Surprising Camping Trip

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Hailee had been looking forward to that camping trip for weeks! It was supposed to be the best trip of the year! Yet now that she was here, she had spent the first two days moping and frustrated. It wasn’t her fault. None of it was her fault! Currently, Hailee was alone high on a hill that overlooked the small lake and beach where they were camping. The place was magnificent and she was sure that the others were having a great time down there. She had taken this short hike alone hoping to clear her mind and enjoy the remaining days.

Sitting on an outcrop of rock just after lunch, the bright sun hot on her skin, she thought about how things went wrong for her. First of all, this camping trip had been planned for six couples, all good friends of Hailee as well as her brother and his girlfriend. That girlfriend, Amy, was the only person in the group Hailee didn’t like. “Well, one out of eleven isn’t too bad.” she had told herself.

But then, a week before the camping weekend, two tragedies struck. First, her very best friend canceled because of a death in the family. Second, Hailee’s boyfriend decided to break things off with her. A fucking week before the weekend she had spent months planning! Fucking bastard!

Hailee was still pissed about that even if, she’d had to admit to herself, she had known that the relationship was would not have lasted long beyond that weekend anyways. But regardless, she had been looking forward to fucking that guy every night in their tent before sending him off. He had been damned good in bed, the bastard!

So now there were only four couples and her. But that wasn’t even the worst part. That first evening, as they were all setting up their tents, she had realized in horror that hers was completely unusable. About half of the fiberglass poles had been crushed in the car’s trunk and she couldn’t possibly fix them. She had been on the verge of tears, more of rage than sadness. And so she’d had to go and talk to her brother and ask him if she could sleep in his tent. He had said yes but she knew that it would put a damper on his plans with his girlfriend. When Amy learned of this she was visibly pissed but couldn’t do much.

Hailee stood up and looked down at her friends and took a few deep breaths of the clean air. She spotted Amy sitting next to their tent and wondered what her brother saw in her. “She was pretty and sexy enough, obviously, but still.” Hailee thought, smiling in the process. She was smiling because everybody said that they looked alike, she and her. Hailee and Amy were the first to deny it but Hailee knew that it was true. When asked, her brother Peter didn’t want to commit to an answer. With good reason: admitting that he was dating a girl that looked a lot like his sister would be a bit weird.

Hailee thought it flattering. She was pretty sure that Peter hadn’t chosen Amy just because she looked like her anyway. But that left the question wide open: why had he chosen her? Beauty and sex appeal were all very nice, but Amy was as dumb as they came. Her dream job was to be a manicurist, for christ’s sake! Hailee shook her head. “Well, maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on her,” she thought. “After all, she has a boyfriend and will be having sex tonight!”

Hailee sighed. Fuck! She was aroused all the time! Even now on this exposed rock, she felt like slipping her fingers under her panties and… But why not? Hailee smiled. Standing she could see all her friends, but sitting she wouldn’t be visible from down there. Grinning for the first time since getting here, she moved away from the ledge and found a nice, soft mossy patch on the ground. She sat down, slipped her hand under her skirt, pulled her panties aside and gently began to caress herself.

Spreading her legs wide and reclining fully on the soft moss, Hailee took a deep breath and enjoyed the first small waves of pleasure. With the palm of her hand she could feel the patch of hair above her lips and remembered that she had wanted to shave it all off. Her lips were all shaven, as was everything below down to her asshole. She had never dared to shave the hairs above it but as she was pleasuring herself, she swore to do it soon.

A few minutes later her second hand joined the first and she used her deft fingers to stimulate her clit with one hand and her pussy and g-spot with the other. She briefly thought about her ex-boyfriend and his marvelous cock, but quickly forgot about him. None of the guys here interested her in the least. They were all nice guys, but not boyfriend material for her. Now Peter, if he hadn’t been her brother… That was a guy she could date. They shared many hobbies and passions and he certainly was hot.

Without being fully aware of what she was doing, she remembered how he had looked this morning at the beach, either playing catch with a friend or showing everybody how he could actually do fifty push-ups. He had done it with ease. When he had stood back up, he had been flushed from ataşehir escort the exertion, his powerful arms covered in raised veins and his body covered with sweat. As they had all applauding him Hailee had seen quite a few of the girls looking at his abs and pecs, herself included!

