Tales of a Lesbian Air Hostess Ch. 01

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As I wrapped my fingers around my suitcase and tapped my heels down the never-ending corridors, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the windows. I’ve been an air hostess for over ten years, but I still wore my uniform with pride as if it was my first day.

The dark, sleek pencil skirt rose up slightly above my knees and hugged me tightly around my waist. My blazer was always ironed to perfection and snug around my breasts, giving me a sweet hourglass figure. Then my own little twist, I parted my hair in the middle and pulled it back into a tight low bun to expose my neck and my latest necklace. Paired up with a set of earrings, mascara and dark red lipstick. Lastly, a pair of black heels bring the look together, making my legs look lean and toned.

I kept on marching down through the corridors, making my way through the chaos that airports thrived upon. You could see so many different emotions. Some passengers looking like they’re going to burst with joy, others crying before leaving their loved ones, and others just looking utterly confused. Those confused faces are exactly what I wanted to avoid.

After spending a solid day tending to peoples needs and questions, I couldn’t be arsed to spend another minute explaining anything. So I quickened my steps, pushed my head down and hoped for the best.

I was over the honeymoon phase of being a hostess, nowadays I had no intention of sightseeing or visiting the cities that I’d land in. Instead, I fell into a pretty cushy routine where I would check into the nearest airport hotel. Take a nice hot shower, have dinner at the hotel bar, order myself a glass of gin and head back up to my room to watch a movie.

A familiar voice drifted my way, “Hey Charlotte! Pleasure to see you again. I’ve booked you one of our best rooms as always. Here’s your card” he chuckled.

“Thank you, Brian, you always treat me so well. I’ll have to repay the favour someday.” I said, smiling as I walked over to the elevator.

Brian was a handsome guy who worked at the reception desk. He had thick brown hair and a perfect jawline. His chest was buffed up a little, and his arms pressed against his suit. But he wasn’t really my type. I liked my plus ones a bit more feminine. Curvy around the hips, long hair, and plump lips. I was attracted to girls. Femme lesbians to be more specific, but it seemed like Brian didn’t really catch my vibe. In his defense, I never brought it up, and I didn’t have any pictures on my social media that would hint that either.

I’ve had a few girlfriends over the past years, but never anything serious. Between my travels and my sturdy personality, it was quite hard to maintain a good connection with anyone. And now at 35 years, I was done trying to find the one, if she comes, then I’ll welcome her with open arms, but until then I’ll be enjoying my best single life.

The elevator doors opened, and I walked in, looking at my room key with the number 6119 plastered over it. But just as I reached out to press the 6th-floor button, someone pushed their hands in to stop the doors from closing.

“Sorry for that, but these elevators take forever to come back down,” the soft sound of her voice vibrated against the glossy elevator walls filling up the space. Her face shined with a rosy shade over her cheeks and nose, probably from the cold outside.

“No worries at all, I completely understand what you mean,” I breathed out with a warm smile.

Her delicate hands reached out for the buttons pressing the 7th floor, before quickly hiding back into her pockets. For a second, our gaze met each other, and I kurtköy escort found myself encapsulated by her beauty.

She had bright green eyes blazed with delight, and a soft pair of lips swollen just enough to tempt anyone to kiss them. She was almost my height, which wasn’t that common, given that I was close to 6 feet tall.

“I think this is your floor?” she asked merrily.

I looked at the doors that had probably been open for a few seconds, nodded and walked out of the elevator. I didn’t look back, but I was hoping that she was still looking at me stride down the hallway to my room. And by the time I reached my room, I was giggling like a teenage girl who’s just seen her crush. Not sure if they had a moment, or if it was only in her head.

You see that’s one of the downsides of liking femmes, you can never know for sure if they’re into girls or not. They just might be smiling at you to be polite, but there’s a 50% chance that they like you, you just never know.

I headed straight to the bathroom, stripped my uniform onto the ground and hopped into the shower. I stepped under the hot water, my mind drifting about my previous encounter. Wishing that I’d see her again. And if I did, oh if I did get the chance to see her again I’d definitely strike up a proper conversation. I was curious to pick her mind to see if her brains matched her beauty.

