Southern Sounds

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Angela carefully put down the lap top as soon as he had signed on. The last words struck her as odd though. She had been used to the regular instant messenger banter but not usually from Louis. She still remembered him as a young cocky 20 year old boy to her own self-conscious and easy to please 19, standing in uniform at the front of her house as he got ready to leave, and later, never to be seen again. He slipped into the night in his ragged red pick up truck just as quickly as he appeared. Almost 10 years had passed between them almost a life time.

Her favorite parts to remember were the soft fuzz in the back of head as his face came to meet hers, a brief kiss, and how he followed down towards her neck and over her shoulder blade with his tongue. He loved to plant a kiss on her hip before drawing circles over her clit.

“I won’t forget.” He said.

“You will,” She thought.

After a million years, he comes back. The phone rings, which takes her breath. She looks down towards the screen again seeing the last words he wrote: “I bet I can still make that pussy wet. I’ll call you in a bit.” The thought of those days brought such a shudder that she almost forgot to pick up the phone.

“Hey Darlin’,” He said, “I told you I’d come back some day.” There he was with his gorgeous southern accent massaging and stretching each vowel. Daaaarrrlin.

“It’s been a while stranger,” she said, “I didn’t think you’d still remember me.” Angela lay back against her down comforter. Her shorts rode up slightly as she stretched herself out. Her school t-shirt clung to her bra free chest. The topics of conversation switched from work to home and children and marriage (or lack there of). He was happily divorced, father of two precious twin daughters (Jenna and Jamie) that he could not stop gushing about. She had a junior executive position in an advertising company and had phenomenal loft with a small dog named Beezer.

“Darlin'” he said, “I’ve always carried you around in the back of my head. I remember that wonderful smile, and those purdy tanned legs of yours. I’ll never forget how well you treated me there when I was so far from home. I was very sad to have to go.” Angela held the phone to her ear soaking every last vowel — “arrouund, puurdy, Darlin'”. She could not cancel the smile that had placed itself on her face. “And I also remember all those crazy nights in my truck, how wet you got as you spread those legs so wide for me. Damn you were flexible. I never thought we could fit in the front seat of my truck, but a short little thing like you fit just right.”

“I was an athlete back then, I could stretch out anywhere” Angela said “I’m just a homebody now; I hyperventilate every time I pass the gym! I doubt I could even touch my toes.” She paused, the line went quiet for a second, as she looked over her now pale legs. They were not defined as before but they had maintained the slight curvature of the muscle. In her mind she pictured his strong fingers caressing the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri soft backside of her knee. His rough touch slowly inching its way up.

“I was just thinking” She took a breath, “-of all those hot times in my mom’s yard? Or at the park in the summer?” she said coyly.

“Girl, I remember everything!” He said, “You had the nicest, most round breasts I ever did seen. Enough to keep this ol’ boy happy for quite a while” Angela chuckled; although they had only briefly reconnected, she still felt the spark from long ago. It might not be as bright and as intense as it once was, but at least he could still make her smile. She was slightly surprised at the recent turn of their conversation and couldn’t imagine where he was going with it, but she didn’t mind it at all. “Like I said in the instant message, I bet I can still make that pussy of yours wet. I’ve never seen or felt another like yours that can get so moist. I had to put a towel down to save the leather in my truck!” They both laughed.

“You always did have a knack for that.” She said.

“I told you I could prove it to you, where are you right now?” He said.

“You can’t be serious?” She said. “We’ve only just started talking again! Are you crazy!?”

“The lady does protest too much,” He said. “Why don’t you just hush up now, lay back and take those shorts you are wearing off.”

Angela rolled her eyes, for moment she couldn’t believe what was being asked and she was not going to comply.

“I’m not going to go there with you, I’d much rather see you in person.” She said.

“Damnit woman, how else am I going to prove it to you?” He said.

“Fine.” Angela thought. She might as well humor him to see what would come out of his mouth next. She was not getting into it though; she had made up her mind. Being single was bad enough but having phone sex with an almost total stranger in another state might just be too much.

“Darlin’, I want that pussy gushing by the time I’m done. I wish I was there so badly so I can taste those wet lips on my tongue. I still remember that time you snuck me into your room so late at night. I remember tasting those sweet lips of yours, feeling your sweet tongue as it met mine. Feeling that hot body against mine, feeling you arch your back, and push those soft breasts against my chest. I can hear you moan as I licked and kissed you from the side of you neck and down your back making sure I get that soft part over you shoulder blade, all the way down to your spine to the top of your gorgeous ass. Am I getting close?” Angela shifted as she slid one hand down to check on her pussy. She slid one finger over the area that had started to dampen up. Despite her best efforts, she was listening. Something in side of her twitched with each sounding vowels of “yoour” and “oover you” and “Darlin’.” In her mind she could count the many reasons why she should hang up the phone, but they were pale shadows to the one reason why she was still on. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She felt slightly silly as she slid her shorts down her legs, but she knew she was going to see this through. Her desire was building.

