Suzy Comes of Age

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Chapter 1

A girl stands in front of a metal gate. She is alone. Simply dressed in a faded denim jacket, black leggings and grubby trainers. On her shoulder hangs a white PVC bag. The word ‘SLUT’ in huge black letters has been scribbled on the bag. At 18 years old she should have grown out of her selfish disposition but she looks grumpy and resentful, still very much a teenager.

We are in a remote part of Melbourne, close to the sea. Large detached houses stand among ancient elm trees. The metal gate protects a house that seems to be made entirely of glass and pale wood. The driveway is long and straight and the grey stones freshly raked.

The girl presses a button on the gate-post. A tinny voice is heard. The gate slides open. The long-legged gangling girl walks slowly towards the house. She drags her feet. The door of the house opens and woman steps out and on to the porch. She is smiling.

The woman is Mrs McKendrick, the new matron at the exclusive girls’ residential college. Miss Frobisher retired last year. ‘Old Frobi’ was as uncaring as she was unpopular. All the students hated having to report to her, with her BO and bad breath. The old matron asked them peculiar questions: “Have you been with a boy dear, did you see his pee-pee?”

In sharp contrast to Old Frobi, Mrs McKendrick was young and pretty with a warm and understanding manner. Within a week of the new matron’s arrival at least six students had a severe crush on her and they could be seen most evenings, lined up outside her door. Mrs McKendrick or ‘Mac’ as she was universally known, was patient with them all and careful not to hurt their tender feelings. The girls guessed Mac’s age to be around thirty, and because of a striking similarity, some whispered that Mack was the principal’s younger sister.

“Good morning Suzy.” Said the Matron. “Shall I take your bag?”

With a shake of her head, the girl held the bag even closer to her chest.

“Good morning Mrs McKendrick.” Suzy said politely.

“You can call me Mac if you want to Suzy, I know you all do. And I called you ‘Suzy’ didn’t I?”

Suzy’s old-fashioned college still used last names for the students. So Suzy was ‘Sexton’ to the staff and students, all her college life. She hated it.

We are in the home of Miss Spencer, the Principal of St Agatha’s College for Girls. The building is modern and gleaming. A blend of pale wood and stainless steel, the girls had nicknamed this house ‘The Fortress’ and, until now, no student had ever been invited inside. Suzy had been invited to stay for a long weekend, partly as a reward for responding so well to the principal’s private tuition. This was a number of remedial lessons following the young girl’s recent misbehaviour. One of the lecturers had discovered Suzy crudely pleasuring herself with a Texta pen. Suzy had progressed well under Miss Spencer’s guidance and had begun a journey of self-discovery that had both shocked and excited the teenager.

And now, the day had arrived and Suzy stood at the foot of a wide staircase, clutching her belongings and feeling terrified as she followed the Matron up the steps.

Scene 3: Interior

Now we are in a bedroom of this astonishing house and looking out over a grassy slope and down to the sea far below. The low June sun lit the white bedcover and wooden book-lined shelves.

“Wow!” The word had escaped from the Suzy’s lips before she could stifle it.

“Settle in Suzy, I’ll be back in a few minutes with a snack.”

The girl explored her room. Everything was white. She cautiously opened a door. A huge bathroom, gleaming white tiles.

As the girl unpacked her bag began to arrange her few belongings she began to feel less anxious, she stood in the warm sunlight and looked around her. Tucking ‘Scraps’ her favourite cuddly woollen dog under her pillow she sat on the bed and swung her long legs. The bag was placed beside her bed where she would see it. The word SLUT painted on personal possessions was the current college craze despite being forbidden.

Mac returned with a glass of milk, a sandwich and a little tube of Pringles, Suzy’s favourite.

“Is Miss Spencer here Mrs…? I mean Mac.”

“She will be back later tonight Suzy, she’s at a conference all day.”

The matron opened a cupboard and took out a light grey cotton smock-dress from it’s hanger.

“Suzy, I’d like you to take a bath and put all your clothes in the laundry basket. ALL your clothes Suzy… every last one! You will wear only this dress from now on,.” The woman gave Suzy a warm smile and looked into her eyes. “Is that agreed Suzy?”

Suzy nodded, her face burning.

“I’ll come back for you in a couple of hours. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

The door closed with a soft but perceptible click.

Suzy sat and sipped her milk. It was sweet than the milk she drank at college and Suzy thought she detected an unusual under-taste. Perhaps it’s goat’s’ milk she thought.

