Steamy First Time

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It was a hot day in Florida, the kind you can only spend outside. As humid as it was, the sun was shining and Sarah planned on spending the day working on her tan. She loved the sunshine her house got from the day she’d moved in; it was a far cry from the suburb outside Chicago she grew up in. Her house was perfect for her, not too far from the beach or her collage. Any time Sarah spent studying, she spent it outside working on her tan, something she’d never done at home.

Sarah came to Florida with relatively no tan at all, but now she was as dark and beautiful as the girls that grew up here. When classes started, Sarah had been just a shy out-of-town girl, but now she was one of the hottest in the freshman class. Her body was a source of pride to her. She was a slender girl with long, flowing brown hair with deep blue eyes and a figure boys dream of. But today, Sarah was just going to relax by her pool and get as tan as possible before tropical storm season brought the clouds.

She was lying on her back in her red bikini, having a perfectly relaxing time when she started hearing noise from her neighbor Lindsay’s house. Lindsay was one of the best neighbors Sarah had ever known. She was just a few years older and was working as a massage therapist to help pay for her education. Sarah and Lindsay had hit it off since Sarah had moved in and they often got together and went out to the local clubs together on the weekends.

Sarah could hear into Lindsay’s house from her chair and heard someone moaning. “Maybe she’s been hurt,” Sarah thought as her got up. She couldn’t see anything from over the fence, so Sarah decided to hop the fence and investigate the noise. Sarah jumped the fence with ease and followed the sounds to a window behind Lindsay’s house. Sarah peered inside and was shocked at what she saw.

Lindsay was lying naked in her bed with some girl Sarah didn’t know eating her pussy. Lindsay was a shorter girl with lovely blonde hair and very nice tits. Sarah had known Lindsay for months now and never would have expected she was a lesbian. The other girl was blonde as well, but much taller than Lindsay. Sarah was both sickened and intrigued by what she was watching, so she didn’t leave the window. Lindsay was up against the headboard and was gripping her sheets with the pleasure. The girl was alternating from licking Lindsay and rubbing her clit, trying to make her cum. Lindsay was moaning loudly and Sarah could hear every word.

“Oh yes baby, just like that. Just like that. Ohh shit! Yes baby, yes! Ohhhh I’m gonna cum so fucking hard! Yes! Ohhhhh shit!”

The girl slowed her licking and Lindsay’s body began to shake when she was touched. “She must have came,” Sarah whispered to herself. Lindsay pulled the other girl up onto her and they started grinding their pussies together.

“You made me cum so fucking hard,” Lindsay said to the girl.

“I know,” she said in a slightly deep voice, “you tasted so good.”

They started kissing deeply and continued to grind together. Sarah decided she wanted to know more about what she’d just seen. She walked around to Lindsay’s front door and rang the bell. It was güvenilir bahis a long time until Lindsay got the door. “She must be getting dressed,” thought Sarah. Lindsay was wearing tight athletic shorts and a loose t-shirt when she came to the door. “Oh, Sarah, it’s you. What’s up?” Lindsay said with a flustered voice.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” Sarah asked. She was just a little nervous about what she was doing.

“It’s 9 in the morning, of course you didn’t wake me up,” Lindsay replied.

“Oh, all right. I ran out of tanning oil. I was wondering if you had some I could borrow?” Sarah said.

“Sure,” Lindsay replied, “come on in. I have all kinds so you can come pick one out.”

When they came into the kitchen, the other girl was standing there in just her bra and panties. “Oh, Sarah this is Jordie, she spent last night with me,” Lindsay said.

All Sarah could muster was, “Hi.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Sarah,” Jordie said. Jordie was blonde like Lindsay, much taller, and had a tattoo of shooting star on her hip. Her hair was long like Sarah’s, but curly. She was beautiful.

Sarah saw her opportunity. “When you say she spent last night with you, do you mean…,” she trailed off.

“Umm,” Lindsay said, trying to choose her next words, “well, yes, we fucked last night.”

“But, I-I didn’t know you were a lesbian,” Sarah stammered. Even though she really did know, it was hard for her to hear Lindsay say it.