I was curious to see the supple flesh of her breasts and trail my fingertips over her nipples. Gently tugging at her swollen beads. Then I’d glide my hands down the side of her waist feeling the curves of her hips, and I’d end by cupping her round butt in the palms of my hands. Squeezing hard, digging into her juiciness, then I’d hover my hands down her front, lightly teasing her delicate folds, and exposing her swollen jewel.

The thought of having her that close to me was turning me on, I could feel my pussy starting to tingle, and the wetness that leaked from it was not showering water. I placed my fingers over my clit and began to swirl and stroke my aching bead, then I slid a finger in. Feeling the walls clench around my finger, pleading for more attention. I kept toying at my hole, stretching it and pounding my fingers deep inside, teasing my clit while still thinking about the girl in the elevator.

Anticipation was building up in my muscles as I felt an orgasm mounting to its peak, and finally, my body gave in. The walls of my sex opened up to waves of convulsions rippling through my core.

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath, trying to bring myself to reality. The warm water was still splashing against my bare skin, fogging up the glass doors and mirrors. I closed off the water tap and stepped out of the shower, hoping to get a breath of cool air.

As I wiped myself dry, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my face flush from the excitement, and my body still boiling from the heat. I shimmied up a pair of skinny jeans, and a white top grabbed my phone and headed down to the hotel bar.

I looked around and took a seat on the bench looking out of the window. I liked sitting there, it took away the loneliness of having to eat by myself. But not long after I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me, the same familiar softness that had previously spoke to me in the elevator.

“Do you mind if I join you?” she asked

“Oh, hey! It’s you again, no not at all. Please sit,” I replied, trying my best to keep a normal tone.

“I’m Gabriella by the way, but everyone calls me Gabby. Nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure to meet you levent escort too Gabby, I’m Charlotte. So I’m guessing you have a flight to catch tomorrow? It’s not really the type of hotel that people choose to get away to.”

“Yeah, I do actually. I’m pretty excited it’s going to be my first working flight, so I’ll get an early night today.”

“No way! I’m a hostess too. Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. I still remember my first flight, I was so nervous, my knees were shaking during the safety demonstration. So many things to remember, plus you’ve got to smile throughout the whole thing. It’s pretty tedious at first, but you’ll get it eventually.”

“I’ve been practising for so long, I think I’ll get that. I’m more worried about getting along with the rest of the crew.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. We’ve all been in your shoes, so most of us are super nice to the new girls.”

The time flew by, and we spent the rest of the night chatting away and laughing. I took a gin or two more than I had planned, and I could feel myself starting to loosen up a bit. I leaned in a bit closer as we spoke and occasionally placed my hand on her thigh just to test the waters. She didn’t so much as flinch when I touched her, she kept the conversation going as if everything was normal. So I took that as a sign that she might actually be interested in.

“It’s getting pretty late,” she interrupted, “maybe we could continue this upstairs.”

My chest filled up with excitement and energy.

This was precisely what I was hoping for all night. To get the chance to touch her skin and pull her close, so I simply nodded and stood up.

“Let’s go,” I said, showing off my best flirty face.

We walked up to the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed, she pushed me to the side, grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me. Her lips were rough and hungry at first, but she melted into a smooth flow. Teasing me with her tongue and gently biting onto my lower lip until the doors opened up again.

“My room is this way,” she whispered as she grabbed my hand to guide me down the hallway.

She buzzed her door open, and before I even had time to take of my shoes, she pinned me against the wall again. This time her hands were exploring a lot more than the back of my neck.

Gabby ran her fingertips down to my ass and grabbed it like she was desperate for more, pulling my hips closer to hers. I pushed her off slowly and moved away a stray lock of hair that had fallen in front of her face. Her gaze pierced through mine, and her lips were crying for attention, oblivious that I wanted her as much as she did.

