Stepdad, Teach Me How to Masturbate

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“Hey Stepdaddy,” I said, walking into his room wearing only my new pink lace bra and cotton thong panties.

“Hello honey,” he said, looking up at me and smiling.

Stepdad was a freelance writer and editor, so he worked at home; we’d changed the guest bedroom into his private office after he’d married my mom two years ago. It was right next door to my room, in fact, and that was convenient for me when I wanted to flirt with him.

You see, I’d been trying forever to get my stepfather to have sex with me. But he absolutely wouldn’t!

It was driving me crazy!

Now that I was 18, I wanted him to be my first. He was the only man I knew that cared about my and listened to me and treated me gently and respectfully. There were lots of boys at school who wanted to fuck me, but they were impatient and crass. I wanted nothing to do with them. My stepfather, now. He was a different story entirely. I loved his broad shoulders and trim waist — no middle-aged spread on him — and the touch of grey in his hair. So what if he was 22 years older than me?

But he’d resisted all my advances, and all my flirtations. Since shortly after he’d married my mother, I’d been parading around in my bra and panties every time my mother left the house, especially during her frequent business trips. He smiled and often complimented me on my choice of color or style, but that was all. My breasts were really developing now; up an entire cup size in the last year. I took every chance to rub them against him, and he responded only by smiling at me.

So far he hadn’t so much as patted me on the ass! Hugs and good-night kisses were frequent but brief and … well … fatherly! That wasn’t what I wanted at all.

I knew it wasn’t a question of attraction, however. The erections he got during these encounters were obvious, and he didn’t try to avoid me or tell me to stop this behavior, and his eyes lingered on my athletic young body.

He just wouldn’t have sex with me!

The frustration was getting to be too much for me.

I stepped up to his desk and his eyes slid from my long golden legs all the way up to my breasts tightly held by the pink lace.

“So what do you think?” I asked him.

“Very nice,” he said, smiling at me.

“Yeah, I really like this bra. It feels really good, too, I like the way it holds my breasts … some girls I know think lace itches, but I like it.”

“Me too.”

“Can I sit on your lap?” I asked sweetly.

“Now honey,” he said patiently, still smiling. “You know that’s not appropriate.”

“Oh Stepdad!” I pouted. “I can’t take it anymore! I think about you so much!”

“I know you do, honey. But you know it’s not appropriate for us to have sexual contact.”

“But how do you deal with it?” I said, hugging my arms together under my breasts and shivering, jumping up and down a little. “I get so hot around you! I want your hands on me!”

He smiled affectionately at me. “Well, honey, frankly, I masturbate and I think about you. That helps me resist temptation.”

I smiled back at him. “Really?”

“Yes, of course. Don’t you masturbate and think about me?”

I felt myself turning red, embarrassed at the thought of it. “I’ve never masturbated before! My father told me it was bad.” My real father — that asshole. The less said about him the better.

“Did he? Well … I think masturbation might be the answer to your problem, Victoria. You’ve obviously got a lot of pent up sexual energy, and masturbation can help you to take care of that.”

“Do you really think so? Daddy told me masturbation was wrong. He caught me masturbating when I was little and he spanked me good.”

“Mmm, I’m sorry to hear that. Masturbation is a very healthy thing.”

“Can you show me how, stepdaddy?” I said, holding my arms behind my back and shifting from foot to foot, letting my voice go child-like.

“Well, now, Victoria, I think you can probably figure it out for yourself! Most people do.”

“But this is important! You just said so! I need to know how to do it right! You taught me how to drive, you helped me with my English essays and now you can do this … pleeeease, Stepdad!” I said, looking in his eyes and moving a little closer to him, pressing one of my breasts against his arm, sending a thrill through me.

He sighed. “All right, Victoria. You’re right, this is important. You don’t have any serious boyfriend, and I don’t want you having sex carelessly, so you need to learn to masturbate.”

He stood up and put his arm around my shoulders, and I put my arm around his trim muscular waist and he led me back into my bedroom.

“Okay,” he said, “just lie down on your back on the bed,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, feeling my breath come more quickly as I eased down on the comfy thick white bed spread, resting my head on the pillow so I could look up at him. My long hair spilled around my head.

I smiled up at him and he smiled back. “How can I begin?” I asked.

“Well,” he said thoughtfully. “You can begin anyway you want, of course, but it’s a process of exploring what you like, so bahis firmaları let’s start slowly and easily, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

“Just touch your arms with your fingertips first … just lightly. Yes, like that, just rub your fingertips lightly over your arms, up and down like that.”

“Should I use my fingernails, or the tips of my fingers?”

