Son of Bitch

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Please note: All characters are over eighteen!

The author (me) wishes to thank Dynamic Kitty for her editing prowess. Any mistakes are mine, and not Miss Kitty’s.

If you are bothered by incest stories, please stop reading.

The woman who raised me as a son was not my mother; my real mother died when I was three. My “mom” was actually my aunt Mags (short for Margret). No one would mistake her for a beauty. Mom was short, about five feet and two inches tall, and around 160 pounds. This gave her a rather large chest along with a pudgy stomach and sizeable ass, but with a pixie haircut she was quite attractive I would say, although I may be biased.

Mags was married to Mike; they didn’t have children and they weren’t happy. I am not sure if the two issues were connected or not, but Mike had a real dislike for Mags. My father, myself, Mags and Mike all lived together in a multi-family house. It seemed like a good idea, as it would give my Dad and I some privacy but still let Mags watch me. As I got older this would be an issue.

I was a “difficult” child. I was very rebellious and often found myself in trouble. Nothing serious, but enough to create tension between my father and Mags’ husband and between my father and I. Mags and I never had an issue. “He’s being a boy-not a little wimp,” she would defend me. This undoubtedly created tensions between her and her husband Mike. Mike didn’t really like me either.

I lost my virginity when I was young to a girl named Ketty; chicks dig a bad boy. I often thought with the “little head” and got into trouble with my girlfriends. I was, I think the technical term is called “a dick”, to a lot of girls.

For four years I went through girlfriends, some more serious than others. When I turned eighteen I found that most of the girls I dated were starting to look for serious relationships or going off to college. I stayed home and got a job; a pretty good one as a mechanic, but being too young to drink and not in college, my dating options got limited. However, at eighteen, porn is legal so I began to build a collection. Spanking it became my new “hobby” and I was good at it.

About six months into my hobby, I noticed that I would be missing a movie or two, every now and then. They would show up a day or two later. There was no “pattern” as to the type of movie missing-lesbian, anal, oral, big breast, bondage, spanking, lactating-so I didn’t have any suspects. This went on for about six or eight months, but it didn’t really bother me as the movies always came back no worse for the wear. I didn’t give it another thought until my nineteenth birthday.

My nineteenth birthday went about as one would expect. I got some gifts; most useless, some gags. We had dinner and some cake and we also drank a fair amount.

It was going as I was expecting it to but as I was coming out of the bathroom, mom stopped me in the hallway. She said to me, “Jay, you have another present, I’ll give it to you later. I don’t want anyone else to see it.”

I replied, “Ok-till later and thanks.” I really didn’t give it much thought until she kissed me on the lips and said, “Thank you” .Now I was at a loss, thank me for what? I didn’t do anything. I really had no plans to do anything! I thought it was weird, but Mags could be that way.

Later that night, as we were wrapping things up, I stayed behind. I was trying to get alone with Mom. It always seemed that someone else would be in the room though. I was curious as to what she had for me and what she meant; it was starting to bother me. We never got the chance to be alone that night so I went to bed buzzed and woke up late.

I woke up to find Mom at the sink doing dishes. She told me that my Dad and Mike went out to the hardware store to pick up supplies for a home project. I walked up behind her, hugged her and kissed her ear gently saying, “Thank you for last night, you made my birthday special.”

She smiled and said, “Still one more thing for you.” She finished up at the sink as I was still holding her around the waist. I was getting hard. Her scrubbing of the dishes caused her ass to wiggle against me.

I squeezed her tightly and said, “I’ll leave you alone and stop bothering you.”

“Oh you’re not bothering me at all,” she replied.

Ok-now I’m thinking, “Hmm. I’m pretty sure she can feel my hard-on against her, and she is ok with it; nice.” So I stayed and started to nibble her ear a bit to distract her, whispering, “So when is everyone coming back?”

“Not for a while, they just left before you woke up,” she replied. When she was done, she wiped her hands and turned around. I took a step back-well, maybe a half step-ok, I leaned back just enough to give her tits room.

I also put my arms around her waist again and said, “Thanks.”

“For what?” she asked.

“For being you Mags…Mom,” I saw her eyes light up. I gave her a kiss on the lips with my mouth closed; I may have lingered there a bit.

She sighed then took my hand and said, “Come with me-you have one more mofos porno gift.”

