Tammy Does Daddy

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


My daughter Tammy came back from college for the holidays in December, but she was as usual distant as she went about catching up with her friends and partying with them. We hardly saw her.

Not like it made a difference. Before long Theodora was on another business trip, while Max and I planned for another meeting with Anna and Louisa. Since Tammy was around Max and I decided to rent a holiday chalet for an entire week so that as and when we needed to fuck the girls, we could just use the bungalow.

One evening Max called and asked me to join him and another friend to do a new girl he had gotten to know over the internet. When I got there at eight, there was a faint light in the window and Max’s car was parked in the driveway.

Max was in the master bedroom and the door was slightly ajar. Max was on the bed, slamming his cock into the pussy of a young lady that wasn’t Louisa. She was on all fours, her hair in disarray and her face in the pillow, her moans muffled. She had a fleshy ass, like Anna, perhaps even fleshier. As Max pounded into her, her ass cheeks quivered sexily.

Sitting at the side of the bed was Max’s friend, a distinguished looking Indian gentleman probably in his late 50s. He was already naked and stroking his cock, which wasn’t as long as Max’s, but very fat and thick.

“Join us,” he said.

I chose to sit aside and watch. As Max continued to pound into her, her moans got noticeably louder. She had a low, sexy voice, and even though I couldn’t see her face, I could tell she was a very sensual young lady.

Max started smacking her ass cheeks as he fucked her. She let out a yelp, her whole body shaking as she tried to hold on to the railings of the bed which was creaking noisily.

Suddenly, Max let out a groan and took his cock out, shooting a huge wad of cum all over her ass. He scooped up a bit of cum and moved over to her mouth at the other end of the bed, making her suck on the fingers.

I started stroking my cock. Max’s Indian friend was now kneeling in Max’s place, stroking his cock, while fingering her ass. He started spitting at her asshole to lubricate her ass. He didn’t look like he was very concerned about lubing her up.

He positioned his cock at the mouth of her puckered hole. She tensed up as she felt it against her. Immediately she sat up and turned around.

And that was when I saw her face and realized she was Tammy. Seeing me, her eyes grew huge and she let out a shriek, pulling at the bed covers to cover herself.

I felt the room spin for a moment. I didn’t know how to react. One part of me was angry, and another part of me was turned on. Max demanded to know what was going on.

“I need to go,” begged Tammy, her eyes part on me, searching for a reaction. “I need to go!” Max looked at me.

“It’s fine,” I said. “Carry on.”

“No!” pleaded Tammy. “Don’t do this, Daddy!”

Max raised his eyebrows. “She’s your daughter?”

I nodded. He let out a chuckle and yanked the covers away from Tammy. I sat down again on the armchair beside the bed.

I watched as she struggled but Max simply pinned her down, and bent down to kiss her on the mouth. Soon, she calmed down and started kissing him back.

Max’s Indian friend Raju was back at fingering her anal hole again. Spreading her legs and pushing them back with Max’s help, he started fingering escort bostancı her soaking wet pussy while fingering her asshole. Soon she was coo-ing, begging Raju to stick his fat cock up her pussy.

Raju had other ideas though. He was very intent on ass fucking her. He started rubbing his cock head against her puckered hole. She tried to kick him off but with Max holding on to her, there was no way to escape it.

Slowly Raju pushed his mushroom head in. Tammy let out a gasp. Raju held still for a while, asking her to squeeze on it.

“Look at Daddy, Tammy,” Max said, holding onto her face. She tried not to look but Max’s grip made her turn to her left to look at me. She closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes.” I said. “I want you to see me,”

Tammy opened her eyes, her mouth slightly open and her flushed face in a wince as Raju pushed his fat cock further up her ass.

“Oh she’s tight as hell,” Raju muttered under his breathe. “And she’s squeezing it!”

Slowly he started moving in and out of her asshole in a rhythm that was slow and steady. Tammy started to coo, clearly enjoyed the feeling of Raju’s fat cock stretching her anal hole.

By now Max didn’t have to hold on to her. Instead, he took his once again hard 10 inch cock and shoved it into her mouth. Her moans were now muffled, but you could tell she was getting into it as Raju started to move faster. She started sucking on Max’s cock hungrily, her eyes fixed on me as she did so.

