Sweet Is The Night

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My name is Miranda, and I’m a petite but curvy young lady living and working in London. I have a rather wonderful partner, who is very much a real gentleman. However, the last few months in particular, my bi-curiosity has become stronger for various reasons. One such reason was reading the stories in the bi-lesbian section at . Another was at a recent wedding, where I stumbled into a room where two girls were embracing, and kissing each other softly. Even now my thoughts wonder back to that sight.

However, the main reason, I suppose, was the chat room at . Adrian and I regularly read the stories, and one week, whilst he was away, I ventured into the chat rooms. Very quickly I discovered the bi-room, and started to talk to some of the girls in there. This just served to increase my curiosity, to the extent that I did something about it. I decided that there were three ways in which I could explore my new sense of curiosity, as none of my friends seemed to be inclined that way, and I was afraid to lose any good friends that I may have by suggesting anything.

The first thought was simply to allow myself to be chatted up, since there are numerous Gay/Lesbian bars within London. Another was to either place an advert, or to reply to an advert. The final possibility was to, whilst working away, seek the services of a female escort, which are numerous on the Internet these days. I still find this intriguing, and shall possibly contemplate, as I am interested in taking my passion for tie and tease further one day.

However, this is a true story of my first sexual encounter with a lady. I hope that you enjoy.

* * * * *

Thankfully I got home early that afternoon. I don’t know why, but a couple of days ago, after chatting with some girl in lit, I decided that Thursday would be the night. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had never been to a gay/lesbian bar before. That Friday morning I would be working from home, having an appointment immediately after lunch. But during the office meeting, I found it hard to concentrate on the topic, as my mind was anticipating the night ahead, both the good and the bad.

But I arrived home about 4pm, knowing that I had about two hours or so to get ready. I aimed to be at “Daisy’s” around 7pm, entering whilst it was hopefully still empty. Daisy’s is a Gay/Lesbian bar in a commercial centre in Northwest London. The area is affluent, many residents commute daily to the City. Consequently there is an assortment of bars, wine clubs etc. catering for all sorts. I had walked past Daisy’s regularly but up to now I had not even contemplated looking inside, yet alone entering. Yet later that evening I would be entering, alone, not knowing what I would find…

I showered, and ensured my legs were still smooth from having shaved my legs over the weekend, before returning to my room. I was still unsure what to wear, whether to go in a short skirt and low cut top or not. However I decided to be cautious, and so after my matching pale peach bra/thong set I put on a dark brown skirt ending just below my knees (with a slit at the back) and a cream blouse. My hair was in a pony tale, and as usual, minimal makeup, preferring the au-naturale look. To finish it of, I slid my feet into a pair of dark tan leather boots and zipped them up to my knees.

I wondered into the bar just after 7pm, having spent some time in a good book store nearby. It was quiet as I walked in, several faces glancing up at me, of both sexes. I ordered a dry white wine, and sat on a table close to the bar on a stage, able to see everyone that came in.

I sipped my wine slowly, nervously, as various customers arrived, some of the sights sent shivers down my spine. But the music was lively, and not too loud. I was unsure how to proceed, whether to stay sitting or mingle. Whilst looking around, I heard a “Hello”.

I turned to meet the stranger and said “Hello”. She was quite tall, butch looking with extremely short hair. She introduced herself, and we chatted for a while, noticing that I was new. She was obviously a regular, and she was waiting for her partner. As the conversation progressed, it came out that I had a boyfriend, and was… well, bi-curious. With that, she made a hastily retreat. It was quite comical, looking back.

Alone, my eyes wondered around the room. It was very interesting and educational. The night was progressing and the bar was filling up. Some of the customers were the classical, stereotypical, gay/lesbian characters that you see portrayed on the television. Many however were not, starting with me.

Then she floated in. Her walk was so graceful that she almost floated to the bar. She sat down, ordered her drink and chatted with the bar tender. Obviously a regular, she stood out from many of the customers. She looked early- mid thirties, had long loose hair and was dressed in a baggy jumper and trousers. She was definitely attractive, to me at least. Whilst my eyes kept wondering around the bar, they often returned to gazing at her. I looked at my glass and it was almost mecidiyeköy escort empty, and was deciding whether I should leave, to either come back another day, or go into town to try a couple of bars there.

