Son Wants Mom Ch. 05

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“Note to Readers this is the fifth chapter of an ongoing story if you haven’t already read the other chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you AlphasGirl09 for editing my story.


Heather licked the cum from Tammy’s tit and then sucked the nipple into her mouth. She cleaned all of it up leaving her Aunt’s tits glistening.

Heather straddling the chair climbed over her Aunt licking the cum off of her cheek and then the chin. Licking it off her lips, she drove her tongue into Tammy’s mouth.

Their tongues were intertwined as the continued kissing each other. Tammy’s hands were cupping Heather’s ass as their tits pressed against each other.

Tammy worked her fingers down the crack of Heather’s ass as their kiss continued. She circled Heather’s asshole a few times with the tip of her finger. She moved her hand further down, sliding a finger into her niece’s pussy causing her to moan and kiss her aunt harder.

Tammy’s fingers were getting wetter as she continued fingering Heather. Breaking their kiss, Tammy said, “Let me eat your pussy.”

Heather quickly jumped off the chair and onto the lounge chair right next to it. Her legs were spread wide, anxiously awaiting her Aunt.

Tammy climbed onto the chair and lowered her face to just inches away from her niece’s pussy. She slid two fingers into her pussy as she began to lick her clit.

“Oooooh,” Heather moaned as Tammy slid a third finger into her pussy. She moaned and bucked her hips as her Aunt finger fucked her and licked her clit.

“Yes, yes, that’s it Aunt Tammy you’re going to make me cum,” Heather screamed. Tammy thrust her fingers faster into her pussy as she sucked her clit hard.

Shoving her fourth finger into her niece’s pussy, Tammy bit her clit hard causing Heather to soak her fingers with her orgasm.

Tammy moved up sucking Heather’s left nipple into her mouth, as she continued finger fucking her. “Please stop, Aunt Tammy,” Heather screamed as she shook from her orgasm.

“That was hot Aunt Tammy, I’ve never seen two women have sex together,” Ken said.

Tammy and Heather both turned their heads to see Brendan and Kevin standing in front of the cooler, stroking their cocks.

“I see you boys have been really enjoying the show,” Tammy teased.

“Very much so, when are we going to see Heather eat your pussy Aunt Tammy,” Ken questioned.

Heather, sitting up looked at her cousin and spoke, “Ken, I’ll eat Aunt Tammy’s pussy on one condition, I get a show first.”

“What do you mean?” Ken stammered.

“I want to watch the both of you suck each other’s cocks,” Heather replied.

Everyone to include Tammy had a shocked and disbelief look on their faces in response to Heather’s statement.

“There is no way, that is being gay,” Brendan shouted. His statement did make his Mother feel better even though she knew how much he loved pussy.

“Well then what is the difference with me and you’re Mom? We still love cocks but you want to see us together,” Heather snarled.

“Women are different, you naturally explore other women,” Brendan retorted.

“Damn it Brendan, there is no difference, my fantasy has always been watching two guys suck each other, so I guess if you won’t fulfill it, I won’t eat your Mom’s pussy nor will I let you have mine again today,” Heather pouted.

Tammy suddenly spoke, “Heather is right there really is no difference in who does who. We are all family and so far have had a lot of different kinds of fun together.

So why not let her see her fantasy? Who would it hurt? To be completely honest with you it has always been one of my fantasies as well. So I am with Heather, you won’t get any more of my pussy tonight if you won’t do it.”

“We’re fucked, who’s first?” Brendan said looking at Ken.

“Start sucking” Ken responded.

Brendan reluctantly lowered himself to his knees, he looked to see Ken’s reality kings porno now semi-hard cock just inches away from his face. He looked at his Mother with a pleading look upon his face.

Smiling Tammy said, “Go ahead sweetie,” as she rubbed her pussy hair.

“Well if I want some of that I have to do this,” Brendan thought as his mouth took the head of Ken’s cock inside.

The hard but yet soft feeling of Ken’s cock, felt interesting Brendan thought. He took more and more of his cock inside his mouth. Ken unconsciously began moving his hips to slide his cock in and out of Brendan’s mouth.

Tammy and Heather were sitting on the lounge chair together only a few feet away from the action.

“This is hot isn’t it Aunt Tammy,” Heather asked as she placed her hand on her Aunt’s pussy.

“Yes it sure is can’t you feel how wet my pussy is?” Tammy responded.

Sliding two fingers inside Tammy’s pussy then withdrawing them, bringing them to her mouth sucking the juices off, Heather replied, “MMM, the finger licking good kind of wet.”

Brendan looking out of the corner of his eye saw Heather fingering his Mom; they both were smiling at him as they watched him suck his first cock.

Brendan tried sucking Ken just like his Mom had sucked him; he began sucking faster as he was turned on by the site of the two women.

