Squeaky’s E-Mails

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This is the subsequent happenings to my fantasy response to an e-mail I received from “Squeaky” as told in a story in Erotic Couplings.

Squeaky had responded to my first story posting asking me to write a story for/about her.


I had rapidly written and e-mailed my story to her before I received Squeaky’s second e-mail. Wow, did I miss the boat. She wanted a brother/sister story, not the man/woman relationship of my fantasy.

I immediately e-mailed an apology and a list of questions about the brother and sister so I could attempt to develop a plot to her liking.

As we corresponded back and forth, exchanging information, some things she wanted in the story sort of ‘rang a bell’, but I did not really spend much time thinking about them other than how to incorporate them into a story line.

Then, in a e-mail, she set a scene which had happened to me and my sister. Sure, I know that other brothers and sisters could and probably have had similar things happen to them, it wasn’t that uncommon a circumstance, but it was almost uncanny in the way she described the event. By this time Squeaky and I were e-mailing each other on a daily basis. We were both sharing thoughts we had never discussed with anyone.

At home, where I was doing all of my correspondence, we have only one computer. Often I had to argue with the sister from hell that I wanted her to get off so I could use it, or she was on my case to hurry and finish what I was doing because she needed it.

Typical, I suppose, sibling rivalry. We fought more than we were nice to each other. She was a pain. Sis was always complaining about my ladyfriends. How this one was nothing but a slut and I had better be careful of what I’d catch, or that one was a liar and a braggart and only wanted to go out with me so I would take her to expensive places. She faulted all, and my stupidity in choosing them, but refused to offer any alternatives.

One night as the whole family was watching TV, I looked up and Sis was staring at me with an odd look on her face. When she realized I had caught her, she blushed and got up to go into the kitchen. I followed and asked if anything was wrong. She shook her head no, then hugged and kissed me on the cheek. She surprised me when she told me sometimes she was glad I was her brother. Ditto was all I could reply. What on earth brought that on?

The very next day Squeaky exploded a bomb in her e-mail. I was writing a scene where I physically described her and bahis firmaları needed the information. She informed me she was 19, had short pale blond hair and bright royal blue eyes, great legs and 36C breasts, and was a virgin. I was stunned!

My sister is 19! She has short blond hair! She has blue eyes! I had never paid any attention to her legs or breasts, she is the sister from hell, so I didn’t know, and didn’t know about the latter either, but the age and the hair and the eyes? It can’t be! No way!

I have my area in our computer password protected so no one can see what I do or follow me as I surf through the Net. My sister is setup in the same way. How can I get into her area to find out for sure?

As I logged off and told Sis she could have the ‘puter, the gods must have decided to smile on me, or was it a frown? A girlfriend called my sister on the phone line. Telling the friend to hang on, I went to tell Sis about the call. As she ran to answer it, I looked at the monitor she had shut off and turned it on. My last e-mail to Squeaky was on the screen! A reply had been started!

I do not remember leaving or going to my room. I just became aware that I was laying on my bed, half on my side, half on my stomach, with a knee drawn up and both hands holding on to an erection like I had never before experienced. I knew I had been falling in love with Squeaky and her e-mails, but that was only my fantasy. Nothing would, or could, ever come of it, but I could enjoy my dreams and fantasies.

But my sister? Why would she want me, or anyone, to write a story about her and her brother? Her brother… is me! Most of the time she acts like she doesn’t even like me. Is she… does she… think about me… that…?

Mom called me to supper as I was still laying there with my brain in a turmoil and still rock hard. I yelled back I wasn’t hungry. Me. Not hungry? Only if the world was coming to an end, and I wasn’t sure it wasn’t. Mom came in later to check on me, made me take some aspirin and cold medicine and drink some juice. I tossed and turned all night and never went sound asleep. I was groggy and felt dazed when I got out of bed the next morning. Sis joined Mom in fussing over me as I told them I was alright. I guess I was staring at Sis, because she suddenly looked at me and asked, What? Nothing, was my reply.

