Talking with Dad

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I had been thinking about my vibrator the whole drive home, but I saw that my Dad’s light was on when I came into the house. Mom was away visiting her sister that weekend, and he’d seemed lonely, so I stopped in to chat. He was sitting in bed reading, and I sat down on the foot of his bed.

“You’re back home late. What did you do tonight?” he asked.

“I was over at Jessica’s house, with Stacey and Julie. We were watching movies. Jess leaves for college next week and we wanted to get together before she goes.”

“What did you watch? Anything good?”

Did I really want to answer? Would Dad get mad? Or would he think it was cool? Or funny?

“We started by watching Clueless…”

“You saw that before. I know you liked it. Anything else?” Nose still in his book.

This was going to be my chance. I could just tell him that and not much more.

“Well, Julie brought a porn DVD and we watched that, too.”

He looked up then. “Really? What did you think?”

I didn’t want to tell him I’d watched his porn tapes before. “Um… Interesting?”

He laughed. “Just interesting? What happened in it?”

I blushed. “Well, it started with these two girls — one blonde and one brunette, of course — in their robes talking about missing their boyfriends. Then the brunette started to stroke the blonde’s breasts, and they started kissing, and… “

My dad was now really interested. “And?”

“And then she started to rub blonde’s clit.”

“Did you like watching it?”

“Um, yeah. It was hot.”

“What else happened?” Now my dad looked pretty intense, and his hand had dropped under the covers.

“Well, both of them had dropped their robes and the blonde was licking and sucking the brunette’s pussy. Oh, Dad, I shouldn’t be telling you about this…”

“Why not? It’s not as if I don’t muff dive.”

Maybe because the action on the screen was only a small part of it, and I just didn’t want to go there with him.

“Ok. Well, when she went down on her, Julie gasped. She hadn’t even seen something like that before, and didn’t know what it was about. She’s still a virgin.”

“And the rest of you?”

I giggled at the thought of it. “The rest of us already had at least two fingers in our pussies. Julie was probably the only one who was paying full attention.”

“Did she like what she was seeing?”

“She was curious. But that was nothing compared to how she reacted when she saw that all our hands were in our parents. She knew what we were doing, of course, and had been wanting to do the same thing, but couldn’t believe we were all doing it right there.”

“What did she say?” Now he was really interested. I knew just from his looks that he always thought Julie was hot. I could see his hand below the blanket was moving around.

“She was speechless and, before she was ready to say something, a guy came onto the screen. He watched the blonde eat out the brunette for a minute then pulled out his cock and shoved it into the blonde’s pussy from behind. When that 9 inch cock came out, Julie shouted “Oh fuck it! Oh fuck me!” And she gave in, too. But her pants were too tight to get her hand into, so she bostancı escort bayan unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down to her knees, and started rubbing her clit like nobody’s business.”

Why was I telling my Dad this? I’ve thought he was sexy as long as I knew what that meant, but did I really want to tell him this? But he was really getting into it — starting to bump and grind beneath the covers and all.

“Once she had her pants down, the rest of us didn’t wait to get ours off. Jessica and Stacie were on the couch and Julie and I were on the floor, and all of us humping our hands, watching this huge cock go in and out of the blonde on the DVD. Then he pulled it out, stuck his fingers in her pussy, get them nice and juicy, and slowly rubbed her juices all over his cock and her asshole. Once it was lubed, he plunged it into her asshole. Stacey moaned as if it were her own ass.”

Now Dad wasn’t hiding it anymore. I was sitting on his bed, a couple of inches from him, and he was jacking off under the covers. And I so wanted something he could give me. So I slid my hands under the covers and started to stroke his knee, to see how he’d react. He stopped for a second, then kept going, but slower, so I slowly started to move my hand up his leg.

“When Stacey moaned, I looked over. She wasn’t screaming because of what was on the TV. Jess had started to eat her out. She was hanging over the edge of the couch, and Jess had her mouth all over Stacey’s pussy, her left hand squeezing her nipple, and two fingers inside Stacey’s asshole. Stacey was rocking, and shaking, and just moaning out of control.”

My hand was now on Dad’s cock. It was hard, and long, and thick. I’d never seen him hard, but I’d known he was big before. He gasped and let go, and I moved my hand up and down the shaft, slowing down the action from his strokes.

“Julie saw the same thing I saw and we started to kiss. She may be a virgin, but she knows how to kiss. And she wasn’t shy about getting the rest of her clothes or my clothes off. I’d never kissed a girls breasts before, but, Dad, it was great. I licked her nipple with my tongue and she moaned and swayed when I did.”

I stopped talking for a second and gently licked the head of my Dad’s cock. He had a little bit of pre-cum leaking out and I savored the salty taste. His eyes were closed and he was practically panting.

“I lay her down on the floor and slid my tongue down her chest, across her belly, and right into her slit. She was dripping and she tasted sweet. It was the first time I’d ever tasted another girl and I love the way she tasted. I started licking her fast and rubbing her clit with my finger.”

I gave the head of dad’s cock a suck and started to circle on finger around his asshole. I knew he didn’t have much time left.

“Then she pried my legs apart and started eating me while I was eating her. Oh! My! God! I’ve had guys go down on me, but it wasn’t the same. Every touch of her tongue was amazing. She knew what to do and didn’t rush the job.”