“Come here.” I stated, pulling her onto the bed.

Some where in between the door and the bed we ended up getting intertwined into each other. A whole mix of tearing each other’s clothes, and pinning each other down. Finally, we were both down to our underwear, and I managed to pin her down. I straddled my thighs around Gabby’s waist, grabbed her arms and held them tightly above her head.

“I don’t want you to move. Stay as you are, otherwise, I’ll have to stop and start all over again.” I said under my breath.

She bit her lower lip and nodded in agreement as I watched her chest rise and fall with her breathing. I leaned down and brushed my lips against hers, then pressed them against the side of her neck, kissing and licking my way down until I met the fabric of her bra. The intricate lace laid softly on her skin, showing off her full breasts and hard nipples. I tugged her bra lightly, exposing her left nipple mahmutbey escort and toyed around it with my tongue, then moved onto the right nipple and continued the same technique. I reached out behind her back and unclasped her bra, revealing her gorgeous tits that radiated warmth onto my lips.

I continued to trail my biting, kissing and licking down her belly button, over her hips and onto her inner thighs. Then I grabbed both of her thighs and pulled her in closer to me, as I kissed her slit over her underwear.

“Stop there. It’s my turn now.” she claimed, as she ran her hands into the depths of my hair.

As much as I wanted to continue tasting her, I could feel myself getting wet, and my throbbing clit wanted attention. So I moved away slightly and allowed room for Gabby to come up to her knees where she traced her fingers down to my wet slit.

Gabby paused and turned away from me, walking to her luggage “I’ve got something that you’ll enjoy,” she said as she pulled out a black vibrator. “Lay down,” she demanded.

I’m usually the one who likes to take control of things, but something about her made me give in and go along. I fell back onto the bed, pulling my panties off and opening my legs to exposing the delicate nub in between my folds that so desperately wanted attention. She came by my side, turned on her vibrator and pressed up against the outside of my clit.

The vibrations ran in through my core, pulling up so much pleasure around my body.

“Hold it right here,” she said, then licked her finger and with one swift motion pushed it inside me. She leaned up close to my ear and hushed “I want you to hold the vibrator right there and cum around my fingers. I want to feel you squeeze tight around them.”

I couldn’t help it but gasp in excitement. Everything was coming along together so perfectly well. The vibrations hitting against my clit, and Gabby’s fingers curling up to stroke my g-spot. The constant swirling and stroking created a perfect harmony of satisfaction. I squeezed my eyes and my hips tensed up, as I reached even closer to climax. Until finally, I reached the peak of pleasure, my exhausted hips fell back, and my face turned into a warm smile. The vibrator was still on covered with my juices when Gabby grabbed it and pressed up against her jewel.

I turned around and slid my fingers inside her, feeling her warmth pulsating against me. I grabbed her hair with one hand and kissed her passionately like our breaths were one as I continued to thrust my fingers into her. Then I moved on to suck her aching nipples, curled up against my fingers towards her belly and watched as waves of release came over her. Listening to her moan with pleasure as she orgasmed.

We switched off the vibrator and wrapped our arms around each other, kissing, making out, giggling until we fell into a calm. Looking into her eyes and getting lost once again.

“I’d love to stay,” I said, “but I need to catch a flight in a few hours.”

“Yeah me too” she replied her eyes so sleepy, “What’s your phone number? I’d love to see you again.”

Gabby and I exchanged number, kissed one more time and than parted away.


The next day as I walked onto the plane, I was still thinking about Gabby, and how I wanted to see her again. But I needed to clear my mind for now and get to work before the passengers started arriving. So, I walked up to the cockpit to greet the pilots.

“Hi, morning! I’m Charlotte, I’ll be working with you today.”

“Hey Charlotte, great to work with you again. We’ve got a new co-pilot with us today, her name’s Gabby,” he replied while pointing behind me.

I turned around, my face washed with surprise and saw her standing there.

“Oh, we’ve already met sir.”

~ Ps. more stories will be coming up every week!

~ Love Nina Lessi xoxo

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