“Hi, I’m Jane. May I join you?” she smiled sweetly as she finished.

“I noticed your glass was almost empty, so I took the liberty in getting you a refill. I hope you don’t mind?”

Speechless, I smiled, before I replied, “Sure, feel free. I’m Miranda.” while pointing to a chair.

We soon ended up in deep chat, as she confirmed my suspicions that she was a regular. She was also bi-sexual, but currently had no partner at all. She was 33, and lived round the corner. She often used this place as a local, finding it more comfortable to sit on her own in here, than in another local pub. She had also noticed me glancing in her direction. Once as she smiled at me I had returned the smile, unknowingly it seemed as I did not recall doing it…

We ended up chatting for a couple of hours, sipping our drinks. She was pleasant and friendly, but could be bold at times with her questions. However, I did not find her intrusive. In fact her questions helped to reveal more about my bi-curiosity, and she helped me to understand my feelings. She also fully understood what I was going through, having undergone a similar situation when she was at University.

I felt at ease with her. Even when she rubbed her calf against mine, and moaned gently, commenting about my leather boots. Well time was getting on, and I had much to think about.

“I would like to meet you again.” I stated.

“Are you on email?” I enquired, “Or are you one of the lucky few who have been able to avoid the Internet madness?”

I reached into my bag and handed her my business card, but wrote my home email address, asking her to write to that one if she wished. With a note of her email we stood up, hugged and parted, and as I started to walk I realised how wet and aroused I had become over the course of the conversation.

As I got home that night I could not stop thinking about Jane; her maturity and her ability to put me at ease. I removed my clothes, and laid on my bed. My hands unconsciously started to feel my body, cupping my breasts, stroking my now aching pussy through my thong, gently massaging my clit through the lace. I soon had an intense orgasm, gasping, and breathing heavily, before falling asleep, still in my underwear.

I awoke the following morning awake and clear-headed, until I realised I was still in my underwear. Then, as I remembered what happened when I arrived home, I looked around and saw that my clothes were uncharacteristically strewn across the floor rather then hung up or placed in the laundry bin.

Having made myself a cup of tea, and removed my underwear, I retreated back to bed, and thought about the previous night. I was soon caressing my body again, imagining it was Jane’s hands touching me. My hands cupped my breasts, played with my nipples, stroked and caressed my body all over, before my right hand found itself at my crotch, fingers sliding in and out, as I worked myself up to a frenzy, gasping and screaming, as my body convulsed with a really intense orgasm.

Finally, after showering and dressing, I started to prepare for the meeting, switching on my home PC. As I work at home, my company pays for access to Broadband/cable connection. On checking my email had an email from Jane.

Hi Miranda,

Thank you for a lovely evening. It was lovely to meet you, and well I hope we (or even I) didn’t put you out of any thoughts you may have.

Have a good meeting, and hope to see you again, SOON.

Hugs and kisses


I read it several times, my mind in turmoil. I quickly wrote a reply, and sent it before I had chance to think clearly and change my mind.

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your email. It was lovely to meet you.

I still cannot believe you’re 33, you look younger, and have got lovely eyes.

Are you free at all this weekend? Perhaps we could meet up, even just for coffee.

See you soon, I hope,


I spent the rest of the morning working, and wondering. Literally moments before I was about to switch off and depart, Eudora informed me that I had a new email.


You’re so sweet…

Fancy meeting up in Costa’s, opposite Daisy’s at 2ish on Saturday? I’m free all afternoon.

Must go, work, see you then?


Before I left for my meeting, I hastily called my friend, and cancelled the pencilled in drink on Saturday night.

That afternoon at work was a blur, barely thinking about the job in hand. My mind was wandering, wondering, thoughts passing through my mind. Finally I arrived home, changed into my old, but comfy, leggings and sports bra, and put a thick baggy jumper on. Then I logged into lit, chatted and sipped my wine, wishing that Adrian was here. My pussy was permanently on fire, or so it seemed.

