Taking Jenn’s Mom Ch. 03

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Okay, here’s a quick recap as some of the story got uploaded out of order.

Jenn – 18, and Nathan – 38, have acted on their lust and started a relationship. Nathan was a counselor at her group home so has crossed a professional boundary. He has lost his job because of this.

Jenn, a sultry, curvy, and needy BBW has gained weight and it is discovered that she is pregnant about a month into their affair. Her behavior has become slightly more unhinged leaving Nathan to question whether or not she is going to leave him.

Sandra, Jenn’s adoptive 42 year old hot mom, is a former BBW. She has come to town to ask Jenn about a possible sexual relationship she suspects Jenn was having with her adoptive father after finding some suggestive photos. Sandra also suspected Jenn has something going on with Nathan and in an act of revenge over what possibly happened between Jenn and her dad makes advances towards Nathan.

Sandra has not made it clear to Nathan that she knows about him and Jenn. Nathan has not told Sandra about Jenn, nor has he told Jenn about Sandra. After a weekend of wild sex, Sandra leaves for a two-week post-divorce celebration cruise. Just prior to her leaving on the cruise, Jenn reveals to Sandra (but not Nathan) that she is pregnant with Nathan’s child. She implores Sandra not to tell Nathan as she doesn’t want him to be mad. Sandra is saddened by this as she had hopes for her relationship with Nathan and was hoping Jenn and he were no more than a brief fling.

While she is gone, Nathan continues his relationship with Jenn. She has fetishized him as a father figure and has made more degrading requests like public urination in the park. She has also gained more weight with the combination of being pregnant and working at Wendy’s. In a moment of lucidity, Jenn enters the hospital as her behavior has become more erratic as a result of discontinuing her medication while pregnant. Prior to entering the hospital, she tells Nathan that she is pregnant with her child

Sandra returns from her cruise ten pounds heavier and resumes her relationship with Nathan. She is pleased that Jenn is in the hospital taking care of herself. After a “welcome home” round of sex, Nathan finds a pregnancy kit in the bathroom. He confronts Sandra, who against all odds, is pregnant.

For those interested in reading the stories in order, they are as follows.

Helping Jenn Move

Dropping Jenn Off

Taking Jenn’s Mom

Taking Jenn’s Mom (Sandra’s POV)

Jenn’s Pregnancy

So there you go. Five stories, two women, mother and daughter, pregnant by the same man. Where will it go from here? Stay tuned!


“I’m pregnant.”

My body froze and my pulse simultaneously stopped and raced.

“But how? I thought you couldn’t get pregnant!” I asked.

“I didn’t either. I mean I took tests and everything. It must have been that Rick was sterile.”

“Wow,” I sighed to myself and sat on the bed. Sandra came up behind me and kissed my neck.

“I’m sorry this got so complicated. I also need to tell you something,” she paused letting the silence build in the air.

“I know about you and Jenn. I suspected from the beginning, I guess. And when it became clear to me that you guys had a thing, it didn’t stop me from wanting you.”

“Sandra – that weekend you arrived, I swear I thought Jenn had left me and I had a lot of doubts about the relationship anyway. When you told me she was pregnant, I knew I was the father and I felt so conflicted.”

“That’s why you continued fucking her while I was on the cruise?” she threw at me.

“I didn’t do anything like that!” I stammered, knowing it was a lie.

“Christ! There’s a bag of her lingerie in bostancı escort bayan the front room. Were you going to take it to the hospital and fuck her there?” she shouted at me. I was stunned at how quickly this conversation had turned combative.

“Sandra! It’s not like you and I agreed on a committed relationship or anything. What were you expecting?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” her rage lessened, “I guess I knew there was something between you and Jenn. I just wanted to take a bit of it for myself. I never told you I suspected something was going on between her and Rick. I found some photos of her. I can’t prove anything, but it seems likely,” she confessed.

“Rick? Your ex? Jenn’s dad?” I asked, taking it all in, “That explains a bit.”

“How so?” she asked.

“I don’t think now’s the best time to get into it. Let’s just say I think Jenn has some serious ‘daddy issues’,” I said making air quotes.

Sandra threw on my old shirt. I moved in to hold her and she pushed me away.

“I need some time. I think we all do. I know I’m as much to blame as anyone, but this is a VERY awkward situation. Jenn doesn’t even know I’m pregnant. How do you think that’s going to go down?” she said curling up on my bed.

