Substitute Santa

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Authors note: A little holiday quickie for all my avid readers. A longer one is out to the editors and hopefully will be back in time for this contest! Enjoy!


I’ve always enjoyed the Christmas holiday, and this year was no different. It wasn’t just getting presents, because to be honest I gave far more than I would ever receive. That was what Christmas was all about – giving, not getting, so when one of the secretaries at work stuck her head in the door and asked for some Christmas help, how could I refuse?

“Michael…” Donna called lyrically as she stuck her head in my door. “Michael, I need some help.”

“Sure. What can I do for you?”

“My husband got sent out of town, and we’re supposed to go be Mister and Missus Clause at one of the shelters.”

“Uh huh. And?”

“And I was just kind of wondering, if you’d be a really good sport and fill in for him?” She asked hopefully.

“Where at?” I asked, hoping for a bit more detail.

“Columbus house,” she said.

“Oh, I know that one. It’s one of the abuse shelters. I don’t have a suit or anything though.”

“Don’t worry, I have a suit and everything,” she said with a grin.

“So it comes down to you having a suit and needing someone to fit into it?” I asked half jokingly.

“Something like that, besides, I know you’re a good sport. So how about it? Wanna help me make some kids happy?”

“Sure. What time do we have to be there?”

“Six-thirty. I’ll even buy you some McDonalds on the way there.”

“Ok. How about five-thirty out front. I’ll drive if you want.”

“Sounds great. Thanks Michael!” She said pulling her head out of my doorway and heading down the hall.

Donna was one of those wonderful women that always had a smile on her face, even when the office was falling apart around her. At half my age she’d never be a beauty queen. She was only about five foot five or so, and, well let’s just say she’s big bodied. Not fat, just on the thick side. I’ve occasionally wondered just how much of her weight was fat and how much was just being big boned. She also had a very large pair of…well…you know. They had to be at least something in the multiple D category, not that I was an expert in sizing breasts other than ‘damn they were big’.

The rest of the day zipped by, and I met her at the door heading to the parking lot at five-thirty. We walked to her car and got out two huge duffle bags, carrying them the few rows to where I was parked. A quick trip to McDonalds drive through, and we were on our way across town. We would have been more than early enough if it hadn’t been for some idiot in front of us who decided that he just had to force his way through the intersection after the light turned red, leading to a messy little accident. That little incident meant that we were not early but actually fifteen minutes late getting to the shelter.

“Sorry we’re late,” Donna apologized as the lady in charge of the festivities led us around the hallways to a doorway.

“Not a problem. We’re stalling the kids, so the quicker you get ready the better for us. I’ll come get you in…say…fifteen minutes?”

“Sure thing. We’ll be ready!” Donna answered, opening the door to our changing room. “Oh, nice.” She muttered as she led the way into what seemed little more than a large walk in closet.

“Um. We’re both supposed to change in here?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Uh, I guess so. I suppose they were expecting my husband and me so sharing a room wouldn’t have been a problem.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ll wait outside while you change then.”

“No, not if we have to go on in fifteen. Come on, we’re both adults. It’s not like we have to get completely naked or anything,” she said, setting down her duffle bag and unzipping it.

I closed the door behind us and set my bag down, unzipping it and pulling a few items out to see what I had to work with.

“You’re kind of thin like my hubby. There’s a padding set down in the bottom you want to put on first,” Donna said as she turned her back to me and pulled her knee length sweater dress up and over her head, leaving her in an industrial sized bra, based on the strap across her back, and a pair of large white panties.

I stood staring, holding onto the padding thing while she bent over to start pulling on her tights. As she bent her white panty covered ass pushed out at me, stretching the material tight across her firm butt and also across her pussy, snugging against her rounded lips and creating a small cleft where it tried to pull in between them. I couldn’t help but start getting a hard on, which was a bad bad thing. canlı bahis Not that I was overly afraid of Donna seeing that I had a hard on, but because of what I had on under my Dockers.