“You can use both or either, of course. Just do it slowly, gently. Lightly, at first.”

“Like this?” I said, softly, as I touched my arms.

“Yes, that’s right. Does it feel nice?”

“Yes,” I whispered, closing my eyes and smiling, enjoying the feel of his eyes on me as they took in my body, my chest rising and falling quickly with my excitement. “It tickles a little.”

“Okay, you can use your palms now, rub your arms with your palms, warm them up.”

I did so.

“Now touch your stomach the same way, with your fingertips. Just lightly trace them over your stomach.”

I traced my fingernails over my stomach, above my belly button, and moved them in circles over my hard abs. “Mmm, that tickles more,” I said, giggling a little.

“That’s normal, it’s fine. It’s just the warm up,” he said seriously.

“It makes my nipples hard,” I whispered. “Is it naughty to say that?”

“No, honey. It’s fine. Tell me exactly how you feel.”

“I feel waves of like … electricity, heat and electricity, moving from the places I’m touching, and going to my nipples, and making them tingle and get really hard,” I said.

“That’s fine, that’s just what we want,” he said, gazing down at me lovingly.

“Can I touch my nipples now?” I said eagerly.

“Slow down,” he said, smiling. “We’ve got all afternoon.”

“Yesss,” I said, drawing the word out into a moan.

“And we want it to be right, the first time, don’t we?”

“Yessss,” I said again.

“Okay, now trace your fingers over your stomach, down there between your naval and the top of your panties.”

“Mmmm,”I said. “That’s nice … so sensitive there … I really want to touch my breasts, now, can I touch them now?”

“Hmmm. . . well, okay, I guess so. But only over the bra, for now. And remember. Slowly!”

“Ohhh, thanks, Stepdad!” I said, voice overflowing with pleasure and gratitude. “I’ll do it slowly, I promise.”

I slowly slid my palms up my ribs, until I was cupping my own breasts. I heard myself moaning with pleasure.

“Should I squeeze them?” I asked, closing my eyes. “It feels so good . . .”

“Yes, dear. Go ahead and squeeze them.”

“Ohhhhh,” I said. “Mmmmm.” I kneaded them through the pink lace bra, squeezing them together, then holding them lightly and then again with more fervor.

“Be gentle now,” said my stepfather.

“But I like it,” I whined.

“Do you touch your breasts often?” he asked.

“Only in the shower, you know, when I’m washing. My daddy told me it was bad to touch myself in those naughty places.”

“Well that’s a shame. You have very sensitive breasts, hmmm?”

“Ohhh, yesss,” I moaned.

“You’re always pressing them against me. You like the way that feels?”

“Yessss,” I repeated. “They’re so sensitive, they’re been growing so fast, it seems like my nipples are always hard … I want you to touch them!”

“You know I can’t, honey. Haven’t any boys touched them yet?”

“No, I don’t want them to! I only want you to touch them.”

“But you know I can’t. But of course you can imagine those are my hands, as you touch your breasts.”

I looked up at him, smiling. “Or I can just think that it makes you happy to watch me touch myself, and that makes me enjoy touching myself even more. I can enjoy you watching me.”

He smiled and stroked my hair. “I do enjoy it, you’re right. I hope this makes you feel better, honey, more able to deal with your sexuality.”

“I think so,” I said, luxuriating in the warmth and pleasure of feeling my own breasts as my stepdad watched me. “Aren’t you going to masturbate?”

“Not right now, dear. Are those nipples ready to be touched?”

“Yes!” I practically cried out.

“Just through the bra, at first.”

I used my fingertips and fingernails to touch the hard bumps of my very erect and swollen nipples, though the pink lace, and my whole body shivered. “Oh, it’s … the only word that fits is exquisite. It’s just exquisite. It sends pleasure all through me.”

“I’m glad you like it, honey.”

“Very very much, Stepdaddy, and I love it when you watch me. Are you sure you don’t want to touch me? Touch my breasts? I’d like that so much!”

“It’s not appropriate, dear. Go ahead and touch them, though. Enjoy.”

I did, moaning and beginning to writhe on the bed, squeezing my legs together, as I felt my breasts. “Daddy … I’m getting wet down there.”

“I’m not your daddy, honey.”

“I mean, Stepdaddy. I’m so wet, Stepdad!”

“That’s perfectly normal, honey. You’re going to take care of that soon, all of the pleasure is going to build and build until you have an orgasm, until you can release all the tension. Have you ever had an orgasm before?”

“No, kaçak iddaa I haven’t!”

“You’ve never had any lovers, you already told me that … but nobody has ever had their fingers in there?”