I just lazed around home all day, cutting my classes. My brain was still whirling, feeling like it was operating faster than a 5000 megahertz computer kaçak iddaa with all of the thoughts going through it. As I wandered into Sis’s room I noticed her pictures. I started looking at them; here, in shorts with a halter top and surrounded by friends; there, dancing at a party, her dressed hiked up a little and showing a lot of thigh; in one, at the lake in her bikini with a gorgeous smile.

She does have great legs as she stated in an e-mail and pretty breasts. I realized she was truly beautiful, to me at least. Other than giving me hell about my choice of girlfriends, I could not recall her ever saying anything bad about anyone, other than my choice of friends. I had never thought it before, but she is really a very nice person. Is it my fault, and my treatment of her, the reason we have fought so much? Or is it her feelings for me that she tries to fight? The same feelings that have descended on me, full blown.

I had to find out. I carefully worded an e-mail in an attempt to get Squeaky to admit she had sexual feelings and desires for her brother. Did she want to make love, have sex, and share bodies with her brother? I told Squeaky I had similar feelings for my sister, but she was not aware of them, and I was afraid to let her know. I did not get an immediate reply. I did not get a reply the next day.

I began to wonder if my sister had known she was corresponding with me, teasing me just to be perverse, and because of my e-mail decided things had gone too far. Finally, a e-mail arrived. I started to read it, then quit and printed the three page document.

I went to my room, locked the door, and lay down to read it in private. In summary, YES, Squeaky did want her brother, wanted him as her lover. She had hardly admitted this to herself, before my asking, This was definitely the first time she had communicated it to anyone else. She also was afraid to let her brother know of her desire because she was certain he did not feel the same way. Although she loved him, her brother almost hated her she claimed.

I lay awake all night. Sis was sure raising hell with my sleep lately. How can I tell Sis, Squeaky, how I now feel without freaking her out? How can I convince her I love her as she says she loves me and I want her as much as she says she wants me? I almost freaked when I realized Squeaky and Sis were one and the same. How can I approach her?

I e-mailed Squeaky that morning and asked if she was willing to try something to be with her brother. It was sort of kaçak bahis dumb and stupid, but if the two of us would try at the same time, it might work.

That night I had a message which was only: WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! I replied that I would e-mail her at exactly 8:00PM the next night with the complete plan.

I was on the ‘puter at 7:00, not really doing anything, not even surfing, just waiting for Sis to start bugging me to get off so she could get on. I was getting worried. At 7:50 She had not said anything. She finally walked by and nonchalantly asked when I was going to be through. Not long I replied, I just have one e-mail to send and you can have it. At 7:58 I started an e-mail to Squeaky, saying in the body:

Squeaky, What we need to do to let your brother and my sister know how we feel about them, how much we love them, and how much we want them, is

I got up, left the monitor on, and went to the bathroom. The bad part of my plan was from there I could not see the den. I had no way of knowing when Sis would go in and find the message. I stood by the door for five long, long minutes, listening for a scream.

I eased back to the den and stopped in the doorway. Sis was sitting before the ‘puter and looking at me. “You’re AWesTexUn.” It was not a question but I nodded.

“How could this happen? What are the chances?” she wondered. I shrugged.

“How long have you known?” She answered herself, “When I told you what I looked like.” I nodded.

“That’s when you got sick.” I nodded.

She blushed and said, “I can’t believe I told you all of that and admitted I was a virgin.” I grinned and started to speak, but she held up a hand to hush me.

“Did you mean what you said in your e-mails to Squeaky?” she asked. “And this?” as she pointed to the monitor. I nodded.

“Now what?” she asked.

I drew in air. I had not realized I had been holding my breath. “I want to come to your room at midnight. Mom and Dad will be asleep. I want you to lay on your bed, on the covers, nude, with only your nightlight on.” I paused.

“Are you going to kiss me?” she asked. I nodded.

“Are you going to suck my boobs?”

“Your breasts.” I said.

“Are you going to lick my cunny?”

“I’ll eat you up.” I said.

“Are you going to take my virginity?”

“I will make love to you.” I said.

“If I don’t want you to?” she asked.

I replied, “Then I won’t. I love you. I will not do anything to hurt you.”

Flashing a sudden smile that brightened the den, she turned to the keyboard and typed:

Squeaky’s door will never be locked!


To be continued in “Squeaky’s Midnight Rendezvous”, if you desire. Please let me know.

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