Stepmother Blues

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Jason woke up on the sofa at his father’s house, and the first thing he realized was that he was desperately horny. He had been dreaming about sex again, and his eighteen year old cock was painfully erect. Idly, he listened for sounds in the house as he reached beneath the blanket covering him to stroke his bulge. The house was quiet, though Jason could tell it was already late in the morning. If he had been home, his mother would have dragged him out of bed already, whether it was Sunday or not. But not Dad. He and his new wife, Iris, had been out drinking late last night. He had pretended to be asleep when they got home, not that they would have cared. He was sure they’d forgotten he was there.

And he might as well have not been. This was supposed to be his weekend visitation with his father, but the only person who benefitted from that was Jason’s mother. With him out of the house, she could go out or have her lover come over. He was a burden for either parent, it seemed. And it shouldn’t have been this way, he fumed. He was eighteen, he should be out with friends, living his life, enjoying his last summer of freedom before starting college in the fall. Instead, he was still shuttling between his two parents, too poor to own a car, too socially awkward to have friends who had a car, trapped by economics.

He wanted to jack off very much. Despite the snoring coming from the bedroom down the hall, Jason didn’t want to risk getting caught stroking himself in the living room. He got up and padded silently down the hall and into the bathroom. He was tempted to look in on his father and Iris, remembering the sounds they’d made the night before. Maybe Iris was nude and he’d get a peek at her luscious body. But no, the risk of getting caught doing such a thing outweighed any benefit, no matter how hot Iris was.

Dad had married her barely two months after the divorce was final. He wanted Jason to call her “Mom” but he just couldn’t. He lusted her too much. She was older than his father by two years, but at 40 she still looked incredibly hot. Most of the time, that is. When she bothered to try, when she dressed for work in her pantyhose and skirt with her heels and makeup, or when she dolled up to go out on Saturday night with her short skirt and what had to be stockings instead of pantyhose, with her large breasts pushed up and half revealed to maximum effect. She was hot. Slightly plump, her hair cut very short in what should have been an unflattering bob but which turned out to be incredibly sexy on her, Iris was confusingly attractive.

Jason pushed his shorts down as he sat on the toilet and wrapped his hand around his cock, thinking of his stepmother. He thought of other females, too, he couldn’t help it. The head cheerleader at school, the girl he made out with at summer camp last year, the hot typing teacher, his cousin…but his thoughts kept drifting back to Iris. She was just so alluring! The kind of woman he never thought he’d be attracted to, age not withstanding. She was pale for one thing, ghostly pale skin that made her dark hair seem jet black by comparison. bahis firmaları Her tits were fantastic, too. Not that she tried to show them off. He was sure she went braless most of the time because her breasts never looked that big in the baggy t-shirts she seemed to prefer. But when she wore a bra, when she was dolled up, her tits were mouth-watering melons. He groaned, thinking about her.

At the sound of a gasp, he froze. His eyes snapped open, and he was horrified to see Iris standing there. The bathroom was tiny, so after she’d taken one step into the bathroom, obviously thinking it was empty since he’d stupidly forgotten to lock the door, she ended up almost within arm’s reach. She stared at him with bleary eyes, probably still a little hung-over. Then her eyes dropped to his lap where he was desperately trying to cover up his erection. “Iris!” he hissed. “I’m in here!”

“What were you doin’?” she asked, words a little slurred. She weaved a little as she ogled him, a smile breaking out on her face. She took a half step forward. “Are you jerking off, Jason?”

“Iris!” he hissed a little louder, mortified. A part of his brain knew his cock should have been shrinking in embarrassment, but it wasn’t. Just the sight of her standing there wearing nothing but a tank top and panties was making his blood boil with lust. Thick, round, pale thighs tapered down to a lovely pair of feet, toenails painted dark blue. Her breasts, which should have been hanging low because her bra was missing, were instead perked up, semi-erect nipples making their presence known through the thin material of her top. His cock throbbed in his hand. “Get out!” he said because it was what he was supposed to say.

“Shh,” she said to him. “You’ll wake up your Daddy.”

Jason thought that maybe that was exactly what he wanted to do. He was terrified as much as he was embarrassed. Iris loved closer and leaned over to grasp his wrists. She almost toppled over as she leered at him. “Lemme see,” she said.

“What? No!” he protested. He was easily stronger than she was, but she still managed to pry his hands away from his lap leaving his cock exposed. He realized later it was because he WANTED her to see. Gulping, he sat there, waiting for her reaction. She stared at his cock for a long moment, as if mesmerized. A trickle of drool ran from the corner of her mouth and dripped to the floor. It was both disgusting and incredibly arousing.

“You’ve got a big one!” she said, voice mostly a whisper. “Bigger than your Daddy’s. Did you know that?”

“Uh, no,” he said, then gasped as she wrapped her hand around his shaft. Her hand was cool against his hot cock, her long, slender fingers just managing to encircle him. She began to stroke, and he could only watch her pale hand move up and down, her blue-painted fingernails flashing in the dim light. It was the most incredible thing he’d ever felt.

“You like that,” she observed. When he glanced up at her, she kissed him. It caught him off guard, something he really never would have expected. She was a sloppy kisser, probably kaçak iddaa because she was still a little drunk from the night before. All the same, as she thrust her tongue into his mouth he returned the kiss with passion, loving even then taste of cigarettes and stale alcohol from her mouth. She broke the kiss without warning, hissing out, “Damn! You’re a good kisser, boy!”