“No, Stepdad Nobody! I kissed a girl at camp last summer, and she tried to touch me there, but I wouldn’t let her. I wanted to save it for you!”

“And did this girl try to touch your breasts, also?”

“Well,” I admitted, “I did let her do that.”

“You said …”

“I said no boys had touched them,” I said, and we both laughed at that.

“So this girl at camp, did she get under your bra?”

“No, only under the shirt and over the bra.”

“Like you’re touching yourself over the bra now?”

“Yes, just like this. But then she tried to take off my bra. I stopped her. She wanted to …”

“Wanted to what?”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“It’s okay, honey, you can tell me. What did she want to do?”

“She said she wanted to . . .” my voice lowered a bit. “Suck my nipples.”

He was smiling languidly down at me, and I could see the bulge in his khakis. “Why did you stop her?”

“Well … I was shy, I guess. But I liked the idea, I think a warm mouth on my nipples would feel really good.”

“I think it does.”

“Don’t you want to show me how good it feels, Stepdad?”

“No, honey, that wouldn’t be appropriate. But now, you can pull the straps of your bra down, so that your nipples are bare.”

I smiled at him. “Don’t you want me to take the bra off now, Stepdad? Don’t you want to see my breasts?”

“That wouldn’t be appropriate, honey, you being naked in here with me. You’re going to have to keep your underwear on.”

“Stepdad, you’re teasing me!”

“I’m not,” he said. “I’m trying to help you deal with your sexual urges in a healthy way.”

He was stroking the bulge in his khakis, through the cloth, now.

“And am I helping you to deal with your urges, Stepdad?”

“Yes, honey, you are.”

“Okay, and you want me to pull my bra straps down over my shoulders so that my nipples are showing?”

“Yes, because I think you need to touch them now. Some girls find it a little irritating to have their nipples touched, while others really like it,” he mused.

“I’m definitely one of those girls who really likes it,” I panted. “Oh my god, I want it so much.” I was still kneading my breasts, feeling very warm and wet between the legs now.

“Okay … slowly … take your bra straps and pull them down, pull the cups of your little lacy pink bra down until your nipples are bare.”

Panting, I did it, and my hard pink wrinkled nipples were pointing up at the ceiling. “Oh Stepdad. Can I touch them now?”

“No, wait a second. I want you to wet your fingers first. Put your fingers in your mouth and lick them and then you can use the wet fingers to touch your nipples. That will feel good, won’t it?”

I just moaned by way of response. I put my left forefinger in my mouth, sucking it and rolling my tongue around it. It tasted a little like my skin cream, but it felt good. I then added the tip of my thumb and sucked on that. I looked up at Stepdad while I sucked.

“That’s it … ” Stepdad’s eyes were a little glassy now and he was breathing heavily. “Make your fingers nice and wet. Does it feel good to have something in your mouth?”

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” I said around my finger.

“You’ll make some nice guy very happy some day,” he said.

I took my fingers out of my mouth. “I hope that nice guy is you, Stepdad,” I said. I then sucked my right thumb and forefinger.

“Good girl, such a good girl. You’re doing just fine.” He was stroking his bulge faster now.

I took my other fingers out of my mouth. “Don’t you want to take your penis out, Stepdad?”

“That wouldn’t be appropriate, honey, you know that.”

I made a pouty noise and shook my head. “You’re teasing me again.”

“No honey, I’m not. Now, take those wet fingers and play with your hard nipples with them.”

I moaned loudly, practically crying out, when my wet fingers touched my nipples. It felt so good.

“Supposedly some girls can have an orgasm just from touching their nipples,” said Stepfather.

I was grinding my legs together now.

“Mmmm, I don’t know, I don’t know what an orgasm is yet, Stepfather, don’t forget that.” “I won’t forget, honey. Don’t worry. I’ll help you. Does that feel good, pinching your nipples with those wet fingers?”

“Yessssss,” I said. “God, I’m so hot now.”

“Do you like it gently, or do you like to pinch them hard? Some girls like them pinched hard.” “Oooh, I like it both ways, just pinch them gently and sometimes, hard.” “That’s fine. You know … you might be able to touch your nipples with your own tongue. Some girls can.”

“Do you think so?” I said, breathing heavily as I played with my swollen stiff nipples. “My breasts aren’t so big, really.”

“Well, not small also. They’re just right,” he said, and winked at me. “I don’t think it’s just a question of size … maybe flexibility. Go ahead, give it a try.”

I craned kaçak bahis my neck up and put my hands under my breasts and pushed them upward, but I could just barely touch the nipples with my tongue. Doing it just made me hotter though, especially the feel of my warm breath on them.