“Oh, I love men, I just fuck girls,” Lindsay replied with a laugh.

“I am though,” Jordie said, moving beside Lindsay, “and I fuck girls for money as well.”

“So that’s what happened last night. I called up Jordie and we let loose. I’ve haven’t had a boyfriend in a while and just needed some sex,” Lindsay said.

“But, how do you actually, um, fuck another girl?” Sarah asked timidly.

“Oh, there’s lots of ways,” Jordie said, “actually, me and Lindsay were about to have round two, if you’re interested.”

“I don’t want to intrude,” Sarah said hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, you can just watch if that’s what you want,” Lindsay said.

“I guess I will then,” Sarah said.

Jordie and Lindsay walked to the bedroom with Sarah behind them. Sarah sat down in a chair in the corner while Lindsay and Jordie jumped into the bed. Jordie pulled off Lindsay’s shirt, exposing her tits. She began to suck them and lick her cleavage as Lindsay moaned with the pleasure. As they lay back, Jordie slid her hand down Lindsay’s shorts.

“Let’s take these off,” Jordie said seductively. She pulled off Lindsay’s shorts and threw them over to Sarah with a wink. Lindsay had no panties on and was visibly horny. This was the first time Sarah had ever seen another girl’s pussy. Lindsay’s was shaven and her juices made it glisten in the sunlight. Jordie slid down to Lindsay’s pussy and kissed her inner thigh. Lindsay moaned again.

“This is how girls fuck girls, sweetheart,” Jordie said to Sarah.

As soon as Jordie’s tongue touched her pussy, Lindsay moaned louder. Jordie was teasing Lindsay’s pussy with her tongue until Lindsay couldn’t take any more.

“Ohhhh, fuck türkçe bahis me baby. Fuck me hard,” she begged.

“I’ll make you cum so hard,” Jordie said as she removed her bra and panties, “It’ll make Sarah want to fuck me.”

Sarah felt her pussy moisten and gripped the chair hard to control the feeling. Jordie licked two fingers and slid them gently into Lindsay’s pussy. “Oh shit baby, yea!” Lindsay moaned. Jordie started sliding her fingers in and out of Lindsay’s pussy, first slowly, then faster and faster until Lindsay started screaming with the pleasure.

“Ohhh, fuck me hard. Fuck me hard like that. Yea! Yea! Don’t stop. YEA! YES baby, YES! OHH god yes. Fuck I’m cumming, baby,” Lindsay screamed. With Jordie fingering her and licking her clit, Lindsay came and yelled out in pleasure at the top of her lungs.

“God, you cum nice,” Jordie said licking up Lindsay’s cum.

“God yes! You wanna try, Sarah?” Lindsay asked.

“I don’t know” Sarah said. It looked amazing, but she barely knew Jordie and didn’t want to depend on her for orgasms.

“Why don’t you put on that strapon and fuck me,” Jordie said as she rolled onto her back.

“How do I…,” Sarah said with genuine confusion.

“Slide your legs through the openings, tighten it, and fuck Jordie like a man,” Lindsay instructed.

Sarah reached into the side table Lindsay pointed to and pulled out a long, clear dildo attached to a harness. It was about eight inches long and looked like a real cock. Sarah slid into the harness and walked over to Jordie.

“Now, you slide the cock into my pussy,” Jordie instructed. Without thinking, Sarah slid all eight inches into Jordie, who let out a high-pitched moan.

“Wow, you don’t waste time, do you,” Jordie exclaimed, “now pull it almost out and put it back in.”

Sarah did, and felt the cock slow as it went into Jordie’s pussy.

“You feel that?” Lindsay asked, “That’s how tight she is.”

Sarah fucked Jordie slowly until she heard her start moaning. Sarah sped up and Jordie, who was clinging to the headboard, started to scream.