“Well, she’s not really your daughter. She is adopted. Maybe it will feel like two friends giving birth at the same time?”

She gave me a stare.

“You really think? My grandchild will be half-sibling with my own child. God, it sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer,” she cried into the pillow.

My phone rang. It was Jenn. I picked it up.

“Hi honey,” she chirped.

She sounded a lot more lucid.

“What’s going on?” I asked, “How you feeling?”

“Well, that’s just it. Great. My moods are stable. I feel good about us. I’m looking forward to being a family. That is, if you want that,” she paused.

“Yeah, yeah,” I stammered, “me too.”

“Hey is my mom back from her cruise? I tried calling but there was no answer.”

“Yeah, she got back last night. She’s fine,” I replied.

“Well, she’s probably sleeping on my bed. I bet she’s tired. Any luck on a job?”

“Actually, I got a call the other day from the Social Service people. I’m going to an interview tomorrow at ten.” I said.

“Oh. I was hoping you could pick me up earlier. I’m anxious to get out of here,” said Jenn.

“I’ll swing by. Maybe I’ll have your mom come with me,” I said.

“Actually, don’t worry. I have a backup. Call me when you’re done with your interview!” she said cheerfully, “Love you.”


Sandra looked up from the bed, “What’s going on?”

“She gets out tomorrow. I’ve got an interview at ten but I really think we should let Jenn know about us and it might be a good idea to do it in the safety of the hospital. She’s bound to take it hard,” I said.

“I don’t know. What do we want to tell her? Just about the pregnancy? About us? Is there even an us? For that matter am I still going to have a daughter after this comes out? I can’t bear the thought of losing her!” Sandra sobbed.

I held her as her tears soaked my shirt.

“You’ll still have me,” I offered.

“Augh!! Does this mean you’re going to stop fucking her?! What is she to you? Do you love her? When you’re with her do you say the same things you say to me? Hell, what’s going through your mind when you’re fucking either of us!” she wailed.

“Look, Sandra. I recognize that this is awkward and crazy and that maybe my own actions have been less than admirable here. But I’m sure I’m not the only one of the three of us that’s been less than truthful. Also realize that I’m going to be the father of two children and I intend to be the best one I can be. That means that however things ümraniye escort turn out, we’re going to be in each other’s lives for a long time.

I love you, Sandra. I love Jenn too. Perhaps in a different way. If you’re asking me to choose, well, then I choose you. You’re funny, smart, and beautiful and you make my heart sing when I just hear your voice.

I’ve got a lot to sort out. But it seems even clearer now, that we need to tell Jenn that you and I love each other and we’re going to have a baby together. But I have to offer whatever support I can to Jenn for the sake of our baby – your grandchild – understand?”

“I guess so,” she lifted her head from my now tear-soaked shoulder and kissed me on the lips. I lowered her to the bed and held her body against mine as we faded to sleep.


The alarm woke me up at six and we arose together. I turned on the shower and stepped into the tub. Sandra daintily stepped in behind me and we kissed beneath the warm water raining down.

I grabbed the bottle of body-wash from the holder and let the scent of cucumbers and melon fill my nose as I poured it over Sandra’s glistening body. She had added nearly ten pounds from the pregnancy and had a small “baby-bump” but in general was still very fit. I watched as the foaming suds slowly travelled down her marvelous curves. My hands soaped and lathered her luscious round breasts from behind and I heard her moan in contentment as my cock stirred between us in response to the slick wet stimulation.

We kissed beneath the water, our soapy bodies slick with lather. My hand moved from her breast to the now slightly rounder curve of her once-flat belly. I though about the times we had made love and the miracle of the child inside this beautiful woman. I moved lower, between her legs and felt not just the wetness of the water, but the slicker, muskier wetness between the folds of her pussy.

Sandra bent forward exposing her pussy to me. She grabbed my cock with one hand while she braced herself to the faucet with the other. She guided me slowly to the entrance of her pussy and I let myself sink further into the slick heat of her womanhood.

Her free hand moved between her legs and she massaged her clit and I watched my engorged shaft move slowly in and out of her.

She was moaning and gasping as I reamed my meat in and out of her. I looked at the creamy white skin of her round ass and viewed it as a canvas on which to spray the hot load boiling inside my balls. With a shudder her cunt clamped around me. Her hand grasped the rail for balance as her shining wet body braced itself in pleasure.

