Target Audience Pt. 01

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Jake here.

I am a 20 year old college student with a problem. Nothing novel in that I suppose but I will lay it out and you be the judge.

I am relatively well built, I suppose, as I have always liked sports, particularly soccer, and enjoy working out in the gym and swimming. Although no movie star I have dark wavy hair that I keep short and previous girlfriends and female acquaintances seem to think I am good looking.

Six months ago I had taken a job at one of those big-box stores doing inventory and stocking shelves to help bolster my relatively meager financial aid package. It wasn’t a bad job, the store was relatively new and had a diverse clientele. It was one of those stores with an expanded grocery section in addition to the huge variety of traditional merchandise so it took a while to get familiar with all the products and the layout. I often had to help customers navigate the labyrinth of aisles and shelving to find some desired product so my knowledge from the inventory work was often of service.

My busy schedule had seriously interfered with my love life and as a result I had no steady girlfriend. In fact I hadn’t been on a date in months, but had been too busy to worry much about it.

One evening I noticed an attractive young woman with a child asleep in a car tote wandering the aisles of the baby section clearly not able to find the object of her search. Despite being dressed in a nondescript and formless khaki button up dress and blue headscarf that seemed designed to hide every aspect of her figure it somehow only succeeded in accenting the hint of her bust in the slight tightness of the button down front and the bit of her calves that showed below the hem. At least that was how it seemed to me at the time.

I came up to her and asked if she needed help and she shyly, but clearly gratefully, made me understand that she was looking for pediatric water in somewhat inadequate English. Dark hair framed her face and her soft dark brown eyes expressed her thanks as I led her to the correct aisle and shelf. I told her to just ask any of the employees if she ever needed help with anything and thanked her for shopping with us. She seemed too shy to answer but I caught a glimpse of a slight smile and the sparkle of her eyes as I turned away and headed back to my tasks.

We had a large ex-pat population in the city, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, and seeing women shopping in headscarves was nothing unusual. They were often reticent to acknowledge or speak to the staff and ask for help and her shyness was par for the course.

It was just another of hundreds of such similar interactions that occurred during work and I would have usually thought nothing of it and quickly forgotten all about it but somehow the sparkle of those dark eyes must have embedded itself in my memory, for a few days later I happened to see those eyes waiting in a checkout line and they were clearly fastened upon me. I returned the glance and there was that vague hit of a smile beneath the headscarf before the face turned away as the line moved forward.

I was headed away to take care of a stocking task had no time to devote any more thought to the matter and quickly forgot about it.

A couple of weeks later I was working a busy Sunday afternoon shift when I heard a soft “Sir, sir?” behind me and turned to find those same eyes looking up at me. Without speaking she motioned for me to follow her and she led me to the home furnishing section where, standing on tiptoes she reached toward a display end table on a top shelf. As she stretched upward I could see that I had been correct in my initial assessment of her figure. The otherwise loose fitting dress was pulled tight against an ample bust and significantly more calf was exposed below the raised hem of her dress causing an involuntary mental image to form that filled in hidden and imagined details beneath her clothing.

She was too short to safely reach it of course, and all the furniture items come disassembled and boxed. She turned to look at me, to see if I had understood her pantomime and I showed her the carton on a lower shelf with the piece pictured on the label noting the frown that immediately formed on her face.

“That?” she pointed back to the display. I shook my head and managed to communicate that the store staff could assemble it for her and she could pick it up the next day.

“You be here?” (Those eyes again)

“In the morning.” I replied blushing a little as my gaze had strayed to her chest for some reason and I sensed she had understood this.

I noted the stock number and led her to the checkout area where we filled out the assembly request slip. She stood a little closer than she needed to and I noted the soft fragrance she wore and worried that the busy afternoon had done damage to my personal aroma. Her name was Anna. I wrote my name on the back of her copy and told her to ask for me at the front and assured her I would help her.

“See you güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tomorrow.” I said as she headed for the exit and the eyes smiled briefly in reply, still with their habitual shyness.

