Sultry Samantha Ch. 03

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– Chapter 3 was short and, I thought, a bit boring, so I added chapter 4 into it. Hope you enjoy! The new chap. 4 coming soon –

Mark finally reached over to the knobs and turned the shower off. He still couldn’t believe what had happened, that his daughter had seen him masturbating. That he had stroked himself while thinking about his sultry, sexy, temptress of a daughter. He grabbed his silk robe from the back of the bathroom door, wrapping it around himself as he walked over to the bed. He sat on the bed with a thump, lost in thought. Thinking to him self that he should go explain to Samantha what she had seen. Why he was doing what he had been doing.

A small smile played across his lips when he thought of that conversation, “Samantha baby, daddy wants to explain to you what you saw. Why daddy was stroking himself in the shower.” Yeah, that would go well.

“Well baby, daddy was thinking about mommy and remembering what a slut she had been for him when she was alive. Daddy misses fucking mommy baby.”

Oh yeah, that would go over just great. And he of course wouldn’t tell her that it was her image that he finally finished to. Her image that made his cock explode in a way that he had never had it explode before. That it was the best orgasm that he had ever had on his own.

But he did need to talk to her. He decided to do it right then, when they were both still embarrassed, that way they could talk about it and forget it. He went over to his dresser and pulled out a clean pair of boxers, one thing was for sure, he wasn’t going in there in just a robe. Mark pulled the boxers up over his hips, carefully tucking his still hard dick down so Samantha wouldn’t see it, and made sure his robe was tied tight, took a calming breath and started toward Samantha’s bedroom door.

Just as Mark raised his hand to knock, he heard the most amazing thing coming from inside his little girl’s room. “Oh god daddy that’s it, eat your little slut’s pussy!” Marks cock instantly got rock hard. He stayed at the door and listened to his little girl masturbating, masturbating to him, her daddy. His sweet, innocent, beautiful, sultry, little temptress was in her room, rubbing her pussy and calling out to him, her daddy!

Marks hand automatically went back to his cock, rubbing through his silky boxers. He kept his ear tight to the door, listening to his little girl writhe and moan. Every sound from his little girl made his cock grow harder, his balls tighter. He was just beginning to wish he had left the boxers behind when he heard a thud from her room. “SHIT!” he exclaimed, moving quickly away from her door. He walked quickly back to his bedroom and closed and locked the door.

“Shit, shit, shit!” he said to himself. “What am I doing, what if she heard me?” Mark paced back and forth at the end of his bed, his conscience wreaking bahis firmaları havoc in his brain.

“What if she did hear you stupid, she was in there fucking herself pretending it was you.”

“It doesn’t matter, she’s my daughter, I shouldn’t be thinking about her this way!”

“Oh get off it, you know you loved it, and would love to hear again, maybe even help her next time!”

“NO!!” He yelled out. Oh god, this was getting out of hand, part of him actually wanted to go in there and take her, fuck her little girl brains out and claim her as his own little slut. But the daddy in him knew that even thinking such things was wrong, even if she did make his lust rise like never before, even if his little slut made his dick ache with just a few uttered words. Mark stayed in his room for another hour, debating with himself over slowly seducing his 18 year old daughter, or being a good father who always had a very uncomfortable hard on when around his little girl.

While Mark was in his bedroom thinking, Samantha had gone downstairs to make dinner. She decided daddy needed something special to eat that night, so she pulled out two huge T-bone steaks, potatoes, broccoli and a box of brownie mix. She prepared the steaks and set them aside while she peeled the potatoes.

Although trying to keep busy, her mind kept drifting back to the sight of her daddy’s huge cock, and her little bit of naughtiness in her room earlier. She peeled and thought of how daddy’s hand hadn’t fit all the way around his cock. She chopped and thought of how wet her panties had been when she went back in her room. She added water to the pot of potatoes and thought of how hard she came when she imagined daddy’s tongue on her soaked little pussy. “Sam you’ve got to stop this!” she thought to herself, “Your already getting wet again, and daddy will notice something is up if he sees how flushed and fidgety you are!”

Samantha managed to calm herself enough to finish preparing dinner, putting the potatoes and broccoli to simmer on the stove and the steaks in the broiler. She pre-heated the stove and mixed the brownies, finally finishing by cleaning up the dishes she had used and setting the table. Just for fun and something special, she lit the candles she kept on the dining room table and dimmed the lights.

She was putting the stereo on some light music when Mark finally came down for dinner. Samantha jumped when she suddenly heard daddy’s voice behind her, “Baby are you okay? I mean, with what you walked in on earlier?” She turned to her father and gasped when she saw him, he had dressed for her! She stood there staring at him for a moment, taking in the tailored slacks and casual dress sweater. OH MY GOD! Daddy is hot! “Baby?” daddy asked concern evident in his voice. “Oh, sorry daddy, yeah I’m alright. I know things must be hard for you since kaçak iddaa mommy died.” Samantha replied, still shocked and very turned on at how good daddy looked. “You look nice daddy, good enough to eat even.” Oops! she thought, giggling in her head, why not tease him a bit, what’s it going to hurt?

