Sweet Cunt

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(C) 2005 Rachel Gumm. You may freely distribute this story digitally, but only in full, crediting me as the author. Please send feedback to me – it makes writing these worthwhile.


I let out an approving moan, my mouth prised open with a dental retractor. One of my mistress’s other slaves was enthusiastically flicking her tongue against my nipple. Part of me wanted to pull away, but I didn’t. Sweet Cunt, our mistress named her. It was tattooed on her bare mons venus. Mine still reads “Complete Slut.” I guess I never thought she’d leave me – this was only a few months into our relationship – and my new mistress thinks it suits me anyway. It looks like it’ll be my name for life at this rate.

At the time, I guess Sweet Cunt and I were both living up to our names. I’d been caught going down on her the day before, and this was our punishment, or whatever it was. I knew I wasn’t allowed to eat out my mistress’s other slaves, but I couldn’t help myself. She kept us all in a constant state of arousal. When I saw Sweet Cunt grinning at me in that way that only she küçükçekmece escort could, I couldn’t take it any more. You’d understand if you ever met her. Her whole face would light up. She had the most beautiful face, from her long, curly, auburn hair to the freckles on her cheeks. How was I supposed to resist that?

As Sweet Cunt went back to circling her tongue around my areola, I moaned again, trying to get just a little bit closer, but I couldn’t. We were dressed and restrained exactly the same as each other: dental retractors forced our drooling mouths open; garter belts wrapped around our hips; stockings encasing our legs and boots with impossibly high heels made our feet ache. Between the heels and Sweet Cunt’s tongue, I was having a hard enough time just keeping my balance.

Our outfits were completed by our single sleeves. The D-rings at their ends were padlocked to separate chains, tethering us to ceiling hooks that were slightly too far apart. I couldn’t get the sound of the rattling metal out of my head, levent escort and if anything, it was turning me on even more. The chains were just long enough for us to lick each other’s nipples or approximate kissing each other, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. In a way, that only made things harder.

The only thing we couldn’t do with our tongues, besides speak, was go down on each other. No matter how hard we tried, we could never reach. After a while, we gave up and resigned ourselves to just licking each other’s breasts and entwining our tongues together. Just teasing each other, really. At least, that’s what we had decided to do until our mistress got back. We had no idea what she would do when she returned. She was a pretty unpredictable woman.

Not being able to orgasm was driving me insane, and I knew that Sweet Cunt wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I could smell her cunt from where I was standing.

She stood upright, giving her tongue a rest. As she moved her head up, a string of saliva extended kurtköy escort between us before finally snapping, half of it hanging from her mouth and the other half sticking to my naked breast. It’s funny the little details you remember. It felt cold, but the room was too warm anyway.

Sweet Cunt’s exposed labia were glistening with precum. Glancing down, I could see that mine were the same, but I didn’t really need to check; I could already feel how wet I was. I could even smell both of us, that sweet smell. Pulling my chain as far as it would go, I leaned forwards and started to lick her breasts again. They were so well-formed that I didn’t know whether to feel jealous or lucky. I should have thanked the stars to have such an attractive slave to serve with, but in those days I was young and still worried about my self image.

I adored everything about Sweet Cunt from those cute freckles and that intoxicating grin to what I could see of her personality. We never got the chance to show that much of who we were inside, but the little I did see, I loved. The time we spent together in that room that day – I never did find out how long it was – felt like an eternity.

I went from licking her breasts to flicking my tongue rapidly against her nipples again. It was so frustrating. I couldn’t even think straight. One thought preoccupied my mind: when would I next be able to taste that sweet cunt?

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