I awoke merter escort to the sound of rain and wind that Saturday morning. Typical English Autumnal weather, cold wet and generally miserable! The only good thing was that I had slept well, eventually, and woke up just after 9am. The morning went fairly quick, though the weather made me wonder what I should wear…

I started by rolling on my stockings over my calves and up onto my thighs. Next was the thong, a deep blue, with erotic lace, very brief. Immediately thereafter was my matching bra. I reached behind and fastened it, then cupping my breasts in the cups, ensuring they were comfortable. I had chosen a silk blouse for the top, a lovely deep/Royal electric blue, one of my favourite colours. Despite the rain and the wind, I opted for a skirt, but a long dark skirt, almost to my ankles, but a revealing slit down the back. Finally eased my foot into a pair of black knee high boots, and slowly fastened up the zip, before repeating the process on my other foot. And I left, wondering what the day would have in store for me.

I arrived at the coffee Bar slightly early; god the weather was fowl on that day. Bit I purchased a large coffee and sat down, reading one of the magazines laying on the table, and looking to see if Jane had arrived. Soon, I saw her waltz in, as if she was walking on air, her walk is such an amazing sight. She came up to me, and leant forward, giving an almighty hug, whispering, “I wasn’t sure whether you would be here, but its good to see you”.

Jane looked stunning. As she removed her coat, she revealed a pale blue jumper, with a V neckline, revealing her ample cleavage. She to, had decided to wear a skirt, but hers went down to past her knees, showing her toned calves, and deep tan ankle boots. Her long dirty blonde hair was lose, and wind swept, but it helped to add a touch of something….

After buying coffee for us both, we sat and chatted, before deciding to spend the day drifting into the shops, as the weather was still pretty wet. The afternoon sailed by, as we talked, as if we had known each other for years, but not seen each other. We looked at clothes, lingerie, books, it was an interesting insight to her life, and her likes; dislikes. However, before we knew it, the shops were closing, and the sky was dark, black and forbidding.

“Hungry?” Jane asked. ” I know a lovely small Italian restaurant round the corner, cheap and food is wonderful.”

“Sounds good” I replied.

It was indeed small, all the tables close together and the room seemed to be lit purely by candles. We sat down, and ordered. I felt her feet rub against the sides of my boots. I looked up, and she smiled, pressing her foot against me harder…

As we left the restaurant, we were both like children. Perhaps it was the wine; perhaps it was because we felt at ease with each other. AS we walked to Jane’s flat, the skies opened up on us, and we ran the best we could to her apartment, giggling like schoolgirls.

Soon we were inside, out of the rain. Our coats were drenched, as was my blouse. We were still giggling, when Jane leant to wards me, and kissed me on my lips, her tongue brushing along the length of my lips. She withdrew, slightly.

My jaw felt as if it had dropped several feet, her kiss had caught me unawares, totally. But I did not move. She leant forward again, cupping my face with her hands. She brought her mouth up to my face, I could feel her breaths against my skin, quickening in pace, as was my breathing, fast and shallow, I could feel my heart beat pounding in my veins, as her thumbs caressed my face. She exposed her tongue, running along my nose, my cheeks, licking, tasting my skin. I just stood there. Slowly her tongue returned to my lips, licking along the length of my lips, before she whispered, “I want to kiss you”.

Before I had chance to reply, her tongue slowly parted my lips, slowly probing along the inside of my lips, feeling her tongue run against my teeth, as her hands pulled my face closer to hers. I returned the kiss, parting my lips, allowing Jane to kiss me, deeply, passionately. She did. This was the first time I had been kissed by another girl. It was soft, sensuous, caring. The kiss became deep, and passionate, as her hands moved from my head onto my body, caressing, stroking, as she moaned into my mouth. I was s till pretty passive at this point, as Jane took the initiative.

Slowly, as I gained more confidence, moved onto her body, lightly caressing, stroking, my tongue to started to take over, my body was starting to react, after the initial, but pleasant surprise of Jane kissing me. Slowly, the kiss died down, and we withdrew, my pulse was fast, as was my breathing. I hadn’t felt this good, this turned on, for some time.

“More Wine?” Jane asked.

She returned from the kitchen with a bottle of white wine, as we sat on the sofa. Conversation was rather non-existent, as we sipped our wine. I could see Jane’s eyes look over my body.

Slowly she nişantaşı escort stood up, and walked towards me, offering me her hands. Taking them both, I stood up and looked into her, seeing the passion in those eyes. Gently she started to run her hands over my shoulders, down onto my breasts, cupping them through the blouse, as she leant in towards me. My lips met hers, as we kissed, sucking on each other’s lips, and tongues, our hands caressing each other’s body. I became bold and slid my hand up under her jumper, feeling her skin, and her full breasts, cupped in a soft lace. I’m not sure how long we kissed and caressed, before Jane withdrew, smiling as she did so.

