Tales of Altanos 01: Kira’s Submission

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Mathew Carpenter was eighteen and it showed, his face looked more like a boy’s than a man’s and his dark blonde beard was about as thin as a layer of polish on a beggar’s shoe. His eyes though, shone like two blue diamonds and he had a way about him that spoke of age and experience in a way that made him seem far older and more worldly than many men twice his age. His reputation in the island city of Altanos was that of a fighter, a gambler and perhaps most important of all, a seducer. Mathew Carpenter saw most women and certain men as sexual conquests and was known for his lecherous ways amongst the women of Altanos. He knew he had an edge on most men who sought the attention of the fairer sex and that it wasn’t just his boyish good looks but his reputation as well, the women he seduced seemed even more drawn to him when they heard of his scoundrel’s ways. The ones he didn’t seduce, well, they didn’t matter so much anyway.

Mathew was walking down Illmaster Street as a light rain fell, headed to a late night gambling den to spend some of the hard earned money he’d made from a daredevil’s heist last night with a friend named Eric DeVreer. It was then that he saw one of his old playmates walking down the street towards him.

“Caroline,” he called out to her as she walked towards him, arm and arm with a friend of hers. In truth, Caroline Tarsier was more than just a playmate; she had fallen hopelessly in love with him after he had professed his love for her on a moonlit jounrey down The Lover’s Canal and Caroline had been pining for him ever since. Unfortunately for Caroline, Mathew had been distracted, mostly with work and sometimes with other women but he was a man who could not bear to be held down and he had told her so.

It appeared that she had gotten over the decline of their dalliance and was enjoying her night out with a friend; so Mathew decided that now would be a good a time as any to try to seduce her once more and get her back into his bed.

“Mathew Carpenter, you honorless scoundrel,” she shouted to him as he walked towards her.

“Honorless scoundrel,” Mathew asked in shock, “why Caroline I don’t think that’s warranted, we were hardly lovers engaged to marry and I’ve wanted to see you these past few weeks but I’ve simply been too busy with my work to be visiting lovers and spending time with love-struck women.

“Too busy, it’s been far more than a few weeks and you’re nothing more than a common thief. How dare you disgrace my sister with these spurious excuses of being too busy,” she said to him.

“Excuses? Sister?” Mathew said before being cut off once again by his unexpectedly vociferous conversation partner.

“Yes, Mathew,” she said as she walked towards him, unhooking her arm from her friend who was now giving Mathew a disapproving glance.

It was then that Mathew realized he was not speaking to Caroline at all but her younger siste. Kira Tarsier had recently turned eighteen and was equally as beautiful as Caroline but had a far more fiery way to her by the looks of things. She was a good six inches shorter than Mathew and short for a woman but her dark skin and fine features drew him to her, to say nothing of her large breasts and full figure. Like most natives to Altanos, she had dark hair and brown eyes but Kira stood out thanks to a sensual beauty that was enough to make any man grow hard. Mathew approached her with hands out preparing to say something charming when the woman stepped forward and slapped him across the face.

“Gods Kira, I don’t think that was necessary,” he said.

“Not necessary,” she shouted, “you broke my sisters heart and now you complain about a slap on the face, you have no right calling yourself a gentleman.”

“I never did,” said Mathew in exasperation.

“You there,” shouted a male voice not far off. Mathew turned to his left to see a night guardsman standing under the eve of a merchant’s house. “Get yer shoutin match off the streets, can’t ye tell that people be sleepin ’round here. It be no place for a lover’s quarrel anyway,” the guardsman said.

“We’re not lovers,” Kira shouted at the man.

“Well get yerselves home anyway, this ain’t the time for proper ladies to be out an about, walkin the streets with random men so why don’t ye get home an leave me in bloody peace,” the guardsman told her.

“What a lout,” Kira said under her breath.

“Kira my dear, allow me a moment to explain,” Mathew told her while she swore under her breath.

“No, you don’t get a moment to explain, you broke my sister’s heart,” she retorted.

“It’s not like that, why don’t we go over to your place right now, I’ll show her how much I love her, I’ve just been busy with work. I was out of Altanos,” Mathew said, struggling to make up something convincing. “Aboard a ship, pursuing a spice trader who conned my friend and I out of our pay. We had to chase him and it took weeks,” Mathew exclaimed.

“A likely story,” Kira retorted.