Heather was fingering Tammy’s pussy causing her to moan loudly, Tammy moved her hand over sliding two fingers into her niece’s soaked pussy.

“Your soaked too honey, you really like this don’t you?” Tammy questioned.

“Hell yes, I have never seen anything hotter, Wow it looks like Brendan is enjoying it too, look how hard he is and all that pre-cum oozing from his cock,” Heather responded.

Ken was enjoying the surprisingly good blow job that he was receiving from his cousin. The site of the two women fingering each other excited him causing him to fuck Brendan’s mouth faster.

“Hang on Aunt Tammy,” Heather said, as she crawled over to Brendan and licked the pre-cum off the tip of his cock.

“MMMM, I love the taste of cum almost as much as I do a pussy, you get see me eat pussy soon cousin,” she seductively said.

Brendan’s cock throbbed from the touch of Heather’s tongue and all of the excitement. He attacked Ken’s cock because he was so turned on sucking it hard and fast.

“One quick lick,” Heather informed her Aunt as her tongue ran over the lips of her pussy.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Ken screamed as he shot his cum into Brendan’s mouth. Brendan instantly swallowed the first blast but began choking and gagging on the volume of his cousin’s cum.

Panicking he pulled his mouth from the cock only to be blasted in the face with the remainder of Ken’s cum.

Ken has just finished cumming when he looked at Brendan and began laughing uncontrollably. “I never thought I would see you with my cum all over your face,” he laughed.

“Well it wasn’t by choice that I ended up like this,” Brendan snarled.

“Don’t worry honey, Heather and I will clean that up,” Tammy said as Brendan felt her tongue slide up his right cheek.

Heather was busy licking the cum off his left one. Tammy had his right cheek clean so she moved to his chin. She scooped up a dollop of cum with her tongue right before she kissed Brendan deeply. They shared Ken’s cum as their tongues intertwined together.

Grabbing his cock and squeezing it, Tammy broke their kiss, “Now that wasn’t so bad now was it, now this big fella will get some pussy tonight.”

“No it wasn’t that b” Brendan was able to say before Heather’s cum filled tongue filled his mouth.

“I have an idea,” Heather said as she pulled her mouth from Brendan’s. The boys wanted to see you eat my pussy, why don’t we do a 69 and really give them a show.

“A deal is a deal and it sounds like it is an even better deal for the boys,” Tammy said as she climbed on Heather who already sexmex porno was lying on the lounge chair.

Tammy lowered her pussy onto Heather’s waiting tongue. She instantly licked and explored the folds of her aunt’s pussy.

Tammy lowered her mouth to Heather’s pussy, licking her clit before moving lower. The both moaned in each other’s pussy as they licked them.

“That is so fucking hot!” Ken exclaimed, his cock was slowly starting to get erect again.

“It sure is,” Brendan replied while he was busy stroking his own.

Tonguing and licking they continued attacking each other’s hot, wet cunts. Tammy was the first to cum as she pressed her pussy hard against Heather’s face.

Heather drove her tongue in lapping up all of her juices.

Shaking uncontrollably no longer being able to stand Heather’s tongue, Tammy lifted her ass into the air as she continued pleasing her niece’s cunt, suddenly she felt a cock pushing into her pussy.

His Mom’s ass in the air was invitation enough for Brendan while he slid his cock into her pussy. He thrust his hips forward causing his cock to bury itself inside his mom. He began thrusting it in and out of her.

The site of the cock sliding in and out of Aunt Tammy’s pussy set Heather off as she came hard. Tammy lifting her head from the pussy moaned loudly from the pounding her son was giving her.

Observing that Aunt Tammy’s eyes were closed and mouth was open allowed Ken to walk over and stick his cock in her mouth. Tammy immediately began sucking it hard and fast.

Heather raised her head and began licking her aunt’s clit and cousin’s dick. The sudden sensation caused Tammy to moan on Ken’s dick and suck it faster.

Ken was enjoying the blowjob that he was receiving from his aunt but pulled his cock out of her mouth. He picked up Heather’s legs placing them on his shoulders then inserting his cock into her pussy.

Heather began to lick quicker as Ken fucked her. Brendan was enjoying both the pussy but also the tongue on his pussy at the same time caused him to really slam into his mother.

Ken grabbed Tammy’s head pulling it toward him to kiss her. Tammy moaned as their tongues touched and her cunt got slammed.

Heather moved her tongue to Brendan’s balls licking them as he continued fucking. He pumped into his mom’s cunt faster, faster, faster and then “AAAAAAAAAAAAH,” he blew a load of sperm into her.

Heather licked the cum from his cock and any that dripped out of Tammy.

Ken’s cock continued to shove quickly in and out of his cousin’s pussy. Heather moaned into Tammy’s clit as he stabbed it harder inside her. A big drop of cum landed on Heather’s tongue, when Brendan slid his cock out of his mom.