My wife has always enjoyed seeing my almost nine inch cock, and because of that she has insisted that I wear Jockey men’s bikini briefs. These very snug and skimpy underwear are her favorite choice because they utterly fail to contain my long fat cock when I get a hard on, something she encourages any time she sees me in nothing but my underwear or less. I doubted that Donna was expecting to be flashed, but if things kept going the way they were, that was exactly what was going to happen.

“Come on, you better hurry. I need to help you get that strapped on,” she almost hissed as she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Uh yeah,” I answered, turning my back to her and undoing my pants. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants off, tucking my cock into my underwear as far as it would go, which at the moment was mostly hidden, thankfully.

“I can’t find my bra. Would you check your bag please?” Donna asked from behind me.

“Your bra?” I asked, turning to see her completely naked from the waist up, one arm across her chest, a hand cupping one breast so that its nipple and areola were covered by her hand and her other arm covering her other breast. Even then there was a LOT of breast visible and, well, I have a thing for breasts. Needless to say, as I bent over to dig in the bag for her bra the stretching of my underwear and the additional growth of the view she had afforded me made my cock pop out of the waistband. With no free hand to cover myself, one holding the padding and the other her white satin and fur bra, more than half of my cock was exposed to her view.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly, holding the bra out to her.

She stood staring at me for several long seconds before reaching for the white satin bra. “Not a problem. We’re both adults here.” She said reaching absent mindedly for the bra with her right hand, exposing her massive breasts. Each one hung teardrop shaped – large fat, nearly a quarter of the front of each one covered with a dark pink areola and a nipple that was nearly as big around as my pointer finger and which seemed to be growing taller with each passing second. She took the bra without taking her eyes off my protruding cock and then finally seemed to realize what she had done. “Oh sorry,” she said suddenly, trying to cover her breasts with the white material and put her arms in the straps at the same time.

“Um Michael?”


“Um, do you always wear underwear like that?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“And do you always stick out like that?”

“Only when I get turned on.” I answered with an embarrassed shrug. “Um do you want to help me with this?” I asked holding up the padding.

“Um sure. Let me get this buckled.” She said as she reached behind her back to clasp the bra and finally got it in place. She fastened the fat strap and then reached into each side of the bra, cupping her breasts and pulling them up to settle in the bra, resulting in a nicely squeezed cleavage. “Turn around,” she said, taking the padding from me.

I felt her step up close to me, her tits pressing into my back as she reached around with the padding and tried to grab at the straps. I felt her reach around and grab at the swinging strap in front of me, her hand missing and briefly grabbing my exposed cock instead. “Oh damn! I’m sorry,” she said as she finally got hold of the errant strap and then pulled it around my waist.

“Uh huh. Heard that before,” I said trying to joke the issue away.

“I suppose you get lots of women grabbing that fat monster,” she answered, trying to do the same.

“Uh huh. Just before they sit down on it!”

“Men. Always thinking their cocks are the world’s gift to women.”

“Uh huh. Women. Always trying to get into a guy’s pants and then pretending they aren’t.”

“Maybe they have a good reason,” she said with a laugh as she stepped back after fastening the last buckle on my “fat” and picked up her fuzzy red dress. “Better get some clothes on. She’ll be back in a couple minutes, and I don’t think you want more women checking that out.”

“Not exactly,” I mumbled as I bent over to get my pants and pull them on.

It only took a few more minutes to get all dressed and my beard in place, with us just finishing the last touches as the door opened to get us.

“Here’s your bag,” the woman said quietly. “There’s a present for each one of them, and the names are on the packages. You can come in as soon as they finish bahis siteleri singing Jingle Bells, ok?”

“All set,” I answered confidently.

She threw me a smile and led us down the hall toward the main room, the kids busy singing Rudolf.

“Looks like we got a present for almost half the world,” I whispered to Donna.

