Surprise Weekend away part 9

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Surprise Weekend away part 9
I picked my phone up and sent a reply ‘I’m hoping so too!

Then I noticed another ‘sent video’ in my list, it was to ‘Tfiller’, “What’s that I asked”.

“It’s a message to your secret lover, a nice video of me enjoying your sexy naughty pussy too!!”

I went bright red and checked the video, it was of Marks cock buried deep in my pussy!, I asked Mark “What have you done that for?”

Just then a reply came back from my friend, ‘Are you suggesting another meet, sooner the better’, watching internet porn must be turning you on for it, but can’t compete with that whopper ’

I must have looked shocked, angry, bewildered and disappointed all at once.
Mark looked at me and said calmly “Don’t worry, Tom already knows about your ex-boyfriend ‘Tfiller’ and your fuck meets, why do you think he welcomed me into your life, he wanted you to enjoy good sex with a cock bigger than your lover, but with him involved, and him not being deceived, this is all for you and your marriage”

Another message came in from Tom, he was 5 minutes away and it read ‘I will be 5 mins, I want to see you spread over the bed waiting for my cock when I get there!, pass the phone to Mark!’
“You bastards, you had this planned all along” I laughingly blurted out, “But how can I be too angry with you when you did it for my pleasure!”

Mark güvenilir bahis siteleri picked up the phone and he typed out a message to Tom and pressed send, then oddly he typed another and sent that too?

He handed me the phone, the first message he’d sent was the video of Marks cock sliding in and out of my mouth and me smiling at the camera as he pulled out, he’d sent it to my ex !, now he would know it wasn’t just internet porn!!

The second was to Tom, it read ‘She now knows, and she’ll be looking forward to you reclaiming her gorgeous pussy!’, and Tom replied, ‘Just in the hall with the iced champagne, ask her to get ready for me please’

I laid on the bed and was still a bit anxious about what Tom was going to say when he got back, and possibly he was wondering what my reaction would be to all this malarkey.

He need not have worried though as when he walked through the door from the lounge, I was already on my back legs wide and having my pussy licked and pampered by Mark in readiness for Tom to put his cock in me.

Tom and I lay there for a good twenty minutes talking about our new found openness, all the while Mark was making me squirm with his tongue and fingers in my pussy, Tom in between sucking and squeezing my breasts chatted more openly then I’d ever known, and in perabet giriş response so did I.

When Tom did slide his cock into me it was harder than I’d experienced in years, after a few strokes I stopped him and he looked concerned, “Why are you so hard, have you taken something?” I asked

Tom reply came after a short pause for thought “Nope, just more relaxed and confident that you’re not going off with your ex and his bigger cock, you want other men getting intimate with you just for sex”

His reply surprised me as I always thought it was me that wasn’t attractive enough to turn him on.

I held marks head as he ground his tongue on my clitoris and said “It’s Toms turn to fuck me now with his newly found sex drive!”, Mark withdrew and sat beside me on the bed as we fucked like newlyweds, in fact better than when we first got married, it didn’t stop me sliding my hand up and down Marks cock while Tom and I made love though, Tom noticed and said “Mark can be your ‘extras’ from now on too”

As you might expect Tom didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but it was so nice to have him bring me off, and best of all, bent over the bed end as I had my pussy licked by Mark from below, Tom was so turned on and relieved at being able open up to his knowledge of my ‘Extras’ that he even managed a perabet güvenilir mi bumper orgasm and cum deeper inside me that I’ve ever known,

I have a couple of toys gathering dust which are now redundant as whenever I feel the urge I know I cant get my sexual itch scratched to complete satisfaction without any feelings of guilt, we’ve even had my Ex round to have a threesome with.

Understandably, Tom is more than OK with this casual arrangement, he enjoys being the voyeur as I have my fun, my ex is good although now it didn’t seem as erotic as it’s not so ‘naughty’ being out in the open, he is very handy though as Mark travels abroad a lot and isn’t always available when I need that little bit ‘extra’.

All in all a nice arrangement especially for me, and with the added advantage that Toms libido and desire for exciting sex with me has tripled, one day I’ll have to return the favour and find him a suitable fuck buddy so he can have some ‘Extras’ too

PS If you’re wondering what ‘Tfiller’ is short for, it’s ‘Twatfiller’, my ex boyfriend from years ago, I was pleased when he got in touch, we weren’t a match, but he had a lovely fat cock even when we were younger, he used to fuck me so well back then, sorry, I know it’s very coarse, and I very rarely use the word, but I always felt so naughty typing that into the contacts list to message him, knowing what I would be arranging and as we always liked to talk ‘Dirty when he was fucking me, and even texting me the details of what he was going to do to me when we communicated to arrange the next meets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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