Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch. 05

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Author’s note: OK, I screwed up. Really sorry, but as I sat down to start chapter 6, I realized I had cut the section where Beth—Josh’s sister—first arrives at the hospital. I originally wrote that scene into chapter 4, then cut it. I meant to move that to this chapter, and totally neglected to do so. That severely impacted the rest of the story going forward, so I had to rework a lot of this chapter. Hopefully this is a more satisfying version.


I was awakened when I heard her gasp. I had been lying in my bed, spooning up against a shapely ass, feeling it press against my hardening cock. I had reached around her to fill my hand with her large breast…and she gasped out loud. My eyes shot open, and I realized with a start that the sun was streaming in my window. And MY MOM was lying spooned up with me in my bed. At least I had been dressed in a hospital gown before she joined me in my hospital bed, I reflected, releasing her breast and dropping my hand to hug her midsection instead. I tried willing my hard-on to go away, but that just wasn’t happening. I love my mom dearly and I would never do anything to hurt her. My big cock, on the other hand, would love to slide into my own mother and fill her right up.

I pulled my hips slowly back, so that I wouldn’t be pressing my erection against her anymore. I was shocked, appalled and extremely turned on when her hips pressed back into me, forcing the head of my cock into the cleft of her ass. My hospital gown had been pushed up past my waist at some point. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

My mom’s skirt had been pushed up to her waist at some point. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

My hard cock was getting its wish.

I felt my mother’s wet, furry pussy opening around the spongy head of my rock hard cock. She moaned softly and pulled my hand back onto her breast. Her pussy felt like a hungry mouth sucking in my dick. When four inches of my hard cock were buried inside my mom’s molten-hot pussy, I just couldn’t fight it anymore. I pressed my hips forward again, slowly burying my cock in her to the hilt. I heard the click of approaching heels, and figured this little dark fantasy of mine was coming to an end. Instead, my mother just clutched the sheet tighter around our entwined bodies. I heard Heather softly whisper, “Oh. How cute.” She quietly set my breakfast tray down, pulled the privacy curtain closed, and then I heard the click of her heels again as she walked away.

My cock was throbbing inside her as my mother started fucking back into me. After several long, sensuous strokes, I felt her bucking in the throes of orgasm. Then she was still, breathing heavily with her butt pressed firmly against me. She felt my cock throbbing inside her and said, softly, “You’re wide awake, aren’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied in as low a volume as I could manage.

“Good.” She once again started driving her hips back, forcing my fully-engorged cock deep into my own mother’s sweet pussy. Just when I was on the edge of no return, she stopped, turned to look at me, and said, “No, you’re not.”

I sat bolt upright in my bed, nearly knocking Heather over. She was standing by my bed, breakfast tray in hand. As usual, my heart monitor made clear my elevated heart rate. I’m sure I had a wild expression on my face as that vivid, incestuous dream melted into reality.

“Jesus. What is wrong with me?” I thought.

“Whoah!” Heather said, setting my breakfast down. “You’re alright, Josh. Calm down.”

The sun was really streaming into my room. I was really wearing my hospital gown. My cock was really hard and hungry for release. And, it turns out, my mom was really in the hospital. At that moment she was out at the desk in the lobby, talking with Charlene. I was still trying to clear the dream from my head and process reality. Shaking my head, I noticed Heather was staring at the tent my massive erection was making in my bed sheet. She was licking her lips, looking hungrily down at me.

“Looks like you missed me too,” she said, finally meeting my gaze.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, in as low a volume as I could manage. I was almost growling in my throat as I said it, taking in Heather’s sexy body in front of me. Her nipples pressed noticeably against the fabric of her scrubs.

“I can’t wait,” she whispered to me. She rotated the tray table over my lap, hiding my full-blown erection beneath a surprisingly satisfying breakfast.

After breakfast, I pulled my privacy curtain over while I put on a fresh set of clothes. I opened the curtain again and hit my exercise mat with a vengeance. Mom made her way into my room while I was doing pushups. These were now “legit” pushups; only my toes and hands were touching the mat, I kept my back straight throughout, and I was lowering to touch my chest to the mat before pushing back up. I glanced up and blew my mom a kiss before lowering slowly for my third pushup.

