Sweet Melody

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Double Penetration

Joe kissed Kandie deeply. His fingertips caress her breast and legs making her quiver with desire. To him, Kandie was his dream woman. When they were together it was like a well orchestrated melody.

Kandie looked at Joe with her seductive green eyes and spread her legs wide. She could hold back no longer. She wanted to feel his lips on hers as their tongues did the dance of lovers. When her hard nipples brushed the hairs of his chest she thought she was going to pass out. She pulled him closer guiding cock into her tunnel of love!

Kandie stopped kissing him long enough to say, “Fuck me Joe! Oooooh yes, just like that, deep and hard!”

Joe felt drawn to Kandie like a moth to a flame. God, all she had to do was look at him and he was under her control. He leaned into her body and kissed her deeply as he slid his member into paradise.

With every thrust of his cock, he felt the surge of electricity go from the center of her womanhood to the center of his soul. He leaned back a bit withdrew his cock almost all the way. He loved teasing her this way and could feel her organism building. He leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and bit it while driving his cock all the way inside her. He paused long enough to pull his cock out again and then bit the other nipple as he drove it home repeatedly.

Joe looked up at her and said, “Honey, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri spread your legs as wide as they can go. That’s it, now spread those pussy lips for me, I wan to rub my cock on your clit and see you cum! Ooooooh fuck baby, you are driving me crazy.”

Kandie took one of her hands and brought her hard right nipple to her mouth and bit it. Then did the same thing to her other nipple, ooh how she loved sucking her own tits. She glanced up at Joe and the look on his face told her he love what he was watching. He rubbed her clit harder as his other hand finger-fucked her hot hole. She bit her nipple again the tingle went straight to her clit.

She screamed, “Oooooh fuck, yes, oooh god do not stop! I’m cumming!”

Joe quickly removed his hand from her pussy and drove his cock hard inside her. He fucked her like a wild stallion. She was moving her head side to side, moaning and climaxing in a never ending wave.

As he thrust his cock into her he shouted, “Kandie, you love this big cock inside your cunt, don’t you baby? Fucking you like you have never been fucked before! Ooooh god, I love your hot pussy!”

Kandie arched her back to meet his thrust wrapping her legs around him pulling his cock as deep as it could go. She felt the waves of climax overcome her one right after the other. She screamed, “Cum for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me baby! Fill my hot cunt with your sweet nectar!”

Joe shoved his cock deep inside her hot hole one more time and exclaimed, “Fuck, ooooooooooh Yesssss! I am cumming!”

Kandie called Joe’s cock; “Little Joe.” Oh how she loved to caress it and suck it. As she fondled hi m now he stood up as if standing at attention for the and Army General. She then spread her legs as wide as they could go as Joe positioned himself between her legs with his cock in his hand.

He slid little Joe up and down her hot pussy making sure he caressed her swelling clit. He listened to her moans and cries out for passion.

Kandie took a deep breath and exclaimed, “Ooooh baby, slide Little Joe deep in this hot cunt an fuck me deep and hard!”

Slowly he entered her wanting pussy and buried his cock to the hilt. They moved in a rhythmic fucking motion as their passions mounted.

Kandie then wrapped her legs around his waist and engulfed all of his throbbing member. Her hips met his every thrust and then she pushed him over the edge and he began fucking her deeper and hard almost passing out from anticipation

Joe plunged his cock until it felt like he hit bottom. Oh fuck her pussy was a tight fit. He could tell by her breathing she was close to her first güvenilir bahis şirketleri earth shattering climax. He leaned down and bit her nipple and she trembled so hard he almost fell off the bed.

Kandie milked his throbbing cock as she ebbed the waves of climax. She screamed, “Ooooooooooh, baby keep going! Oh yes just like that…..harder ooooooooooh yessssssss arrrrghhhhhh I am cumming!!!!”

Joe felt the mixture of pain and pleasure as her pussy squeezed his cock. He brought his lips down hard on hers and climaxed!

Immediately after the hot fuck Kandie told Joe to lie on his back. Then she moved and placed her sweet warm lips on his cock and sucked the last few drops of cum from his cock then licked it clean.

As they lay in each others arms Kandie laid her head on Joe’s chest and listened to rapid beating of his heart. She then reached over and took hold of Little Joe.

She looked into Joes eyes and asked, “Is Little Joe Broke?”

Joe kissed her softly and said, “Kandie this was Little Joe first rodeo. I think you almost fucked him to death.”

Kandie gave Joe a wink and was smiling because she could feel a little movement in Little Joe. She then said, “Well Joe a little kiss always makes everything better!”

She then leaned over and kissed Little Joe and swirled her tongue around his mushroom head. Slowly she started taking his cock deeper into her mouth until the tip brushed the back of her throat.

Little Joe loved being engulfed in her hot warm mouth. As Kandie sucked, Joe said, “Hot time at the Oral Corral!”

*Authors note, I just got married and decided to continue writing. Let me know how you like it okay….Kandie!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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