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For my last birthday I had received a month pass to a local tanning salon. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly my thing or the thing of any other guy I knew. My girlfriend at the time thought I’d look good with an all over tan, but before now I had never bothered to use it. I was in the process of throwing away all traces of her existance from my apartment when I re-discovered the coupon pinned to my refrigerator by a magnet. I must have looked at it a thousand times without noticing it but now it suddenly captured my attention. I figured I could always check it out just for kicks and who knows, if it did what is was supposed to do, I could always end up making my ex jealous, which would definitely be a perk.

I assumed that the only other people who would be there would be female, so I took a shower and a little extra time cultivating my appearance. As I was doing this it I couldn’t believe how ignorant I had been in neglecting to see that a tanning salon would be the perfect place to pick up women! Most girls who went for that sort of thing were usually the types who prided themselves in their appearance more so than strength of character or even intelligence. In other words, it would be a place full of hot girls!

The place was only a ten minute drive away. I parked out front, and walking to the door, gave the surrounding area a quick once over. If any of my friends saw me going into here, it would be pretty embarassing. Then I remembered how I had justified coming here to myself and knew that there was no way they could argue with that logic.

Inside, the place looked how I expected it to be. Kind of like a chiropractic office and a travel agency were forced to share the same area. It was clean and slighty sterile, only posters of suntan lotion were pinned to the walls and potted ferns were situated randomly to give the place a slightly tropical feel. I walked over to the receptionist, a cute little thing who couldn’t have been more than eighteen and looked like she had been a customer for at least two years. I showed her the card and explained to her how I had recieved it.

“Your girlfriend didn’t come with you,” she asked. I said we had broken up to which the girl gave me a once over and replied, “Her loss.” She asked me a few questions to ascertain how long I could remain within a bed, which was only ten minutes for the first time.

“Now,” she said, “there are ten individual rooms with a bed in each and at the end of the hall is a co-ed room. Usually couples go in there… but when the rooms are full we put people in there, too. Now, as luck would have it, the rooms are all full. You can wait if you want, or I can put you in there.”

“That won’t be a problem,” I asked. The girl shrugged and smiled.

“Only if you don’t mind sharing it with a girl. One of our regulars is in there now. If you hurry, you’ll both finish up at the same time,” she said, and winked.

“Sold,” I said. The girl grinned and took hold of my arm, leading me down the hall. I had been here all of five minutes and already I was in love with the place. “If I need help, who do I ask for,” I asked, by way of an introduction.

“I’m Cindy,” the girl replied. She looked at the coupon in her hand I had given her and added, “Nice to meet you, Ben.”

When I entered the room, Cindy canlı bahis set the timer on the bed, smiled again and then closed the door behind me. I looked around. Two beds rested side by side, five feet apart. A space separated top from bottom on each and I could see the form of a woman resting within one. Her skin was glowing blue, but I could tell it was toned, with a lovely curving hip leading to long, slender legs. I smiled and wished a silent thank-you to Cindy, then began to undress by the door. I walked over to my bed and opened the door, placed the glasses hanging off it on my face, then climbed onto the warm surface. I carefully closed the door and was surprised by how unconfined I felt. I now understood why the top and bottom parts were unattached.

I let my body relax, feeling the very warm, comforting glow penetrate my skin, then titled my head to the side. The girl in the next bed was looking over at me. She smiled then looked back up. I really, really hoped our timers went off at the same time. I wanted to see the rest of what this girl had to offer.

I was surprised by how quickly the ten minutes passed. The buzzer of the timer went off and I opened the lid. I stretched my arms, tensing my body for a moment. The bed had been so relaxing I didn’t want it to end. I slid my legs over the side and glanced over at the other bed. The girl was looking at me again, or more specifically, at the area between my legs. I shaved down there and whenever I was with a girl for the first time, her reaction was always the same. Surprise, followed by curiousity. And when she actually got to experience the feel of a smooth, hairless shaft and bag and all the skin surrounding it, she was in love.

I felt a brief moment of embarassment, then tried to act casually. She had a very pleased grin on her face and I had a feeling, timer or no timer, she’d be getting out of her bed soon. And no sooner had that thought ended than her timer went off. Her lid went up, and I slipped off the bed, standing naked before her. She sat up, swung her feet to the floor, and stood before me. She, too, stretched, then smiled at me.

“Mmm, that felt good,” she said. I agreed, looking over her body. She was tall, and had an athletic build. Her breasts were two perfectly round orbs, hanging slightly from her chest, tanned to a luscious light caramel colour. Her stomach was flat, with a glittering stone pierced in the navel. Her hips were strong, but curved, and as I looked between them I laughed.

“What’s so funny,” she asked.

“I see we have something in common,” I said, nodded downwards. She looked in the direction I indicated, at her freshly shaven pussy, also tanned to perfection. She looked at my cock, which I had given up on fighting to keep flaccid, and licked her lips.

“There’s no greater feeling than being shaved, is there,” she asked, never drawing her eyes away from my solid member.

“Except maybe feeling shaved on shaved,” I said.

“I’m Joey,” she said.

“Ben,” I responded.

“Got somewhere to be, Ben,” she asked. I resisted saying, ‘Inside you’ and instead responded, “Just my lonely apartment.” I made the short walk over to my clothes, though I did not want to put them on. Joey ran a finger from her neck, down the center of her chest, along her stomach and stopped bahis siteleri on the hairless skin above her vagina.

“Care for some company,” she asked.