“Good escort buca morning!” she said brightly, coming over to stand in front of me as I continued.

“Good morning to you,” I managed in an even tone as I pushed back up. She kind of squatted down a bit as she looked around her, evidently trying to figure out how to get comfortable. In the process, her skirt rode up and revealed that she was not wearing anything beneath that knee-length skirt. Her lightly-furred, thick pussy lips were displayed in all their glory for a couple of precious seconds before she settled into a cross-legged seated position and smoothed her skirt down. “Like a dream come true,” I thought to myself as I finished the last two pushups of that set. When I was done with the set, I lay on my stomach with my arms crossed in front of me.

“I talked with your dad on the phone this morning.” I felt a stab of guilt in my gut at that. “He said to tell you he’s sorry that he won’t see you today. That meeting ran over, and will take up most of today. By the time his flight gets back tonight, it will be too late for him to visit.” I hadn’t realized his meeting had been out of town, but it wasn’t unusual for him.

“Tell him I understand. Even if he could make it in here, dad would probably be exhausted. Tell him I’ll look forward to seeing him tomorrow.” We shared a smile, and I started my second set of pushups. As I exercised, I noticed that my mom had gone back to a thinner lace bra beneath her blouse. I managed to be subtle enough not to get caught staring this time. Mom shifted her position, bringing her legs together and drawing both of them to her left side in front of me. In the process, she briefly flashed her neatly-trimmed light brown bush. I blew out a breath and dropped my face to the mat. I was done with that set anyway. I couldn’t figure out if mom was teasing me, trying to tempt me, or legitimately didn’t know she was exposing herself to me. If it was intentional, she was far too skilled at hiding it.

Heather came to the door a couple of times during my mom’s visit to check in on me. After the pushups, crunchers and leg lifts, I stood on the mat and worked the dumbbells. All the while, my mother was there, talking with me and occasionally flashing me as she shifted position. The shorts I wore were grey sweat shorts, and even through the boxer briefs I had on beneath, I am sure my mom could see the outline of my big, half-hard cock as I stood in front of her and lifted the weights. I did catch her looking there a few times. When Dennis showed up for my physical therapy session, my mom excused herself. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek before she left.

Dennis rolled my wheelchair to the physical therapy room again. I was able to upgrade to 20-pound dumbbells, although that was a much more strenuous increase than I expected. Dennis said it was likely because I had already been working out this morning with the lighter weight. I was able to put in another quarter-mile walk on the treadmill. My legs again burned with the exertion, but not to the point of pain. Dennis credited my supplements with helping me recover so quickly from these workouts. I made a mental note to thank my dad for those. For the first time, I worked out with some of the weight machines. The two exercises I did on those were lateral pull downs and leg presses. The pull downs simulated the classic “chin-up” exercise, but I was pulling 40 pounds rather than lifting my entire body weight. I was surprised that I could leg press 180 pounds on the first try. I asked if I could use this equipment for additional workouts, and Dennis said, “As long as someone on staff doesn’t mind bringing you down here and spotting you.” When we got back to the nurses’ station, I asked Charlene about the possibility of using the equipment in the PT room.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, Josh,” she replied, “We aren’t allowed to go that far from our station while we’re on duty here.”

“Aw, that’s a shame,” I replied, “but I understand.” In my head, though, I was scheming a way to get Charlene bent over some of that equipment. I figured I would wait until Dennis had gone before bringing it up. Just in case I was a little too obvious.

I was sweaty after my workout, and requested a shower. Heather came in to “spot me” during my shower. As soon as we were in the bathroom, she locked the door and pushed me back against the sink. She dropped to her knees, peeled down my shorts and boxers, and inhaled half my cock. I enjoyed running my fingers through her dark red hair and watching as she bobbed eagerly. Heather had her right hand down the front of her pants and her left grabbing my ass and pressing me into her face. Her enormous, braless breasts were bobbing in time with the thrusts of her face into my crotch. Within minutes, I was ready to explode.

“Here it comes,” I gasped through clenched teeth. Heather moaned around my shaft, then backed her mouth buca escort bayan up to lock her lips around the crown of my cock head. I thought I actually heard the first shot of cum splash against the roof of her mouth. I definitely heard Heather gulping down every spurt of cum and then felt her sucking the rest out like it was her favorite soda. Caught up in the intensity of my orgasm, I couldn’t tell if she had gotten off.