I took out my cock and started stroking it while watching my daughter being anal fucked and face fucked. As I started rubbing my cock faster, I could see Tammy’s eyes fixed on it.

“Oh yes, your Daddy’s getting a hard on watching you get fucked like a slut.” Max said. “You like making Daddy hard, Tammy?”

“She’s getting wetter,” Raju commented. “I think she likes it.”

By now Raju was pounding hard into Tammy’s anal hole. Her whole body shook, as Max quickened his pace, moving his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Tammy started to whimper, eyes still fixed on my cock. Suddenly she let out a yell. Max took his cock out of her mouth.

“Oooh Daddy, I’m cumming! I’m cumming Daddy!”

The sight of it was too much to bear, and I shot out wads of cum onto the floor.

Raju continued to pound her ass, calling her nasty names as he did. “Oh yeah, squeeze it you little slut. Let Daddy see what a slut you are.”

This made Tammy even hornier, and she groaned in response as she stroked Max’s cock. Max started slapping his 10-incher against her face.

By now, Raju looked like he could cum anytime. Shifting his entire body weight against Tammy so that he could get as much as his cock into her ass, he started bending down and squeezing her nipples as he slammed the entire 8 inches of her cock into her. Tammy was totally getting into it, begging Raju to ram her harder.

Suddenly Raju let out a groan and started shaking hard. As he slowly pulled his cock out of Tammy’s ass, I could see cum spilling out of her hole.

Max immediately took his place and shoved his cock into her ass. He pushed Tammy’s legs as far back as he could, ramming his cock even more violently against her.

Wanting more of her ass he ordered her to turn around and he entered her from behind. He made her face me directly, and as he spanked her ass while fucking it hard, he made her look at my hardening cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up and walked ümraniye escort over to the bed.

I ran the head of my cock against her lips. She needed no prompting. She opened her mouth and took my entire length in. I felt her tongue swirling around my head. I wondered how she learned to be such an excellent cocksucker.

I pushed her long hair back to watch her pretty face, as she sucked my cock in slow and languid stokes. She looked up at me, eyes all fiery and intense. I stroked her face gently, as she moaned onto my cock.

“That’s it baby, you like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you?” I asked, stroking her hair.

She gave no response, her moaning intensified by Max’s harsh pumping. Then, Max grabbed her hips hard, and pumped his seed into her ass.

Ten minutes later the two guys left the place and I was all alone with her. I watched as I lay on my back, her small wet mouth around my cock, eyes still on me. I gently played with her nipples. She was so beautiful, I didn’t want to hurt her.

She continued to move her mouth up and down my cock, going further back her throat each time, tongue moving rapidly up and down my shaft.

I continued to tease her nipples. Suddenly she climbed up, lowering her pert tits to my mouth. I took one nipple in my mouth and the other in my hand. She was breathing heavily now.

“Harder, Daddy,” she begged. I started squeezing her tits hard, nibbling on her nipples. She let out a gasp.

“Ooh Daddy, bite me,” she begged.

I started getting rougher on her tits, and she squealed excitedly, her faced flushed with excitement, and beads of perspiration forming on her forehead.

I moved my fingers across her taut stomach down to her hairless pussy. She was soaking wet. I started rubbing her clit as she kissed me, our tongues mingling together, pushing hard against each other. I felt her moving her hips, pushing her clit against my fingers in an urgency which told me she was feeling extremely horny.

I continued to strum her clit, feeling it getting harder and harder. I started to finger her pussy and realized it was extremely wet and slick. I felt her pussy muscles clench around my two fingers.

Slowly I tried inserting a third finger in. she let out a moan, clenching her cunt muscles harder. She spread her legs wider, trying to get as much as my fingers into her.

Slowly, she rocked her hips, letting out moans of delight.

Moving my fingers in as far in as possible, I tried searching for her g spot. Feeling the sensitive nub, I started rubbing it slowly. Her face tensed up in ecstacy.

“You like that, honey?” I asked.

“Yes, oooh Daddy, don’t stop!” she coo-ed.