“No!” Mathew told her, “Now listen güvenilir bahis Kira, if you don’t give me a chance then I won’t go to sleep feeling guilty tonight but if you do then you’ll have done your sister a good deed. Let’s go to your apartment, I’ll escort you and she’ll be thanking you in the morning.”

“You just want to get into her knickers,” Kira replied.

Mathew could see the ghost of a smile forming on her lips and he knew that with a little more work he’d have her. “Kira, I can’t very well get into her knickers if I don’t earn her forgiveness, now can I,” he said.

“Oh all right, let’s go then,” she replied.

“Kira, are you just going to take this man back to your home,” her friend asked.

“It’s fine Jeanette, I can take care of myself. Besides, Mathew isn’t that tough,” Kira told her.

“Alright,” Jeanette said with stiff reluctance, “but you had better behave,” she warned, gesturing towards Mathew.

“Madam, I shall be at my finest behavior,” Mathew replied.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Jeanette mumbled as she turned and began walking the way the two women had headed earlier. “Fine evening, Kira.”

“You too Jeanette,” Kira replied before looking to Mathew.

“Now, shall we my lady Kira,” Mathew asked, holding out his hand to her.

Kira giggled at the mock formality and took Mathew’s hand and began leading him down the street towards the house Kira and her sister shared. “Don’t get any ideas with me, Lord Mathew,” she said humorlessly as they walked, “I’m not as easy as my sister.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t imagine you are, which is not to say that your sister was easy Kira, just adventurous,” Mathew said with a mischievous wink.

“Oh Gods, what have I gotten myself into now,” Kira asked herself as they walked.

Nothing that a good fucking won’t get you out of my dear, Mathew thought as he followed her lead, planning all the way how to get her into her bed and have his way with her.

The two had soon walked the entire way to the small house that Kira and Caroline shared while passing Mathew’s now empty flask of brandy back and forth. Mathew was quite surprised at how freely Kira had been with him as they talked. Once Kira had had a few pulls from Mathew’s flasks she began talking quite openly about her sister’s sexual exploits. It seemed that the woman had had quite a few playmates since he’d stopped seeing her and that she was quite a bit more adventurous now than she was when Mathew first took interest in her. Any guilt that he’d felt for Caroline Tarsier had vanished with each new story of her sexual adventures over the past few weeks.

“You know, it wasn’t that your sister was easy,” Mathew said as he took his now empty flask from Kira, “it’s just that she happens to love men with large cocks and she heard the stories about me and wanted to find out if they were true.”

“Oh Gods, did you really just say that,” Kira asked. “Was that supposed to get me excited Mathew,” she said as she turned toward him, smiling wickedly.

“Not at all, it’s just a statement of truth Kira, I happen to be well hung, not to mention a fine lover compared to most of the men in Altanos, if you must know,” Mathew told her with a grin.

“Mathew you have to be joking yourself if you think that that’s going to get you under my skirt,” she told him.

“I’m not joking Kira, it’s just the truth,” he said with a carefree tone in his voice that said that he believed it.

“Oh come now, surely you don’t expect me to believe that do you,” Kira asked.

Not at all, in fact I would much rather prove it to you if anything Kira,” he replied.

“Gods, you are bad Mathew,” she said, looking at him and giggling as she fell backwards into her front door.

“Careful there, I might have to escort you inside if you keep stumbling like that, to make sure that you get to your bed safely of course,” Mathew told her.

“Oh,” she said giggling, “and what would you do with me there,” she asked.

“Take advantage of you perhaps,” he said coming towards her, “maybe show you what a great lover I am.”

“Oh really, would you,” she said with a girlish smile on her face.

“Oh, absolutely,” he whispered as he stepped even closer to her, letting her feel his breath on her neck and his chest against her breasts without taking his eyes from hers, even for a moment. Kira returned Mathew’s gaze as his body pressed up to hers and the look of arousal and excitement on her face showed she wanted to go further. He took no time to hesitate and brought his lips to hers, reveling in the softness of her mouth against his.

“Mmmm,” Kira moaned into Mathew’s mouth as her lips opened for him, allowing his tongue to dart in and intertwine with her own.