Monday mornings were usually quiet and this one was no exception. I busied myself stocking shelves and straightening up to kill time but the morning seemed to drag and the page didn’t come until my shift was nearly done.

I found Anna waiting at the front with her baby in the tote and got her shy, warm smile when she saw me. I greeted her and got a flat cart telling her to wait near the cashiers while I retrieved her table. She was waiting there patiently when I returned. I maneuvered the cart to an empty line and told her I would help her to the car when she had checked out.

I waited while she finished paying and followed her out to the parking lot pushing the cart. She was driving a white minivan and I opened the side door and waited while she secured the little one before moving to the rear to load the table. The rear seat had to be folded down before it would fit after which it slid in neatly. She thanked me profusely when I had finished, seizing my hand with both of hers and squeezing it. I asked if she would be OK unloading it by herself and she flushed nodding, her bright eyes shining up at me.

“Will you work tomorrow?”

Her question caught me off guard and it was my turn to flush. I nodded “Yes, in the morning till 11”

“You can help me shopping?”

“Yes, but if you come at 11 when I finish work it would be better. Otherwise I might be busy.” We had a big shipment coming in and I knew it would take most of the morning to unload.

She smiled and squeezed my hand again and climbed into the car, leaving me standing there in a slight daze still feeling the warmth and softness of her small hands on mine.

The unloading did take all morning and I barely had time to think about Anna till my shift ended. We hadn’t made any arrangement on where to meet so I punched out and then checked the area near the entrance without success. Perhaps she had changed her mind I thought, but decided to check the aisles once before giving up.

I headed for the baby section but there was no sign of her and decided to look in housewares. The store was relatively empty and as I walked past the lingerie section I noticed a cart with a familiar baby tote set on it and turned in among the racks of brightly colored bras and panties. I found her in front of a stand with nursing bras dressed in her usual khaki with the buttons down the front. I hesitated for a second, watching her as she examined one of the bras, feeling slightly embarrassed, but before I could move she looked up and smiled at me while my face flushed and I stood there tongue tied. She beckoned to me, seeming not to notice my embarrassment and held up her selection for my examination.

“Its good?” she asked.

Ladies lingerie was not one of my areas of expertise other than the male interest in their aesthetics and contents but I recognized the well known brand and nodded, with my face flushed and an uncomfortable stirring in my pants. The baby was asleep in the tote and there were several pairs of white panties in the cart as well as a black lace underwire bra and matching panties. She placed her selection in the cart and noticing my gaze retrieved the black bra and held it up.

“You like? Its good?”

Her bright eyes were staring at me without a hint of embarrassment and I managed a nod of ascent, the discomfort in my jeans becoming more acute by the minute.

The baby began to stir and Anna turned her attention to him giving me a chance to recover my composure.

“He’s hungry” she noted “I should feed him”

“There is a changing room in the front” I blurted out without thinking “You could nurse him there”

“Show me please”

I led the way hoping the bulge in my pants wasn’t too noticeable as we navigated to the front of the store. I had thought to wait outside for her but she held the door for us and motioned for me to enter. The door closed and she locked it behind us and gathering the baby in her arms moved to sit on the toilet with him leaving me to watch as she unbuttoned the front of her dress to expose a black bra similar to the one in the cart. She had large soft white breasts with dark red-brown aerolae just visible above the low cut lace cups, and prominent nipples pressed out visibly against the fabric.

I stood rooted, staring at her chest as she pulled down the left cup exposing the nipple and giving me a clear view of the entire naked breast before positioning the baby to drink. He sucked hungrily as I watched, enthralled by the view in front of me.

“He was hungry” I noted, trying to make small talk to ease the tension it seemed only I felt.

She nodded, and looked up smiling at me, her gaze then leaving my face and drifting down toward my waist and the obvious bulge in my pants and smiling güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri again. She let him nurse, caressing his hair gently as he drank until after a few minutes his eyes closed and his mouth slipped from her nipple.

