Special Needs Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

Note: This story is written from the points of view of two main characters and will alternate between the two. It will be interspersed with some third person narrative too. Please be aware of these while reading.


“Will Sarang ever be able to make something of himself?” the thought stuck to my mind like a leech the entire way back home from school. It pained me to think of my older brother’s future. I had understood very early in my childhood that my brother was not like everyone else I knew. People looked at him with pity and at Mom with sympathy everywhere we went. When I was old enough to understand what was normal and what was not, even I had felt uncomfortable by his strange mannerism. What was even more curious was how mom totally ignored other people’s reaction to him. With time, I learned this from her and settled into a life of acceptance that he would never be ‘normal’ to the society and that it was okay. What was important was that he was family and one should never give up on family. Dad had passed away shortly after I was born. So, mom and I took care of Sarang, never letting him know how much it pained us. We tried hard not to let autism stand in the way of his happiness.

Life moved on. Mom converted a portion of the house into a low key boutique, sales from which paid the bills. I too pitched in with odd jobs like newspaper delivery.

However, today my mind was bogged down by worry about him. Today’s English class at school was on Helen Keller. Reading how she overcame her disabilities, I couldn’t help but think of my brother and wonder if he’d be able to achieve great things like her.

My muddled mind was jolted out of its thoughts when I entered through the main door of our home and saw what was on the TV screen that my brother was watching, sitting on the sofa. The movie scene showed the male and female lead actors making out on a sofa and the man fondling the woman’s breasts over her blouse. The initial confusion on why my brother was watching such a sexy video was cleared when I remembered that I had watched the same video on the TV’s youtube app last night and forgotten to delete search history. He must have accidentally stumbled on ‘recent searches’. Before I could go and snatch the remote from him to switch the TV off, I heard Mom’s footsteps enter the living room.

“Manu… Is that you?” she asked. Then she saw what was on the TV screen and froze. I immediately snatched the remote from Sarang and switched off the TV. The room fell silent except for my brother’s protests at the TV being switched off. I looked up at mom and found her eyes bulged in shock. I followed her line of sight and saw the reason. There was a prominent bulge at the front of Sarang’s shorts.


Fate had been cruel to me, cutting my husband’s life too short and leaving me alone to take care of two boys, one of whom would always remain a child mentally. God knows from where I plucked up the courage to soldier on this far. But nothing prepared me for the scene in front of me now. More than the question of how the adult movie scene appeared on the TV, what weighed on my mind was the obvious erection stretching Sarang’s shorts and what it portended in terms of the care he would require from now on. Till now, my only worries were his inability to do basic things like getting dressed or eating without making a mess. Now, I would have to contend with the hitherto unexplored sexual arousal that he had experienced just now and in all probability would seek again.

It was too much for me to contemplate at the moment. I felt too weak and decided not to address the elephant in the room. I left my sons in the living room and returned to my tailoring work.

Seated at my sewing machine, I struggled to concentrate on the fabric. Worry lines creased my forehead. Manu had never given me any reason to worry in this regard. He had always tried to keep his pubertal predilections inconspicuous. It was only through the stains in his underwear which I washed that I came to know that my son was a man now.

But with Sarang, this newfound feeling of arousal was bound to cause problems. He didn’t know right and wrong. He didn’t know enough to respect others’ privacy or exercise restraint. How was I to teach him all that?

*** Hours passed. Despite their efforts to forget what happened in the evening, both Anitha and Manish kept thinking about it. Manish felt guilty that it was his silly mistake that led to Sarang stumbling across the video. He felt that he had to come clean and apologize to his mom. Whereas, Anitha feared that Sarang was going to want to see similar videos and feel the arousal again. Night shrouded the sky. Both Mom and son were quiet at the dinner table.***


Dinner was awkward with neither I nor mom speaking. Only Sarang kept talking gibberish while mom fed him. I felt really bad for being the cause behind this new inconvenience for mom. I needed to apologize escort buca and make things right between us again.

I sat down at one end of the sofa and watched TV after dinner. An IPL match was on. While I focused on the match, Sarang finished his meal and came to sit on the sofa.