“God, you’re good. Yes, right there, right there. Ohhh fuck yes. Oh baby please give it to me. Make me cum. YEA! YES!! FUCK I’m cumming. Ohh I’m gonna squirt!!” she cried and as Sarah fucked her as fast as she could, Jordie screamed and cried for Sarah to pull out the strapon. When Sarah pulled out the strapon, Jordie’s pussy squirted and covered the sheets with her juice. Lindsay moved to Jordie’s pussy and tasted her squirt.

“I have never cum like that before,” Jordie said, examining her mess.

“Now I want some cock,” Lindsay said. She pushed Sarah onto her back and stood over her. Lindsay slowly slid onto the strapon, than started fucking in. Sarah felt so horny at the sight of Lindsay’s tits bouncing while she fucked that cock. Lindsay grabbed Sarah’s tits as she moaned in pleasure.

“God I love your cock. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum! YES! OHHHHH FUCK!” Lindsay squealed as she came. Sarah could see the juices flowing down the strapon as Lindsay pulled it out. Jordie began sucking the strapon and began kissing Lindsay. They all just lay güvenilir bahis siteleri there for a while, catching their breath.

“God, I’m worn out,” Lindsay said.

“I am too. We need to clean up and I can get going. Thanks for the sex, sweetheart,” Jordie said with a smile. She stood up and went into the bathroom.

Sarah took off the strapon, said goodbye to Lindsay, and left her house. She felt different, but was in no way going to give up having sex with men. She sat back in her chair and went back to tanning.

When night fell, Sarah’s doorbell rang and at the door stood Jordie. “What are you doing here?” Sarah asked.

“Well, you left before I could return the favor earlier today,” Jordie replied, “and, I bought you a present.”

Jordie handed Sarah a bag. Inside it was a strapon like the one Lindsay had.

“Thanks, but I’m not sure I want to be like this,” Sarah said.

“You saw how good it feels, and I won’t pressure you to become a lesbian. It’s entirely your choice,” Jordie said as she stepped inside.

“I still don’t know,” replied Sarah.

Without another word, Jordie kissed Sarah and kept kissing her until the two were tonguing. Jordie lifted Sarah onto the island in the kitchen and pulled off the clothes Sarah had put on. Jordie knelt down to Sarah’s pussy. It was shaven as well, and looked barely touched. “Almost virgin,” thought Jordie.

Jordie licked Sarah’s pussy and tasted her juices. Sarah had never felt pleasure like it. It was nothing like fucking a man. “Ohhh god,” Sarah moaned. Jordie slid one finger into Sarah’s pussy as she licked. Sarah felt herself start to cum and desperately tried to prolong the feeling. The harder she tried, the more the harder it became. When she came, Sarah wasn’t loud. She only let out a soft moan and shook at the hips.

“You just got fucked by a woman, sweetheart,” Jordie said, licking up Sarah’s pussy juice.

“I-I don’t know how to feel,” Sarah whispered. Jordie kissed her and let Sarah taste her pussy juice.

“I want you to fuck me again,” Jordie said, “I want you to fuck me in the pool.”

Jordie pulled off her dress as Sarah put on the strapon. The water was cool, but after swimming around for some time, Sarah was warmed up. Jordie jumped up onto Sarah and kissed her again. Sarah slid her cock into Jordie’s pussy, slower this time. Jordie threw her head back and cried out in pleasure. Sarah began fucking her and wanted nothing more than to never stop making Jordie cum. Even after Jordie squirted, Sarah continued to fuck her until her muscles were so weak she could barely get out of the pool. They lay in a chair for some time, saying nothing, just feeling the passion between them. “I don’t want to be a lesbian,” Sarah said, finally.

“All right, but I’ll miss the way you fucked me,” Jordie replied.

“I know, but I think there will be another girl as good as me,” Sarah said playfully.

“Can I at least ask why?” Jordie asked.

“I have a boyfriend. We’re more in love then I’ve ever been before. We could be soul mates, or something. And soon he’ll be a celebrity and we can have anything we want. I’ll be happier with him then with you or some other girl, and that’s all I want. To be happy,” Sarah said, memories flashing in her head.

Jordie said nothing. She just kissed Sarah, got dressed, took the strapon, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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