Teacher can’t Resist Tease Anymore

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Jack was a university professor for history. This was his first year at the University, so far everything has been going well. Almost too well.

Thank god it was the last week before his students first holiday of this semester, which meant no grading of papers, no dressing up like a responsible adult and no female students in heat who all wanted a piece of him. Frankly, he was the youngest professor they had, and very good looking as well. Candy on a stick almost. Black hair cut very short, glacier blue eyes set in an angular shaped face with high cheekbones and full lips. He had more than his fair share of offers by his female students; even two teachers came up to him and flirted straight out. He was flattered for one, but lately its been a curse more than a blessing.

Especially one of his students: Clare has been teasing him endlessly – her miniscule skirts, her heels and her pretty set of tits on display. Normally he would have ignored her blatant advances, but his sexual abstinence and her alluring presence spoke to him. Might just be his dick talking though.

Taking a deep breath he prepared himself for his next lecture of the day, with none other than Clare in his class. Oh joy. On by one his students streamed in and filled the seats, he scanned the rows not having seen Clare’s signature blond curls yet. Heels clicked on the floor, he checked the doorway and there she stood – plaid checked blue skirt barely hitting mid thigh, knee high black socks and a tied top showing a sliver of midriff but a huge amount of cleavage. Her sensuous lips were framed by a lollipop she was sucking on. Innocently, she said, “Sorry Professor I’m late..”

Clearing his throat, hopefully calming down his boner; he told her to take a seat. As his luck would have it she sat down in the first row, straight in front of his desk. He saw her crossing her legs, her skirt riding up dangerously. Jack didn’t know what drew him to her so much, after all this was not the first time his students dressed provocatively.

Forcing his focus to shift, he started his short lecture. Around halfway through he noticed Clare bahis firmaları was sucking harder on her lollipop, her lips curved around it’s sweet head hollowing out her cheeks before she licked it with her tongue. Spreading her legs wide, Jack immediately saw his dirty student was not wearing underwear. Was she serious? He took refuge behind his desk, as he didn’t want the whole auditorium to witness his embarrassing attraction to a student of his. Clare did not stop there though, she sucked her lollipop hard enough for Jack’s dick to wish it was his head getting sucked before she licked the head a last time and secretly let it slide down between her thighs, stroking her wet pussy lips with it.

Jack’s fingers tightened around the edges of the desk he was holding on, his patience thinning by the minute. Literally hoping he could finish the last 5 minutes of his lecture without embarrassment.

Her sweet lips spread wide by the red lolli, one flick of her wrist and the lolli was buried in her tight pussy, soaking it with her juices she drew the stick out brought it back up to her mouth and licked it. Fuck, he thought. Nope he was not doing this.

3 minutes before the official end, he wrapped up saying, “Class, I’ll let you go early today in anticipation of your upcoming holidays. Don’t forget the assignment though.”

Immediately students started to pack up their stuff leaving the classroom in groups. Clare was still in her chair; he called her out “Ms. Dupree, a word with you please.”

He waited for the class to clear until he got up and locked the door. Stalking back to his desk his eyes found hers, between clenched teeth he ground out, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Her eyes went comically wide, the lollipop leaving her mouth, “Who? Me?”

“Yes, you!” he bellowed.

Angrily, he got closer to her desk, threw away her lollipop and wrapped his hand around her throat. He pulled her from her seat until her ass rested upon it.

“Do you think it’s funny teaching this class with a raging boner in my pants?” he pressed her hard against the table. Letting her feel his kaçak iddaa hard cock inside his slack pants. Rubbing it against her belly, he tightened his hand on her throat, leaning down to whisper in her ear, “Is this what you wanted, slut? For me to go mad and fuck you?”

A hitch in her breathing told him he was right, but he wanted a verbal response, so he loosened his hold on her and grabbed a handful of her soft hair instead. “Answer me. Now.”

“Yes. That’s what I wanted.” she breathingly answered.

A cruel smile spread across his face, “Then that’s what you’re going to get” he growled before his lips came down hard on hers.

Jack devoured her mouth biting her lip, sucking her tongue… completely controlling the kiss, cherishing her whimpers with each kiss. He stopped kissing her to lift her up and place her on his desk, now her pussy was in perfect alignment with his dick.

“Put your legs on the table, slut. Spread your legs wide, show me how you played with your pussy before.”

Clare did as she was told, she wanted to please him as finally her efforts of seducing him paid off. She couldn’t wait to feel his dick inside her. Spreading her legs, she lifted her skirt up, dipped a finger in her already dripping cunt and licked that finger clean.

She swore she heard Jack growl as he put his hands on the inside of her thighs pressing her open even wider, taking an intimate look at her folds.

“Pretty. Let’s see if you taste as pretty as you look.” he said, his mouth latching on to her pussy straight away, no foreplay kisses on her legs. He went in like a man starved.

Sucking her clit into his mouth, she bowed her back, enjoying the pleasure he brought upon her. His tongue invaded her in deep strokes which felt amazing stroking her core. Juices dripped down his chin, his only mission being to make her cum. He spread her lips with his fingers, flattened his tongue on her clit and rotated it. His slut was gripping his hair, mewling with pleasure, her legs already shaking.

Damn he loved him some pussy, how could he go so long without? Inserting a finger, he curled it kaçak bahis up, hitting her just right to shriek before he chased her to the finish line with a bite to her enlarged clit. Her pussy convulsed lovingly around his fingers, giving him time to lick up every drop of her orgasm, hoping no one heard her scream of pleasure.

Not giving her time to rest, he pushed his pants down, put on a condom and sank into her tight heat. Aftershocks of her orgasm ran through her walls, snugly encasing his cock until he went balls deep inside her. Her pussy felt amazing around him. Taking ahold of her hips, he started pounding her into the desk.

“You dirty slut. Did you hope I’d notice you one day sitting in this class spreading your legs so I could see you?” He pinched her nipples forcefully.

“Now you’re going to take my cock until you feel me tomorrow morning, this pussy is mine today. Do you hear me?”

Her tits jiggled with each powerful thrust, she stammered “Yes, Jack! Give it to me, I deserve it. I was naughty.”

“Hell yes you were” he slapped her tits again, his hips going faster watching his cock slide inside her, coating him with her arousal.

Holding her close by her throat, he commanded , “I want you to come on me, you hear me? I’m close and I want you to come, touch your clit.”

Clare could feel her orgasm approaching fast, sliding her fingers down her belly, she put them on her clit – touching herself like she would while masturbating. She tried to quieten her moans but the feeling was just too intense.

“I’m going to come, oh my god,” her mouth opened in a silent scream while her walls clamped down around Jacks cock, which powered his own orgasm, two thrusts and he felt his cum shooting inside the condom. His jaw clenching, legs locked, fuuuck was this amazing he thought. Pulling out of her, he tied the condom and threw it away, he helped her from his desk in her trance. He wrote his address on a piece of paper, knowing he shouldn’t but he promised her to make it hard for her to walk – he pressed it inside her hand, “Meet me at 18h at this address today if you want to continue this later.”

She grinned coyly, licked her lips and said “I will. See you later”

She shimmied out of the classroom, giving him time to recover.

*** To be continued?? Requests for part 2?***

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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