Tamera’s Teachings

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Deep Penetration

Tamera laid back in her twin xl bed propped up on a couple of pillows. She had some early morning classes and came back to her dorm to unwind. She was currently engaged in her favorite form of stress relief as she watched the two women on her laptop devouring each other’s pussies in a 69 position.

Tamera unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her brown legs. She had already divested herself of her hoodie and was left in her matching red lace bra and panties. She always felt sexy wearing the lingerie and it got her wet thinking about the ensemble she hid under baggy jeans and oversized hoodies.

The women in the video changed positions. They now sat together, one in front of the other. The larger of the two women were in the back and had her arms wrapped around the smaller girl. The actor played with the smaller girl’s ample breasts, pulling her pink nipples and giving the mounds occasional squeezes.

Tamera copied the motions on herself as if there was someone behind her acting out the scene. Luckily this bra unhooked in the front and within seconds her heavy DD cups were bouncing freely. She placed two digits in her mouth, getting them wet with her saliva. She traced the slippery fingers in circular motions around her dark areolas.

The peaks hardened in seconds. She sucked the fingers of her other hand, making them nice and slick, and soon traced circles on both large, brown areolas. When her nipples were nice and stiff she stopped the motions and yanked the mounds around. She loved when people got rough with her tits. She would have to invest in some nipple clamps.

The moans of the women echoed around the dorm room. Tamera didn’t bother turning it down much. Her roommate Lila had class at this time and she would have the room to herself for another hour at least. At this point, Tamera’s clit was pulsing and the girl rubbed her thighs together for relief. Her left hand continued teasing her breasts while the right slowly crept down past her belly button and into her panties. Her hand was met with a tuft of black, wiry hair.

Tamera shaved when she wanted, and recently she decided to grow it out a bit. The hairs on the pussy lips were long enough for her to pull and play with. Her center was dripping and she dipped a finger into the honey pot.

Tamera couldn’t contain her moans as the finger entered her depths. She added another one and pushed the fingers in and out. She raised her butt off the bed to take off the panties and resumed the ministrations. She stopped to pull out the digits and examine how they glistened with her juices. Other’s commented on her taste after going down on her, but she never tried it herself. She hesitantly stuck her tongue out to try the nectar. The juice was tangy and fully her.

She was soon sucking on the fingers with vigor. There was just something so erotic about tasting your own essence. When she pulled the fingers out of her mouth a trail of saliva clung to them and covered the digits. She pumped the fingers back into her pussy and then spread the natural lubricant and saliva around her labia.

Up to this point, she had been ignoring her clit, building up to the pleasure button. The pink bundle of nerves was erect and begging for attention. Tamera obliged as she rubbed it with her slick fingers. She rubbed in clockwise motions, speeding up and then slowing down to edge herself. Her eyes scrunched shut in sweet agony.

The left hand that had been busy rolling her nipple around reached under her pillow and pulled out a bright pink, 7-inch silicone dildo. The trusty cock had veins on it which made it simulate the real thing and always got her off. Tamera didn’t even need to lube it up, it slid right in.

She was soon pumping away with her left hand and furiously rubbing with her right. Every thrust hit deeper and harder. Her hips bucked up as she hit the precious g-spot. Her curly hair stuck to her forehead and her back arched off the bed as she felt her orgasm building up.

She was almost there when she heard the sound of keys jingling outside the door. Her roommate, Lila, always had trouble unlocking the door and it usually took her a few tries to jimmy the key in the correct position.

Tamera scrambled to turn off the porno and quickly threw her comforter over her body as the door opened. The girl struggled to contain her panting as Lila came in and tossed her books on the desk and greeted her.

Tamera had her comforter pulled up to her chin so Lila couldn’t see the state bahis firmaları she was in. Under the sheet, her legs were still spread and the dildo remained lodged comfortably inside her. Lila was a white girl from a small town with a very religious family. While the other girl was super nice and sweet she had an air of innocence about her, which left Tamera with the impression that she may not respond well to catching her roommate masturbating.

“You’re home early.” Tamera winced, hearing how husky her voice sounded. She cleared her throat.

“Yeah,” Lila replied, jumping into her bed. “The professor let us out early so I decided to head back. Lila’s auburn hair fell around her pillow in a halo. Tamera wondered, not for the first time if the carpet matched the drapes.

“Oh, cool.” Tamera was feeling awkward lying there naked with her roommate sitting mere feet away. She needed the girl to either fall asleep or leave so she could get her clothes back on. To her dismay, Lila glanced at her, examining her face.

“Are you feeling okay?” Her roommate asked.

“Never better,” Tamera shot back sounding as cool as a cucumber. She could feel her vaginal juices flowing out as the slightest movement had the dildo shifting in her. She bit back a moan. What did she do to deserve this frustrating agony?

“You look a bit hot,” The redhead commented leaning up in her bed. “If you’re under the weather the best thing is to get outside for some fresh air.” To Tamera’s horror, the girl leaped out of bed and shot across the room to her. Tamera was a deer in the headlights. Before she could stop her, Lila had a hold of the edge of her comforter and yanked it back, revealing Tamera in all her naked glory.