Taking a book from the shelf, Suzy sat at the table and opened it. A book of photographs. The girls in the photographs looked to be about Suzy’s age. florya escort They were so beautiful and many of them had little or no clothes on. Their breasts small like hers. The flesh around the nipples still plump and puffy. Some of the girls were touching each other’s bodies and Suzy felt her face go red yet again. One girl in particular attracted Suzy’s attention. She had Suzy’s coltish looks, lanky and unformed but lithe and glowing with health. In one picture she looked directly into the camera, dark distinctive eyebrows, and dark eyes with huge pupils. Her thin arms were raised to twist her long dark hair into a plait. Her tummy was so flat it was almost saucer-shaped. Every rib was visible and her hips and thighs as narrow as Suzy’s.

Suzy’s eyes were saucers too as she stared as if staring at her own reflection. Another page and the girl was bending to unfasten her sandal. Her bottom firm and high, two taught golden globes. Another girl, fair-haired and slightly older was watching, gazing at the pert bottom. This girl had one hand squeezing her little breast and the other between her legs.

Suzy felt herself going ‘all gooey’. She closed the book with a snap and stood up trembling.

Scene 3: Interior

A bathroom. One wall is all mirror and, despite the steam from the bathwater, the mirror remains clear of condensation.

Staring at her own reflection is a naked college girl. Propped up in the wash basin is the book of photographs, open at a picture of Suzy’s favourite girl, squatting naked in a sunlit meadow, her knees apart and her shaven vulva in sharp focus. The little pink petals and narrow clitoris were almost are almost identical to those of the flushed young lady who had been poring over the glossy portraits.

Lying back in the warm water until it covered her ears, Suzy slid her hands over her body and let her lustful feelings take her by storm. Now thanks to Miss Spencer gentle guidance she was gaining experience into the correct ways to touch the clittie. And touch it she did.

No longer afraid of ‘losing herself’ whenever an orgasm swept over her, Suzy welcomed the subtle sensations of the approaching climax. She recognised the increasing tension in her limbs, the way her insides tightened, the slippery fluid that flowed so freely from her own personal well.

The girl had learned as the moment grew close, how she seems to ‘dissolve’ her vulva no longer separate components but a hot humid delta. At this point there could be no turning back.

And so it was this morning in the sunny bathroom. Suzy’s eyes darted from the picture book to the mirror and back again to the image of ‘herself’ again.

Panting hoarsely, so hardly recognizing her own voice as the bath water splashed and foamed in her eagerness to reach her destination.

In one action her tight almost white nipples broke the surface as her lithe body arched upwards in a powerful spasm.

In her room below, Mac smiled to herself and pressed both her hands to her breasts at the sound of the strangled cries can from the floor above. Glancing at her watch the Matron continued to select her instruments before straightening the waterproof sheet covering the examination table.

The matron glanced at her watch again. It’s time, she thought. The effects of the sedative in the young girl’s glass of milk should be wearing off and there was no time to lose.

Chapter 2

Unlocking the bedroom door before knocking was a sensible precaution, the guest may not have been aware that she was unable to leave her room.

Mrs McKendrick found the girl sitting at the window and wearing the grey smock. The glass was empty and Suzy had eaten her morning snack.

“Would you like to follow me Suzy? I need to give you a quick check-up.”

The girl followed, her bare feet treading almost silently on the wooden floor. Despite her long and leggy frame, the girl could move gracefully and she did so now. In the shadows of the corridor she could have been from another time,, long ago. A country girl on the threshold of womanhood, aware of the changes to her body but unsure of their purpose.

Her dark brown hair was tied back, away from her face. The slight curvature of her nose denied her prettiness but in generous compensation, it gave her beauty. The wide mouth with its full lips and her huge lively eyes gave her a look of elegant maturity. Her body would soon echo that maturity whilst remaining slim and lithe.

“Here we are Suzy.” said the matron. “This is my little examination room which I use when I’m staying here.”

The girl looked around, the mild sedative had suppressed her anxiety and the girl was now simply curious rather than nervous.

“Suzy. I need to take a look at your body. Slip off your smock and come and stand and face me. “

The girl hesitated for a moment, then crossing her arms in front of her she gathered the thin cloth in each hand, and in a single movement pulled the smock up over her head and let it fall to the floor at her feet. As she bent to pick it up Mac could see the bones of göztepe escort the girl’s vertebrae running down the long back.

