Sweet Teen Ballbuster Ch. 02

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…As I lay in bed that night, thoughts of Kim flashed through my mind. Tossing & turning i couldn’t sleep. I got up & went to the kitchen. Drank a small bottle of beer, smoked a cigarette & returned to bed. More confident this time, I thought I’d be asleep in no time…

But alas! She popped into my mind again, that tiny itsy-bitsy school uniform & her body to die for underneath it, teasing the hell out of me forever. Each time i drove her from my mind, she returned again – only double quick with each rejection I gave her.

My balls groaned in their sacks & my cock started to stir & come to life, as I replayed the events of her visit in my mind. Like a prisoner to her panties, I felt my cock grow harder than steel as she flashed them right in my face…

I imagined her going even further, as she straddled my face on my bed. Her school skirt over my head, her white panties right in my face. I could smell her sweeter than sweet scent filling my nostrils, as I reached for my dick & started to stroke it. Faster & faster I pulled on my manhood, as she wiggled her hips round & round, teasing me into a frenzy until I was jerking off like a man possessed.

“Oh Uncle Will, you really do want me, don’t you?” I heard her giggle in my ear. That was it! I frigging creamed everywhere & imagined my cum splattering all over her panties, her tits & her beautiful teenie face…

The relief was immense, as I slowed down to a stop & lay there panting. My heart was pounding in my chest & I had to wait a few minutes til it slowed down & I caught my breath at last.

It was then that pangs of guilt started to kick in. ‘Oh no, what have I done?’ I wondered, as the full impact of cumming all over my neice hit me full force. ‘I shouldn’t ataşehir escort bayan be thinking this way’ I told myself, as I went to the bathroom to clean myself up, then returned to bed a sorry man.

I almost cried at the guilt I felt, hating myself for allowing those thoughts of her to overtake me. ‘Never mind,’ I convinced myself, ‘It’s been a long time since I saw her & I’ll be over those thoughts by tomorrow!’ How wrong I was…

By ten a.m. the following day I was on the golf course, swinging & hitting for all I was worth. Working up a sweat I blasted round the full 18 holes in record time & was back in the clubhouse sooner than I thought. I chatted with a few of the guys I knew there, mainly about the weather & even more boring stuff, then made my excuses & drove home.

All thoughts of Kim had been erased from my mind along with the fresh air on the course, and I happily settled down to work on a model aircraft I had been building. I glued the wings into place & surveyed my work. It certainly looked like a B-52 Bomber, all it needed was a little paint once the glued had dried in a few hours….

Just then the door bell rang. Startled, I got up to answer it & checked the time on the clock in the hallway as I passed by. 4:15 it read. ‘Wow’ I thought, as I’d been working on the plane for over 2 hours and barely noticed the time slip by…

I opened the door expecting some door-to-door salesman, but instead there stood Kim, once again!

‘Never mind,’ I told myself, ‘This time I’m ready!’ as I ushered her in and we walked to the livingroom.

Her school skirt bounced up & down on her sweet ass as she walked in front of me. Her hair, tied up in bunches, did the same.

“Wow, escort kadıköy Uncle Will!” she exclaimed, seeing my handywork on the coffee table. “It’s a work of art!” she announced, leaning over to get a better look.

Her skirt rode up as she bent over the table, both hands gripping the corners of it, as she wiggled her ass mercylessly, knowing I had a full view of her ass & panties. Pink see-thro ones this time, with a sparkly lacy trim, the dark crack of her ass clearly visible thro them. My balls groaned once again & my cock stiffened immediately, all thought of resistance melting away in an instant…

She stood there in that position for what seemed like an eternity, knowing exactly what I’d be thinking… I lifted her silly little skirt even higher in my head, then yanked those thin little panties to the side & shoved my rock-hard cock right up her tight little pussy & screwed her senseless right there & then…

“Are you ok Uncle Will?” she asked, that same wicked little grin on her face as she said it. I focussed my eyes again & now she was kneeling on the floor before me. Those cute little bunches in her hair made me just want to grab them & push my cock into her sweet little mouth & let her suck me ’til I creamed all over her face.

She just smiled & the braces in her teeth sparkled as she did. She looked up at me with pleading eyes, her face as close to my crotch as she could get without touching.

“I think I better sit down Kim,” I said, my voice sounding thin & hollow.

I sat on the couch & she sat next to me, closer than was comfortable considering the things I’d just been dreaming about doing to her. She smiled & leaned back, making me look up her skirt when I had to speak to bostancı escort her, knowing exactly what she was doing. She was a little cock-teasing expert alright…

Then to make matters worse, she spread her legs either side of me, her skirt opened up & her see-thro panties were on full frontal display. Her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires, as she played with the bunches in her honey-blond hair, running them thro her fingers & twirling them round and round…

“You’re so talented Uncle Will!” she told me, “I wish I could do such good work with my hands”… etc… her voice lulling me into some kind of hypnosis, turning me into her slave…

She reached her hand downwards & slid her thumb under the side lacy trim of her pantie gusset, then drew it slowly downwards, almost driving me right over the edge.

“That’s better now!” she giggled, “they get so tangled up sometimes!” My face must have turned crimson, as her next words were right on the money…

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed Uncle Will, I know you’d never take advantage of me, would you now?”

“Of course I wouldn’t Kim, you’re my neice for Gawdsake!” was my swift reply.

“That’s great!” she announced.

“So you won’t mind if I stay over tonight & you can help me with my homework?” she added.

My jaw hung open in suspended animation at what I’d just heard. “Uncle Will, are you sure you’re feeling ok?” she asked me, snapping me back to the moment.

“Err… ye, ye, yeh Kim, I’m ok… I guess there would be no h-h-harm in that, if you really want to?” My stammer returning at the first sign of pressure, making me feel a fool.

“Oh yes Uncle Will, I do!” she told me, without any hesitation.

I struggled to find any words to discourage her. My lips moved up & down, but nothing came out that was audible.

“It’s settled then!” she said, heavy confirmation in her voice. I could tell this was going to be a long & difficult night for me. How right I was…

( To Be Continued )

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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