“I’d love to lay you out,” he continued, “I’d start at the side of your hip and work my way around. Lay my mouth down to kiss the softest part of your thighs as I get close to that wet pussy. I’d take one finger to draw those lips of your pussy open for me and kiss the top of that mound. I slide my tongue once straight down the middle. Teasing the inside and push it in so carefully into you, as far as I can. With the tip of my finger I’d trace around that budding clit of yours, stroking and coaxing it out of hiding. I’d do the same with my tongue and cover it in kisses and suck very lightly until it got nice and hard. Are you still with me Darlin’?”

Angela was lost in the visions of him with his face buried in her lap. Remembering him in her bed when she was so young, his southern drawl caressing the delicate folds of her earlobe. She allowed her hand to linger around her pussy as the juices pooled and covered her fingers.

“Man, you must have been thinking about this all day. You’ve been practicing haven’t you?” Her other hand slid and drew her fingers across her breast. She pictured him eating her out and her hand reaching out to feel that soft fuzz behind his head, holding him to her nice wet pussy.

“Darlin’, I can stop and let you sleep if you want?”

“I’m fine,” She gasped, snapping herself from the vision. She couldn’t believe he had bamboozled her into phone sex. “You’ve really really gotten me all wet now. I guess you’ve won that wager. Man, I wish you were here.”

“Darlin’ I would love to be there to feel you on me. I bet you’ve gotten that pussy as wet as it ever was, what would you do to me if I was there I want to hear how you’d like it.”

“If it was my turn, I’d have to sit on your face.” She paused, unsure and already questioning which way and how to proceed. She went for it anyways.

“I’d lower my hips towards your mouth and feel you slowly flick that tongue against my moist opening. You’d open me up with you tongue as drive it into me. I’d turn to face your cock and reach out give him a little kiss. I’d start at the top of the head of your penis and slide my tongue around. I’d close my mouth on the head playfully sucking and drawing you into my mouth. I’d slide my tongue down your shaft, up and down until I get the whole thing wet. I’d place my hand at the base of your cock. I’d squeeze just right.

“I would try and slide your hard cock in my mouth slowly until it touched the back of my throat. Your cock would glide down my mouth filling me with ever inch. Slowly my tongue would swirl around you feeling you come in closer. I’d let you touch the soft, wet insides of my mouth. Just then I’d suck hard and draw you in my mouth. I’d feel your hands go through my hair pulling on me and guiding güvenilir bahis şirketleri me deeper onto your cock. I would slide my hand in the same motion as my mouth and squeeze is harder.”

“Darlin’, you’ve got me up and rearin’ to go, you don’t know how badly I want to fuck you right now.” He said.

“I bet not a much as I wish your cock was really in my mouth.” She said, “Do you really want to fuck me? Do you like girls to tell you how bad they want you inside them right now?” Angela stroked and rubbed her clit faster as her whole hand was covered in her juice. She could feel the heat against her palm and she could smell the faint musky scent as it rose from her fingers.

“Sweetheart,” She continued “I’d want you to fuck me so bad. I want you to slide that hard cock into my wet pussy. I want to feel every piece of you slide into me so slow and deep. I’d tell you that I want you to drive your hard dick into my pussy and shove it in so hard and fast.

“I’d love to flip you on your belly,” He continued, “I’d have you spread those legs for me. I’d position my cock right on your pussy and slide just the tip in. Slowly I’d let you have me inch by inch. And when I hit bottom I’d slide my dick out slowly too feeling that nice wet pussy stretch over me. I’d do this a few times driving myself into you until you begged to be fucked harder. Feel my balls touch your soaking wet pussy.”

Angela let out a soft moan from her half open mouth. She could picture every second of a nice hard cock coming in and out of her tight pussy. She could almost picture him purring in her ear about his “haarrd cock”, “strreaaching” her tight pussy. Her one hand was still massaging her clit, feeling the anticipation build, as she was close to coming.

“I would massage the opening to that gorgeous ass of yours, teasing it very slowly. I could feel you drive your hips back into me and I know you want me to fuck you harder. You’d beg me to drive my hard cock into you so fast, and I can’t let a lovely lady like you down. I’d place one hand on hip and slap you back right into me. I’d drive my cock into you as fast as I could. Feeling squirm and drive back into me. I’d feel those muscles tighten around my hard dick until you were ready to come. Will you come for me Darlin’?”

“Ooh, Yeah” Angela moaned. Her hers grinding against her fingers as if it were his fingers. She writhed with every “haarrd” and “drrrive.” She lifted he hips slightly and rubbed faster and faster, building up the pleasure. “Oh I’m so ready to come. I wish you were here to come inside me. I wish you could explode inside my tight pussy.”

“I would pull your hair back so I could kiss you baby,” He said, “I want to see your gorgeous face when I’m coming. Can you do that sweetie? Can you come for me?” Angela moved against her finger that were inching her closer to the orgasm. She let out short gasps and moans and as she hit she felt her whole body shudder, as she felt her pussy twitch against her fingers. She let out a long moan and took a deep breath. There was a short pause.

“Did you come?” She asked.

“Wheew, that was amazing! That mouth of yours Darlin’ is going to keep me going till next week!” He snickered.

“What’s next week?” She asked.

“That’s the next time I’m going to hop a plane to see you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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