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I always enjoyed working. Getting an honest day’s pay for an honest days work always made me feel good. That was until I got the boss from Hell. Granted, I have never held a glorious position. The two months at McDonalds could attest to that. Working for he ice queen of the company as an executive assistant was starting to look even worse then that job ever was. This woman works me to the bone, and what’s worse; she forces me to call her Ma’am rather than her name. Much of the time; especially when she is pissed, she even calls me by the grossly politically incorrect secretary title. Doing her bidding was nothing short of exhausting. She has me running throughout the company taking care of every little thing that pops into her head. I leave for home every night too exhausted to do anything but eat something for dinner and fall into bed. Half the time, I’ve forgotten to even take my clothes off.

Even though she works me like a dog I can’t help staring at her whenever she isn’t glaring at me. I often think what a pity it is that such a cold woman is encased in such a beautiful shell. She is a statuesque five foot ten even without the high heels she is so fond of. Her red hair looked exquisite as if her head was encased in perpetual flame; though usually pulled back in a conservative bun at least I think that’s what it’s called. I never was much for hairstyling. She has dark black eyes that look as if she could stare a hole right through you and sometimes I think she tries. It’s a shame such a stunning creature acts like such a creature. I sometimes wonder how great it would be to make love to her, but I’m too afraid my dick might freeze if I put it anywhere near her.

The only respite I get from the constant to and fro is when she goes to her weekly Friday meetings. I have a full hour to myself to catch up on work without her breathing down my neck. Sometimes I take this opportunity to use the executive washroom while they are all in the meeting. It’s a nice single person expansive room that’s bigger than my cubicle. It beats the hell out of the regular bathrooms I would usually use. Sometimes I just go there to relax a bit and unwind without anyone interrupting me. Fridays are the worst. By that point in the week I am almost too tired to stand up. Every once in a while, I spend most of the Friday meeting in that nice bathroom. I’ll sit on the counter or the toilet and just relax. I’m not proud of slacking off, but I figure the amount of overtime that woman forces on me I feel I deserve an extra long breather sometimes.

One Friday, I was sitting on the toilet just letting my mind wander. For some odd reason my mind drifted to my boss. A scenario came to mind. I am in her office and I just snap. I ask her if her carpet matches the drapes. She looks right at me, lifts up her dress, and inquires, “What do you think.” At this point I notice my penis is starting to rise of its own accord with my thoughts. Setting aside my fantasy I think, hell I haven’t been able to masturbate all week with this woman riding me ragged.

My eyes shift from the closed door back to my rising member. “Screw it, I worked too damn hard this past week to let a perfectly good boner like this go to waste,” I whisper to myself. As my mind settles back on the image of a bottomless boss in her office; my hand settles around my cock. Gently I start to stroke myself up and down brushing against my lower head with every upward pull. My pace quickens as I imagine my penis stabbing into; not my hand, but my bosses pussy as I bend her over her own desk. She screams out in joy as my balls slap against her ass. She reaches back pulling me into her stronger and harder.

I see her milky back in my minds eye as I plow into her wet hole. Her hands return to the desk to bahis firmaları steady herself as the desk starts to inch forward with my thrusts. My hand flies up and down my shaft as I think of how great it would feel to have my thighs slapping against hers. I feel my balls tighten as I prepare to make a nice big mess for the bathroom cleaners to puzzle over in the morning. As I lean back to finish up, I see the door creak open. In walks the object of my fantasy, with a none too happy look on her face.

My hand slips right over the top of my prick as my arms fall to my side in shock and embarrassment. “Well,” she intones locking the door behind her, “I guess this is where you were hiding.” As I hear the lock click I curse myself for not ensuring my activities were uninterrupted. “So this is what you do during our weekly meetings?” she questions. I stare at her dumbstruck as she moves toward me. “What, no response? I didn’t realize I was working you this hard that you couldn’t even muster up enough energy to explain yourself.”

I still cannot find my voice as I just stare at the beautiful bitch over my still erect member. “Well?” she inquires, standing over me. My eyes travel up her body past her breasts and up to her eyes. Even with her glaring, my penis remains at attention with the memory of my fantasy lingering in my minds eye; overlapping the reality of her presence.