“Yeah, almost. If we’re short one for her, I know what you can give her,” Donna joked quietly.

“Uh huh. And I suppose you want a sleigh ride with Santa too?”

“Yeah, right! You forget I’m Missus Clause, I can get that sleigh ride any time I want.”

“Uh uh. This sleigh only runs on Christmas day,” I kidded back as I heard the Jingle bells start.

“You are so full of it!”

“Not for long. It’s damn hot in here. I’m going to be sweating it out.”

“Yeah, I hear that. I’m dripping under this dress.”

“I didn’t need to know that.”

“Why? Too personal?”

“Uh uh. Sweaty women turn me on. Last thing I need is some kid sitting on Santa’s lap and feeling a candy cane in his pocket.”

“God, you’re hilarious,” she said as I took a breath and started for the door with the big bag over my shoulder.

It took almost an hour for me to work my way through all the kids, giving them a chance to tell Santa what they wanted and to give each their package. We worked generally from the smaller to older kids, based on the order we pulled things from the bag. The last to go were the older kids, including a few teen agers who, all but one young lady, weren’t about to sit on Santa’s lap. As much fun as it was, I was glad when it was over and I could get out of the sweltering outfit.

“Good lord I’m hot.” I mumbled as we walked to the changing room.

“I can get you a towel or two if you’d like,” our guide said as she led us back to the closet.

“That would be nice, thank you,” I answered with a smile.

“Be right back,” she said as she turned and headed quickly away, leaving Donna and myself standing at the door to the closet.

“Come on. I’m getting out of this,” I said, walking in and leaving the door open for Donna to follow.

“Uh huh. I’m dripping wet!” She said as she came in and closed the door behind us.

I wasted no time in pulling the whiskers and hat off and dropping them into the big duffel bag. I peeled the heavy coat off followed by the pants while Donna began tugging off her red dress. I had just gotten my boots and pants off and was standing in just my underwear and padding when our guide returned with the towels. “Here you go,” she said as she stepped into the closet, holding the towels out and staring at me.”

“Thank you! I need this!” I said taking the towel from her and wiping my face.

“Um. Uh huh,” she said, backing away and then ducking out the door, closing it behind her.

“Wonder what was with her, hasn’t she ever seen Santa padding before?”

“That kind maybe but probably not the other,” Donna said with a grin as she started undoing the white bra.

“What kind?”

Donna dropped the bra off, leaving her in nothing but her tights and panties. “The kind that’s bulging out of your soaked underwear, which by the way isn’t hiding much.”

“Huh? I can’t see with this thing on,” I answered her honestly.

“Here let me help you then.” Donna said, stepping behind me. She started undoing the straps around the back and then went for the waist belt, reaching around me to get to it. I felt her sweaty breasts pressing against my back, sliding around slightly as she tried to undo the belt. “I can’t get this. Turn around,” she said quietly.

I turned around to face her as she sunk down to her knees. Her face was practically at crotch level as she worked on the stubborn buckle. I looked down and saw sweat trickle down between her huge breasts as she concentrated on getting the belt off. I couldn’t help it, and the more I tried to prevent it the faster it seemed to happen. Looking down at those sweaty breasts after having them pressed into my back had my already mostly hard cock filling the rest of the way until it suddenly slipped out the waist band, releasing about half of it to her view.

“THERE!” She said finally, pulling the last buckle loose and allowing the padding to drop away from my body. I looked down and saw exactly what the young lady had seen, my white bikini briefs were practically see through they were so soaked with my sweat. Donna stood up and surprisingly turned around as if she were intentionally ignoring my now exposed cock.

I suppose it was for the best. Seeing each other dressed, or undressed, like this was bound to make things at work a bit bahis şirketleri difficult, or at least that was what I was thinking as she bent over, pushing her tights down, the soggy material rolling down her legs and taking her panties with it.

“You know, I really hate when that happens,” Donna said as she stayed bent over to work the tights down her legs, completely nude from the knees up. Her bare ass stuck out at me and her now bare pussy pushed out between her legs at me.