I rubbed it faster and she went wild, screaming for me to go faster. I was only glad to oblige. I was rubbing harder and faster now, and she was moaning like a slut. It turned me on watching her moaning and beg me to continue.

I continued to rub her nub with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other. Suddenly, she held on tight to me, muttering “I’m cumming Daddy, I’m cumming!”

Her whole body twisted violently, and I felt pussy juices running down my hand.

By now I was hard. I lay her down on the bed. Slowly, I started running my cock along her slit. Her clit was still red and hard. I rubbed my cockhead against the clit, flicking it across as she looked hornily at me.

“Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me,” she begged.

“You like Daddy’s cock?” I asked. kartal escort bayan “Yes Daddy, please. Fuck meeeeeee!” she begged.

I shoved my entire cock up her pussy. She let out a moan. She was tight and wet. i bent down to kiss her, and she held onto me.

Slowly I moved my cock in and out of her pussy. She was squeezing it, moaning and begging me to fuck her hard.

She sank her nails into the skin of my back as I started to quicken my pace.

“Oh yes, Daddy! Ooooh Daddy! Fuck me harder!”

“Oh yes, baby, you’re so tight. I love you babydoll! You like being a slut for daddy?”

“Oh yes, daddy, yes, fuck me!!! plss!”

I continued to fuck her hard, my balls slamming against her ass. Suddenly, she tensed up and started to cum, thrashing in the sheets. I continued humping her mercilessly as she cried out how much she loved my cock.

Slowly I took my cock out and shoved it into her puckered hole, which was even tighter than her pussy, and she went wild all over again.

Her anal hole was very slick, and I could feel cum still in there. She squeezed her anal passage against my cock.

“Good girl, keep squeezing it, baby,” I told her. “You like anal fucking? You like being fucked in the ass by Daddy’s friends?”

“Yes… yes Daddy!”

“You’re Daddy’s little slut. I love Daddy’s slut. Does Daddy’s slut love daddy?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Good girl! Yes, hold your ass cheeks apart for daddy. Let Daddy fuck your hole as deeply as he can.”

“Oooh Daddy, harder! Please! Harder! I beg you! Please!”

“Are you Daddy’s naughty little girl?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Does my naughty little girl like cock?”

“Oohh ohh! Yes! Yes!”

I took my cock out.

“Come here and suck Daddy’s cock,” I said.

She crawled over and took it into her mouth without hesitation. Her tongue running up and down my cockhead. I could not hold it any much longer. Taking my cock out and holding the back of her head, I shot a huge load of cum on her facial. Slowly, I spread them all over her pretty face, and bent down to kiss her.

We spent the night there. In the morning I was greeted with her warm soft mouth around my cock.

“Oh baby, yeah, suck Daddy’s cock,” I told her, stroking her hair. She sucked hungrily, till I was extremely hard.

“Come here baby, sit on Daddy’s face.”

She crawled over and straddled my face, lowering her sweet cunt on my mouth. I licked her clit, which was hard and red. She was wet, and her juices were sweet. I continued to flick my tongue across her clit, occasionally sticking it into her pussy. She was moaning now, extremely wet and ready for a fuck.

I got her to impale herself on my cock. She started out slowly first then started to ride fast. The whole bed was shaking violently now and my daughter looked like she was in a trance.

“That’s it honey, ride daddy’s cock. Oooh you’re so sexy baby! Ride it, oooh yeah! Squeeze it! yeah!”

I held onto her waist, moving to her rhythm. I felt my balls tightening. I knew I was going to cum soon. I speeded up my movements, my eyes on her horny eyes.

And then it happened. Her eyes started to grow huge and were filled with panic, as I held onto her tight, yelling, and letting out shot after shot of cum into her. She tried to move, but couldn’t. Tears started to well in her eyes. She wasn’t protected.

I took my cock out and held her tight.

“It’s ok honey. It’d be ok,” I said. We’ll bring you to a doctor and get it sorted.

A week later, Tammy was on the pill. She continued to fuck me on an almost daily basis, and she fucked Max too. Before she left for college again, I arranged for a group of men to gang bang her. But that’s another story.

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