Mathew’s hands roamed over Kira’s body as they kissed each other outside her door and her moaning began to grow more intense. “Kira, let’s go inside,” Mathew told her, “I want to show you I was right about being a good lover.” His hand ran down to her pussy as türkçe bahis he spoke the words and he rubbed her mound through her dress while looking into her eyes, seeing the desire rise in her as he did.

“Oh gods, Mathew,” she said breathlessly, “We can’t let Caroline know about this,” Kira whispered mischievously as she nodded her head.

“Oh don’t worry, I wont tell your sister a thing,” he said as he continued rubbing her pussy through her dress.

“Good,” Kira said, giggling as she turned away from him and pulled a key from between her breasts before opening the door to her house. She turned to Mathew as she stepped inside and gestured for him to follow her with a look of excitement on her face. The two of them snuck to her room, which was thankfully on the other side of the small abode’s as Caroline’s.

“You can’t tell my sister that I’m about to fuck you, I don’t want her to know that we’ve shared the same cock, Mathew” Kira said, grinning as she opened the door and walked in before turning to face him. He stepped through the door and Kira immediately began kissing him as he closed it behind him. Their lips met in a fury of passion and his hands went to her body, feeling the fabric of her dress cling to her hot skin. He ran his hands down to the slopes of her ass and felt her wide hips beneath his palms; he loved the feel of her full body against his and felt his cock begin to stiffen as he squeezed her ass cheeks in each hand.

Kira moaned into his mouth as he squeezed her ass and said “yes, squeeze my ass Mathew, I love having it squeezed and spanked.”

“Is that so?” Mathew had said before she brought her mouth back to his and eagerly slid her tongue past his lips. He imagined what it would be like to have that tongue tease his cock and the thought made him grow harder still. Mathew broke the kiss and said, “So you’re a naughty girl who needs to be punished then,” hoping that Kira would love dirty talk as much as her sister did and that she too craved to submit.

“Oh yes, that’s right, I’m a naughty girl and I need to be punished,” Kira said, a look of pure lust filling her eyes. Mathew squeezed her ass cheeks even harder, pleased to hear her moan with pleasure as he did so. He kissed her again and ran one hand up her soft stomach and under her breast, gently cupping the soft mound that more than filled his hand. As he did so, Kira’s hands roamed over Mathew’s body as well, almost cutting into his skin with her nails as she ran them down the length of his chest and eventually down to his hardening cock. “God, Mathew,” Kira said, her lips barely leaving his, “your cock feels so good in my hands.” She began to stroke it through his pants and he could tell how much it turned her on to feel him get harder in her hands. He squeezed her breast as his tongue lashed over hers and felt himself grow fully erect, his cock pulsing as she stroked it. Slowly, he tweaked her nipple and felt her knees buckle slightly as he did. Kira moaned loudly, showing how much she enjoyed the pain and pleasure of Mathew’s touch and he brought his other hand up from her ass to the strap of her dress to brush it off her shoulder before doing the same to the other.

Kira broke their kiss and looked into Mathew’s eyes before stepping away from him, he was unsure if he had gone too far or if she just wanted to take a moment to reconsider before going any further. As she stared into his eyes with abandon and dropped her dress to the floor, he knew the answer. He stepped towards her without hesitation, spurred on by the fact that he saw she had worn neither bra nor panties despite the chill of the night. “No Mathew,” she said, surprising him utterly before adding, “I want you to take your clothes off for me before we have sex, show me your beautiful body so I can see it all. I’m going to lick and caress every inch of you when I take you to my bed and I want to see you completely naked before I make love to you.”

Mathew wasn’t used to women taking control like that and he was so overcome with lust for her that he almost disregarded her wishes and threw her to the bed right then but he realized that giving her what she wanted would be pleasurable for both her and him and took delight in the thought of stripping for her. Resolving to give her the show that she wished to see, Mathew slowly undid the buttons of his shirt, opening it for her just enough to give her a clear view of the hardened chest which she had scratched just moments ago. Kira stared with lust as Mathew took of the garment for her and dropped it to the ground. Her desire to cover his body with her lips and feel her tongue running down it grew with every move he made. He felt his cock surge against his zipper as he undid his belt buckle and pushed it down, taking his trousers with it. He was not wearing underwear and as he barred himself to her, his cock sprang up, pointing directly towards her mound and dripping with precum. Kira gasped and stared wantonly at Mathew’s throbbing erection as he kicked off güvenilir bahis siteleri his boots and then gave her a wicked grin before bowing slightly and saying, “Is this what you wanted my lady?”