Her fingers moved down my blouse, unfastening each button slowly, a warm smile on her lips. I went to move my hands, but she whispered “No”. Slowly, my blouse opened, revealing my bra, as her hands slid inside, cupping each breast, stroking my nipple through the lace.

“Ahh so you like lace bras too? She asked.

I could only manage a smile. Soon, my blouse was slid over my shoulders, as her hands found my skirt, unfastening it and allowing it slide of my hips, down my thigh onto the floor, revealing my stockings and boots, together with the matching thong.

“Ooohhhhhh you look so lovely” as she steeped back, her eyes wondering up and down my body. She paused, and sipped her wine, humming quietly.

She picked up the bottle of wine, and her glass, in one hand, and took my hand with the other. She started to pull me, gesturing for me to follow her. Armed with my almost empty glass I followed her, to her bedroom.

“Sit down please” She asked in a gentle voice.

I sat and watched her move around her room, lighting the candles, the smell of Jasmine slowly infiltrating the air. Finally, she turned the light of, allowing the room to be lit by flickering candles.

Gently Jane pushed my back, allowing her fingers to rub my calves though my boots, gently, sensuously. I went to speak, but she just raised a finger to her mouth, suggesting silence? A hand soon gripped the zipper, and unfastened by boot, tugging it of over my feet, before removing the other boot. A foot was raised, and she lent forwards, sucking on my stocking clad toe, and sending shivers of delight up my spine.

She motioned me to move up the bed, a large king size, with a deep duvet. She leant over me, and started to kiss my mouth, sucking on my lower lip, her fingers caressing my body lightly. Soon, my top lip was the centre of attention, gently sucking and biting on my lip, her tongue caressing the inside of my mouth, her tongue running along my teeth, I could only moan in to her lips. I could feel her finger, and fingernails caressing my skin, the touch was so light, it was almost ticklish.

I felt her tongue run over my nose, my lips, before she planted a trail of light kisses across my cheek, and sucking on my ear lobe, feeling her breath against my ear, as she breathed deeply, sending little waves of pleasure though me. Her head moved, kissing as she did so, down my neck, moaning, and speaking, words of compliments filling my ears, saying the sweetest of things, if only my boyfriend would.

From my neck, she moved down wards, onto my chest, kissing, nibbling, and licking. She was in the process of covering my entire body, so it seemed with kisses, sweet and tender. I felt her wet tongue though the lace onto my breast, her fingers still lightly rubbing my body, caressing, teasing.

“Lift your Back,” she requested.

I felt her hands slide under, and unhook the bra, and sliding it over my shoulders, revealing my full but firm breasts.

“”Oohhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm ” was all I heard, before I felt her tongue, lightly on the tip of a nipple, slowly being enveloped between her sensuous lips, gently sucking, biting. I gasped as she bites, moaning with the pleasure, as shivers ran through my body. Slowly my breast was taken into her mouth, as her lips worked on my breast, her tongue on my nipple, as she seemed to be able to take most of it into her mouth. Finally, she moved the focus of attention, onto my other breast, “ensuring it is not forgotten”.

Eventually, she moved on, leaving my breasts heaving for more attention, nipples hard and stiff, prominent. Her tongue found my belly button, as she started to kiss it, her tongue swirling and twisting, sending ticklish shivers down my spine. Her fingers were now running along my thighs, and up to my thong, and over it, barely touching.

I felt her mouth, getting up. I opened my eyes, to see her taking position at the base of the bed, and lifting my leg, running her fingers down my stocking clad calf’s, reaching the outline of my toned muscles.

I gasped, as again, she places her lips over my big toe, as Jane started to delicately suck on my toe, her tongue swirling round in circles on the end of my toe, before she opened up her lips, and slide my toe deep into her mouth. She started sucking on it, sliding my toe in, and then out of her mouth slowly. She was heaven. Never in my life, had a person spent so much time on my body, discovering erogenous zones until now unknown. She sent shivers up my spine, down my arms, my body was sensitive, I could feel my pussy, ache, needing to be touched, to be fucked. I lay back on the bed, gripping the duvet with my fists, as she bought me nearer, and nearer to orgasm.

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