Dad smiled and choked out “You haven’t … had me … go down on you … yet…”

With my hand going up and down the shaft of his ümraniye escort cock, I started to suck the head. Alternating hard, then gentle, then hard again, I could feel him trembling in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head for a little while longer and knew I was driving him crazy.

Dad started pumping his hips up and down. His cock was now going in and out of my mouth. I’d given blow jobs before, but not with such a big cock, and I’d never deep-throated anyone before. But it was the natural thing to do and he loved it.

Then I got my hand around the base of his shaft, put my lips at the tip, and starting rubbing and sucking again. He moaned again, he screamed, his legs thrashed, and I felt the warm, salty explosion pouring into my mouth. I let only a little of his flood of cum drip out from between my lips as I sucked him dry.

Dad just lay there, a little shocked and totally wiped out, before sitting up, kissing me on the lips, and unbuttoning my shirt. Before I knew it, and without saying a word, he was sucking on my right nipple and rubbing the left. His tongue circled around my breast and I just wanted him to keep going.

He looked up at me with a grin and asked “What happened then?”

“Julie and I were 69ing each other, Jess and Stacie were doing the same thing on the couch, I was about to come, and then we heard the garage door opening.”

Dad’s hand had now slid into my jeans and he was rubbing my clit.

“We stopped what we were doing right away, got into our clothes, and had gotten the porn disc out of the DVD player and put Clueless back on just as her folks walked into the room.”

“That doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun.” He pushed me back on the bed and opened the buttons on my jeans. Two fingers on his hand were going in and out of me quickly and I started thrusting my hips into him.

“It wasn’t. I think Jess’s mom knew that something was up and wanted to leave us alone, but her dad sat down and finished the movie with us.”

“Jim’s an idiot. And a dirty old man.” He laughed and slid his tongue down my stomach. He gently flicked his tongue on my clit while pumping his fingers going in and out of my pussy. I was starting to shake and moan and thrust my pussy into his face.

He took the hint and started licking hard. I was so hot and so primed by everything that had happened, let along the thought of my dad going down on me, that I took about three seconds before I gasped and the waves of an orgasm started washing over me. I locked my legs around his head and pressed his face onto my clit. I was moaning and rocking and thrusting into his face for a minute or two before I relaxed a little.

Dad pulled back for a second and looked over me. “That looked like fun, but you deserve a little more.” Two of his fingers were still inside of me, moving gently now. He slid down further and gently licked the back of my knees. It tickled.

He reached over and grabbed one of his pillows and put it under my butt, then started licking my thighs, while still moving his fingers around inside me. I started feeling like my stomach was hot and melting all over again.

After a couple of minutes of kissing escort kartal my thighs, he pulled his fingers out of me and stuck his tongue into my pussy. Then his hand circled around to my belly and started rubbing my clit from just above it. I’d never felt such intense focus from someone else on bringing me to orgasm.

I was rocking, shaking, and biting my lips. I spread my legs as wide as I could, grabbed my father by his hair and shoved his face even harder into my pussy. He was gasping for air but kept licking at my clit. I was almost about to climax again when he pulled his tongue out and flicked it into my ass crack for a second while still still rubbing my clit with his hand. I screamed as the next waves of orgasm spread all over me.

While I cooled down, he kept tickling my thighs and ass with his tongue and gently stroking my clit with his fingers. When I stopped thrashing, he grabbed a deep breath and then took my clit between his lips. He started rolling it between his lips, tickling me with his tongue, and sucking like I’d never been sucked before. I was writhing and moaning again.

His hand snaked up my chest and started caressing my left breast and pinching the nipple. Two fingers of his other hand went into my aching-to-be-filled cunt and started going in and out, faster and faster. He sucked and licked, pinched and rubbed, and rammed me with his fingers.

I screamed. I thrashed. I was drenched with sweat and having the most amazing climax of my life. It went on for minutes before I could focus again on anything but the sensations my dad was creating.

I lay on the bed gasping for air, cooling down, and feeling him gently lick my pussy while his hands ran over me. He looked up from licking me and asked “So? Did I rush too much?”

I laughed. “No, that was perfect.”

“Your mom likes it that way, too. But there’s something she hasn’t wanted to do yet.”

“Oh…” I said, still not really able to move. I knew what he was going to do — I was nervous and excited.

Dad didn’t say anything, but he went over to the drawer in his nightstand and grabbed some vaseline. Needless to say his cock was fully erect and he slathered it with the vaseline. He rolled me over on to my stomach and started rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. That felt like some fake fucking I’d done with guys from school while I was still a virgin — exciting for me, but mostly about feeling a cock against me and not what it was doing for me.

“I’m going to go real slow now…” he said as the head of his cock penetrate my asshole. I felt it slide and almost rip me in two, then slide back a little bit and then go in a little deeper. Dad reached around and started stroking my clit while pushing into my ass. His other hand was circling my nipples. He kept going in and out, in and out, a little deeper with each stroke, until I felt him pressed up against me.

The pain was intense, but so was the pleasure. I was crying but never felt so good. My ass was on fire, my pussy was dripping, and I was on the verge of the greatest orgasm of my life.

I was thrusting my butt into him as hard as I could when he started to moan and I started to scream. I felt his load shoot up my ass and Dad and I came at the same time.

We just lay there for a while with his cock inside my ass until he pulled out, rolled me over, and kissed me. We went to sleep like that, with me dreaming of what else we could do before mom got back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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