Watching her cum, I felt my own loins twitch and pulled the full ten-inch length of my cock from her. Still coated in her juices, I grabbed my cock and aimed as hot spunk shot out from my tool. With every spurt, her ass became nearly covered with my juice. After the last drop was milked from my dick, she turned around and got on her knees taking my cock into her mouth, cleaning it off with her tongue.

I lifted her up from the floor of the tub and tasted myself and her as we kissed like hungry lovers.


Sandra dropped me off at the front of the hospital and went to park the car. It was eight in the morning. My job interview was right across the street so talking with Jenn in a meeting could take as much time as it needed to tell her that Sandra and I were having a baby as well and that although it was awkward, we’d still offer all the support we could.

I get to the info desk to sign in as a visitor and was stunned when the receptionist had told me that Jenn had been checked out at seven-thirty. I exited through the revolving door where Sandra questioned what was going on. I explained as we walked escort kartal back to the car.

“Who did she leave with?” she asked.

“The lady wouldn’t say as I’m not family. But it doesn’t really matter, she’s at home or on her way. Do we have time to drive there and tell her?”

“I’d really like to get this over with,” Sandra said, “We can tell her together. If she breaks down, I’ll stay with her and you can take my car.”

I agreed and we drove the ten minutes to Jenn’s apartment. We ascended the stairs and I knocked on the door.

No answer.

Without speaking, Sandra handed me the key. If Jenn wasn’t home, we’d wait for her.”

Although the heat in the stairwell was stifling on the third floor, the AC of Jenn’s apartment brought a welcome chill. The TV was on and I shouted “hello.”

No answer again.

“She may have gone out. There’s probably nothing to eat here,” Sandra said, plunking herself down on the couch, flipping through the channels.

I flopped down next to her and we kissed. Sandra reached down and pushed the clicker and the TV went black.

My hands went to her breasts and I could swear I heard something.

“Do you hear that?” I asked.

She cocked her hear up. “It sounds like crying,” she said.

I got up from the couch and looked to the closed bedroom door where it appeared the sound was coming from.

A slightly rhythmic wailing growing in intensity. The volume increased as I approached the door and I thought of Jenn crying alone on her bed.

I put my hand on the knob, so as not to disturb or surprise her. My hand tightly grasped the brass and I felt the latch release. I opened the door slowly and as the volume of the wailing hit my ears, my eyes were nearly blinded by betrayal.

I held in my rage for a second to take in the sight before me.

I saw Jenn, her giant ass shaking and grinding as whoever was beneath her let him ride her cock. She was moaning, glistening with sweat, and clearly lost in the moment. Her back was to me and I closed the door on them and returned to the couch.

Sandra turned to me, “What is it?”

“She’s got someone in there,” I tried to disguise my hurt and disgust so as not to upset Sandra.

“Really? That little slut.” She held me, tuned to my own upset feelings.

The sounds of ecstasy grew louder and I imagined myself as the man beneath Jenn.

Her moans turned to cries of pleasure as I heard Jenn explode on top of her Mystery Man. I felt a shiver of excitement vibrate through my core as Sandra refocused me.

“We came to tell her about you and me. I think I know a better way,” she said lifting up her skirt and pulling down her beige lace panties.

My cock was rigid with lust, pain, rage and revenge as I let my own khakis fall to the floor. Sandra mounted me and her sopping cunt enveloped me quickly. Our own sighs and moans mingled with the sounds from the next room.

I heard Jenn using the same lines on this guy as me, “I love you…Fuck me daddy…Fill my cunt up!”

This fueled the force of my own thrusts as I pounded into Sandra.

In an explosive bursts, I heard the couple in the next room finish as their lovemaking reduced it’s pace from frenzied to subdued.

Sandra held off forcing me to delay my own orgasm. Slowly she allowed her own climax to build as she held me close, her sweating body claiming me for her own. I knew now, all at once, how much I loved her and let my semen burst forth into her tight wet hole.

“Oh God Nathan! Fill me Up! Own me!” Sandra cried as her cunt milked every drop of milk from my cock.

The door opened and Jenn emerged with a towel, hardly noticing us as she walked by, but then turning, taking in the sight before her with the same look of shock and betrayal that I had outside her bedroom door.

“Mom! What are……? Nathan? What the fuck?!?” she said as the towel dropped to the floor.

Emerging from the bedroom was an older man I didn’t recognize.

Sandra looked up from kissing me, “Rick!?!?!?”

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