Strangers in the Night

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I have had a long stressful day and decide that an early night Is necessary, I go up to my bedroom and get undressed, putting on a CD I lay on the bed trying to relax a little. I fall asleep on top of my bed covers wearing only a lacey thong; it’s a hot sticky summer’s night. A few hours later I wake up I have been in such a deep sleep and having erotic dreams, or at least that is what I thought. However, when I wake up I feel something soft brushing against my exposed pussy, I turn my head and see the thong that I had been wearing when I fell asleep on the floor. This is when I look down and see you sitting at the end of my bed stroking my pussy so softly and so gently with what looks like a feather.

When you see that I am awake you start to touch my wet pussy with your fingers. Exploring as I moan softly feeling your fingers inside me as you part them and push them back together, pushing them in deeper and pulling them out again my hips rising and falling pushing them in even further. You stop and illegal bahis push my legs open further as you push your face into my pussy. Taking my clit between your lips as you hum softly. The feeling is incredible and you have to reach up and put your hand over my mouth so that no one else in the house can hear my moans of pleasure. You suck and lick my clit, your fingers deep inside me until I cum all over your face and hands, you look up at me my juices glistening all over your face, you look me in the eyes as you suck my cum from your fingers.

I sit up and tell you to lay down on the bed and close your eyes. You do and I undo your trousers and pull out your big cock already so hard. I stroke it softly my fingers gently tracing up and down as I flick my tongue over your tip teasing you. Then taking the head of your cock into my mouth I suck it hard as your hands reach out and play with my hard nipples while I suck and stroke your cock. This makes me moan softly, the head of your cock still inside my illegal bahis siteleri hot mouth my tongue flicking across the tip as I suck. Then without warning I take your whole cock into my mouth sucking hard as I move up and down you, your hips thrusting yourself further into my mouth as my nails run over your balls. Your whole cock is deep in my mouth being sucked and licked, my tongue flicks the tasty pre-cum from the tip.

I realize that if we carry on like this you will cum soon and I need to feel your cock inside my tight wet pussy. I need to cum on it, have you cum inside me so I get onto all fours on the bed, my arse facing you inviting you to enter my pussy from behind, wanting you to fuck me, and fuck me hard. I press your cock to my pussy lips teasingly as u slowly put it just inside the entrance to my pussy. I push back against you hard, forcing more of your cock inside me as my pussy grips it instantly holding you tight and then letting you go over and over again. You slowly pull all canlı bahis siteleri the way out of me and then slam your whole length back in, the size of your cock thrusting fully into me makes me gasp loudly with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

My hand slides down to my clit and strokes it gently while you fuck me hard. We are both moaning loudly no longer caring if anyone else can hear us. Your hands caressing my big tits, puling my nipples, pinching them as I start to cum on your cock the feeling spreading through my whole body this sets off your orgasm too as my pussy grips your cock so tightly inside me milking you of your cum. I feel it shoot inside me, so hot as it mixes with my cum.

You keep your cock inside me for a little while feeling our cum all around it so hot and sticky. You get up and kiss me, the longest, slowest, deepest kiss I have ever had, before you leave the room. I fall back into a deep-contented sleep.

In the morning I get up and go downstairs for breakfast, my dad introduces me to his friend from work that apparently had stayed the night. When you are asked if you had a good night you smile and say that you slept very well indeed, then wink at me. I giggle quietly, as my parents give us both a strange look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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