Sorority Rule Ch. 04

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The rest of the weekend and during the ride back to school, Katie, Mindy, Denise and Jill discussed the need to amend the “Tease Rule”. Denise and Jill never told Katie or Mindy that they had went back and blackmailed Katie’s dad into fucking them. When they got back to the sorority house the girls decided to call a meeting for that evening to announce the recent changes. Eighteen of the twenty girls in the sorority were present, only Carla and Kim were not there due to cheerleading practice.

After the sorority pledge Denise addressed the young ladies.

“I have an important announcement. Jill and I have selected two new committee members to join us and ultimately succeed us. Katie and Mindy have agreed to serve the committee. You will have to confide in all four of us anytime you “break” any rules. As always the four of us are sworn to secrecy and may not discuss your transgressions with anybody else except other committee members.”

The room was quiet as all eyes went to Katie and Denise. It was well known that the only way to get on the committee was to have another committee member witness you obeying the tease rule. To have both of them join at the same time indicated to the assembly that Katie and Mindy must have double-teamed some guy.

“Jill will now inform you of some new amendments to the tease rule.” Denise said.

“All four of us have discussed the rule and decided it needed amending. As it stands the rule states that should any male except family or physician see you naked you must offer your body to him. We decided on two changes to the rule. 1. Any healthcare employees or emergency personnel that see you nude during the performance of their duty are exempt from the rule.” Jill announced.

Cindy raised her hand and said, “Isn’t that already the rule? After all physicians are exempt.”

“No it is not the same.” Jill said. “We had an incident last year where one of our sisters went into the hospital for testing and a male nurse was present while she got undressed. It was something she had no control over but since he was not a physician she had to follow through with the rule.”

“She fucked him right there?” Amy asked.

“No Amy, of course not, she took care of it later.” Denise replied.

Anne sat on the couch hoping she wasn’t blushing too much since they were talking about her. She was also a little angry that it took this long to change the rule.

“The second change to the rule is this. 2. All male family members are exempt unless you are intentionally showing that member of the family your body. This will prevent taking advantage of the rule to tease brothers, fathers, cousins, etc…” Jill declared.

There was a gasp in the room. Katie knew the rule was due to her experience as they had discussed it the night before. Katie looked around the room and noticed Wendy and Beth both looking uncomfortable and Beth was even blushing. She wondered what secrets they were hiding.

Chantall spoke up and said “Don’t tell me someone’s been climbing the family tree.”

“Get real Chantall, it means that someone been flashing their family” Amy said.

“Amy I think that is what Chantall was saying.” Denise said in an annoyed vivid porno tone.

“Yes we have had an incident of one of our sisters appearing nude in front of a family member and upon discussion we decided that this was teasing in the worst way and the rule should be enforced.” Jill said.

“Katie, Mindy, would either of you care to say anything?” Denise asked. “Katie and I want you to know that we are honored to be asked to serve on this committee. We also want you to know that anything you tell us will be in complete confidence.” Mindy said.

“I would only add that we all discussed the new rules and felt that they seemed fair. As you already realize there is only one way to get on this committee and although we are not proud of what happened it has given us a better understanding and appreciation of the rules. Hopefully we will be able to be more insightful in handling your situations.” Katie said.

“Well if there is nothing more then this meeting is adjourned.” Denise declared.

“Don’t forget to tell Carla and Kim.” Jill reminded the group.

Back at home….

Mindy’s mom, Mary Francis, couldn’t stop thinking about the past weekend when she overheard Mindy and Katie talking about fucking Katie’s dad. She knew that both girls were sexually active but never thought they would participate in incest. Katie fucked her own dad. Okay so she didn’t know it was he at the time, but she did fuck him. Her own daughter fucked him too but this did not bother her in the same way.

Mary Francis McConnell and Katie Davis now shared something. Mary Francis thought back to her own sorority initiation.

It was 1980 and Mary Francis had just pledged to one of the most exclusive sororities on campus. Initiation night came and Lisa, the chapter president, announced to the four new pledges that they would have to go on a quest. Each girl would be accompanied by two others and that they must bring back a guys cum. It could be on their body, or oozing out of their body but the other two girls had to see it. Now how the girls got the cum didn’t matter, but they had to finish their quest to gain membership.

Sherrie and Lana were assigned to Mary Francis.

“We are going to get this over with quick, I have a big test to study for tomorrow.” Lana told her.

Mary Francis wished she had a boyfriend on campus, that would make things easier, but she had not met that many people yet.

Mary Francis was 5’6″, 115lbs, small b cup tits, light brown hair, and a cute youthful face that caused others to think she was a freshman in high school instead of a 18yr old college freshman.

The three girls got in Lana’s car.

“I am going to take you to a place where you can get some cum and get it quick.”

“I won’t get arrested will I?” Mary Francis asked.

“No. Hell nobody will even know you were the one who made them cum.” Lana said.

Sherrie started laughing when she realized where Lana was taking them.

“How are you going to do that?” Mary Francis asked.

“Have you ever heard of a glory hole?” Sherrie asked.