“Okay honey,” said Stepfather, his face a little red now and droplets of sweat visible on his forehead. “Now you’re going to move to your lower half.”

I smiled up and him. “Ohhhh, good! Oh thank you Stepfather I’m so, so hot down there!”

“I know you are, sweetheart. Okay, so, you can touch your breasts with one hand, and then slowly move your other hand down towards your panties.”

“Oh, Stepdad,” I squealed. “I love it so much when you tell me to touch myself. But don’t you want to touch me? Please, please, just touch me once!”

“No, honey,” he said, smiling peacefully. “That’s not possible. Okay, move your hand down … towards your panties … stop there at your belly button. Touch it a little, tickle it.”

“Mmmm!” I said, pouting again. “Can I touch myself down there, yet? Between my legs?”

“No honey, not yet. Raise your legs up a little, and touch your inner thighs.”

“Should I use both hands, or should I keep touching my breasts with one hand.”

“Well, which do you want to do, dear?”

“I think I want to keep touching my breasts with one hand,” I said. “I really like it.” I reached down and traced my fingernails across the delicate skin of my inner thigh.

“How does that feel?”

“I’m starting to feel like I’m on fire!” I said. “I’m so hot it’s starting to hurt!”

“Okay honey, do you want to touch your vagina now?”

“YES!” I cried, pinching my left nipple hard. “But isn’t it naughty?”

“No, honey it isn’t naughty at all, it’s healthy and beautiful. Go ahead, and touch it, through your panties.”

“Over the panties?”

“Only over the panties. Go ahead, rub it through your panties. Rub that hot little pussy through your panties, it’s okay, you’re such a good girl, it’s okay, go ahead.”

I rubbed my pubic mound, feeling the heat and moisture there, the pleasure and warmth spreading out all over my body, and the pressure building in me was making all my muscles tense and my whole body starting to shake.

“Yes, just touch it . . . rub it, slowly, up and down there. Only through those nice pink panties, though. Make circles with your hand, and touch your nipples at the same time. How does it feel?”

“It feels so good, Stepdaddy,”I moaned. “Can I please go inside my panties?”

He bent down and whispered in my ear. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes, Stepdaddy, I’m ready!”

“Are you going to have an orgasm for your Stepdad?”

“Yes, Stepdaddy!”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, Stepdaddy! I’ll try, but I know I’d have one if you touched me, or if you had sex with me …”

“Shhh, honey. You know I can’t do that. But go ahead, put your hand inside your panties and touch yourself.”

My little hand eagerly slipped inside the waistband of my panties, and my fingertip traced over the wet lips of my pussy. I gasped. “Oooh, Stepdad. It’s so hot and wet. What should I do?”

“Well, just touch the outer lips, first. Rub your finger around them . . . how does it feel?”

“So good,” I moaned.

“Just the lips, okay honey? And keep touching your nipples, good girl.”

“Yes, Stepdaddy.” The swollen hot lips of my vagina were aching with pleasure now, enhanced by my tingling nipples, and the pressure was building inside me to an unbearable level.

“Do you know where your clitoris is, honey?”

“I . . . I think so . . .”

“You’ll have to go inside your lips a little, and then move upwards towards the top, to find it …”

I moved my finger upward and cried out and convulsed as if I’d been shocked as my finger touched my clitoris.

Stepdad smiled down at me. “Yes, it’s very sensitive, isn’t it?”

“Oh god,” I moaned. “Stepdad . . .”

“Just be gentle with it. Tickle it a little, touch it with your fingertip just a little. Don’t be rough with it.”

“Ohhhhhh,” I said, moaning, as my whole body started to shake. I felt sweat breaking out all over my body. “I feel like I’m about to explode,” I squealed.

“Okay, slow down a little, leave it alone for a second, touch your breasts some more . . . come on, darling, slow down, be a good girl. . . squeeze your breasts, that’s it . . .”

I was writhing uncontrollably on the bed, my body still shaking, grinding my thighs together and licking my lips uncontrollably.

“Okay,” said Stepfather. “Now what I need you to do it take that finger — the finger that you were using to touch your clit — and suck on it a little, make it wet.”

I eagerly tasted the finger with my tongue, and then wrapped my lips around it and sucked it. It didn’t taste like skin cream anymore — it had a sweeter, saltier flavor now.

“Oh, Stepdaddy,” I moaned. “Won’t you please fuck me? I want you so much.”

“I know you do sweetheart. But right now, you promised to masturbate for Stepfather, and I want you to do that.”

“Yes, Stepdaddy,” I moaned, and dipped my finger again down into my panties and slid it between my swollen pussy lips and pulled it up to find the clit, which again made me spasm with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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