Strawberry Delight

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A night of naughty fun and play. White hot coils of desire spiral through her setting her on fire “Have any strawberries?” He inquires nibbling her earlobe, massaging her shoulders. She nods as he disappeares into the kithen. She hears the clanging in the fridge and wickedly smiles licking her lips.

“I don’t see any!” He calls out, she appears in the doorway a basket full of strawberres in her hand. Her strawberry hair cascading off her shoulders and down her back. “How about whipcream? I have a craving!” She suppresses a girlish giggle and forces her throat to low sensuous tones.

“I have strawberries AND cream, my love.” He turns slowly to gaze upon the object of his testosterone-ridden affection. She is clad in a satiny, transparent gown, fiery bikini panties and a lace bra visible. “Let us satiate that craving, shall we?” She whispers running her hands down his chest to the object of her interest. She watches as he grows not even touching him…yet.

His mouth drops open and she pops a stawberry in it. “No dooling.” She whispers, placing her lips against his, sucking noisily on the other half of the strawberry. “Tonight, were canlı bahis şirketleri going to have fun. MY WAY.” She winks, undoing his pants, sliding them own his legs. He reaches his hand out to touch her and she pulls away grabbing his hand. She pulls him up the stairs, as he willingly follows.

She pushes him onto the bed placing the bowl of strawberries and whipped-cream next to him. He grins watching her as she slowly crawls up his body, kissing up his chest, finding his nipple hard from the excitement, she teases it with her tongue. His hand cups her right breast beginning to massage it. “Uh uh uh.” She says with a taunting smile. He relaxes, no point in arguing. Besides, he was beginning to like the role reversal.

She sprays the whip-cream on his chest and downward, placing strawberries in a design on his stomach. Standing up, she opens the gown letting it slie down her body into a crimson pool at her feet. Hitting a switch, exotic music begins to play. Slithering back onto him she nibbles and looks at the scrumptious strawberries trailing her tongue close to his hardness. She begins to move erotically to the beat of the music, canlı kaçak iddaa wiggling her body against his, straddling him and raising her hands above her head, moving them down over her breasts, seductively skimming her tummy.

She unhooks her bra. He watches it slide onto his stomach, grabbing it up, lifting it to his nose. She even smelled like strawberries! Her hair was moving in waves as he let it fall against him, tickling and exciting him. She stands up moving to stand over his face, pulling down the thong and tossing it away. He gazes up at her seeing glistening droplets start to form from her honey-pot. “You wanted strawberries and cream, didn’t you?” Her husky voice belts out over the loud music.

Unable to control himself any longer, he reaches up pulling her down. She cries out in mock protest. He pulls her underneath him, crushing her to him, smothering her with passionate kisses. His hands massage her breasts, fingers gently rolling nipples til they are peaked. He sucks one into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, paying worship to the other as well. Her head rolls back, moaning with pleasure, with a naughty grin canlı kaçak bahis on her face. She picks up the two bowls in offering to him.

He gladly accepts, “This is what I call strawberries ‘n’ crea, baby.” He whispers into her ear spraying the whip-cream in circles onto her breasts, in her belly button, topping it with strawberry on each nipple and one in her belly button, tracing a line down to her strawberry path.

“I don’t think you need THOSE strawberries and cream.” She murmers as he places one strawberry between her nether-lips surrounding it with whip-cream. He positions himself between her thighs, moving his head down. She gasps as his tongue touches her, licking aroun the strawberry before slurping it into his mouth. He devours her, strawberries, cream, love juices, and all. She writhes in pleasure feeling a flood passion overtake her, as he buries his face deeper between her thighs.

She trembles screaming out wrapping her legs around his head pulling him closer, holding him there bucking up meeting each thrust of his tongue. His long, pleasuring, wonderful tongue. “Ohhhhh ohhhhhh God…” She lets out one last scream as she climaxes her juices spurting all over his face as he greedily laps it up. She finally falls back collapsing. He lcks his lips then joins her, pulling her into his arms.

“Not God, baby, just me.” She whimpers dazed, “This was just desserts.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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