“Uh, thanks,” he said. “Uh, you too.”

She giggled. “Are you a virgin, Jason?” she asked.

He didn’t know how to answer. She really wasn’t expecting him too. Bending over, she moved her head to his lap. Before he knew what to expect, she had his cock in her mouth. He grabbed the towel bar and the shower curtain on either side of him for support as the world spun around him. “Fuck!” he cried out in a hoarse whisper.

Iris moaned around a mouthful of his meat, moving up and down, using both tongue and hand on him expertly. Orgasm rushed up from the base of his spine so quickly that he was cumming before he knew what was happening. He threw back his head and pumped out his load, his body bucking. She never let up, moaning as his hot sperm flooded her mouth. She made loud swallowing sounds and, when he was done, rose back up to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand. She was panting, her eyes glazed over.

“Sorry,” he managed to gasp.

“Fuck, you taste good,” she said. She smacked her lips as if he’d cum honey instead of sperm. She stroked him again, his cock now slick from spit and sperm. “And you’re still hard,” she noted. She looked over her shoulder, then back at him, a wicked smile spreading over her face. She turned her back to him. He thought it was over, but she only shut and locked the door. Then she backed up to him.

He could only stare as she shimmied her panties down her legs, exposing her pale, round ass to him. She stepped out of them daintily and tossed them toward the hamper in the corner. Then she backed up to him even more until their legs touched. Bending forward, she reached between her legs, back far enough to grasp his cock. Jason felt as if he were a ghost floating in someone else’s body, hardly able to believe this was really happening. There was her pussy, shaved clean of hair, labia distended and dripping with wet excitement. There was her hand around his cock, guiding the tip to her pussy. He felt the cockhead rubbing through her lips, then she lodged him at her opening. And then…

Then she sat on him. He moaned, she grunted. She lifted up and down, working his fat cock into her. She was incredibly tight, which really surprised him. Her pussy was a velvet, hot, moist vise swallowing his rod inch by inch until her buttocks came to rest against his thighs. He was buried inside her. He wasn’t a virgin anymore. Moaning softly, Iris began to rise and fall, fucking herself on his cock. Youthful vigor had kept him erect after his orgasm, and having spent himself once meant he could hold out for the second time. He was lost in a sea of bliss as he watched his cock, shiny now with the older woman’s juices, pistoning slowly and steadily in and out kaçak bahis of her cunt. It was her turn to grasp for support as she rode him, pumping up and down. Her orgasm announced itself in stages, harshly whispered moaning escalating into grunts and barely suppressed whimpers until she went stiff, trembling, her pussy pulsating around his cock.

When it was over, she gasped for breath and sagged on him. She was worn out, but he still needed his. Taking over now, he pushed her up and off his cock. She staggered, turning toward him with surprise. He rose, for the first time realizing that his being taller than her was an advantage. He pulled her close, made brave by the act they’d just committed together, and kissed her hard. She didn’t fully respond at first, but then wrapped her arms around him tightly and surrendered to passion.

Jason broke the kiss and turned her toward the sink. She bent over eagerly, grabbing onto the sides of the sink counter, thrusting her butt out to him. The back of his legs were tight against the tub as he got behind her. He had to bend at the knees a little, but his cock slid home into her pussy without having to be guided. She tensed in surprise and groaned with her eyes tightly shut. Jason held her hips and fucked her from behind, really thrusting into her. She opened her eyes and looked at him through the mirror, mouth hanging open, eyes wet. Jason kissed her neck, her shoulder, his orgasm rapidly approaching.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered. “Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me!”

“Oh god, Iris,” he groaned. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum in me, baby,” she said, thrusting back at him. “It’s okay, don’t pull out. Cum in my pussy, baby!”

Moaning, he slammed into her and exploded. As if feeling his sperm blasting into her was a trigger, she came again. She shook as much as he did, their bodies pressed tightly together. Finally spent, he pulled her even closer, resting his chin on her shoulder and watching her in the mirror. Slowly, her eyes opened and she met his gaze. His heart was racing, but it wasn’t entirely from the exertion of their fucking. He had resented her so much, blamed her somewhat for the divorce, though she had nothing to do with it. Now…

The words just spilled out of him. “I love you, Mom,” he whispered. Before, calling her Mom would have felt like a betrayal. Now, it was perfect.

He felt how she tensed, but knew it wasn’t because he upset her. “Oh, my baby,” she said, reaching over her shoulder to stroke his cheek. “Mommy loves you too.”

They managed to kiss over her shoulder, and she turned to him as his shrinking cock fell from her pussy. Sperm dripped down her thighs. They held each other tightly, kissing for a long time. “What if I got you pregnant?” he asked, the idea only just then occurring to him.

She laughed. “I can’t have babies,” she told him. “You can cum in me all you want.”

They kissed again, and Jason knew that he was going to be cumming inside her a lot. “What about Dad?” he asked.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt us,” she said, then giggled. He laughed too, and when they’d held each other long enough they finally parted. He left her in the bathroom to clean herself and returned to the sofa, secure in the knowledge that he would never again resent these weekend visits to his father’s house.

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