Sweet Seduction

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Big Tits

As a dancer I am always amazed at the number of young drop dead sorority type girls that come in to see another girl dance. I dance out of state at an all nude club unbeknown to my family. Recently a young couple came in. The girl was about five feet six with short black hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a half t shirt with a large blue C K (ie Calvin Klein) imprinted on it. It was obvious she was braless and was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and some cute little gray felt ankle high boots.

It was obvious she had a little to drink and her boyfriend was having trouble settling her down. She refused to sit and was standing by him dancing to the music as the girls were on stage. You could tell that he was having second thoughts about bringing her here. Every guy in the place was looking at her. She was hot and drop dead gorgeous. She also had the attention of a lot of my fellow dancers who are also into girls.

Well she started worrying the piss out of her boyfriend for money. He would give her a dollar and she would tip the dancers. After a while she got braver. Instead of just smiling and handing us the dollar she began to lay flat on her back with the dollar sticking out of her mouth. The girls would crouch down and snatch the dollar up as she ran her hands all up and down her back. Eventually it was my time and when she did it to me I lifted her t shirt up and sucked on her titties. Her nipples were already rock hard like little pencil erasers!

Guys cheered there ass off making her even more bold and her boyfriend more fuming. The next time she laid down on the stage two other dancers jumped on stage and removed her boots and jeans. she lifted her ass as my two friends removed her jeans leaving her in only a pair of black satin panties. I lay on top of her as she reached up and sucked my titties. I padded her pussy through her panties gently with my hand. “Can I take them off?” I whispered to her. She didn’t answer but lifted her ass off the stage slightly. Guys cheered as I slid her panties down her long sleek legs revealing a closely trimmed pussy with black pubic hair.

Her pussy was beautiful. She had those pussy lips which flared out delicately like the petals of an erotic flower. She got up and danced along with me also taking tips and guys lined up ten silivri escort deep to tip her. Finally things went to far. She walked over to be tipped by a cute guy and let him stick a couple of fingers in her vagina. The boyfriend began to yell and tried to start a fight and was thrown out by several bouncers yelling curses and threats at her the whole time.

“You were great!” I said as the song ended.

“Thanks!” she said shyly with a impish smile on her face.

“So what’s the deal with your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Long story. ” she explained. “he has been after me the longest time to do this threesome between me and a former girlfriend of his. I don’t really like her but I was thinking about it. I found out that he was still fucking her. I didn’t tell him I knew and was acting like I was having trouble being with another girl. He put pressure on me to come here.

At first I didn’t want to but once I was here I liked it. I decided to play it for all it was worth to get even!” I though for a minute wondering how far she would go. “So are you going to stick around?” I asked cautiously.

“Sure” she added, “I like it here!”

I weighed my next words carefully. “So would you do a feature with me?” She asked what a feature was so I explained that it was when two girls went up at the same time and got wild together and usually ended up eating each other out as guys screamed in ecstasy and threw money.

“They do that here?” She asked in wild open eyed amazement.

“Sure”, I explained, “most girls here are bisexual and guys love to see girls with other girls. Hell the money rains down!” I laughed.

“Hey, I’ll do anything once!” She laughed.

“Great!” I said as I took her by the arm and lead her to the back office. My pussy was steaming. I couldn’t wait until I got a hold of her. I explained that the manger would have to check her ID and she would have to sign a few forms before she could go on stage. I found out her name was Kara and she lived in the same state as me. She had just tuned 21 two weeks ago. Anyway we found her a g string and matching top as we chatted and waited for our appearance. Finally we heard the DJ announce us. Ladies and gentlemen, he announced, get ready for the main event!

Our şirinevler escort featured entertainers will be Candi and Kara. Get those dollars ready. the more money you throw the nastier they get! The music began to play and we entered from two separate areas of the stage. We circled each other as I instructed her to do earlier to draw out the tension. Finally I walked up to her and we embraced. My tongue met hers as I palmed her breasts. I reached around and undid her top and let it fall to the floor as she palmed my buttocks.