‘Oh what a lovely bod Suzy!” Mac was privately shocked by the girl’s beauty. Having recently reached eighteen Suzy could easily pass as someone younger. All the girls in the college matured at different rates but Suzy was unusual in seeming so young yet her personality was that of an older girl. A delightful combination Mac thought.

Once Suzy had turned around a few times and grown used to the older woman’s gaze, she felt more relaxed, excited even. Mac was so kind and respectful toward the girls in her care that she was trusted by everyone.

“What are you going to do Mac?” Suzy asked.

“Oh just a quick check up and a few tests to see how you are developing dear. It won’t hurt and I think you will enjoy it!”

And with that the woman gave the girl her most disarming smile and led her to the examination table.

The first thing that Suzy noticed is that there were none of the previous matron’s gynaecological apparatus. There were no stirrups, nor the little stool on which Old Frobi used to squat as she clumsily poked and prodded the terrified girls’ most private parts.

Instead, Mac invited her to lay on her side on the white sheet. She then drew one of the girl’s legs up and lay it across the other leg so that Suzy’s bottom was on full view.

“That’s lovely Suzy, now just relax for me.”

Suzy stared at the opposite wall as she felt Mac’s fingers press between her bottom cheeks and expose her anus and vulva. The girl couldn’t help tensing, expecting fingers to be pushed inside but Mac simply said. “All good Suzy, now I’d like you turn on to your back and pull up your knees and let them fall apart.”

All shyness had now vanished. The excitement and the nervousness of the past few weeks had gone.

The long afternoons lying naked in Miss Spencer’s office had defeated her of inhibitions. Defeated by the sensation of the principal’s fingers on her breasts, and labia, clitoris, the overwhelming surges of pleasure as she had brought herself again and again to orgasm under the watchful eyes of her mentor, the thrill that ran through her body as the principal said. “Get undressed Suzy.”

It was hardly surprising that she now lay naked and totally exposed as Mac gently parted the lips of her little oyster.

The matron marvelled at the youthful freshness of the girl’s sex. She moved aside the exquisite folds already glistening with moisture. The lips were small and did not protrude in the way that her own did. Mac was astonished at the delicate way the clitoris was formed, the tip hardly visible. She could have been looking at an exotic tropical flower, wet with morning dew.

Below the petals, the place that would become so special to Suzy and her mentor. The skin surrounding the tightly closed anus was only slightly darker than the rest. The symetrics lines formed by the puckered folds radiated evenly. The flesh was as delicate as that of the rest of the vulva. But as yet the pleasures that could be awoken from this particular opening unknown to Suzy. Miss Spencer had been careful not to move too quickly and alarm the girl, well away of the taboos that many hold for this hidden place.

The matron was not the only person delighted with the girl’s body. In another part of the house Miss Spencer looked at the image on her laptop. There was no conference ‘until late in the evening.’ Instead the principal had been watching everything. (Almost everywhere in the house was visible to its owner on a closed-circuit video network.)

Jealousy lit the ice-blue eyes for a moment as she watch her sister carrying out to this intimate examination of her special student. Miss Spencer moved uneasily in her chair.

“Time to intervene.” She thought, still staring at the screen.

Quickly descending the stairs and walking along the long corridor, , Miss Spencer paused for a moment then, opening the drawer of a chest of drawers took out a small cloth bag. Then she quietly opened the door of Mac’s examination room.

Suzy was lying back with eyes closed as Mac stroked the lower part of the girl’s stomach. Suzy had become so relaxed had surrendered completely to gentle touches and soothing words.

Mac felt her sister’s hand on her shoulder and she moved aside to let the older woman take over the soothing massage. Mac took one last look at the astonishing young body and slipped quietly from the room.

The transfer was practically imperceptible and Suzy’s eyes remained closed at her chest rose and fell. It was only when the stroking moved lower that she opened her eyes and saw her principal smiling down at her.

“Lie still Suzy, close your eyes.”

For Suzy the lightness of touch was more powerful than any other. She was upset by the way people treated each other in the porno videos that the students watched in secret. And the principal’s touch was the lightest of all. Suzy felt as if her whole body was sinking slowly, drifting down. The pleasure approached halkalı escort stealthily and Suzy was surprised when she suddenly found herself so close to orgasm. She could hear the liquid sounds as her clittie was moved from side to side, the tip of one finger was touching the tip and Suzy’s body shuddered with anticipation.

