

“Take those panties off,” I said as I reached down and stopped her moving mouth, “I want to see what you can really do with that sweet tongue of yours.” I lifted my bum up off the chair and she peeled the tiny piece of yellow fabric down my legs. She held the damp material in her hand and turned it inside out. I watched intently as she brought the soaked gusset to her mouth and sucked on it.

“Mmmmm,” she let out a little mew like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk as she sucked softly on the soiled fabric.

“You like that, eh?” I asked as I watched her almost chewing on the soaked gusset.

“Oh yes, Miss,” she said as she reluctantly took my panties out of her mouth. “Could I…could I keep these?” She looked at me hopefully as she held my panties out towards me.

“They’re all yours,” I said as settled back into the big comfy chair, still wearing my tight yellow tank and bra. I nodded to the spot between my legs. “Just as long as you get back to work down there.” I lifted my legs and this time I draped one over each of the arms of the easy chair so I was now totally splayed out before her. With my legs this far apart, I could feel that sweet juicy peach of mine opening up to her view.

“It…it’s so beautiful,” she said breathlessly and there was a look of pure desire on her face as she looked intently at my plump pink inner lips. They were totally glistening with my juices, as were my darker outer lips. Even from up here, I could smell the musky womanly scent emanating from my spread pussy. She seemed hypnotized by the erotic display I was treating her to. She was staring intently and I saw her tongue slide out instinctively and run around those sweet lips of hers as she sat daydreaming on the spot. As much as I would have liked to sit there and let her look at me as much as she wanted, I needed to get off. I reached out and put both my hands on the back of her head and pulled her head towards me.

“That’s enough now. If you want a shot at these tits, you better start eating,” I said as I drew her forwards. She pursed her lips and softly kissed my shining pussy as I pressed her face against me. As soon as she got that initial taste in her mouth, she seemed like she couldn’t get enough. We’d both been waiting all night for this and she seemed to need it as much as me. She wriggled her face as far up against me as she could and then I felt her long warm tongue slither deep inside my oozing slit.

“Oh fuck, yes,” I hissed as I ran my hands tenderly through her dark silky hair. She started to swirl her tongue in slow tantalizing circles deep inside me. Oh man, Jackie had been right; she had an amazing tongue! I don’t know how she was able to get it so far up inside me but it felt absolutely exquisite. Her fingers slid up the insides of my smooth spread thighs until she reached the sides of my blood-filled lips and pulled them even farther apart. As she pressed her face harder against me, I felt her tongue slide over the hot folds of flesh even deeper inside me. I had been so turned on by everything that had happened tonight, especially watching her eat out Jackie, that I knew it wouldn’t take long. As she noisily licked and slobbered away at my leaking twat, I decided to cum on her face, right then and there.

“OH FUCK…THAT’S IT…..OOOOOOOOHHH FUUUCCCKK!” I heard myself let out a loud wail as her probing tongue took me right over the edge. I felt myself shaking as my gripping hands held her face tight against me. The orgasmic tremors rolled through me like crashing waves as a mind-numbing climax racked my whole body.

“Mmmm,” I heard her purring in pleasure as she noisily slobbered up my gooey secretions. I had felt the initial gush and knew her face was going to be absolutely covered with my flowing honey. My hips were bucking up into her face as that amazing tongue continued to work its magic deep inside me. The delightful sensations had me twitching and trembling for a long time as the luscious tingling sensations continued until a final big shudder went through me and I collapsed back against the chair. Milene instinctively slowed her insistent probing and I felt her nursing softly at my swollen pussy-lips as she licked up every drop of my discharge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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