On the ground, as sweaty and flushed as her brother had been earlier, Hailee kept thinking about him, about how he’d look naked coming out of the lake or splitting logs or carrying her naked body to their tent. “What the fuck?” Hailee though, laughing and temporarily stopping her fingers. “Am I so in need that even my brother… Shit!”

She tried to think of something or someone else as she let her fingers resume their holy work… but she failed. Now she was remembering the very awkward moment when, last night very late, she had been woken up by a moan from Amy. Opening her eyes in surprise, Hailee had heard very faint sounds that had confirmed what she had quickly surmised: her brother and his girlfriend had been fucking right next to her. On the one hand, she had understood them perfectly well, yet on the other, she was still right there!

To her surprise she had realized that hearing them and imagining what they were doing had stoked her own fires. Soon her pussy had become warm and had been calling for her. Very slowly, inside her sleeping bag, she had slipped her hand between her legs and had started to masturbate. When she had heard Amy’s moans coming faster and then stopping on a taken breath, Hailee had felt her own climax rising fast. But when she had heard her brother’s grunt it had finally triggered her climax.

On the rock under the sun, Hailee tried one last time to think of anything else but her brother. “Fuck it!” she finally thought, a naughty smile on her lips. Soon she brought back the image of herself nude in his arms, feeling his big hard cock poking against her back. In her mind’s eye she saw him laying her down in his sleeping bag and diving between her legs to eat her pussy like a god. “Peter…” she was moaning, both in her fantasy and in real life.

Hailee was surprised by the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling and by how quickly she felt her climax burgeoning. In her fantasy she barely had time to move Peter up and into her pussy before she climaxed on the moss. She bit her lip and managed not to cry out but she writhed and twisted on the moss, taken by a climax a lot more powerful than she had expected. A bit later, as she walked back down towards her friends, she was smiling. She was still surprised, but at least now she was smiling.

In the middle of the afternoon, most of the girls decided to go to the stream to wash their clothes. They had been here for two nights and some of their clothes really needed a good wash. She decided to join them. After the twenty minute walk to the stream that fed the lake, the girls stripped down to their underwear and proceeded to quickly wash most of their clothes. When Amy removed her bra, some of the others were surprised, but soon they all followed suit. One of them joked that if the guys were to join them, it would make for an awkward situation.

Hailee saw Amy topless for the first time and was surprised to see that even their breasts were alike. “And damned sexy!” she added mentally, smiling to herself. Looking at Amy’s breasts was a very special experience for Hailee, like looking at a clone or a living mirror reflexion. Like hers Amy’s breasts looked like they were 32C and like hers she probably sometimes tried 32D cups.

Hailee realized that they both had really big breasts for their frames. Despite their size and fullness, they were still very perky and thrust out of her body with no regards for gravity. Damn, even their nipples were very similar! They both had aureolas that were slightly bigger than expected with prominent nipples pointing upwards.

Subtly looking around at the other girls’ breasts, she saw that she and Amy had, by far, the best breasts. Julia’s were bigger, but Julia was slightly overweight and her breasts were not nearly as perky. The rest had smaller breasts that, while suited to their slim frames, were not in any way spectacular. Hers and Amy’s, on the other hand… Maybe that was why Peter had chosen her? Maybe he was a breast man and had been swayed?

Hailee laughed at her own thoughts and soon began talking with Julie to take her mind off of that. The girls spent close to two hours at their spot, giving the sun as much time as possible to dry their clothes. They came back wearing their swimsuits anyway, as even a bright sun wasn’t as efficient as a dryer. Back at camp, they spread their clothes as much as possible and hoped they would be dry before nightfall.

During dinner, Amy and Peter got up and went behind their tent. When they came back, Amy was visibly angry and Peter was red faced. Something had happened, but Hailee had no idea what. Later, after dinner and quite a few beers for Peter, he retired kadıköy escort early to the tent. After that and for the rest of the evening Hailee saw that Amy was, because there were no other words for it, flirting with all the guys. Not too ostensibly, but it was clear that she was being nicer than usual, more smiles, more references to her bikini or even breasts, that she was sitting just a bit too close to the guys…

“The fuck was wrong with that girl?” Hailee wondered. She looked at their tent and saw that Peter had turned the lantern off. It was still relatively early, and the others wouldn’t go to bed for hours yet. She waited a bit more and feigned sleepiness. She wished the others a good night and went to the tent. She found three more empty bottles of beers in there and threw them out. Peter was already sleeping. She stripped down to nothing in the darkness, kneeling right next to her brother.