“Drink this.” Mom came a few seconds later with a glass of milk for him. He started to drink it without taking the glass from mom. Mom sat down between us as Sarang took his own sweet time drinking the milk.

Suddenly, out of the blue he pulled mom’s pallu off her shoulders and grabbed mom’s left breast over her yellow blouse. I caught this moment out of the corner of my eye and froze, petrified at what was happening.

“Saru… What are you… take your hand off… Saru! No!” Mom started scolding him. But he didn’t relent. Both mom and I knew obsessive interest was common with autistic people and Sarang was no different. He kept his hand on mom’s breast, squeezing regularly. Mom tried to pry his hands away but he was stronger. After many unsuccessful attempts, mom gave up and let him do what he was doing. He continued pressing on mom’s left breast, gentler now that Mom stopped resisting.

I looked straight ahead at the TV, uncomfortable and not ready to acknowledge what was happening beside me. Though my eyes were fixed on the cricket match, my mind was focused on the movement of my brother’s hand on mom’s breast.


There was nothing I could do other than let Sarang have his way. He was capable of creating absolute ruckus when denied something that he was intent on. His left hand cupped my left breast and squeezed repeatedly. Though it hurt me a little in the beginning, his hold on my breast had become gentler once I stopped trying to pry his hand away. But that was no consolation for I knew what was about to happen.

My darling son, despite all his lacking in interpersonal skills, loved his brother dearly and shared all his toys with him. It wasn’t just sharing though. He insisted that Manish play with him too. My breathing quickened with the fear that my bosom was going to be shared shortly.

Sure enough, Sarang spoke in a few seconds.

“Manu… come!”

I saw Manu’s body stiffen at being called but he didn’t respond and kept staring at the TV screen.

“Manu… Come… play!” Sarang repeated in his charming lisp and again got no response from Manu.

“Manu!” Sarang’s voice took on an annoyed edge.

When he was like this, there was no use resisting his wishes. Manu knew this as well as me. He turned his head towards me seemingly pleading to be shown a way out of this situation.

I nodded to him, communicating without words that there was no other way than to submit to Sarang’s wishes. My heartbeats sped up as I beckoned Manu.

With obvious trepidation, Manu’s shaking hand took possession of my right breast over my yellow blouse. His head was bent apologetically. Thankfully he left it there, motionless with barely any pressure on my skin. I prayed to God that Sarang not push this apparent playtime any further… but to no avail.

“Manu… play!” Sarang insisted.

A few seconds later I felt a gentle squeeze on my right breast. Manu’s fingers enveloped my breast and pressed down on its soft skin. I felt the pressure ease after a second. Then another squeeze.

I closed my eyes as my sons fell into a steady rhythm of squeezes, fondling my breasts. I felt a ticklish tremor rise up from my loins. It flowed over my stomach and split into two, both ending at the tip of my breasts. Untouched by anyone else’s hand for all these years since my husband’s death, my breasts felt a warmth radiating on my skin from my sons’ caresses. My nipples thickened.


I grinded my teeth hard to keep my hand from shivering as it cupped mom’s right breast. I was a nervous wreck as I felt what it is like to touch a woman’s breast, for the first time. My mind was having a hard time reconciling the fact that the woman was my own mother.

I squeezed mom’s breast gently, trying to make it as less uncomfortable as possible but not too gently so as to make Sarang notice a lack of energy. I prayed to God to make him feel sleepy.

All my noble thoughts were sidelined by a movement for which neither me nor my brother was responsible. I felt a slight pressure in the middle of my palm… like a poke.

When I realized that it was Mom’s hard nipples that I felt, my mind exploded and a gooey warm feeling enveloped my body. I felt butterflies in my stomach and realized that my cock was growing. It changed everything.

My grip on mom’s breast became firmer and my squeezes harder. With each squeeze I felt mom’s nipple poke my palm harder. Almost imperceptibly, my palms explored more area on mom’s breast… feeling it’s true measure. My new enthusiasm was aided by the knowledge that Mom’s eyes were closed.