“No. What is that?” Inquired Mary Francis

“Some adult book stored have them. There woodman casting porno are booths in the back where you go in and sit down. You drop a few quarters in the machine and a porno movie plays on the screen. Guys go there to jack off. Well in the walls between some of the booths you can find a hole cut out and when you put your finger through it you are telling the guy in the next booth to stick his dick through so that you can get him off.” Lana explained.

“How do you get them off?” Mary Francis asked.

“Well I wouldn’t fuck him. Usually they expect a blowjob, sometimes a handjob will do. I don’t care what you do but if you suck him, don’t swallow, we have to see the cum. We are almost there now. See the sign?” Lana said

Mary Francis looked up and saw the sign. “Eddie’s Adult Book Store.” It advertised magazines, novelties, books, and private viewing booths.

“Go ahead in and don’t take too long. Oh yeah, you will need these.” Sherrie said handing Mary Francis a handful of quarters.

Mary Francis was dressed in her Jordache jeans, and blue blouse. She walked in and the female clerk looked at her and asked for ID. Mary Francis showed her that she was 18 and she was allowed to enter. Mary Francis noticed the hardcore magazines, vibrators, and dildo’s displayed on the wall. This was new and frightening to her. He quickly went back to the booths and entered the first one she came to. She closed the door and inserted a quarter in the slot. A movie came on that showed two women kissing each other while some guy was eating one of them out. Mary Francis looked at the walls of the booth but there were no holes.

She carefully exited, not wanting to be seen by anybody and peeked in two more booths before she found one with a hole. She noticed that a few booths in the row had lights on above them but hers seemed to be burnt out. She sat down and put in her quarter again. This time she saw a lighted select button and pushed it. The screen changed to different movie, this one was a man and woman fucking. She pressed it again and the screen showed one guy sucking on another guy’s cock. She had never seen such a thing before and quickly pressed the button. Before she knew it the screen went blank. She deposited more quarters and waited.

Soon she heard a door shut in the booth next to her. She looked at the hold and noticed the light from the screen illuminate the inside of the booth. Mary Francis leaned forward and saw a guy standing there wearing jeans and he had his cock out rubbing it. She leaned forward and noticed that the cock was not as big as the one’s on the screen but it was bigger than the other four she had seen up close in her young life. She tried to see the guys face but the hole wasn’t big enough.

She summoned her courage and her desire to get this night over with quickly, and she poked her finger through the hole a couple of times.

The man obliged her and placed his semi-hard cock through the glory hole. Mary Francis gently grabbed it with her right hand and looked at it closely. The guy was circumcised and the cock did not seem to have any sores. She definitely didn’t want to get herpes.

She türkçe alt yazılı porno began to stroke the cock but it looked so good that she found her mouth was moving closer to the head until she licked it.

“MMMMmmm.” The guy on the other side of the hole said.

Mary Francis decided to open wide and let it in. Her screen shut off so she grabbed several quarters and dropped them all in. She went back to sucking on this strange cock. The man on the other side began to pump his cock into her mouth. She placed her face against the wall and let him do all the work. She found her own hand was under her shirt and bra playing with her nipple. She heard the guy breathing harder and he increased his tempo.

“I am going to cum.” He whispered as he warned her.

The first shot hit the back of Mary Francis’s throat then she remembered that she had to show Lana and Sherrie the cum. She pulled back and the next shot hit her on the nose and cheek. The subsequent shots hit her on the forehead and in the hair. She had done it. She stood up and straightened her blouse, unlocked her door and stepped out. At the same time the door of the booth next to her opened and she turned to see her father standing there.

They were both in shocked as they looked at each other. Frank McConnell had just had his cocked sucked by his baby daughter and his cum was all over her face. Mary Francis couldn’t speak.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t know it was you! Listen, promise me you won’t tell your mother, I have never done this before.” Frank said in a panic.

“Me neither, I wont tell. I promise.” Mary Francis quickly replied.

Frank nodded his head and hurried past Mary Francis and out the front door. Mary Francis still in shock but not wanting to run in to anyone else she knew, especially with cum all over her face stepped back into the booth, waited a minute and then walked out. The clerk just smiled and shook her head when she saw this young looking girl who’s ID she figured was probably fake walk past her with cum dripping off her face.

Mary Francis made it to the car.

“Wow how many guys did you do?” Sherrie said

“Just one, lets get out of here.” Mary Francis replied

Lana started the car and said, “Aren’t you going to give us the details?”

Mary Francis realizing that they wouldn’t stop told them what she had done but left out the part about the stranger being her father. She later realized that this bookstore was the closest to her hometown and her father must have come down here form time to time.

She was made a member of the sorority. She went home and she and her father tried to act as if the incident never happened. They never spoke of it. Something was regretting now.

Mindy’s mom realized what she had to do. She could not let dear Katie and her father live in the same uncomfortable silence that she and her father lived in.

She went to the phone and dialed Tom Davis.

Tom Davis answered the phone “Hello.”

“Tom this is Mary Francis McConnell, I was wondering if you would like to come over to my house tomorrow night? I think we need to talk about the girls,” Mary Francis said.

Mr. Davis swallowed hard, did she know about he and the girls?

“Uh…sure, what time?” he replied.

“How about 6:00?” She asked.

“Sounds fine.” He answered back.

“I will see you then, bye.” Mary Francis said as she hung up.

Then it hit Mary Francis, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” she said to herself.

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