Sorority Pledge

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Eyes drawn to the all-male presence entering the door, Kinsey watched him stride up to the bar in a bleached white shirt and well-worn levis. His dirty blonde hair was blown back from riding in the brisk night air, cheeks flushed with windburn. She wasn’t the only one taking him in. A couple dozen hungry eyes were eating up his 6 foot plus frame, defined biceps and broad chest. Hard, round cheeks were stuffed into the seat of those jeans and when she caught the outline of thick muscle laying against his thigh her heart skipped a beat. So horny! Sighing, she pushed dirty thoughts of sucking his big, fat cock out of her mind. She was there for one thing and one thing only, the Pi Omega Pi Sorority. Rush week was over and this was the first ‘class’, hosting their fall pledges at O’Malley’s Pub. Larger than it looked once inside, it reeked of old beer and stale smoke and furniture from the eighties. The rectangular bar was centered in one room with an adjacent room on each side of it, the one on the right had billiard tables and dart boards while the one on the left had a small stage and dance floor. They were gathered in a small area behind the bar, with tables pushed together for their group.

The invite was informal, a night of fun facts and traditions. Kinsey heard rumors this is where Pi started their hazing because it was off campus and easy to keep quiet. She could care less about hazing, she’d do anything to get into Pi Omega Pi. On the outside, their reputation of strong, independent, ambitious women with a track record of success dated back to the 1940’s. But the reputed ‘Underground’ of Pi, that was what fascinated her. Scandalous stories of sex parties, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and hook ups with strangers for pleasure. For their pleasure. Just thinking about it turned her on. Underlying the eroticism was a group of women embracing their sexuality, expressing their needs and desires, and not hiding their love of sex around their ‘sisters’ without judgment or retribution or competition. Could it be true? A sisterhood of women accepting themselves as multi-faceted sexual beings capable of being CEO’s, artists, lovers, teachers and friends? Kinsey Montgomery was gonna do whatever it takes to find out.

“Did you see the Adonis that just walked in here?” Motioning to the door, her new roommate Geena leaned closer to her.

“Oh my God yes, that’s an all-nighter wrapped up in levis.” Pulling her long sandy blond hair off her neck, Kinsey fanned herself, running her tongue back and forth across her top lip.

“Wow, Kinsey that guy’s huge. What are you 5’4, 5’5?” Lissa tapped on her smartphone and took a swig of beer. Tall and rail thin, she looked down her nose at Kinsey. Kinsey was used to people digging on her for being short, 5’5 to be exact. Her job as a fitness instructor for the past three years kept every inch of her petite body toned and cut in all the right places. All the Pi girls were slender but curvy, breasts a handful or more, with thick thighs and junk in the trunk.

“I know,” Kinsey gushed. “From here his dick looks like a baseball bat.” Lissa’s cheeks reddened and she turned her attention elsewhere. Geena whistled.

“Honey, that’s enough man for all of us!” Their laughter rose above the music. Geena’s light mocha colored skin and crisp green eyes were emphasized by her wavy mahogany hair. Kinsey was sure they’d pledge her just because she was drop dead gorgeous. She hoped so, they’d become fast friends.

Two of the Sisters, Nikki and Ella, approached their tables. Ella whistled sharp and loud getting everyone’s attention. Nikki’s jet black hair sparkled with purple highlights and framed her oval face in large waves. She wore a cream colored silky vee neck sweater and a slender wrap skirt the color of dark chocolate with tan knee high boots. Ella had on a curve hugging, cranberry colored sweater dress and knee high black boots. It was the kind of dress that folds over at the shoulders, leaving them exposed, a style Kinsey loved for it’s understated sex appeal.

“Ladies, it’s time to have some fun. Remember, Pi Omega Pi does not condone risky behavior and encourages all of you who can, to drink responsibly.” Nikki put her finger down her throat, feigning her gag reflex. Laughter erupted from several girls.

“Absolutely Nikki, it’s important to know when to say when. Pi Omega Pi wants women who reflect our core value; classy and sassy in public, ready to go nympho everywhere else.”

A collective gasp rolled through the group. Lissa spit her beer out spraying a couple unlucky girls right in front of her.

“Oh, shit! Sorry, sorry.” Handing them napkins she turned to Geena. “She’s joking right?”

Ella began weaving through the crowd of girls slowly talking as she walked.

“If you’ve even heard of the ‘Underground Pi’, ladies you know I’m dead fucking serious. For those of you living under a rock, Pi Omega Pi is the most popular Sorority on campus for a reason. On the surface, our Sisters are outstanding academics, charity fundraisers canlı bahis and tomorrows VIP’s. But underneath the facade of prim and proper, we love sex. We need it, we want it and as a Sister, you’ll exude sex appeal. You’ll be the best fuck your partner has ever had.” Hips swinging with her steps, she paused as Nikki made her way through to join her.