She had no idea what had happened between him and Amy, but as she heard her laughing seductively at one of the guys, Hailee felt angry. “Regardless of what happened, you don’t just go around flirting like this when you have a boyfriend.” She moved closer to Peter, unafraid that he would catch her naked. He seemed to be deeply asleep and in any case, it was very dark in the tent. Hailee touched his forehead and brushed her fingers through his hair.

She was surprised when he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips to kiss it. Hoping he would let her go and fall back asleep, Hailee let him kiss her hand once, twice and three times before she felt him pulling her closer to him. “Peter,” she whispered. “Let me go please.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m so sorry.” Hailee wondered what he was talking about until she realized that he thought that she was Amy. In the dim light, the two of them must look exactly the same. If he even had his eyes opened. “It won’t happen again, I swear.” he mumbled again.

“Peter,” she whispered again. “I’m Hailee…”

“What? What about Hailee? You can’t fault me for looking at my sister! Besides, you two look so alike that if I find you beautiful, I can’t help but find my sister beautiful!”

Hailee smiled, realizing that Peter was in a strange mix of sleepiness and drunkenness, not really awake. Nevertheless, he pulled her harder towards him and Hailee ended up on all fours, naked, her breasts hanging just above his head. Before she could pull back, she felt him lift his head and kiss her breast, capturing one of her nipples in his mouth. She gasped as she pulled away, and Peter said, “Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t know where you were and I wanted to kiss you. Your lips I mean. I’m sure you’re not in the mood for anything else tonight…” He sounded so sad.

But she was in the mood! She so was! Hailee knew that her nipples were hard right now and her pussy was getting wetter by the second. The burst of pleasure she had unexpectedly felt when he sucked on her breast had shaken her. Even as she was still on all fours above him, Peter pushed his blanket away to reveal his cock. “See?” he slurred. “You still make me hard, don’t worry about Julia.” In the very dim light, Hailee’s dark adapted eyes could see the outline of her brother’s cock below his hard abs and she gasped again. Damn, it was big and looked so fucking nice!

Suddenly she realized that she was naked, on all fours, her pussy on fire and that she was staring mouthwateringly at her brother’s hard cock. This had to stop. “Peter!” she whispered. “Stop this.”

“Oh come on Amy… If you want, I could eat your pussy like you’ve been asking…”

Hailee’s eyes opened wide, both at the surprise that he had never done that and at the fact that it reminded her of her own fantasy this afternoon. Deciding to play along instead of risking him waking up and recognizing her, Hailee said, “No. You’re right, I’m not in the mood. Not after what happened.”

“I just looked at her! Nothing more!”

“Still…” she tried to understand why Amy was so jealous that even him glancing at Julia’s breasts made her so angry. “Let me go, I wanna go to sleep.”

“So come here… I promise I’ll be nice,” he replied, pulling her down next to him.

Hailee knew she could have resisted him. She could have stopped him physically, she could have said “No!” more forcefully, she could have said who she really was or she could even have slapped him! But she did none of those things. She had taken a few beers herself, was burning up and here was this beautiful and willing male with his equally beautiful and willing cock. During her hesitation, no more than two seconds, Peter had managed to pull her down on the mattress and was now spooning her.

She gasped as she felt his hard cock between her buttocks, surging and spasming. “I’ll be nice!” he had said! “Sure!” she thought. Out loud she said, “Peter, let me go please. I’m not… I’m not in the— Shit!” she stopped talking, as she wasn’t even convincing herself. “Just don’t bostancı escort bayan move,” she said in a sharp and low tone, hoping it would work.

“Ok,” he replied, but immediately grabbed her breast.