I couldn’t help that it felt good to be touched the way my sons were touching me… buca escort bayan the way a woman’s breasts were supposed to be touched. A shockwave spread through my body each time my hard nipple poked their palms. Before long, I felt the unmistakable wetness of sexual arousal in my vagina. Trying to be as unnoticed as possible, I brought my thighs closer together and felt the wetness spread in the folds of my vaginal lips. I was starting to enjoy the caresses.

However, I felt Sarang’s grip on my left breast loosen and his squeezes get less frequent. A few more seconds went by and his hand went limp and slowly slid down my breasts. I realized that he had slowly fallen asleep.

Curiously, the grasp and squeezes on my right breast steadily got firmer and harder. I opened my eyes narrowly. My suspicion was confirmed that Sarang had fallen asleep. Still, Manu continued to fondle my breasts.

My brain was overwhelmed with the cognitive dissonance of why I was letting Manu continue fondling my tits when the whole reason why this started had ceased to exist… or rather fallen asleep. I knew I should stop him… but it felt too good to feel like a young sexual woman again.

Through the narrow slits of my eyes, I saw the muscles on Manu’s forearm quiver slightly as his palms squeezed and relaxed on my breasts. Below that, my line of sight caught another movement… Manu’s hard cock lurched in his shorts as he reveled in the feel of my womanly flesh.

The wetness between my legs increased to a point where I couldn’t stay still any longer. I grabbed Manu’s wrist with my right hand. Startled, he looked up and realized that Sarang had fell asleep. Manu’s eyes then met mine in amazement as I waited a couple of seconds too long to free my breast of his hand. I glanced away from him as I realized that the delay in removing his hand from my breast was nothing but a sign of the pleasure I had been experiencing. It was obvious to him too I feared.

Unable to trust myself in his presence any further, I covered my bosom with the pallu and stood up.

“Make sure your brother sleeps in his room.” I said before walking away.


Mom’s hand on mine startled me. It took me only a moment to realize that my hand on mom’s breast had overstayed, outliving its reason to be there in the first place. However, it surprised me that my hand was still cupping mom’s breast despite her hand grabbing mine by the wrist. The few more seconds my hand spent on her breast before she lifted it off felt like the precipice of an exciting new relationship.

Mom walked away telling me to carry Sarang to his room. I made quick work of that as I couldn’t wait to be alone in my room to give relief to the straining erection in my shorts. Once inside my room I quickly slipped out of my clothes and lay on my bed with my cock enveloped in my palm. I replayed the entire scene once again in my head trying to remember exactly how amazing mom’s breast felt in my hand and how hard her nipple was. It took only a couple of tugs for the floodgates to open and spew hot cum. Milky white semen shot from my cock and landed on my balls. I lay there spent yet content for a few minutes and then sleep hit me like a ton of bricks.


I entered my room and locked the door. I couldn’t believe that I had let my own sons fondle my breasts. More than that, I couldn’t believe that I had enjoyed their caresses. I still felt ticklish between my legs. I went to the mirror and quickly took the pallu of my saree off my shoulder. The yellow blouse came into view and in the front were two prominent protrusions created by my hard nipples. I unhooked the blouse and my black bra came into view. My hands went behind and quickly snapped the bra open. It fell off my breasts revealing the pair of heavy breasts that I had willingly let my sons caress. I saw the engorged nipples… Light brown in color. I brought my hands up and touched them. A shockwave spread through my body as I felt once more how it had felt when my nipples had poked my sons’ palms.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I unwrapped the saree off my waist and undid the underskirt’s string. I stepped out of it and pulled down my panties. I tossed it aside with my leg and collapsed on the bed. I placed my finger on my clit and rubbed down between the folds of my pussy. Yes… my pussy… the word my late husband used for my vagina. It was really wet.

I rubbed my finger up and down in the crease of my pussy with my eyes closed trying to conjure the image of my late husband. But the image that presented itself was of Manu, my son. I was too far out to resist the temptation anymore. I tried to imagine what Manu’s cock looked like while I furiously fingered my pussy.

The size of the image that my mind estimated was too much to handle and my body quivered as I came. The orgasm was more powerful than anything I had had when my husband was alive. It consumed my body from inside and I felt as if I had born again as a young and desirable buca escort woman. Shortly after, sleep’s arms cradled me cozily and I closed my eyes. I fell asleep naked on my bed covered in the warmth created by the fulfilment of my special needs, which had lain dormant for too long.