Lila gasped as she took in the sight of the other girl. Her body had a sheen of sweat that made it glow in the light coming in from the window. Her breasts were full and spilling to the sides as the girl laid on her back. Her nipples were fully erect and shooting up like two Hershey kisses toward the ceiling. Tamera quickly propped herself up with her elbows to support her upper body. The movement made the large breasts bounce around.

Lila’s wide eyes trailed further down the girl’s body, past the slight pouch of fat on her stomach, and zeroed in on the dark bush at the apex of her thighs. Her eyes were stuck on the pink object sticking out of the other girl’s vagina. It was huge, veiny, and wet. The toy made a sloshing sound in the other girl every time she shifted. If Lila wasn’t stuck in a trance, she may have realized that her own vagina was getting wet and tingling in a way that she had never felt before.

Tamera was mortified. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her right then. How does she even explain this? Lila’s eyes hadn’t left her pussy and she’d be lying right now if she said it wasn’t making her more aroused.

Aside from her own, this was the first time Lila had ever seen another woman’s vagina. Her parents had opted out of her attending sex ed in school and it just wasn’t something she questioned. At 14 her mom sat her down and told her that sex was a sacred practice between a man and woman that she would experience when she got married. She was sent off into the world with no further information.

Lila couldn’t help comparing the vagina to her own. She was surprised to see that Tamera didn’t shave. Although Lila didn’t know much about sex she made sure that she shaved down there. One summer when the conservative girl went swimming with her favorite cousin, the older girl made fun of the hairs that stuck out of her bottoms. Her cousin told her that boys wouldn’t like a hairy muff and taught her how to shave it. Since then, the girl made sure to always shave away any pubic hair in the shower.

The Black girl’s curly tuft of hair looked nice and soft. Lila couldn’t imagine a man seeing the other girl’s most precious parts and not liking what they saw, but what did she know about what men liked.

Surprisingly it was Lila who spoke first.

“Oh,” was all she said. It was the only thing her mind could put forth in the moment. Her hand still clenched the corner of the comforter.

“Yeah…” Tamera was just as lost for words as her roommate.

Upon further examination, Lila saw brown, meaty flesh hanging outside of Tamera’s vagina. At the top, there was a pink part of the vagina that stiffly poked out from the hood. Educational curiosity got the better of Lila.

“What’s that?” The meek girl asked.

Tamera kaçak iddaa decided to go along with the situation and act like this was a perfectly normal conversation. She was surprised that Lila hadn’t started freaking out and wanted to remain calm for the other girl’s sake.

“What? My dildo?” Tamera asked pointing to the large toy that was almost fully encased in her pussy. Lila shook her head and pointed to what she was referring to.

“Well that too, but I meant that.” Tamera raised her eyebrows in confusion. She knew Lila came from a sheltered life but did she really not know what a clit was?

“That’s my clit.” She answered. “Have you never played with yours?”

Lila’s silence answered the question. The redhead had never thought to touch herself down there aside from wiping when she used the restroom. Was this something her mom forgot to tell her about?

Tamera decided to turn this into a teachable moment. “The clit is the most sensitive part on a woman’s body and when it’s rubbed during sex it brings the woman unimaginable pleasure.” She spoke as if lecturing to a full class. The new information was blowing Lila’s mind.

“And the dil-do?” The new word was strange coming out of Lila’s mouth.

“Dildos are basically like portable penises for when you want to masturbate -or play with yourself,” Tamera stated matter of factly.

Lila had no idea that she could make herself feel good in that way. Maybe her mother hadn’t known either. This seemed like important information that she would need to know. How could she please her future husband if she couldn’t please herself first? Her voice shook as she asked Tamera the question that would change their relationship forever.

“Can you teach me?”

Tamera nearly came right there. Her eyes bulged out of her head. Surely this wasn’t her prim and proper roommate asking about dildos and wanting to know about masturbating. Maybe this was all a dream. No. Not even Tamera’s dreams were this strange. It wouldn’t be right to take advantage of the naïve girl. Shutting Lila down would be the right thing to do, but the thought had her nipples tightening and pussy dripping. Horniness was the only sane reason for her response.

“Yeah, girls are supposed to help each other out.” Tamera smiled at her, making the girl relax a bit in relief.

“As I said before, touching the clit is what’s going to always make you feel good.” Tamera spread her legs further apart so she could get a better look. The girl leaned in to make sure she didn’t miss a thing. She was so close that she could smell the heady musk coming from Tamera’s nether regions.

“Since you’ve never felt one, touch my clit so you can get a feel for things,” Tamera said confidently as if this wasn’t completely self-serving on her part.

Lila hesitated. She grew up being taught that these acts should only happen once she was married, but this was different. Tamera was another woman, not a man. And the girl made it sound like girls teaching each other these things was normal in the city. Her small town was usually pretty behind on the trends.

Lila raised her hand. Uncertainly, she pressed down on the bundle of nerves. Tamera’s hips bucked up at the contact, scaring Lila and making her pull away. Tamera grabbed onto her wrist.

“I- I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Lila stammered.