She motioned for me to bring her the tote and I set it beside her as she gently and efficiently settled him into it, wrapping him with a receiving blanket.

I was expecting her to cover herself immediately but instead she straightened up and looking directly at me asked softly “You are hungry too?”

Caught off-guard by her directness I stood trying to form an answer without success and watched as she slowly undid a few more buttons and then pulled down the other cup to fully expose both breasts. She arched her back and looked up at me, her mouth slightly open and ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. In a trance I stepped forward and knelt down in front of her leaning forward toward her exposed chest. Her arms extended around my head and her hands pulled my face to her right breast. I parted my lips sucked the nipple into my mouth.

She cooed softly and pulled my head against her, stroking my hair, as I began to drink the sweet liquid that started to flow almost immediately. Her breast was warm and soft and there was a slight odor of milk and sweat mixed with her perfume. I slid my hands up her thighs beneath her dress until I could knead her panty covered butt as I drank. My cock was throbbing and pressing hard against the confines of my jeans and I was beginning to fear that I would ejaculate and soil my pants when she gently pulled my face away. Her hands moved quickly down to my belt and began fumbling to loosen it.

“I am hungry also” were her only words as she undid the button and worked the zipper down. She indicated I should stand and as I did the swollen purple head of my erection emerged above the waistband of my shorts. She spread her legs and pulled me closer as she leaned toward my crotch. I felt her tongue exploring the head and then felt her pull the waistband down freeing the entire member. Her mouth fully enveloped the head and top third of the shaft while one hand wrapped around the base squeezing and stroking as the other descended to cup my balls.

I stroked her headscarf as she sucked, enjoying the building tension until my balls began to tighten in anticipation of release. She immediately pulled away causing me to gasp, my wet cock twitching and waving between us.

“Now, please now” her voice was heavy with desire and I understood her intent despite the vagueness of the plea.

I helped her to her feet and turned her to face the wall before lifting her dress above her waist and peeling her panties part way down her thighs. She leaned forward, bracing herself against the wall, and thrust her bottom toward me as my hand slipped between her thighs and cupped her unshaved but neatly trimmed pussy mound, massaging it and then slipping a finger deep inside her very wet cunt. She moaned softly and again uttered her plea “Now, please!”

I didn’t need any further urging and grabbing my shaft eased it along her very moist slit, rubbing it back and forth before pushing the head into her. She responded by pushing back against me until my entire length was enveloped within her warm wet interior. It was my turn to moan and I reached around to grasp a swaying breast in each hand as I began to thrust with long full strokes.

“Shhhh!” she hissed “baby” meeting my thrusts which were rapidly becoming more insistent.

I did my best to stifle any involuntary exclamations of pleasure although the wet sounds of our exertions seemed to echo loudly in the little room.

My balls were now sucked tight against the base of my shaft, the developing tension was nearly unbearable and I could feel that she had one hand down between her legs frantically massaging her clitoral area.

“Now!” she urged again “Yes now!” and with a series of hard thrusts I went rapidly over the edge and began ejaculating with a groan I couldn’t stifle.

“UHH!!, oh …dear …god!” I gasped as the hot jets of cum began squirting into her.

I continued squeezing her breasts and grinding my crotch against her butt as the spasms and spurts of semen slowly diminished. The way she was panting I took it that she had cum too although I had been too overcome with my own orgasm to know for sure.

The baby stirred and made some noise but didn’t wake as I withdrew my now slackened shaft from her. Anna pulled some paper from the roll beside the toilet and wiped first me and then herself with it before reaching out and wrapping her fingers around my limp organ giving it a little squeeze.

“You are very nice” she said “Good size. One year no man. Woman needs a man sometimes for good health.”

“What about your husband?”

“My husband has new wife and travels for business. He has forgotten his first wife I think” Her eyes were downcast now.

She had pulled the güvenilir bahis şirketleri cups back over her breasts but the front of her her dress was still unbuttoned and I thought she looked incredibly sexy. Pulling her to me I put a hand on each breast squeezing and rubbing her nipples as I kissed her for the first time. She pressed her body against me and returned the kiss, her tongue finding mine, her lips sucking at mine.