“Fine then, I guess I need to loosen your tongue.”

My mind races with all manners of tortures she could inflict on me up to and including firing me. As she leans over me I flinch shutting my eyes. Her scent is intoxicating in the darkness as I sense her closeness. I prepare for an attack of some sort. Instead I feel a slight tickle on my legs as a glorious wetness encases my dick. A moan escapes my lips as my eyes open. All I see is my boss’s flowing hair caressing my thighs as her mouth goes to work on my penis. I feel her tongue everywhere and nowhere as it runs my length before retreating so she can take me into her mouth. After the initial shock and pleasure of this sudden and very welcome gesture, my arms regain their strength. I reach to the head licking mine and carefully guide her hair out of the way. I look down at the woman utterly engrossed in sucking my happy straw.

The sexual harassment aspect of my current situation is overridden by the knowledge that the striking woman currently kneeling between my legs just went from the worst boss ever to the best by a light-year. I stroke her head gently as she sucks and licks every inch of my penis. She increases the pace of her bobbing head as more and more of my member disappears into her mouth. Soon, my arms lose their strength once more, though this time from bliss rather than shock.

Her marvelous mouth brought me right to the brink. Trapped within my moans, I whisper, “I’m going to cum.” I expect her to pull away leaving me to the mess I was about to leave before her entrance. Instead, she forces my entire length down her throat and gently squeezes my balls. The added attention sends me straight into an orgasm as my seed gushes into her mouth. Again, I think she will pull back and spit my jizz into the toilet beneath me if not onto the floor. She takes the entire load down her extended esophagus and doesn’t stop there. She continues licking my now highly sensitive rod as it softens in her mouth. She licks every inch of my cock and balls after it slips from her luscious lips. She pays careful attention to my head. Licking slowly; lingering on the tip to ensure she swallows every ounce of my man jelly.

I breathe deeply in an attempt to center myself after the testicle emptying explosion my boss just brought me. As my vision returns to normal I see her move back toward the bathroom door. I lean kaçak iddaa forward to say something or try and keep this newfound Goddess from leaving me. Instead, I see her panties lying on the floor at my feet. She must have slipped them off while I recovered. I now see she isn’t heading for the door but rather the marble counter that holds the sink. She lifts up her skirt and hops up onto the ledge.

“It’s time to return the favor,” she purrs while beckoning with her finger.

She smiles as my eyes light up at the thought. I step out of my pants and leave them with her panties at the base of the toilet. I approach the beautiful woman perched on the counter. “Yes Ma’am,” I remark as I begin to kneel.

She catches my face in her hands before I can reach her legs. She looks into my eyes with a small sparkle in hers and responds, “I think you can call me Sharon at this point in our relationship.”

I smile wide as I look up at her, while I lift her skirt up over her knees. Her hands brush against my cheeks as my head returns its downward path. I decide to return her favor completely and refrain from using my hands at all other than helping to part her thighs. I dive right in planting a flurry of kisses along her legs leading into her shaven snatch. Sharon’s scent fills my nostrils as I delicately lick along her lips. Her juices flow freely into my mouth along my tongue. I revel in the taste of my newfound lover. I use my tongue to caress every inch of her glorious crotch. I drink every ounce of her flowing vagina that I can while I feel the amount I can’t dribble down my chin and onto the counter and floor.

My taste buds and sense of smell are fully stimulated by the gushing lips before me. Even through the thighs pressed against my ears; I can hear the gentle moaning my ministrations are producing. I use her exclamations to guide my tongue as I delve into her slippery love box in an attempt to bring her the pleasure she recently gifted me. I continue my rain of kisses along her slit whenever I need to take a breath. The V of her legs drips with her fluids and my saliva. I drink deeply of her exquisite nectar. I reach into her depths with my tongue to retrieve any excess juice into my mouth. I let Sharon concentrate on keeping her moaning from alerting the workers outside the bathroom door and produce more of her wonderful natural lubrication.

I now focus my tongue and lips attention to her fully aroused love bud. I brush her clitoris with my nose producing a slight whimper of pure emotion. My lips encase the sensitive clitoris. I suck very gently as my tongue flicks across its surface. Her legs wrap around the back of my neck as her moaning intensifies. Her juices flow down my chin that is pressing into her pussy. I can’t even reach my tongue down to taste the gush of new liquid because of the calves firmly pressing my lips against her clit.

