Son Fucks Daughter and Me Ch. 01

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Thursday: Patricia

My name is Patricia. I am a single mom 37years old, with two kids on female Katie and one male Mathew. They are twins both 19and in college. They are coming home for summer break. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

My husband passed away last year and fortunately for me it wasn’t before he passed down his family tradition to my kids. That tradition is bdsm passed down by the male of the house onto any females of the house.

Last year my husband taught my son how to use a lot of the equipment that my husband used to use. It also allowed Katie to get more of an introduction into the ritual.

Katie also told me that she is bringing a friend, who said she really wanted this experience. Mathew said he would bring some friends as well which is very good for me.

I’m going to sleep early because I know it will be hectic once they come. I’m expecting them to come at some time in the afternoon.

Friday: Patricia

I woke up early because I know there is a lot of preparation. I first need to get a key from a drawer. The key is to a secret closet in the basement that contains all of my outfits during this time.

I looked around for my favorite outfit and I decided to go camo without a bra. I chose my favorite maid outfit with nice black leggings and a nice sister for housework later in the day.

I next went upstairs and went to cook lunch. Because I was so excited to see them I cooked cheeseburgers and French fries which I knew were marks head bobbers porno Mathews favorites.

After that I knew they would be arriving soon so I started to pretend to be doing housework. About five minutes later the doorbell rings. I said “Come In.”

It was Katie and I was glad that Katie and her friend Suzanne. I was glad they were here first so I took them to the basement and rented them my maid outfits. Katie wore a red g-string with a black lace bra. Suzanne went commando like me I next got them matching red maid outfits.

Katie told me that Mathew wouldn’t be here for another hour. So I took them up to my bathroom and we put makeup on for the next 45 minutes before I took us downstairs and told them to pretend to work. For the next 45 minutes we pretended to clean expecting Mathew to come at any time.

At around 1:15 the doorbell rang. In order to give him a pleasant surprise I sent Suzanne to answer the door. Mathew brought 7 other friends. He also had the key around his neck. That key leads the the master bedroom (the one with all of the toys). I sleep in the slaves bedroom when Mathew isn’t here.

He walked in and right away gave Suzanne and bitch slapped her across the face. She fell to the floor as he walked right past. Two of his friends took her and dragged her along after Mathew.

Mathew walked up to me as I stood in awe he kissed me and grabbed my ass. I told him that I made cheeseburger. massage porno He said they already ate and two of his friends grabbed me and Katie and started pulling us after Mathew.

Mathew opened the door to the master bedroom. He went in and grabbed rope. He gave the rope to his friends and told them to tie Katie and Suzanne to any beds they could find.

Mathew took me himself and closed the door behind.

After the door was closed he whispered to me “I am going to fuck your brains out and then I am going to make you feel the pain I feel from losing my dad.”

I was shocked by what he said about my husband. But I had no time for that as he ripped my outfit off of me. I have 34D sized tits on my 5’6″ body.

He grappled my nipples one in each hand. He next pushed me back while holding my nipples for a few seconds all that was holding me up were my nipples. It hurt so wonderfully. Mathew threw me onto the bed and proceeded to tie my limbs onto the bed poles.

When he finished with that he put a lot of lube onto my pussy. He proceeded to stick his dick into my pussy. He kept pulling in and then out.

Friday: Mathew

I began pushing in and then out and realizing I wasn’t being harsh enough so I began to slap her face in sync with my pushing and pulling. She didn’t seem like she was in enough pain yet so I took my dick out of her.

I pressed a button on a remote control to give me a better angle at my moms ass. I started to meet-suck and fuck porno anal her there was still some lube from her pussy on my penis so it made it a little easier.

I went full force right from the start. She started to roll her eyes back in her head I went harder and then finally in a moment of brilliance I came in her ass.

I lowered her down and took a dildo and a vibrator and used both of them on her pussy. She was crying so loud. She asked if she could cum but I said no. I took off the dildo and vibrator.

I went over to the door and opened it. I called to my friends saying my mom was available for business. All seven of them came sprinting into the room. I let them have her as I went to go fuck my sisters hot friend.

When I got to her room she was out cold. She was tied up though. So I decided to go to my sister instead. Katie was also tied up with a gag on.

I went to work right away and took an anal plug and stuck it in her ass. And right as I did that I heard a shrill scream from my moms room.

Friday: Patricia

After Mathew left the room it only got worse. Seven friends but only 3 holes. Within minutes I had 2 dicks in each hole. I was gagging from my mouth my pussy ached, but the worst part was my ass which was the best pain I have ever felt in my life.

Unfortunately because only six friends could get involved with me that left one more friend to wonder the room. He went over and found a bull whip.

He cracked it into the air and I recognized the sound right away. All of a sudden I felt all of Mathews friends pulling out of me.

I opened my eyes fearing the worst. I saw Mathews friend standing right in front of me with the bull whip. He brought it back and whipped my wet pussy. I screamed at the top of my lungs in pain. I then passed out.

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