“Come for me Suzy.”

In the final moment s of the approaching climax Suzy was unaware of the way Miss Spencer’ fingers moved lower, drawing fluid for the girl’s vagina and using it to create a slippery and gleaming pathway down across the narrow bridge until they reached the perfectly formed part that Suzy would soon know as her ‘rosebud’.

Despite being unaware of this new development the girl responded immediately and all in ruch the orgasm broke over her. It seemed as it her whole body was in the hands of an powerful but invisible force. She twisted her whole body to the side with a movement so violent that The woman was afraid the girl would fall from the table.

Spasm after spasm brought the slim hips high off the table making it hard for Miss Spencer to maintain her stimulation. The stifled screams, the bird-like noises, the head flung back, skin flushed with bright red patches, the pale skin gleaming with sweat. The sweet and musky aroma that always accompanied the girl’s moments of ecstasy.

The woman swallowed hard. She knew that she must retain control, not just of her protege but of herself. A single wrong move now, could bring the whole plan crashing to the ground.

One the aftershocks has passed, Miss Spencer helped the girl from the table and led her still naked back to her room and within minutes she was sound asleep.

Miss Spencer watched the girl for a few minutes, marvelling at the way this young woman responded to her touch. And the weekend had only just begun.

Chapter 3

Sunshine floods in through an open window, a soft breeze makes the white muslin billow out and fall back in a lazy rhythm.

A young girl sleeps, relaxed, at peace. It would be hard to imagine the wordless primitive sounds that had escaped from those half-parted lips a few hours earlier as she was repeatedly brought to orgasm by her mentor, Miss Spencer.

And as Miss Spencer now stood looking down at a innocent blissful face,, she felt her heart calling to her with an almost painful longing. The woman wondered if her aching heart was calling out to the child’s heart which had beaten so furiously when the spasm first broke over her.

Big eyes opened and but saw only an outline of the principal’s face, finally the details of the face emerged and Suzy climbed slowly and reluctantly from dream to wakefulness. The night before, Miss Spencer had seen something unexpected in those fathomless brown eyes. There was complete trust certainly, respect too but also something deeper, something primitive and it caused the older woman’s heart to leap.

It is said that the expressions that pass across a face in orgasm are a true guide to our real selves. Stripped of pretension, the face in the very extremes of ecstasy is a window on the soul. The principal bit her lip as she recalled the plaintiff cries, the bird-like sounds as girl writhed and shook as the orgasms possessed the slender body. Looking down at the pale face she felt a tightening and with great difficulty she moved her thoughts away from that powerful moment.

There was a willing wantonness in those brown eyes and the principal knew that she must tread carefully lest she scare the girl and all that she longed for would be lost forever. She noticed the toy dog still wrapped in Suzy’s arms and smiled to herself as she looked down at the the adolescent body’s awkward curves and sharp , the way her long legs were tangled in the sheets, the full lips of her wide mouth slightly parted.

The woman knew she was very close to pulling away the sheet and sweeping the girl into her arms. She resisted and instead said: “Good morning Suzy, fancy a swim before breakfast?”

The girl stretched and rubbed her eyes and in an instant was wide awake.

And with wakefulness came recollection. The Matron, the strange examination room and finally the torrent of sensations that this woman had unleashed.

“Oh… Miss Spencer! Sorry… I was asleep.”

Smiling indulgently the woman said. “No time to lose Suzy, let’s go before the sun gets too high. You can shower later.”

Then, picking up the grey smock which lay discarded on the floor, she stood holding it and waited for the girl as she climbed awkwardly out of bed. Yet again the woman marvelled at the lithe nude body. She marvelled too at the completely uninhibited way that the girl behaved whilst naked. Once the drab smock was on, Miss Spencer led her student from the room and down the stairs.

Outside the morning air felt clean and fresh and together they ran across the dewy lawn and down the shallow path to the beach.

Without breaking her stride, Miss Spencer opened her gown, let it fall onto the sand and ran into the shallows. Suzy gasped as she saw her principal’s naked body. She hadn’t imagined that the formal college attire concealed such a stunning body – muscular and toned but with such feminine curves. For a moment Suzie was utterly lost in this woman’s powerful aura, disorientated. It was as if all the things she felt she had known and understood to be real about herself and her world had suddenly come undone.

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