“There’s no discrimination at Pi Omega Pi,” Nikki continued. “Straight, lesbian, bisexual, yes even transgendered women are encouraged to pledge to Pi. Fucking isn’t about who you’re doing, its about cumming.” Nervous giggling and whispers rose and fell. One girl burst into tears and went running off trying to hide her face.

“Oh, I bet that was our virgin pledge. Damn!” Ella brought her eyebrows down and frowned. Cringing inside, Kinsey looked around. She was a virgin. She’d been to 3rd base with a couple boyfriends and loved giving and receiving oral sex, but the opportunity to go all the way hadn’t come yet. It was just a technicality. They’d probably laugh her right out of pledging if they knew.

“That’s okay Ella,” Nikki looked at the girls in the group, “Pi Omega Pi doesn’t want anyone who feels uncomfortable, or who is offended to pledge. We’re just not the right house for you. There are plenty of other lovely, boring, pretentious, safe sororities available.”

“No judgements. But please leave now, it’s better for everyone if you don’t waste our time or yours.” Making eye contact with several pledges, Ella’s round, blue eyes sent a chill through Kinsey for a moment before moving on. Half a dozen or so women walked away from them, including Lissa. Kinsey gave her a small smile as Lissa put her finger in her mouth and pretended to gag. Geena’s eyes met Kinsey’s, arched eyebrows asking a silent question. Kinsey winked in reply, not moving.

“Alright you Jezebels!” Nikki clapped her hands. “Take a look around, there are seven of you, and you’ll need to convince Ella and I how much you want to be a Pi Omega Pi Sister.”

“Let’s start the evening with a little ‘Truth or Dare’.” All the pledges sat across from each other at a small group of tables put together. Nikki and Ella took their names and sat on opposite ends clipboards in hand. Nikki got started.

“For group and single questions, raise your hand for yes. If you’re too embarrassed to answer the question put your hand over your mouth, this results in a penalty. Too many penalties, you’re out. For truth or dare questions, you must alternate truth and dare, another words, if you pick truth first, on your next turn it will be a dare and so on and so on. You may refuse one truth and one dare. Beyond your two free passes, if you refuse a truth or a dare or cannot complete the dare as stated you’re out. Any questions?” Sitting across from Geena and next to two girls she’d never met, Kinsey’s stomach wound up tighter than a corkscrew, nervous energy threatening to explode all over everyone. Ella sat on a corner of the table, one leg swinging.

“Ladies, have you ever had a sexual encounter with another woman?” A handful of hands went up, including Geena’s but Kinsey was not one of them. Everyone looked around to see who was answering.

“Have you ever had sex in a public place?” Only two hands went up.

“Tsk, tsk. That’s unbelievable! No titillating risk takers?” Ella’s voice raised.

“Who’s had sex and let other people watch?” Again only a couple of hands went up. Nikki threw a look of annoyance at Ella.

“What, did ya’ll think by joining Pi you’d all of sudden become sexually adventurous?”

“No, I thought joining would encourage me to be more adventurous.” A very curvy brunette dressed in a red, corset style pin up dress replied. Her large, full lips were lined perfectly and stained red to match her dress.

“Is that right? Madison?” Nikki walked towards the young woman, shaking her head yes.

“Or Maddie, whichever.”

“Joining Pi will teach you many things, Madison.” Nikki put her clipboard down and stood behind her placing her hands on the woman’s shoulders, gently kneading them. “First, you will not use childish nicknames or allow someone else the luxury of choosing what to call you.” Madison’s face filled with color. Nikki’s hands were now caressing her neck, fingers working their way under the neatly pressed collar.

“And, Pi Omega Pi doesn’t encourage our Sisters to be more adventurous,” Nikki began unbuttoning her, all the way down to her waist belt, her demure, white lace bra visible to everyone. “Pi Omega Pi encourages all Sisters to embrace their own sense of adventure.” Bending over, Nikki took Madison’s earlobe into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue while both hands slipped inside the cups of her bra, fondling her large, soft breasts. Leaning back to see, Ella continued.

“That’s right ladies. Pi provides you with loving support to follow your desires and teaches you to listen to your body.” Madison’s eyelids fluttered as she squirmed in her seat. Nikki whispered something in her ear before sucking on bahis siteleri her neck. Reaching up Madison pulled the cups of her bra down exposing her tits and Nikki’s fingers rolling two fat nipples in her fingers. Moaning softly, Madison reached down and pulled her dress up. Slowly spreading her legs apart, showing everyone looking matching white panties.