“Oh God,” I mumbled as I stared at her working the tights the rest of the way off. She finally pulled them off her feet and stood up, turning to face me, letting me see her completely shaved pussy.

“You like what you see?” She asked as she worked to unroll the panties from the tights.

“Hell yes.” I answered honestly. “I had no idea you were so good looking.”

“So what are you standing there for? We’re not going to have all day in here.”


“You’re horny as hell, I’m horny as hell, I owe you for helping me out here, what better way than a little mutual enjoyment?” She asked with a grin. “Now just for the record, I LOVE getting it from behind.”

“You sure?”

“Uh huh. Give that monster to me!” She said as she turned her back to me and bent over. She reached out to hold onto the wall in front of her, spreading her legs to fully expose her pussy.

“OH damn!” I breathed.

“Come on. We only have time for a quickie, so don’t dawdle,” she said, looking over her shoulder at me.

“You’re serious?”

She gave me an exasperated look. “You wanna fuck me or not?”

“Uh sure,” I answered, stepping over behind her. I pushed my underwear down to my thighs and then rubbed my engorged head up and down her slit before pushing into her obviously wet pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck. I’ve been thinking about this since we got dressed. Geez you have a big cock.”

“You have a pretty damn tight pussy too,” I grunted as I started stroking in and out of her, my cock being caressed and held snugly by her tight tunnel.

“Yeah, my husband isn’t half the size you are, so it doesn’t get stretched too much. Damn, I always wondered what a big cock would feel like.”

“How does it feel?”

“Fucking incredible,” she answered as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of my body banging into her ass.

I looked down around her as best I could and saw her ponderous tits swinging like pendulums, swaying in time with my strokes.

“God. I think I’m going to cum!” she moaned quietly after only a few minutes of my cock sliding in and out of her.

“Fuck. Go for it.” I groaned.

“Shit!” she squeaked as her body began to tremble. “Sooooo fucking good!”

“Uh yeah.” I grunted as I felt my own orgasm starting to grow.

“SHIT!” she squeaked again as her whole body shook and jerked, her pussy clenching me so tightly I could barely push into her. As suddenly as her orgasm seemed to hit, she pulled off my cock, spinning around and dropping to her knees. “Cum on my tits. Please, cum on my tits!” She begged as she wrapped both hands around my cock and started stroking it feverishly.

“Oh shit. Almost!” I groaned as she worked me closer and closer to climax.

“You guys ready to go?” Our guide asked as she opened the door almost at the exact same time as my cock started spewing out all over Donna’s tits. My body jerked and spasmed as it spewed shot after shot of white cum all over Donna’s face and chest, our guide standing at the door staring at us. “Sorry!” She squeaked quietly, backing back out and closing the door behind her.

“I’m going to have some explaining to do to Suzan,” Donna said with a laugh, my cum dripping off her face onto her massive tits. She stood up and wiped what she could off her face, rubbing it into her tits like it was lotion. “I love the feel of cum on my tits. Thanks for doing that!”

“Uh yeah. Thanks for the fuck too. This isn’t going to cause a problem at work is it?”

“I don’t know, are you going to give me a hard time if I ask you to fuck me again?”

“You want me to fuck you again?”

“With that cock? Are you kidding? Let’s just call this our Christmas present to each other. A little holiday fuck now and then to keep the Christmas cheer going.”

“Good lord.” I groaned as I stepped back and pulled my underwear up over my shrinking cock.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzan wants a piece of that too.” Donna said with a laugh. “I might have to bribe her with it to keep this quiet.”

“You wouldn’t!” I said in shock.

“In a heartbeat!” Donna said as she stepped into her panties and pulled them up. “Now get dressed before she comes back again or I might have to offer you up right here.”

I shook my head and stepped into my pants. I wondered how doing a good deed ended up making my life soooo much more complicated.

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