Stake Out

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It is a cold damp night. It is about 9:00 p.m. I feel like a detective in an old movie. I am wrapped tightly in my tan trench coat. I strain to see the dimly lit door. Tension builds as I rehearse the plan again and again. The windows of my rental car are covered with a light sprinkling of rain that refracts the light from the street lamps. Each lamp is surrounded by a rainbow halo.

I am sure that I have found your home. The mailbox is not marked but it feels so right. I can feel your presence even though you are away. You have let little hints drop. And now I am here waiting… I tried knocking on your door but no one was home. You told me you would be alone tonight. So, now I wait.

I hope you will come home alone. I took a terrible risk knocking on your door but I could not resist. I had prepared a fib about being lost but it had not been needed. My thoughts reach out looking for your aura. We have connected so many times on line but this is for real.

A car drives up. A person gets out and hastens towards the door. The car rumbles away. Could it be you? My mind has doubts but my heart feels your presence. Are you alone? Will you feel I violated your trust? It had not been easy converting the name and city into a complete address. My heart is high in my throat. Should I phone first? Should I be a Viking and storm the castle?

I hesitate. My cell phone is at hand. The person hesitates at the door, turning and then going in. I am sure you felt my hot look. I am certain it is you and that you are alone. I move with purpose across the damp street, moving around puddles. My heart is in my throat. I feel sixteen again. This is bigger than when I asked a girl out for the first time.

I knock three times. I fuss with my hair. It is damp from the night air. It dribbles water down my forehead and off the tip of my nose. The light glints off my cuff links. The Viking ships on them leading the way to paradise. I hear a faint shuffle of bare feet. An eye blocks the Judas. I am being eyed. I wait. My heart is in my throat. I raise a cuff link to where you can see so that you will know it is I, your Viking. I hear bahis firmaları a gasp. The security chain rattles and the door opens a crack.

You ask, “Is it you?”

I nod and reply “Yes, I am your Viking.”

The door slams shut. I panic. What have I done?

But then the chain rattles and you open the door from behind and invite me. With the door closed, you throw yourself into my embrace. Your soft body covered by a loose robe. I can feel your breasts pressed against my chest. I can tell that you are not wearing a bra. Your hair is wet. I am guessing you were combing it out. I bend my head down to kiss you. Our tongues tentatively touch. I can feel you relaxing. I know that I made the right choice.

My hands roam up and down your backside. I caress your shoulders. I squeeze your ass. I can tell that you are willing to be mine. My passions begin to flare. I am sure you can see the Viking passion in my eyes. We kiss again. I lift you gently and nestle you against my chest. I ask “Which way?”

You point towards an open door way. We enter your bedroom. I set you gently on the bed. I move your hair aside and gently kiss the back of your neck. My trench coat is off in an instant and hung over the bathroom door. You can see my silver cufflinks glinting now… two Viking ships.

I begin brushing your hair with long even strokes. Gently working out each tangle. I can feel the tension leave your body. I think back to what back on the promises made during our least session on line. I wonder if it can be as good for real as in the mind’s eye. Your hair is getting shiny as it dries. The luster is wonderful. Your legs slide apart slightly as you relax parting the bottom of your robe exposing your thighs.

Feeling the bold, my mind wonders to where I promised to begin. I wonder how your breasts will taste as I suckle till you have an orgasm. I wonder if your nipples will get as hard as cherry pits… if your orgasm will be so fine that you will melt at my slightest touch.

Then you stand. You cast open your robe and let it drop. You body if wonderful. The tiny patch of silk… the soft curve of your hips… kaçak iddaa the welcoming spread of your arms… the invitation on your face. How could I not swell with enthusiasm?

You start undoing my cuff links. The shirt buttons are next. You continue to unwrap your promising admirer. You unfasten a belt. Pull down a zipper on a seek-and-find mission. My clothes are falling. You have a bare Viking before you.

Your kisses are hot on my chest. I know I made the right choice. The effort at playing detective was definitely worth it. Finding you was worth every bit of effort. Your kisses go lower. I remember my promise to boldly fill each hole… to fuck your mouth… your pussy and your dark treasure. I had promised you at least three orgasms.

Your lips encircle my member. Your tongue is driving me crazy. I hold your head and begin to gently fuck your mouth; in and out, deeper with each stroke. My cock swells. I am going to lose it soon. My breath is short… you look up… and wink at me… I am lost… my hips buck… and jism flows… dripping down your chin.

I lift you to my face and kiss you deeply. I lie you down and begin to suckle on your breasts. You nipples are so hard. Your breath labors as your body starts to quiver. My hand reaches down and caresses your wet treasure. You shake violently… your passions mounting. You moan my name… as your first orgasm rocks your body.

But I give you no rest… my fingers continue to rub and caress your engorged button. Your passions soar when I gently pinch it between my thumb and first finger. You are so wet… your scent fills the air as I move my talented tongue down your tummy… past the silky marker… and plunge it in to feast on your nectar. Your body trembles… you are close again… as I push your legs wide and knees up for better access.

Your tight rose bud is softly puckered. Your pussy opens wide to accept me. I move up to kiss your face… to kiss you deeply. You feel my renewed passion as my cock touches your nether lips. You can see fire in my eyes. You know that I will fill you. You know that I am yours… every bit as you are mine.

In… kaçak bahis in and in I slide. It feels so good. Your wet pussy is so inviting as we dance the dance of lovers; in and out. My pubic hairs rub against your thighs. Your sweet perfection inspires me. My cock feels like it will burst. Valiantly, I struggle for control… I need you to come. I start counting down with each stroke… 20,19… 15,14, getting faster and harder now… 10,9,8,7… my voice is more of a groan… you tell me to fill your pussy… 3,2… ahhhhhhh… I erupt.

Your body responds with your biggest orgasm yet. You smile at me through glazed eyes. I lift myself up so I can see your entire face… You glow. I move to spoon and cuddle but you move to all fours. You give me that we are not through look… and wiggle your ass in front of me… Gently teasing me about being a true Viking.

We both look at my spent cock. You smile and wink telling me to take my time. You grasp your ass cheeks baring your rose bud. You tell me to be gentle. This will be the first cock to enter there. You tell me that you have dreamed about this moment since I convinced you to slip a second toy in your backdoor. You open a drawer. There is a pink vibrator and some lubrication.

I get the hint. I smear gel along your crack. I work it into your rosebud. I am pleased to find relaxed. I lubricate the vibrator. I kneel behind you and begin to gentle fuck both tunnels. The vibrator purrs as your body trembles. You are so hot and giving. My cock starts twitching back to life. Double penetration…

My hands move faster as your passions build. You take the vibrator and hold the tip right on your clit while my fingers invade, two fingers in each hole. Your body has surrendered to me. There is no resistance. You are mine. My passions rise in response. I move closer and your body is rocked by another wave of passion. You tell me to fuck your ass. And I do…

Sweet ecstasy. In and out with long full strokes while you moan and purr, telling me to fill your ass. I am amazed how fast my passions build. Suddenly I erupt spilling seed down your slit… It is all I can do to hang on as your body climaxes again with the pleasure of pleasing me.

We snuggled up while I dreamed of what the morning would bring… something sweeter than the pastries and berries in the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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