Watching Madison’s chest rise and fall as Nikki tortured her nipples into solid buds, Kinsey’s panties were soaking wet. Her breathing staggered imagining herself in Madison’s position. Looking around at the other girls, all eyes were riveted to the two women. No one in the pub even seemed to notice there was a half naked chick being felt up as music played over the speakers and billiards clacked. Ella slid off the table straightening her dress. Kinsey sucked on her Captain Morgan’s.

“Heather, truth or dare?” Sitting next to Madison, Heather jumped a little when her name was called out.


“Are your panties hot and sticky against your pussy watching Madison and Nikki?”

“Yes.” She breathed her answer, head nodding slowly up and down.

“Geena, truth or dare?” Kinsey’s eyes met Geena’s, her smile growing by the second.

“Dare.” Leaning forward, she ran her fingers through her auburn mane.

Ella clapped her hands.

“Ladies! We have a Pi Omega Pi sister right here!” she paused, looking at Nikki for a hot second.

“Okay, I dare you to make Madison cum right here at the table.” A shriek and several gasps went around the tables. Madison’s eyes flew open hearing her name and the dare. About to speak, Nikki whispered to her again and she bit her lip. As Geena made her way around the table towards Madison, Nikki slid the chair away from the table a few inches and started frenching Madison, one hand cupping her chin. Sucking in her breath, Kinsey watched Geena squat in front of Madison and putting her hands on Madisons thighs, leaned in and nibbled on one of her hard nipples. Whispers, sighs and groans were coming from the pledges at the tables. Madison’s whimpers brought Kinsey’s attention back to Geena, pulling Madison’s panties down and off. Nikki placed both of Madison’s hands up under her own breasts and continued to pinch and roll her nipples. Geena pulled Madison’s ass towards the edge of the chair and bent down, kissing her way down, in between her pale, shapely legs until a high pitched squeal came from Madison’s throat.

“Let’s help them out ladies.” Ella waved them over, squeezing bodies together and making a circle of cover. Bucking against Geena’s face, Nikki held Madison’s jaw while frenching her shiny, red lips to quiet the girl’s growing moans as Geena’s mouth worked up and down on her pussy. Using her fingers to spread Madison’s light pink labia apart, Geena’s lips slurped over her clitoris making her climax right there in front of all of them.

“Shhh,” Nikki pulled Madison’s bra back into place and began buttoning her dress back up as Geena pulled the skirt part down. Everyone backed up, finding their seats again. Cheeks flushed, eyes glassy, Madison giggled.

“God, Geena!” She pulled her honey colored curls around one side of her neck. “Hope that means I’m in.”

“Kinsey, truth or dare?” Ella slowly walked towards her, pinning Kinsey down with her look.

“Dare.” Several girls including Geena high fived, making Kinsey smile so hard her cheeks hurt.

“Strip naked. Walk through the restaurant to the parking lot and back again.” Kinsey’s smile faded. She looked at Geena for support.

“I’ll get kicked out of the restaurant. I don’t want to get arrested and lose my spot.” Geena widened her eyes, lowering her chin at her.

“Are you using your free pass for dare?” Ella cornered her. Kinsey shook her head, this is bullshit.

“You know they’ll ban me from coming back here.”

“It’s a simple yes or no.” Ella didn’t waver.

“Yeah, pass.”

“Aw, Kinsey!” Geena shook her head no. Kinsey shrugged. She couldn’t risk losing her spot. Ella seemed bent on giving her a hard time. Another girl, Zoey, had taken penalties for not answering questions and using both her free passes.

“Zoey, I’m afraid this is your last shot. Truth or dare?”

“I, I’m sorry ya’ll, I don’t belong here.” On her feet quickly, she clutched her bag on her shoulder.

“Thanks for being honest with us and yourself Zoey.” Nodding twice, she left with her head down. Ella scowled and put her hands on her hips.

“Does anyone else wanna have a lightbulb moment?” Her narrowed eyes scanned the group staring at her. Checking her list, she continued.

“Michele, just a reminder you’ve used both free passes. Truth or dare?” Michele barely looked old enough to in college with her petite frame and platinum blonde bob enveloping her tiny, oval face. She looked around her at the other girls, her grey eyes narrowing before answering.


“Alright!” Nikki spun around. Ella handed her a tote bag.

“There’s a replica of the male anatomy in that bag. bahis şirketleri Take it out so everyone can see and read.” Michele pulled out a monster flesh colored dildo, still sealed in plastic from the store. Kinsey watched her cheeks flame over, nervously biting her lip before beginning.