Mark felt his cock start to harden again, tempting little vixen, teasing him. He had already decided what he was going to do about the situation he found himself. He wanted her, she seemed to want him, so he was going to go for it and slowly seduce his daughter. “Well baby girl,” Mark answered, “you always look good enough to eat. When did you get the red bra and panties?” Samantha blushed, “A few weeks ago daddy, your not mad?” “How could I be mad when you look so good in them baby? Just be careful who you show them to okay?”

She ran into his arms, pressing her body tight against his, “Oh thank you for not being mad daddy! I love you!” Mark pulled her sexy body tighter against his, hoping she could feel his cock through his pants, “I love you too baby girl.” Father and daughter stood there pressed tight against each other, enjoying the feel of each others bodies. Samantha finally moved away, “Daddy, dinner should be ready now, sit down and I’ll bring it out.” With that she turned and walked over to the door that separated the kitchen from the dining room, putting a little extra wiggle in her step.

Mark sat at the table and watched his little girls sexy heart shaped ass sway as she walked. He had wanted to pull those tiny little gym shorts off her body and give her the opportunity to really yell for daddy to eat his slut’s pussy, but he waited. He would take as much time as necessary to claim his little girl for his own. He would tease and tempt and touch till she begged him to take her, begged him to fuck her. Mark closed his eyes, lost in thoughts about fucking his little girl, his hand reaching for his cock through his pants.

Meanwhile, Samantha was leaning against the kitchen counter, flushed and excited. MMM, daddy’s cock felt so good pressed into her tummy, his arms wrapped around her body tight, her breasts pressed hard into daddy’s chest. She felt the front of her panties soaking through, her pussy beginning to pulse in excitement. Right then she decided it was time to take action, she would seduce daddy, tease and taunt him till he couldn’t take it any more and claimed his little slut for his own! Operation Fuck Daddy was about to begin!

Samantha walked through the kitchen door carrying the pot of broccoli. Setting it down on the table, she teased her daddy, “Now daddy, if you’re a good boy and eat all of your vegetables, you might get a special treat for desert!” She giggled to herself as she turned and walked calmly back into the kitchen. “I wonder what daddy thought of that?” she giggled to herself as she picked the kaçak bahis steak platter up off the counter. “Lets see if daddy’s slut can do better this time!”

She set the platter of steaks on the table exclaiming, “Gee daddy, it’s been an awfully lllooonngg time since I’ve had any meat this big!!” Daddy visibly squirmed in his chair after hearing her naughty words, “Good,” she thought to herself, “Daddy thought something dirty when I said that.” She stood in the kitchen for a minute thinking of a way to tease daddy further when it hit her, “Panties and bra have to go!” Samantha quickly stripped of her short shorts and her panties; she then pulled her shorts back on and reached for her bra. She picked up both and set them on the counter by the brownies. She took the potatoes out to daddy saying brightly, “One last thing then we can eat daddy!”

She picked up her bra and skimpy thong panties in one hand and the brownie tray in the other and headed for the dining room one last time. “Okay Daddy,” she said walking into the dining room, “Here is your special desert!” Sam set her bra and panties down right in front of daddy, pretending to need her hand to make room for the brownie platter. Daddy picked up her tiny little thong, and croaked out, “This is dessert baby?” Sam giggled, “No daddy, those are my panties; it got hot in the kitchen so I took them off. Dessert is the brownies.”

Mark pocketed Samantha’s panties, wondering what Samantha was thinking as she watched him do it. She sat next to him as they ate; occasionally letting her foot travel up his calf, stroking his leg with her little toes. He almost choked when he felt her toes go higher, running up and down the length of his thigh, lightly stroking his cock through his pants. He did his best not to react, to just sit and act like nothing was happening, but when the little temptress pressed her toes into his cock harder, he couldn’t help but moan. “Daddy, what’s wrong? Is the steak okay?” the little temptress had the nerve to ask.

“No baby, the steak is fine. The problem is your toes. Do you know what you’re doing to Daddy bab-mmmm…!?” Right as he was finishing she pushed her toes harder against his cock, letting them press and stroke through the fabric of his pants.

“Yes Daddy, I do know what I’m doing. Don’t you like it?” She smiled teasingly at him.

“Oh god Samantha, I love it. Why?” Mark moaned out, hoping that she would understand the why. He wanted to know why she was doing what she was doing, not why she asked.

“Well Daddy,” She started, pressing her toes more and more against his cock,

“When I saw you in the shower this afternoon, I realized that you had other needs besides the ones I already took care of. I went in my room, and realized that I have needs also.”

She leaned forward, capturing daddy’s hand and bringing it to her breast. She moaned softly as Daddy’s hand began to gently massage her breast, pushing her toes harder against his cock in response,

“I think we can work out a situation where our mutual needs can easily be taken care of.”

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