I renew the tender flicking of my tongue and slowly encircle the clitoris with my muscle. Her moans strengthen as my attentions quicken. Looking up over her skirt and stomach I can see her bite her lip in an attempt to hold back the torrent of pleasurable gasps fighting their way through her throat. Soon, her legs lose the tightness holding me to her as they begin to quake. I reach behind her hugging her butt with my arms in an effort to keep the pressure against her clit. Her whole body convulses in time with my rhythm until a strong surge of her nectar flows down my face and she begins to buck wildly into my face.

I keep the pressure on her vagina only much softer and slower as she comes down from the orgasm. Sharon’s legs slip off my shoulders as her body calms down. I retrieve my arms from underneath her legs. I allow her legs to fall to my sides as I stand. I kiss her forehead kaçak bahis reveling in her afterglow. I feel a tingle race through my body as my erection slides against her slicked hole. I didn’t notice the hardening of my rod in the process of pleasuring my boss. The stiff member knocking on her door was not lost on Sharon. She reached down grasping the pole and carefully sliding it into her welcoming cavity. I take her lead not believing how tight she is and thanking the river of mixed liquids that lubricated my entry.

My entrance is impeded as I continue my slow thrust. Slightly worried I halt my movement and almost pull out. Instead, Sharon; her hand still on my cock, guided it surely while pulling me forward with her legs. The obstruction is breached as I slide balls deep into her vagina.

I look down in shock at the drops of blood mingling with the other juices on the counter. I raise my eyes to Sharon’s just in time to see a tear slide down her face past her mouth that once again is biting her lip. I stare at her in surprise as her insides gently embrace my penis.

The look in her eyes is indescribable. Speaking of innocence and love beyond description, her eyes pulse with a past of climbing the corporate ladder to the detriment of every relationship she ever had. I read all of this in that brief moment of connection between our bodies. For the first time in our burgeoning relationship, I kiss Sharon deeply on the mouth. I pour every ounce of my passion and compassion into her through our several bodily connections.

As our lips part she hugs me close and whispers, “I love you,” into my ear.

“I love you too my dear,” I answer.

Our lips collide once more as she guides me now to move my hips. I begin thrusting slowly in case she is still tender. My careful movements do not appear to be enough for Sharon as she starts pulling me in with her legs. The audible slap of my balls against her crack is drowned in the moans escaping both of our lips. We cover the noises with each other as our love erupts into a flood of kisses. I kiss every inch of her face and neck as our loins continue to merge and separate. I can feel her no longer virginal tunnel squeeze my rod as it penetrates her.

I watch as her hand slips in between our stomachs. I delight in the feel of her hand even through my shirt. I feel a new tingle shoot through my body as her fingernail lightly scratches the top of my organ as it slides into her. She massages her own clitoris increasing her own stimulation. The rubbing of her finger changes the texture and depth of the trace marks left on my shaft. Despite it being the second cumming of the day, I rapidly feel my climax growing. From the look of Sharon, she is reaching a second peak herself. She loses control of herself once more in the rhythm of her own rubbing. I switch my grip on her back to one hand so I can cushion her head against the tile wall with my other.

Her shaking intensifies as she continues to stroke her clit and pull my shaft into her. I can feel her quivering pussy hug my penis with every thrust. Soon, I can no longer contain my seed as it bursts from the tip of my rod and mingles with Sharon’s juices. She pulls me into her completely as her vagina continues milking the last drops of semen from me. Her quaking subsides as we hold each other in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

As my phallus slips from her embrace I reach down to kiss her once more. We part and retrieve our clothing from the base of the toilet. She returns to hug me again once her panties are back to covering her crotch.

“Maybe you should tidy up a bit,” she whispers into my ear. “It might be a little suspicious if we leave the bathroom at the same time.”

I smile into her and lift her chin so her lips can meet mine. “Sure my dear,” I respond.

She makes her way to the door and out of our lingering embrace. With a twinkle in her eye, she remarks, “Maybe next Friday we can find out how sturdy my desk is.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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