“This real life replica of AE Male star of the year Titan Tom is nine inches long from tip to ball sack with a three inch circumference for your pleasure.”

“Now, show us how you suck dick.” Nikki and Ella stood next to each other watching Michele and comparing notes.

Staring at the phallus, Michele looked up, running her tongue around her lips before blowing kisses at them. Wrapping both hands around the shaft, she spit on the tip and used her tongue to lathe the head with her saliva spinning her hands around until it was shiny. Closing her eyes she slowly lowered her mouth, taking the soft, pink, rubber cock inch by inch spreading her mouth open.

“Looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing.” Heather commented, a smirk on her face.

“And she looks pretty fucking hot doing it.” Madison added. Michele winked at Madison, working the huge dick a little more than halfway down her throat before gagging. Her head bounced up and down, sliding it in and out of her mouth she sped up the rhythm with her hands, alternating a quick jerk off motion with a long, deliberate caress and lifted her eyelids to make eye contact with several girls. She continued working the fake cock, even swiping her tongue across the ball sack. Suddenly she stopped, pulling the head out of her mouth she stuck her tongue out, and slowly licked the back side of it. When she stopped, she kissed it.

“I prefer a reward for my efforts.” Huge applause broke out at the tables and Michele laughed out loud.

“Impressive.” Ella smiled. “You get to keep this as a party gift.” She wrapped the dildo up in bar napkins and put it back in the tote bag.

“Tayler, truth or dare?” Nikki marked up the paperwork on her clipboard, showing Ella the results.

“Truth.” Tayler, a thin but stacked girl with cranberry hair and a teeny diamond in her nose stared wide-eyed.

“Have you ever had double penetration sex?” Her hand flew to her mouth.

“You’re taking a penalty and using a free pass?” Tayler nodded furiously, Nikki continued.

“Okay, there’s your one free pass for truth.”

“Kinsey, you’ve already used your free dare pass and since you didn’t complete a dare, you must do one this turn.” Ella nodded to Nikki, who walked up to Kinsey.

“Okay Ella. Dare me.” Kinsey’s bubblegum pink lips spread into a smile, faking the confidence she didn’t have.

“One of the girls is going to randomly pick out a guy in the pub. Your dare is to take him out the backdoor and fuck his brains out.” Kinsey’s smile froze for a moment, processing the dare she was just given. She absolutely couldn’t refuse, couldn’t talk her way out of this, if she wanted to join this sorority she would have to give up her virginity and fuck some random guy.

“Anybody wanna watch?” Kinsey heard the words slipping out before she could stop them. Ella was not amused.

“We’ll be watching to make sure you complete the dare.”

“Kinsey, you have to get the guy out the backdoor and convince him to have sex with you right there. Of course, you can’t tell him this is for a sorority or that you’re being watched. The dare is over when he cums. Got it?” Nikki folded her arms over her chest. Shaking her head yes, she waited as the girls drew straws to determine who would pick her guy. Tayler held up her short straw casting a long, sideways glance in Kinsey’s direction. Ella confirmed it was the shortest in the bunch.

“Okay, Tayler, please find a victim, I mean, partner for Kinsey.”

“Any guy?” Tayler scanned the room.

“Yep, any guy.” Ella and Nikki stood on either side of her, the three of them whispering as they strolled off towards the bar and front of the pub. Kinsey swallowed hard, her throat dry. Please don’t let it be some toothless bar bum she thought. Geena slid a shot glass in front of her, grinning from ear to ear.

“Let’s make a toast,” the four remaining girls raised their glasses to Kinsey.

“To fucking his brains out.” Laughing, Kinsey put her glass against all of theirs and they all repeated in unison.

“To fucking his brains out!”

“That’s the spirit!” Nikki laughed with them, leading Ella and Tayler back into the room.

“We’ve got your guy Kinsey.” Ella’s arm was draped around Tayler’s shoulders. “And he’s hung like a greek god.” Kinsey saw Tayler look down. Oh wow. She must’ve overheard Geena and me earlier.

“Where is he?” Keeping her cool, she held her emotions in check.

“Right there.” Ella pointed to a tall, muscular guy. Her eyes roamed the space until she saw the hot guy she’d admired coming in early. Holding a rocks glass in his hand, he stood with a couple other guys talking and laughing. The solid angle of his jawline made his soft, pillowy lips stand out even more. He was too far away to see the color of his tiger shaped eyes, but Kinsey could see them crinkling at the corners when he laughed. Remembering the bulge in his crotch her brow furrowed, would he know she was a virgin?

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