“Yes,” she said, almost breathless, “yes. It’s what I wanted Mathew, I want you so bad.” With that, Mathew walked over to her and wrapped his hands around her, reveling in the feeling of her naked body pressed against his. Her soft, ample breasts crushed against his chest and his hard cock throbbing into her stomach, making them both wish to feel it slide inside her. He ran his hands down to her ass once more, wanting to feel it beneath his hands now that she was fully naked. Her soft skin and round cheeks were almost too much for him, the pleasure that surged through him as he felt her naked ass was magnificent and he knew that she felt the same way, for she moaned even louder as she kissed him in ecstasy. “Gods yes Mathew, I want you so bad” she said as her hands went back down to his hard cock and felt it naked in her hands this time, “oh Gods I want you in me.” She twisted her fingers around his cock using the precum that flowed from his tip as lubricant before she spat into her palm and fell to her knees before him. Her fingers wrapped around him once again and this time began stroking him with an expert motion that made his cock pulse and twitch as a warm feeling of pleasure spread all over his body.

“Oh yes Kira, that’s it my love, stroke my hard cock for me.” He said to her as he looked down at the sable curls that adorned her head before staring deep into her beautiful dark eyes as she looked up at him. “Stroke it for me, then take it in your mouth, I want to feel your lips wrap around it.”

“Oh yes, tell me what to do. I love it when a man takes control and tells me what to do,” Kira said as she eagerly stroked Mathew’s cock, hands running up and down it with greater speed than before.

“Mmm,” he moaned, “You like being used like a slut, don’t you Kira,” he asked as she stroked his cock.

“Yes, use me like I’m your slave, I want you to fuck my body like it belongs to you Mathew, treat me like I’m your whore and you’re my master,” Kira told him with passion as she looked directly into his eyes.

Mathew couldn’t believe what he was hearing, her words made him want to grab her by the hair and start fucking her face as the expression of her desire sprang from her lips. He almost shot his load into her mouth right then as she kissed the head of his cock and began running her tongue all over its tip. His face lifted up towards the ceiling and he moaned in ecstasy, almost shouting his joy at the heavens above. He looked back down and saw her head bobbing up and down the length of his cock and he ran his hands through her hair and heard her moan as he did so.

“That’s right,” he said, “suck your masters cock. Take it all the way down your dirty little throat.” She began sucking him faster and he knew she loved ever word he was saying. “Suck that cock like the good little slut that you are Kira, you know you like getting used and fucked like a whore,” Mathew told her as she brought her lips down to the base of his cock and moaned around it as if she were about to cum from him filling her mouth and talking dirty to her at the same time. Mathew watched her lips slide up and down his shaft, coating it with her saliva and bringing him greater pleasure with every motion of her mouth. He stared into Kira’s eyes as she looked up at him, cock still filling her mouth, and he savored her expression of ecstasy before placing both hands on the back of her head and beginning to fuck her mouth. She opened wider and let him thrust his cock deep into the back of her throat as he moaned with pleasure. Each stroke brought him closer to orgasm and the pleasure made him pull her hair even harder as he fucked her mouth with growing intensity.

Her saliva dripped down to the base of his cock and ran over his balls and he realized he wouldn’t last much longer if she kept this up. “It’s time I fucked your hot cunt Kira,” he said and she moaned in lust at those words. “Get up,” he commanded as he pulled her head back by her hair and took his cock from her mouth, “get on the bed.”

“Yes master,” she said meekly before quickly walking over to the bed and laying on it face down. Mathew followed and got on top of her before pinning her wrists down with his left hand and spanking her smooth, round ass with his right. “Oh god,” she cried loudly as his hand slammed down on her dark skin. It appeared Kira had taken to tanning in the nude, just like her sister. Mathew spanked her a second time and Kira cried “oh yes, give it to me.”

“Is that what you want Kira? You want your ass slapped like a naughty little whore,” he said, his voice taking on the commanding tone of a master as he spoke, already knowing the answer she would give.

“Oh yes, use me like I’m your whore,” she screamed as she struggled against the hand that was pinning her wrists against the bed. He brought his hand down a third time and the sound rang out as her ass shook from the power of his strike. Instead of pulling away from her beautiful ass, Mathew forced his hand between her legs so that he could feel her pussy.

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