***Anitha and Manu slept soundly in their rooms feeling for the first time their own needs satisfied, though in pursuit of satisfying Sarang’s needs which had been the story of their lives till now.***


The silver rays of morning sun fell through the curtain into my room awakening me. The moment I opened my eyes, last night’s events came flooding back to my mind. Though there was a pronounced tinge of guilt in what I felt, it was not too strong compared to the arousal that the memories induced.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the silly mistake of mine that had led to this. Had I deleted my search history on youtube, Sarang wouldn’t have seen the sexy video and I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to feel Mom’s breast. The thought of how amazing it felt in my hands gave birth to an even sinister thought of how it would have felt if she didn’t have the blouse on. The seed of this new thought was too potent to shake off. I felt an irresistible urge to see mom’s breasts in just her bra and how they would feel in my hands then.

I felt evil and devious for the solution was clear to me without expending any brain effort… my brother.

***Anitha couldn’t meet Manu’s eyes all through the morning for even though she had enjoyed his touch on her breast and pleasured herself to thoughts of his cock, she was still his mother and that gave rise to guilt and shame. Manish tried to catch her attention multiple times but to no avail. However, just before Manish left for school Anitha felt tempted to look at him and accidentally caught his eye. The look they shared reminded them both that they had really enjoyed what they did last night.

All through school, Manish planned what had to be done tonight. He had to find the right video. Every chance he got, he went to the toilet and browsed through adult videos on youtube. By evening he had found the perfect video. There was a spring to his steps as he walked home after school.

Anitha’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the main door open and Manu walk in. She didn’t go to greet him. She did not trust herself to face him yet.

Manish freshened up and changed in house clothes. He ensured that his Mom was at the sewing machine before going to Sarang’s room.***


“Brother, come here!” I said sitting on the edge of Sarang’s bed. He put aside his toys and sat beside me. I opened youtube on my phone and played the video. His eyes focused on the screen where the male actor was unhooking the female actor’s blouse. Sarang watched with raised eyebrows as the blouse was discarded and breasts were cupped over the bra.

I showed him the video a couple of times before coming back to my room to do my homework. Once I was finished with the homework, I hung around in my room waiting for dinnertime.

***Cooking dinner in their kitchen, Anitha was struggling to reconcile her needs as a woman with her duties as a mother. It was beyond doubt that she had really enjoyed being touched by her sons. Her orgasm later in the night that was induced by thoughts of Manu’s cock had been too pleasurable and had left her wanting more.

While her morals stopped her from going any further down this rabbithole, she knew that chances were high that Sarang would want a repeat of last night’s playtime with Mom’s breasts. If that happened, she would have no choice but to let things play out like last night. She convinced herself that if things were to go no further than last night, she could do one small thing to make it more enjoyable for her.***


I could feel Manu’s glances on me at the dinner table as I fed Sarang. I pretended not to notice. I couldn’t wait for Sarang to finish eating and then join Manu on the sofa to watch TV. While I knew that it was only a possibility and not a certainty that Sarang would repeat last night’s antics, I realized that I was actually looking forward to it happening.

As I heard commentary of IPL match emanating from the television, I filled milk in a glass and joined my sons on the sofa. I felt nervous as Sarang drank the milk slowly from the glass. I felt a pang of disappointment as his eyes seemed to be focused more on the TV than me.

I felt tiny drops of sweat dampen my red blouse as I waited for Sarang to do something. I thought to myself that me not wearing a bra would be in vain if Sarang does not initiate playtime like last night.

The wait lasted only as long as the first drinks break in the cricket match. During the commercials on TV, Sarang turned his attention towards me. My breathing fastened as his hands moved to my shoulder and pulled off my pallu. I knew that Manu had seen it too, for his body stiffened.

My heart started pounding expecting his hand to cup my breasts like yesterday. But instead his hands went for the hooks to my blouse. I sat frozen in indecision as one by one the hooks came undone. I had decided not to let things escalate further… but things were escalating and I found myself incapable to stop Sarang’s hands.

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