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Deep Throat

It was getting late as she walked to the window and opened it. She leaned over and was halfway out as she yelled for her brother. As she stood bent out the window she looked around as the window fell. She let out a startled yelp as it trapped her half in the house and half outside. She wiggled around as she realized she was stuck.

Her brother walked in and looked as her tight shorts showed her nice round eighteen year ass off nicely. It bounced and wiggled as he smiled at it. Denise didn’t realize he was in the door way watching her with a growing dick. He felt himself grow rock hard thinking about how tight his sister pussy was. He reached down his pants and began jerking it as he watched her ass move. Then he realized, it was just them home, their parents were in town for a couple hours. He grinned as he had an idea that had been in his head since he met her.

He walked behind her and looked down at her tight jean shorts as they moved around. Denise stopped and looked around as she felt a hand grab her ass. She tried to see who it was but the hand slide down and between her legs. He began massaging and rubbing her on the outside of her shorts as she looked around with wide eyes.

Denise felt herself growing moist from the rubbing as she felt two fingers slip into her pussy. Her eyes closed as she bit her bahis firmaları lip. He smiled as he fingered her tight, wet hole. He slid a third finger in as she let out a moan. Denise smiled as she felt herself get off as the fingers picked up the pace making her cum flow.

He looked down as her cum dripped to the floor. He pulled his fingers out and sniffed his sticky fingers. Denise hung her head as she panted. She felt her shorts unbutton and get pulled down exposing her pink thong. He smiled as the cum soaked thong was pushed aside showing her pretty shaved twat.

Denise didn’t say anything as she felt the tip slowly sink into her body. Her mouth opened as she let out a moan.

He was slowly sliding back and forward as his sexy sister moaned. Her pussy was wet making his thrusting easy. He grabbed her hips and began picking up the pace as her moaning grew louder. He grunted as he shoved his nine inch cock into her tight pussy. Denise moaned loudly as it echoed outside. She felt him slamming deep into her witch each hard thrust. Her tits bounced back and forth as her tight tank top’s strap stretched. He gripped her hips tight and began pounded faster as her cum spurted out around his cock.

Denise couldn’t stop herself from getting off as her brothers cock felt so good deep inside her kaçak iddaa body. He continued to pound her tight hole as she squealed with pleasure. Her body was enjoying the sex as he made sure to hit her spot with each deep thrust. Her screams of pleasure echoed around the property as her cum dripped to the carpet, making a puddle.

He grunted as he shoved as deep as he could. He was growing close as his dick grew more sensitive to the feel of her pussy walls. Her pussy tightened as she got off again, almost stopping his thrusts. He rammed harder and faster as her hole was tighter than ever around his cock. Her moans and squeals continued as her orgasm peaked. Finally he couldn’t hold back and felt himself spewing his seed. He held himself deep into her hole as he finished.

Denise hung her head as her moans had stopped. Her heavy breathing was the only thing she heard. He slowly slid out and stood there looking at the wet pussy, smiling. He realized he was still rock solid and decided to go outside, leaving her stuck, he wasn’t done with her yet.

She looked as he walked out onto the deck with his member still hard and soaked with her cum. He smiled as her tank top had a broken strap letting her C cups escape. He grabbed her blonde hair as she willingly opened her mouth and began sucking his cock. kaçak bahis He moaned as her lips slid up and down his shaft. He had dreamed of fucking her many times, even jerked off to her in the shower and beside her bed when she slept topless. Now he knows what it is like to fuck her and get sucked off by her red lipstick covered lips.

Denise was sucking his dick like a champ as he moaned. She played with his balls as he reached down and squeezed her firm tit. He pinched and pulled her nipple as she moaned. She used her other hand to jerk him off as she sucked.

He once again was growing close to getting off as her tongue worked around the tip of his dick. He moaned as he made her start sucking faster. He pulled her head down up and down fast as he could as her arms were in the air. He felt himself almost ready to blow. Denise felt his cock go down her throat deeper than ever as he held her down to his body, the full length of his cock in her mouth. She felt the warm liquid shooting into her mouth as he held her there. He pulled out just as the last wad shot her in the face.

He stood there looking down at his sister with his cum on her face. She gasp for air as she starred at the ground. He smiled as he put his dick away. They heard a car coming down the driveway. He ran inside and lifted the window up. He helped Denise inside as she stood up and wobbled down the hallway to the bathroom. He closed the window as his parents walked in.

“Smells, funny in here.” His mom said looking at him.

“I don’t smell anything.” He said going to his room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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