“You make me feel woman again.” she whispered.

The baby stirred again and I stepped away so she could button up her dress and fix her hair.

We set the baby up on her cart and checked that the room was in order before unlocking the door. She stretched up to kiss my lips once more and smiled at me before opening the door and stepping out. Thankfully the store was still relatively empty and I was grateful that we hadn’t been disturbed and there was no queue of disgruntled customers waiting a turn outside.

“Are you finished shopping?”

She nodded ascent “You can help me again? Next week?”

I smiled and nodded.

The week passed slowly and I didn’t see her in the store – not that I had really expected to but I found myself looking for her when ever I was working. Perhaps naively I didn’t have any particular concerns about consorting with a married woman. I had had a boyhood crush on my best friend Jimmy’s mom and still remembered clearly the time I had seen her dressed only in a bra and panties. In the sixth grade he and I had also made a game of spying on my attractive neighbor who was breast feeding her second child at the time. When I had begun to masturbate those images often figured into my sexual fantasies so not surprisingly, after months of abstinence, my male libido and childhood fetishes were dominating my reason and banishing any sense of caution.

We had agreed on Monday for our next tryst and she was waiting for me in the lingerie section again. The baby was fussing and she held him while I manned her cart and she tried to assess my taste in women’s panties by asking about numerous styles and colors and noting my reaction. We finally settled on a blue set and some soft white cotton ones before heading to the checkout. She evidently wanted to try them on for me and thus the purchase before heading to the baby changing room.

Anna settled down to nurse the baby as before and I understood he was very hungry and she had let him fuss to ensure he would eat and then sleep soundly. I had been thinking about her all week and watching her nurse the baby got me hornier than I had been the week before – if that was possible.

When she had settled him she began to unbutton her dress as she had before but I interrupted the process. Pulling her to her feet I kissed her passionately and, pulling up the back of her dress till my hands were on her panties, pressed her breasts against my chest and her crotch against my erection.

Still kissing her I sat her back down on the toilet seat and knelt between her knees, my hands busy with the buttons of her dress starting from the hem. I soon had her thighs exposed and was able to reach the waistband of her panties and work them back down till they were draped around her ankles. I spread her legs wide and leaned forward till my face was in her crotch and my tongue could explore her sensitive regions. She moaned softly as I sucked and licked and tasted her, her hands on my head pulling my face against her. She got the panties off her ankles and putting her feet over my shoulders, leaned back as I continued and before long I had her writhing and moaning on the seat as an orgasm built and then washed over her.

When she had calmed down a little I traded places with her, unbuckling my belt and pushing my pants and shorts down as I sat to free my cock. She stood over me and after positioning my hard shaft she eased down onto my lap and began rocking on me as I freed her other breast and began kissing and sucking on the nipple. I sucked harder and buried my face in her chest as my cock stiffened and began to unload inside her.

“Oh yes baby! Mmmm, oh I like to feel you inside me this way!” she moaned, her arms wrapped around me, still rocking on my lap and grinding her pussy against the base of my cock.

We sat there holding each other close, her breasts leaking milk onto my shirt, until my cock had softened and began to slip from her.

Someone was knocking on the door now and I called out “Just a minute!” as the baby woke up and began to fuss.

“I was going to try on my new underwear for you.” she pouted as we hurried to dress and straighten our clothes.

There was more knocking at the door.

Anna was fixing her hair and I noticed the wet stains on my shirt from her breasts. “Oh well” I thought. The risks of sex in a public restroom.

Anna picked up the baby who had begun to cry now as I opened the door and held it for her. There were two families outside waiting impatiently as we exited. At least the baby gave us some cover.

I walked with her out to the car and helped her stow her purchases and get the baby settled. She had started to giggle as we worked and it was infectious. I grabbed her and held her close, giving her a big kiss – a big no-no in public I thought as I held her. She pushed me away after a few seconds.

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