We kissed a long time as I felt my pussy get wet. we broke the kiss and I began kissing down her neck. “You’ve got a nice ass!” She whispered.

“Undo it!” I hissed. Kara untied my bottom and it fell to the floor as guys cheered. I undid her top and sucked on her breasts. I reached behind me and undid my top until I was totally nude. I continued down her stomach with my tongue. I kneeled between her legs and began to eat her out. She squinted up her face as she ran her fingers through my hair. I pulled back as my face glistened with her juices. “Lay down!” I said softly as I pushed gently on her stomach. Kara did as I asked as I lay on the stage on my belly and scooted up close to her. I draped one leg over each shoulder.

I looked over her body which looked exquisite in the muted club lighting. Her nipples were rock hard. I reached out and palmed her breasts as I lewdly stuck my tongue out and wiggled it in the air. “I’m gong to eat the living fuck out of your pussy!” I hissed lustfully.

“Oh man!” Kara whined as she ran her fingers through my hair. I bent down and liked the outlines of her pussy lips with just the tip of my tongue. Finally I began to give her long slow licks flattening my tongue against her pussy. “Oh god. . . oh fuck!” Kara whined as money began to rain down. Kara was getting into it! She was oblivious to all the guys standing around throwing money. Her pussy was wet and I relished her tangy juices! I reached behind me over my buttocks and began to finger my own pussy as I ate her out.

“Does that feel good Kara?” I teased.

“Oh god yes!” She moaned.

“THEN FUCK MY FACE GOD DAMMIT!” I hissed lustfully. I returned to eating Kara out. I licked and nibbled şişli escort and sucked lewdly as I fingered my pussy faster and faster. Kara moaned and closed her eyes as she beat her fists against the stage in passion. FUCK THAT BITCHES FACE! The guys screamed enraptured at the scene unfolding before them. I could feel Kara’s juices running down my chin and cheeks.

“OH man. . . oh fuck. . . oh my god. . . oh god!” Kara moaned as her hips began to rotate in a slow sensuous circle. I pulled back and flipped her over taking full control. I repositioned her until her ass was in the air. I spread her buttocks and began to attack her pink little puckered asshole with my tongue.

“Oh my god. . . oh fuck!” Kara whined. Suddenly another dancer had all she could take. she climbed over the rail and put her pussy right in Kara’s face. Kara wasted no time in putting her face in another’s girls pussy. suddenly we were three girls on stage. Me with my auburn hair and Kara with her close trimmed black hair eating Haley out who had long blond hair and a completely shaved pussy. Haley showed her no mercy. She held her face tight against her pussy and said stuff like: “Yeah, eat it, eat that pussy good! eat that fucking pussy good!”

Finally I felt Kara’s body grow stiff as a board and knew she was about to cum. I pulled her tighter against my face as I opened her pussy up gently with my fingers and began to tongue fuck her. she gasped and then screamed all in Haley’s pussy as I felt her cunt spasm against my tongue. Haley arched her back and released Kara’s head as she also screamed in orgasm. I was panting by the time I withdrew from Kara. My face glistened with her juices.

“Get on you back!” I ordered hoarsely. I slowly straddle Kara’s face as her hands reached up to caress my ass. “Yeah that’s it, put that pussy all in my face!” She moaned. “I’m fixing to cum all over that face!” I hissed.

“DO IT. . FUCKING CUM ON MY FACE!” She grunted. I closed my eyes and began to fuck her face. I was past the point of no return. I was getting off on this good looking little bitch and I didn’t care who saw! “yes. . . yes. . eat it. . eat that pussy good. . eat it good!” I moaned. Kara began to fuck her pussy as I rode her gorgeous face. I went faster and faster. I didn’t give a shit about anything! All I wanted was to fuck her face as she ate me out with her hot little tongue!

Finally my body trembled as I screamed in a massive orgasm as I came all over her sweet face. I tumbled off still panting as my hot juices ran down her face and chin. We spent the night together in a hotel but that is a different story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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