She moved her head up sticking her tongue into Tammy’s cunt, she sucked and licked all the cum she could receive out of it. Ken being very excited began fucking Heather faster.

He was breathing heavy as his cock continued propelling into his cousin’s cunt. He shoved it in her as far as he could and blasted her pussy with his load. He thrust inside her a few more times to finish, then he pulled out and collapsed onto the deck.

Ken’s hands were over his head and eyes were shut, when Tammy suddenly had an idea. She pulled her pussy away from her niece’s tongue, stood up, walked over sliding her pussy down onto Ken’s face, as his mouth opened she pushed Brendan’s cum into his mouth.

Ken not having a choice swallowed his cousin’s cum, he licked and sucked his aunt’s pussy until she had another orgasm. Spent Tammy collapsed beside him on the deck.

When they all had recovered from their encounter, they redressed and went back into the house. Ken hugged his aunt tightly thanking her for the wonderful experience. Tammy kissed him quickly and then scolded him.

“Listen mister, if you ever want a chance to have this pussy again, you better never say a word about what just happened to anyone.” sindrive porno Tammy warned.

“I promise, I won’t tell anyone, I really want to fuck your pussy again Aunt Tammy.

Tammy, Brendan, and Heather relaxed together the remainder of the evening watching a movie. When the movie ended, Tammy announced, “I am off to bed, I am worn out from all of this action, good night kids.”

Tammy leaned down to give Heather a kiss as her head was grabbed and pulled down and a tongue filled her mouth. Their tongues were darting into each other’s mouth when Heather cupped her aunt’s tit squeezing it.

Pulling her head back Tammy stated, “Baby girl, I am tired we can do it again tomorrow, I promise. Pouting Heather replied, “OK, good night.”

Brendan was standing waiting for his mom to finish when he hugged her as he forced his tongue into her mouth. He cupped her ass pulling her into his hard cock. He rubbed it from side to side of her stomach as she pulled away from his grasp.

“Nice try kids, but this old lady is tired! Plus I have to call Rick tonight, we will have fun again tomorrow, I am sure of that.” Tammy informed as she walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

In unison they both said, “Good night.”

“What a fucking hot story, I wish I could have been there,” I replied.

“Believe me, I had a lot of fun,” Tammy replied.

“I really wish I were there right now to fuck that well used pussy of yours, my cock is so fucking hard right now,” I stated.

“I enjoyed Brendan’s and Ken’s but I really miss yours honey, I love how you make me cum just by how you use it,” she replied.

“Oh yeah? Is it how I slide it side to side slowly inside your pussy. Pulling it out slowly then pushing it back in and flexing it inside your cunt?” I teased while I stroked my cock.

“What are you wearing babe?” I questioned.

“Just my sleeping shorts and shirt, and if you keep up this talk, my shorts will be too wet to sleep in,” Tammy replied.

Take them off then, I would hate to see you go to sleep with wet shorts, your pussy may catch a cold,” I laughed.

Tammy sighing said, “Even though I am tired, hang on a minute.”

A few seconds went by and she said, “Ok I am in the state of dress that I have been in most of the weekend, and that is naked.”

“My favorite outfit!” I exclaimed. “The same one I want you wearing when I get home.”

“Think that I won’t be?” Tammy giggled.

“Yes I am sure that you will be and now you will be even better fucked than ever before, Brendan and I can fuck you at the same time. Slide both cocks into your pussy just like we did that one time with mine and the vibrator, remember?”

“MMM HMMM” Tammy moaned.

“This would be so much better for you to have live hot fleshy cocks stretching your pussy wide, filling it fully.” I explained.

“MMMMM that would be nice,” Tammy purred.

“Both sliding in and out together, hitting every space inside of you,” I went on.

“OHHH yes,” she moaned.

“Then one starts shooting it’s cum inside you and you know it will trigger the other, think of it babe, two pulsating cocks blasting their cum into your pussy.”

“OH GOD, fill her up,” Tammy cried as she had another orgasm. “Damn that was unexpected, I thought we would just talk,” Tammy thought as she recovered.

“Thanks babe, I needed something good to jerk off too, and that one was great!” I exclaimed.

“I have no idea where all my juices come from, you should see the fucking wet spot on the bed” she said.

“Especially with all of the orgasms you have had the past couple of days,” I laughed.

“Exactly she has gotten a real workout,” Tammy giggled.

“Just wait until I get home, you will be getting a cock that wants and is going to get even more of that pussy,” I said.

“I know babe, and can’t wait, I better let you go it’s getting late,” she informed me.

“Yes it is, ok baby I love you, good night” I replied.

“Love you too, night honey,” Tammy said right before hanging up the phone.

Tammy tossed and turned for what seemed liked hours, until she finally sat up in the bed saying, “FUCK IT.”

She walked to the top of the stairs yelling, “Brendan, Heather get up here.”

Story continues…

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