Tamera rubbed her wrist and tried to calm her down. “No, you didn’t hurt me.” She used her most soothing voice. “Your hands were just a bit cold and I wasn’t expecting it. Let’s try again.”

Still holding on to Lila’s hand, Tamera guided her back to the spot between her legs. Tamera folded the girl’s hand so that her pinkie and thumb were tucked in and her 3 middle fingers were together.

“Like this. Now you can rub in a circular motion or back and forth, but first, you want to get your fingers nice and slick.” Tamera guided the girl’s hand to her mouth and looked into her eyes while sucking on Lila’s fingers. The redhead wasn’t prepared for how this would make her feel. Tamera swirled her tongue around Lila’s fingers like they were a lollipop. She pulled them out and the girl’s spit covered the fingers.

“See,” Tamera smiled. “Nice and wet. Now give it a try.” Lila’s fingers weren’t the only part of her that was wet.

Once again, Lila reached for the other girl. This time she didn’t pull away when she touched Tamera’s clit. Slowly, she began moving her fingers in light circles around the organ.

“Mmm. Like that.” Tamera moaned encouragingly, kaçak bahis closing her eyes.

Lila got more confident the longer she stroked the girl. She gradually sped up her movements and watched in fascination how her actions affected Tamera. Speeding up or slowing down would have Tamera moaning and groaning under her. She kept raising her hips to meet the hand.

“Harder. Faster,” She would command Lila. While Lila rubbed away, Tamera grabbed onto both of her nipples to increase the pleasure.

“Why are you touching your breasts?” Lila asked, slowing down her motions. She began petting the girl’s clit and pubic hair. They really were as soft as they looked.

“There are different erogenous zones around the body that increase your pleasure and make you feel better. Go back to my clit.” Lila began rubbing her left to right this time.

“The nipples and areolas are each zones.” She informed the redhead. All of Tamera’s writhing caused the dildo to slip out of her pussy.

“Another way to feel good is by putting things in your pussy, like a dildo, or your fingers or anything really,” Tamera explained. Lila stopped her ministrations much to Tamera’s chagrin.

“Put something…up my vagina?” Lila eyed the dildo, seriously doubting that something like that could fit in her without hurting.

“Ugh. You sound so clinical. Yes, put things up your pussy.” Tamera emphasized.

“Won’t it hurt? Will it fit in my…pussy?” The word sounded so dirty to Lila, but she did acknowledge that Tamera’s fluff reminded her of a kitty. She had her own hairless cat underneath her underwear.

“It only hurts women the first time. After that, it feels amazing. Start with fingers.” The darker girl clarified.

Lila stuck her pointer and middle fingers inside the snatch. She wiggled her fingers around in the warm and slippery crevice. “Now your partner can stick those fingers in and use the thumb to rub on the clit while you’re thrusting in and out,” Tamera explained. Lila followed the instructions. She noticed that Tamera said ‘partner,’ not husband.

“This doesn’t make me a lesbian right?” Lila wanted it to be clear that she was not attracted to women. This was all for educational purposes.

“Not at all!” Tamera agreed. “Strictly for learning how you want your husband to treat you.

Assured that everything was alright, Lila went back to pumping her fingers in Tamara eagerly. The other girl was once again yanking on her breasts and meeting Lila’s thrusts pound for pound. Lila grunted and moaned. Her face scrunched up in nirvana. The girl seemed to be going wild!

“You wanted to see how a dildo fits,” Tamera struggled to speak around her moans. “Shove it in!” She ordered. Lila needed no further prompting. She quickly replaced her fingers with the toy and pounded away relentlessly. Without being told, she licked the fingers on her other hand and rubbed away at Tamera’s clit while she plunged the toy in and out.

“I can’t forget about the clit!” Lila reminded herself aloud. Tamera moaned in agreement. Lila couldn’t believe the power she wielded over the other girl. The redhead thrust and rubbed with relentless vigor. Tamera mewled and whimpered.

“Please!” She begged the redhead.

“What do I do?” Lila asked, wanting to do her best.

“Don’t…stop.” Tamera managed to get the words out around her moans. With that encouragement Lila went into overdrive, rubbing the clit raw and pounding with reckless abandon. Tamera’s moans built to a crescendo. Lila had found her g-spot. Tamera’s left hand continued twisting her nipple and the right clutched the sheets at her side. Her pussy clenched around the dildo and her back arched off the bed. Lila watched as the other girl fell over the edge and wasn’t sure whether to stop or not. She kept going. Tamera was soon yelling out as a second orgasm overcame her.

“Stop!” She commanded Lila. The redhead pulled the dildo out and stopped touching the clit that was now an angry red color.

Lila gave Tamera a minute as the other girl was clearly trying to catch her breath. Her chest fell up and down and her hair spread around her head in a tangled mess. The sheets below her ass were soaked.

“Did I…do okay?” Lila asked timidly. Tamera must have bumped her laptop because before she could answer, the sounds of moans sprang up from the porno. Lila looked on in wonder as the two women licked each other’s pussies.

Tamera smiled as she thought about another lesson Lila should learn.


Thanks for reading! I decided to give writing a shot. This is my first erotica, so let me know how it was. Wondering if I should continue this or not. Comment and give me your thoughts!

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