Hailee felt her own defences failing badly. “I can’t let my brother fuck me!” she thought, angry with herself. But she was also aroused beyond words. She knew she was dripping her juices on her thighs and that if Peter moved, even slight— Fuck! She swore mentally as he repositioned himself, guiding his cock lower between her buttocks. His tip was pressed hard against her anus and she felt a thrilling sensation go up her spine. Hailee loved anal sex and given that her ex wasn’t into that at all, she really needed a cock back there. “But that, fuck, was neither here nor there!” She thought, slightly angry with herself.

She was breathing hard, her body responding without her consent and soon she was pushing back against his cock. When he squeezed her nipples, Hailee moaned out loud. “That’s it baby,” Peter said. “Let yourself go. You know you want me.” Peter took her silence as compliance and he tilted his pelvis until his cock slipped right up against her lips. “Oh shit,” he said, laughing. “You’re never this wet baby! Oh fuck that’s good!” he added, pushing his cock inside her.

Hailee was in no position to answer or comment, her entire body and mind aflame with lust and pleasure. She hadn’t had a cock inside her for two weeks now and her body had clearly been craving one. Any cock. But her brother’s? Shit that was insane. She had gone from a few years of admiring his body, to a few months of thinking about him in a sexual manner, to masturbating thinking about him this afternoon and now feeling his very real cock inside her. And he was big! Hailee reeled with pleasure as she felt his thick cock spreading her insides. Completely insane. And completely delightful.

Even half asleep and drunk, Peter was a very nice lover. The way he held her, kissed her neck, whispered sweet words to her, caressed her body with his hands and most of all the way he fucked her, both hard and sweet at the same time… Shit! As she enjoyed his thick cock splitting her pussy open, forcing her walls apart, Hailee writhed against him in pure pleasure. She had never though a first time with a guy could be so fucking good!

Shit! She had her brother’s cock inside her pussy and he didn’t even know about it! Soon he pushed her and forced her on her stomach while never pulling out of her. With better leverage, he pushed himself even deeper inside her and kept fucking her. When he pressed his hands against the sides of her breasts she lifted herself up instinctively and gasped as she grabbed both her breasts in his big hands.

To her astonishment, as Peter began nibbling on her ear with his lips and teeth, Hailee buckled under him and felt her climax rising faster than fucking fireworks! “Don’t change anything you’re doing!” she moaned. He didn’t. Less than a minute later she was ravaged by an orgasm that shook her to the core. “How the fuck could my own brother make me cum so hard and so fast on our first time!” she thought as she shook and trembled beneath him.

When she groaned louder, he giggled and said, “Shhh! You’re going to wake Hailee!”

“I don’t think she’ll mind,” she replied, through clenched teeth, still overwhelmed by too much pleasure.

“Think she would join us if she woke up?” he asked, his voice still slurred by the alcohol. Hailee didn’t say anything to that, still breathing hard. Peter added, “I think she would. I think she needs a good fucking right now.”

Hailee refrained from giggling as he heard his words. Then, right into her ear as he kept fucking her past her climax, he asked, “Would you mind if she did?” Hailee cursed in her mind, but smiled: if she had been Amy she would have thrown such a fucking tantrum! Amy had been jealous of him looking at Julia and now Peter thought that it was a good idea to ask her if she would mind fucking her boyfriend’s sister?

Still drunk on pleasure, she replied, “Would you? Would you fuck your own sister?”

“Shit yeah! She’s smoking hot, just like you!” he whispered in her ear.

“Interesting… How do you want me now?” she asked.

“How about in cowgirl?” he replied.

Moments later she was riding his big cock like there was no tomorrow, throwing everything she had: she was keeping a steady rhythm, fucking him hard and long, making her hips twist and rotate from time to time, letting him play with her breasts, etc… But Peter felt like a machine with his relentless fuck tool. In all the positions. He had been plowing her pussy tirelessly for about least half an hour now and he just kept thrusting up against her every downward motion.

Knowing that Amy would eventually come back to the tent, Hailee had to do something. Trying to make him cum, she leaned forward and whispered “About your sister, you’d really fuck her?”

“Of course… She’s at least as hot as you and I’m sure she’s wild in bed!” he said.

Hailee thought that if he talked like that with Amy, her jealousy was justified. But since she wasn’t his girlfriend, she said, “Imagine that I am her… Just for tonight.”

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