“Did you cum?” I asked her. Still savoring the cum in her mouth, she shook her head that she hadn’t. So I switched with her, pulling her to her feet, pushing her against the sink and dropping to my knees. I stripped off her scrub pants and panties, and dove in to feast on her soaking pussy. I grabbed her tight ass with both hands and fucked her with my tongue. I licked her sensitive clit, then buried two wiggling fingers in her pussy and sucked hard on her clit until she was shaking through her third orgasm and begging me to stop.

We had already spent too long in the bathroom, so I wound up rushing my shower. At least I didn’t stink after I had dried and changed clothes. I had lunch and then rolled myself in the wheelchair to the coma ward. I spent an hour or so quietly reading to the two remaining patients, Steve and Robert. Both guys were on ventilators. Neither miraculously woke up with me reading to them, of course. Still, it felt good to make the effort.

Heather and Charlene came in and quietly announced it was lunch time. Heather wheeled me back to my room for lunch while Charlene changed the IV bags in the ward. Back in my room, I sat up on my bed and used the control to raise the back to an upright position behind me. Heather left to grab my lunch and then returned. I asked her about Robert, the patient in the coma ward. I couldn’t recall meeting his family, unlike Steve. While I ate my lunch, Heather told me about Robert.

“He’s 65 years old. He and his wife were in a bad car accident a year and a half ago. His wife didn’t make it. They had four kids, all grown. None of them live close. Occasionally one of his kids will come to visit. Sometimes they bring their families. It has been a while, though. He’s been stable, and there’s enough brain activity that we know he’s not brain dead. There is definitely some cerebellum damage, though, since he can’t breathe without the ventilator.”

This was more depressing than I had expected. After lunch I hit my exercise mat again, working the heavier 20-pound dumbbells slowly until my arms and shoulders were burning. I was doing bent rows with one dumbbell at a time when my mother returned. “Wow, Joshua. Your arms are getting really muscular,” she said from the foot of my bed. I had been grunting with the exertion, and trying to breathe evenly, and had not heard her come in. I turned my head to smile up at her, maintaining the slow, steady pace of my lifting. “Hey, mom. How’s it going?” I asked as I did the last two reps of that set.

She came around to stand in front of me as I shifted position to lift with my right arm, putting my left knee on the mat and reaching down to grasp the dumbbell. I noticed that mom was wearing the same outfit as she had been earlier, wondering if she was still “commando” under the skirt. She noticed that I was in a new set of shorts and a tank top. “Are you running out of clean clothes?” she asked.

I blew out a breath before replying. “I still have two clean pairs of shorts and plenty of shirts. Would you mind getting me more of those gray exercise shorts? Maybe just in a men’s large this time?” I looked up at her while saying this. She nodded back to me, and her breasts bobbed enticingly.

She lit up in a big smile, then. “You know, we’re going to have to get you a whole new wardrobe once we get you home. I can’t wait to take you shopping for new clothes.” Not my idea of a great time, I thought, but she seemed delighted at the prospect. Two more reps and it hit me; she’s just looking forward to having me home; to having her son back. She could finally see having a normal life again.

My mother then chatted to me about her clients and some of the houses she had shown the past few days. I grunted occasionally to acknowledge I heard her. After the workout, I walked into the bathroom to wash the sweat out of my eyes. My mother followed me in, still describing this “gorgeous” house she had been showing that afternoon. Without thinking, I whipped off my shirt and hung it over the rod for the shower curtain. I turned to the sink, and began splashing water into my face. I stopped and looked at my mom’s reflection in the mirror when I realized she had stopped talking to me abruptly. Her gaze was glued to my backside. Her mouth was slightly open. Giving her an “out,” I bent and splashed more water in my face, asking, “What’s the yard like on that place? Is it a big lot?”

“Oh! Um, it’s a nice lawn. Half an acre lot. To be honest, they’re asking way too much for it, but buca escort if I can talk them down…” she continued on as I grabbed a towel and dried my face and upper body. I put on deodorant, and mom followed me as I stuffed the sweaty shirt into the bag with my other dirty clothes. I snagged a clean tank top from the other bag and put it on.