“I’d love some,” I answered, and forced myself to dress. We left the room together, and as we walked past the fron desk, Cindy looked up from her magazine and said, “You kids have fun.” Joey said, “Bye hun,” while I just winked.

We decided to drive over together, so she left her car parked there and climbed in next to me in my truck. She neglected to put her bra on, and as we drove over, she pinched and tugged at her erect nipples as they jutted through the thin material of her white cotton tank top. My cock struggled against my khakis, and sensing this she placed a hand over the bulge, as if to reassure me that it would find release in due time.

We practically ran up the stairs into my apartment. They door hadn’t even closed and Joey was tearing her clothes off of her body. I did likewise, then we fell into each others embrace, kissing furiously. I grasped one of her golden tits in my hand, and reached over to her ass with the other, squeezing her hard. She pressed her cunt into my cock, grinding it momentarily before shoving me hard against the chest. I fell back onto my sofa and she dove between my legs. She took my length in one hand and began lapping it at the base, before moving on to my balls. She wasn’t gentle, but the discomfort was exquisite as her tongue covered every inch of my balls and the sack that contained them with her saliva. She sucked a ball into her mouth and lovingly cushioned it between her tongue and cheek, then let it slip out with a slurpy sound and raced her tongue further south. The skin there was also hairless, but often neglected and the sensation bordered between ticklish and heavenly.

That is when she grasped my cheeks with her hands and spread them, leaving my asshole exposed to the air. She lunged at it with her tongue and swirled and probed and left me breathless. I felt near coming. My balls, bouncing off her nose, tightened and she felt this, for she darted her mouth up to my head and swallowed it. She began to engulf my cock, sliding her lips up and down, faster and faster. A groan stirred within me and built up into a loud moan that escaped my lips as my steaming hot come shot repeatedly into her mouth. She kept her lips sealed firmly, still stroking my cock with her mouth as she swallowed glob after glob of my white love. I opened my eyes and looked down at her to see an arm reaching back behind her. She was fingering her own asshole. This caused another eruption within me, and as I jerked, my cock slipped from her mouth and shot a white load onto her face.

She fell back, seemingly spent. She ran her fingertips along her face, dragging the come to her lips, where she appeared to savour it like gourmet ice cream. I sat back, and studied her body, soft and feminine, yet with an underlying athletic tone. Her legs were spread and bent at the knees, her lips between them engorged with lust. I watched her other hand run over her chest and down between her legs. Her fingers slipped into the wet folds, and as she cleaned her face of my come, she began to pleasure herself while I recovered.

“Ooh, your come tastes so good… I loved sucking it out of your long, hard cock. bahis şirketleri Your gorgeous, smooth cock. It felt so good sliding in and out of my… ah… my mouth. Mmm… feeling your hot come splatter against my face made me soooo fucking wet,” she said nearly breathless as her fingers worked away within her body.

“It made me feel like your bitch,” she continued, her words stimulating my mind and, more importantly, my member. “Did you like coming on my face… ah… did it make you feel like.. ah.. ah…a man? It made me feel like a nasty little slut… ooh, god… I love feeling like a dirty little whore. A dirty little whore fingering her cunt for you… her juicy pussy. I want your big, hard cock in my wet little pussy. Ooh. Would you like to put your… oh… your fucking cock into my pussy? You wanna ram your fat cock into my tanned little pussy? Did you… oh oh oh… did you want to stick your cock into me when you saw me? I saw you… oh, I saw your hairless cock and I wanted it, oh, I wanted it to fuck my little cunt. Ah… ah.. so badly, I wanted it.. oh shit… I wanted it to… to fuck my little cunt so hard and fast, ah god… fuck me, fuck me now!”

I was on her in a flash. Her pussy was so wet I slid in with ease, and just as I entered her, I released a violent thrust against her body, at the same time gripping her left nipple between my fingers and squeezing violently. She shrieked and forced herself down hard against my rigid tool. With one hand she began tugging at one of her tits and with the other she began to stimulate her clit. I fucked her furiously; her strong legs wrapped around my waist and I plunged into her over and over, harder and harder, faster and faster. Her wavy blonde hair spread out around her lead like a halo and her blue eyes were closed tight. She bit her bottom lip as I pummeled her body relentlessly.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, that is it! Ooooh my god I haven’t been fucked this hard ever,” she cried out, and this just served to egg me on. I put everything into my thrusting. Her legs tightened around my body, trying to hold me inside her, and I struggled harder still to make her feel my piston.

“You want my cock inside you,” I gasped between short breaths. “You like being fucked like … like a naughty little slut? You want your little fuck hole… filled with my big cock?”

“Yes, yes I do,” she responded, both hands on her own nipples.

“Squeeze your titties for me,” I ordered, and she obeyed. “Tweak your nipples. Pinch them and pull them… make them sorry they ever got hard!” And she did, screaming lustily as she did so. And as I drilled away at her body, as she tortured her tits, her screams began raising in volume. They were shorter, but there were more of them. Her hips bucked up to meet my thrusts and her body began to shake. She was screaming uncontrollably now, her body being overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm.

This in turn triggered mine. I didn’t pull out; I released within her, feeling my come shoot within the chambers of her pussy. Joey was writhing below me and I shot the last of my load within her, I collapsed onto her sweaty, tanned body. We struggled to catch our breath, then she caught my eyes with her own.

“Oh my god,” she said, pulling my head to hers and kissing me hard on the mouth.”Oh my god, that was the most amazing fuck I have ever had. I could only nod in agreement. “We have to do this again.”

Again I only nodded.

“And get Cindy in on it, too.”

This time there was a grin on my face as I nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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