I followed her to the “spare room”, which wasn’t really a spare room as I had slept there as a child when my Dad would come home late. She went into the closet and squatted down. I could see her ass crack and I was still hard. She stood up with a plastic bag in her hands and said, “Happy Birthday-I think you will enjoy this more than your other crappy presents.” I laughed and looked in the bag. Porn; sweet! A lesbian movie and an anal movie, well that solved one mystery.

I said, with a grin, “So did you watch these already or am I going to lend them to you?”

Now she laughed, “I didn’t want to open them. I’ll borrow them later.” “We can work that out.” I hugged her tightly, pulling her to me, one hand on her lower back, and one hand around her shoulders.

I said, “Thank you very much, if you want some company just let me know.” Before she could reply, I kissed her lips again and walked out.

I went up to my room and watched the lesbian movie. There were no toys in the movie. All the girls used fingers and tongues and I began to wonder if she really bought this for me.

After spanking myself, I started to think “Did she really just give me porn?” Well yes, she did, but did it mean anything? Was I reading something into this that wasn’t there? Was I letting my constant horniness cloud my judgment? What would happen if I tried to do something – oh say- stick my tongue down her throat, while grabbing her ass and crushing those fantastic tits against me- if I was wrong about her intentions? Well, I’d be in trouble. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it. So really not much to lose. I think. Hoped. I watched the anal video.

Now, as I said, I was far from innocent. However, it is a one thing making an unwanted advance towards a woman, and a completely different thing when that woman is your mom. So I decided that I would bide my time. See if I get any other “clues” as to where this may go. I didn’t have to wait long.

The very next week day, the lesbian movie was gone. I waited a day to see if it would show up again. It didn’t. I waited a week. No movie. So that Friday I went home right after work. I only worked till 2 pm on Fridays, so I would be home long before everyone else. My father often didn’t come home on the weekends, and Mike wouldn’t be home till 7pm.

Once in the door, I took off my shirt and pants. Not as odd as it sounds, being a mechanic, my clothes are commonly dirty. I would often take them off rather then get the walls and tables I bump into dirty as well, and go right into the bathroom to scrub. This time however I was hard and it could be seen through my underwear. Before I went into the bath I found Mags and said to her “Hi honey, I’m home!” just to gauge her reaction.

She was on the phone, and as I rounded the corner she said to the person on the other end- ” I got to go now- bye” – I threw my clothes toward the hamper in the laundry room and spread my arms for a hug. Now this was new.

I had never hugged her while only wearing underwear. I said “Man this day was crap, I need a hug from a pretty woman!” She looked at my bulge, and gave me a chaste hug, hips separated, and a peck on my lips. Not the reaction I was hoping for. I sank a little.

“You need a shower!” she said. I agreed and turned around toward the bath. “What did you do to your back?” she exclaimed. I didn’t know what she was talking about. She came up behind me and touched my back, lightly running her hands over it. I got harder. “Your back is all scratched up! Are those fingernail marks?”

I laughed, “No, it must be from when I slide under the truck outside on the pavement, I told you my day sucked! Not in the good way either.” I turned around and looked at her, “Besides, I haven’t been with a girl in a while to scratch my back, but if you scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours.” I grinned. Before she could respond I said “Could you but something on it when I come out?”

“Sure” she said. I went into the shower, cleaned myself, wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out.

“Come into my room.” I called out.

I lay on my bed in my towel. She came in and sat on the edge of the bed. “What should I use?” she asked.

“There is some lube over there. It can be used for more than just masturbation you know.” I said. Without saying anything, she took it and started to spread it across my back. A little massage as well. I was happy. It is always a nice thing to get a massage.

Is it possible for a nineteen year old boy to get a massage without getting hard? So I got hard. I asked if she could massage my other parts. She gave a little giggle, slapped my ass, and said no. Then she got up and left. Ouch. I mean that literally, I was so hard I hurt.

As I lay there, hard. I debated if I should watch a movie, or see if I could interpret Moms intentions. I choose the latter, which is to say I gave up instant gratification. A very odd thing for me to do.

I threw naughty america porno on shorts and went out. I found her sitting in the kitchen. I leaned over the back of her chair and kissed her head. “Thank you for that. It was the highlight of my day.” I told her.

“Anytime” she replied. I went to the refrigerator for something to drink, and she said to me “Does it bother you that I borrow your movies?”