“I’ll wash those dirty clothes for you tonight, Joshua,” my mom said, “Just make sure I don’t leave without them.”

“Thanks, mom,” I grinned at her, “You’re awesome.”

She smiled back at me, then walked over to the couch and sat down, patting the cushion next to her. Once again, she had flashed her pussy at me from beneath her skirt. I could see glistening from her slightly spread, thick pussy lips before she crossed her legs. As I walked over to join her, I was racking my brain. I think I had seen my mother’s panties three or four times in my whole life before. As near as I could tell, those were the sorts of underpants you would expect a forty-something married mom to wear; conservative and white. I had never seen her pussy before today. Dad was out of town. I wondered then if she had worn panties when she took clients out to look at properties. If she had, that meant she had taken her panties off before visiting me in the hospital…the thought made me swell in my shorts.

I sat beside her and wrapped my arm around her. Mom laid her head on my shoulder again, talking softly to me. My room at our house, as well as Beth’s, had been left pretty much as I remembered them, she said. She mentioned that she would see about getting me a bigger bed as she reached up and rubbed my shoulder. It was nice, sitting there and holding my mom close like that. She remembered to take my dirty clothes with her when visiting hours ended.

After my mom left that night, I realized that I needed to be very, very careful around her in the future. It was far too easy for me to imagine scenarios that led to me having sex with my mother. I looked way too much like my dad, now. I even sound like him. She had seen my naked dick waving around in front of her, and seen it hard and pulsing in my shorts. She had caught me staring at her breasts repeatedly, and didn’t seem alarmed by it. She might have even been flashing her naked pussy at me today on purpose.

I tried to figure out what I should do, what I should say to her, to resolve this. I pulled the privacy curtain over absent-mindedly and undressed while pondering. This was a tough situation to work out; it would be far too easy for me to say the wrong thing, to hurt my mom’s feelings, to alienate her and ruin our relationship. I was also torn by my dark lust. I saw my dick hardening in front of me when I imagined taking my mother from behind, with her mistaking me for my father until she realized it was her son’s huge dick plowing her pussy…I shook my head with a snort, trying to clear that dirty image from my mind as I stepped into the shower. Less than a minute later, the bathroom door burst open, and Heather and Charlene were both standing in my bathroom. I pulled the shower curtain open, and they looked pissed!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!?” Charlene burst out. It took several seconds before I realized my mistake. I still wasn’t supposed to even walk without one of them spotting me. Here I was showering by myself. I had been so distracted by thoughts of my mother, I had completely lost track of where I was.

I apologized profusely. Three separate times. They made me promise to buzz them every time I wanted to get out of bed from now until I left the hospital. As frustrating as the thought was, I knew they were right. I really didn’t want to get them into trouble. I was still promising to be a good boy when Heather stripped off her scrubs and panties and joined me in the shower. After the shower, I apologized to Heather again as she lay on her back on my exercise mat with her ankles up on my shoulders. I apologized again and again for my hard cock nailing her cervix, almost with every stroke. I apologized for biting her nipples too roughly as I drove deep inside her. She was shaking and babbling incoherently, but I think she accepted my apology. She certainly accepted every drop of my cum inside her wide-stretched pussy. Twice.

I tried to apologize to Charlene after Heather had left my room, but she wouldn’t hear it. She pushed me onto my back on the exercise mat and said, “Just shut up and fuck me.” I did my best, but let’s be honest; in that position, she was fucking me. She did a thorough job of it, too. I was surprised that I was able to cum inside Charlene’s clutching pussy. It was my third orgasm in less than an hour, and my fourth since lunch. I didn’t even go soft after that, and Charlene was able to ride me to another satisfying orgasm before she had to stop. She dismounted and lay on my chest. Still panting for breath, she said, “You’re just insatiable tonight. What’s gotten into you?”

I hadn’t been thinking about my mom while I had sex with Heather or Charlene, but I had been tortured and at least half-hard most of the day. As I mumbled, “It’s all you. You are so damned sexy,” and she smiled at me, I realized what I needed to do about my mom. Play it stupid.

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