That caught me off guard. “Er- no. Not at all, actually if you ever want company just let me know.” I said with a grin. I walked past her, still hard, and saw that she was looking at my shorts. I knew she was interested. “I’m going to watch one right now. I’m all hot and bothered after you rubbed me.” I told her. I added, “No one will be home for a while.” She looked at me and I could see the debate raging in her. “No one needs to know.” I reassured her.

Trying to take the lead, I walk over to her and grasp her hand and lead her back to my bedroom. I put in a lesbian movie and climb onto my bed. She was still standing, so I took her hand and gently pulled her down. “Just sit there on the edge. How about I rub your back for you?” Without waiting for an answer I started rubbing her back. I didn’t go any further or try to do anything else. I just wanted her to be comfortable.

After about the third scene, she said, “Thank you, I got to get dinner ready.” Then stood up, leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I let the kiss linger and followed her lips a bit as she pulled away. I said “Thank you, that was very special for me,” and meant it. I knew where this could end, but for the life of me couldn’t find the “wrong” in it. Maybe it was the small head doing the thinking again.

Next Friday, before going home after work, I stopped at the video store and picked up a new lesbian movie that focused on anal toys. I figured “two birds-one stone.” I also picked up a small vibrator and some more lube. When I got home I undressed and found mom in the kitchen sitting down with some coffee. I leaned over, gave her a kiss and said, “Got a new movie. Would you like to watch it with me after a shower?”

She looked at me, with a slightly sad smile, and said “Sure, why not?” So I jumped in the shower, threw on shorts and went to my room. She was already there looking in the bag. “What is this for?” she asked holding up the vibrator.

“Just a toy,” I replied being a little caught out. “Let’s get comfortable.” I sat up on the bed with my legs spread and patted between my legs. “Sit here. I can massage you better.” She did. We started the movie and I rubbed her back and arms, every now and then giving a little kiss to her head.

We would throw out comments about the movie every now and then like: “That looks fun.” and “Isn’t she flexible?” but when she said, “The blond seems to enjoy how that brunette tastes.” I was a little surprised.

I replied, “Well I sure do like the taste, so why shouldn’t she?”

Mom turned her head to me and said, “You’ve done that?” “Sure, it’s one of my favorite things”

Then I said softly, “I love the way a woman tastes.” It then dawned on me that maybe she’s never been licked. How was I to bring it up without making her think about Mike? I had to find a way. I kissed and licked her neck and she started to squirm a bit. I knew she was getting excited.

Then she said, “I got to get dinner ready.”

I let her go with a kiss and hug saying, “Thank you mom.”

I finished myself off and with a towel around my waist I went to the bathroom to clean up. Mom was standing in the hallway on the phone. She looked at me and said into the phone, “Hold on a sec. Jay you missed some- go take another shower and make sure you’re not so sticky this time.” Then she laughed and said into the phone again, “Yeah Jay just got home-Man is he dirty.” She had a glint in her eye that I’d never seen before. “Ok, bye then,” she finished and hung up. As I was washing up she opened the bathroom door, stuck her head in and said, “Mike called, he’s working late.”

I said, “That gives us time to finish the movie. I’ll be right out.”

I jumped out of the shower, mostly dried myself and wrapped a new towel around me. I wasn’t wasting time. I went to my room to find her already there sitting on the edge of the bed. I went and closed the blinds and curtains to make the room dark. I could feel her eyes as I moved around the room. I climbed on the bed and propped myself up again so she could sit in between my legs.

The only light was from the television. We watched an anal movie and as I stroked her arms and back, I regained an erection. As a very well-endowed man rammed himself into a very small woman she said, “That looks painful.”

I said, “Well yes it would be if someone just jammed himself into you like that. That’s why there is foreplay and lube.”

She turned her head and looked at me, “You’ve done that? Really?”

“Yes I have, more than once, with more than one woman. It’s fun,” I told her. I kissed her cheek and whispered, “The public agent porno trick is excitement and patience and orgasms.” I added, “And lube” with a laugh. This got me even harder. I caressed her arms and kissed her neck. I put her arms into her lap.

She looked around at me and said, “No.” So I stopped, I didn’t want her to leave. So I kissed her neck again and whispered,

“Sorry. I love you.” I held her.

When the movie was over she swung her legs over the bed looked me in the eye and said “Don’t make a mess.” I couldn’t help but to laugh,

“Sorry can’t make that promise. I have a feeling this is going to be very messy very soon.”

“Fine,” she said, then with a laugh, “You are going to wash those towels and sheets though, not me.” Then she left with a smile and I proceeded to make a mess.

Mags came down to the basement as I was putting the laundry in the machine. She asked, “You’re doing those on hot right? You got to make sure all that mess comes out.”

I know she knew that I know how to do laundry, she taught me. I saw an opening, “Yes mom I do know that, you taught me. Is there anything I can teach you? Maybe show you?” I grinned as I said that. She blushed and turned around and started to walk away. I said, “Okay, you walk away. I’ll watch.” She spun around to see me smile. “What?” I said, “You have a nice ass.”

With an edge to her voice she said, “No, it’s too big.”

I laughed again, “You’re kidding right? It is just the right size, perfect. No guy wants a bony ass; I don’t. I like a girl with something to hold onto, I like curves like the ones you have. I think I may ruin another towel just thinking about it.” I laughed. So did she as she went upstairs.

I heard her yell down, “Thanks.”

The next Friday I bought another lesbian anal movie along with a hand job movie. I also bought a two piece one size fits all frilly nightie. As I walked in the door and started to undress in the hallway, my erection showed through my underwear. I saw mom stick her head out of the kitchen, with the phone to her ear of course. “No problem, it’s just Jay then. He’s easy to take care of,” I heard her say, while looking at me. “He’s dirty, really dirty. I think we should get him some more towels.” Her smile lit the room-not to mention the twinkle in her eye as she said, “No, if I need help or anything I’ll make Jay do it.”

Realizing that she must be talking to Mike, I said loudly, “I’ll take care of anything she needs, don’t worry about it.”

“See?” she said, “He wants me-to help me.” Quickly, she looked away from me realizing what she just said.

I walked into the kitchen with the bag and put it on the table. “For later, “I mouthed. Out loud I said, “I’m washing up,” and left for the bathroom. I took my time washing making sure I was clean.

I heard the door open and mom stuck her head in and said, “Mike is working late again. It’s just us. Who’s the nightie for?”

“You” I said, “Show off those curves; if you want it. It will help get you in the mood for our movie.”

“I don’t need help with that,” She said. I just smiled.

I came out of the shower and into my room to find the curtains drawn, the lesbian movie in and mom sitting on the edge waiting for me. In shorts and a tee shirt, oh well. Maybe it was too much too fast. I was counting my blessings. I slid behind her and started the movie. When we got to a scene with a woman licking and putting her fingers into the ass of the other woman I said, “See? That is more realistic than just slamming into a woman. See how she’s teasing her? Opening her up? I hope she licks her ass.” She did.

Mom said, “You’ve done that?”

“Oh yeah,” I said “It’s a lot of fun.” “Isn’t it smelly?” I laughed. “No, not if she’s clean. Just take a shower.” I kissed the back of her neck, stuck my tongue out and tasted her skin. “Yummy,” I said. “You taste good.” She sighed. I rubbed her arms and her back through the whole movie. I also gave her a couple of hugs around the belly when I would kiss her neck and back. When the movie was done, she jumped up quickly. “Going to ruin a towel?” I asked.

She looked me right in the eye and said, “Yes, maybe two.”

I grinned and said, “Yeah me too.” The second the door was shut I started.

About three minutes into my session, I heard a knock on my door. Without waiting for a reply, Mom opened the door. Wearing only a towel, she asked, “Where’s that lube?”

While holding my erection, I said. “Here,” and passed it to her with my free hand. Without another word, she walked out. Thinking about how she was looking at me, I came in three strokes flat. I grabbed the towel, cleaned myself, and throwing on shorts went into the hall by her bedroom. I could hear her moans and grunts.

Up to that moment in my life I never have heard a sexier sound. She wasn’t teasing herself, or trying to work herself up. She wanted to cum, hard and fast. It sounded like she was in a fight. I started to get hard again.

I heard her start to cum. When she was done I knew she would come out to clean up, so I stepped back from the door. She saw me when it opened and froze. I grabbed her right hand, pulled it up to my face and licked her fingers while I looked into her eyes. “I knew you tasted good,” I said and walked away down the hall. We avoided each other as we cleaned up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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